USB Flash Disk is a key-sized computer storage device with a storage capacity of 16 MB - 2 GB. It is ideal for storing and transferring files. Can be repeatedly written for thousands of times. Can be put into a pocket or attached to a key chain. Resistant to scratches, dusts, breaks, or mechanical failure.

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Why should I use USB Flash Disk (Drive)?
Small Its small size is convenient for carrying files anywhere.
Universal It can be used on Windows, Macs, and Linus. No formatting for PC or Mac necessary.
Plug-&-Play No software necessary for most systems.
Easy A mobile hard drive for your computer.
Long Life 10 years.
Safe Resistant to scratches, dusts, breaks, or mechanical failure.
Economical One 16 MB USB flash drive is equivalent to 11 floppy disks + cases and tens of CD over its life-time*.
Cool ......
* USB flash drive can be repetitively written for tens of thousands of times while CDs can only be written once.

USB Flash Disk is compatible with most PC (Windows 98 and above) and Mac (Mac 9.5 and above).

USB Flash disk is convenient to use. If your computer has a USB port, you can simply connect it to your computer and ready to go. (For Windows 98, a driver needs to be installed. For some brands of USB flash disk, you need to install a driver if you want password protections.) On Windows/XP, the USB flash drive will appear as another hard drive (e.g. G:). On Macs, a folder icon representing the flash disk will appear on your desktop. You may then read or write as if the flash disk is another folder on your computer.

USB port is standard in Macs, notebooks, and most PCs. Mac usually has extra USB ports on the two ends of the keyboard.

USB cable is not necessary. But it is nice to have a cable especially if you have a desktop computer, so you don't need to reach to the back of your computer to plug and unplug. We sale USB cable for only $3.

Windows NT currently does not support USB. USB flash disk can not run on NT systems.

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