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  BioDataFit HTP (high throughput) is a data fitting program specifically designed for high throughput screening experiments. It can be used to model dose-response, ligand-binding, enzyme kinetics, and growth inhibition. Emphasis is given to the four-parameter model or sigmoidal model, which is frequently used to calculate EC50 (IC50, DC50, or GI50) values in dose-response experiments such as drug screening and inhibition assays. BioDataFit HTP can be configured to read screening data directly from an experimentation station, automatically evaluates data quality, removes outlier data points, and find the best model for calculating EC50, Km, Vmax or half-life. It can be seamlessly connected to user's database or web server, saving users from any manual interactions. BioDataFit HTP will greatly increase your productivity, decrease your costs, and improve your data quality.

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Major features included in the BioDataFit HTP 1.2 are:

  • Designed for high-throughput drug screens.
  • IC50 calculation for high-throughput inhibition assays.
  • Km or Vmax calculation for high-throughput enzyme kinetics assays.
  • EC50 calculation for high-throughput ligand-binding assays.
  • High-throughput linear-response assays.
  • Half-life calculation for high-throughput activity decay assays.
  • Automatically removes outliers for best results.
  • Interfaces for integrating to database and web-servers.
  • Command line for calling by scripts.
  • Save fitting curves as JPEG files.
  • Java application supports most systems.
  • Free tech support.
  • Customization to meet your needs.

    Further more, we provide up to 6-months free technical support and will customize the software to meet your special needs.

    BioDataFit HTP 1.2 is a Java application. It will run on any platform that supports Java, including Wins/NT, Mac OSX, Linus, and Unix.

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