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Res 1.0 Online*

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Res Compatible Find compatible ends for restriction digestion and ligation. Res Dotplot Dotplot to show sequence similarities.
Res Digestion Restriction digestion of DNA sequences. Res Buffer Find best buffer for restriction digestion.
Res Format Format DNA/RNA or protein sequences. Res Translation Six frame translation and find longest ORF.
Res RC Reverse or complement of DNA sequences. Res Protein Letters Converts between single-letter and three-letter codes protein sequences.
Res Map Drawing of restriction maps. Res Cutter Find noncutters or unique restriction enzyme cutters.
Res DFind Find sequences matching a DNA pattern/subsequence. Res PFind Find sequences matching a protein pattern/subsequence.
Res Stat Count frequencies of nucleotides or amino acids in sequences. Restriction enzyme suppliers

Molecular Biology Glossary Brief introduction to molecular biology technologies.
Primo Online program for PCR primer design.
PCR Glossary Brief introduction to PCR technologies.
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