Software Download/Install Problems

Thanks trying our software and we hope you will enjoy using our products.

There are two frequent problems why downloaded BioToolKit software will not install correctly.

The first is that the download is not complete. The download time is from a couple of minutes to tens of minutes depending on net speed. Incomplete download happens frequently for users from outside of US because of poor net connections. You may check to see if the download is complete by downloading again or check the size of the downloaded file. If you fail to download, please send us a message to request a demo CD.

The second problem is specific to PC users. Our software uses a JAVA installer that requires JAVA JRE. Mac computers already have JAVA JRE preinstalled. Although most PCs have JAVA installed, some may need to install again or update. Please download JAVA from the following link:

After installing JAVA, please try again to install BioToolKit.

You may check whether JAVA is installed on your computer by openning the command window (start:command prompt or start:all programs:accessories:command prompt). In the command prompt type java -version. If JAVA is installed, you should see something like:

java version "1.4.2_06"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_06-b03)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2_06-b03, mixed mode)

The message may be different on your machine (e.g., different version and build numbers), but it is OK. If you don't see similar message, or get an error message, then JAVA is not correctly installed on your system.

For some computer systems, especially systems running non-English Window versions, install may again fail. That is because of bugs in the InstallAnyWhere installer program, which we can not fix. Please following the following instructions to install BioToolKit 300.

  • Download the zip version of the software.

        Download BioToolKit 300 Zip Install
        Download SVM RNAi 3.6 zip install
        Download FABA 1.6 zip install

  • Uncompress the zip file into a folder.
  • In the destination folder, find BioToolKit300.bat, or SVMRNAi.bat, or FABA.bat file. Double click to start the program.
  • You may also use the command line to start the program. Open the command prompt window as described above, change to the destination folder, and type java BioToolKit, or java RNAi, or java MenuI for FABA.

    Note to Mac OS X Users:
    1. Please make sure you are running in the OS X system.
    2. Uncompress the file first. An executable install file will appear after you have uncompressed the zip file using Stuffit.

    If you continue to have problem, please let us know the exact error message. We'll try our best to solve the problem.

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