Why wasting time browsing the net, only to find inaccurate or incomplete protocols?
You can have the information you need on your computer.
The protocol books comes with pen-sized Free 512 Mb USB Flash Drive and laser pointer.
You can put it in your pocket and view it on any PC or Mac.

Get your copy of The Electronic Protocol Book today.

The Electronic Protocol Book
--- A Quick and Practical Guide for Biologists

Price: US $25 (price includes Free 512 Mb USB Flash Drive and laser pointer).
US $20 if you prefer a CD instead of USB Flash Drive
Ship and Handling: US $5

Product details:

  • On Free 512 Mb USB Flash Drive with laser pointer or CD
  • 500 protocols
  • 100 recipes
  • catalog numbers of reagents
  • See an example: Prepare paraformaldehyde fix buffer
  • Table of content

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  • BioToolKit 320 (PC and Mac)
      Order download BioToolKit 320 is a collection of tools frequently used by bench scientists:
  • Primo 3.4 PCR primer design:
         Pro - Standard PCR and RT-PCR
         Multiplex - Multiplex PCRs
         Degenerate - Degenerate PCR
         Optimum - Optimize codon usage
         Diverse - Diverse regions of a family
         Unique - One gene from a family
         MSP - Methylation specific PCR
         Random - Random primers
         Profile - Profile 10s-1000s of genes
  • Abie Pro 3.0: Select antigenic peptide and reduce background cross-reactions
  • Centrifugation speed/force convert
  • Molecular weight for oligos/peptides/chemicals
  • Molar concentration calculator
  • Spectrometer calculator for DNA/protein
  • Stock recipe calculator for tens of commonly used stock solutions
  • Units conversion in 14 categories
  • Master cocktail mix calculator for multiple reactions.
  • Clinical: time/date conversion, body-mass index, body area.
  • MicroHelper: Merge, filter, transform, and normalize microarray data.
  • Godlist Manager: Batch GenBank search for info or sequence. Generate web links to databases.
  • Heatmap Viewer: Display high-throughput data using colors.
  • LabLabel: Label and barcode printing
  • LabInventory: Inventory database
  • PrimerBase: Searchable by sequence
  • PeptideBase: Database for peptides
  • GradeBook: Grade book
  • Click here for full-content of BioToolKit 320.

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