FABA 2.01 Beta --- Functional Analysis By Association

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  • What is FABA?

    FABA is an in silico two-hybrid computer program. It finds genes whose expression profiles are correlated with the expression profile of the query gene in multiple experimental conditions.

  • How does FABA work?

    The online FABA program searched GEO gene expression database for genes with correlated expression profiles. The stand-alone program can also search other data types.

  • Why do you think FABA is better?

    Instead of analyzing one dataset at a time, FABA analyzes tens of datasets and hundreds of samples. It is a very cost-effective way to find genes with related functions.
    Noise is also reduced because false correlations are less likely to repeat in different datasets.

  • Is FABA free?

    The online version is Free for all researchers.
    A nominal yearly subscription fee ($75) will be appreciated.
    Subscribers can also download FABA results for unrestricted use in papers, presentations and reports.


    Please contact us for license if you are interested in the stand-alone version or customization for your data. We also provide services to analyze custom provided data. Service charge is as low as $1250:

    Academic & non-profit: $1250 for the first 100 MB data + $100 per additional 10 MB data.
    Commercial: $2500 for the first 100 MB data + $200 per additional 10 MB data.

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