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The Electronic Protocol Book
     An electronic protocol book with 500 protocols and 100 recipes. A great quick and practical reference for bench scientists as well as for new students. Only $25 (including a Free USB Flash Pen Drive and laser pointer.)   Get A Copy

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Good quality lab equipments and consumables at unbelievable low prices.
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Anatomical & medical models, charts for biomedical sciences teachers and students.
Software Products
BioToolKit 320

BioToolKit is a collection of tools frequently used by bench biomedical scientists. It is designed by bench scientists and easy to use. Functions include PCR primer design (standard, multiplex, degenerate, MSP, DGGE, gene synthesis, ...), antibody design, statistical tools (datafit for ic50, SVM learning, ...), a large number of calculators (centrifugation force, OD, molecular weight, units conversions, ...), label printing and grade book.

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FABA 2.01beta --- in silico two-hybrid

FABA (Functional Analysis By Association) is designed to discover gene function by analyzing high-throughput data from different sources (e.g., microarray, two-hybrid, genetic interactions, etc.). Instead of analyzing individual data set, which frequently concentrates on one process and maybe biased because of particular experimental noises, FABA integrates data from different sources thus eliminating many false-positive results. FABA is flexible to analyze most if not all high-throughput data. It addresses the central question in biology: gene function. It is friendly software every biologist can use. FABA is a powerful yet easy to use tool for gene function studies.

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SVM RNAi 3.6

SVM RNAi is a learning program for rational siRNA design. (SVM stands for Support Vector Machine, one of the best statistical learning methods.) It learns from past successes and failures, and builds predictive models for better siRNA design. Trained with published siRNA sequences, SVM RNAi predicts good siRNA target for a variety of experimental conditions. It can design siRNAs by rules and by SVM. Designs oligos for a variety of tech platforms, eliminates unintended targets, avoids SNP targets, and increase your success rate.

Now included in BioToolKit 320.

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