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How does it work
CytoD 1.0 is a database of cytogenetic abnormalities. The database is populated with searches of PubMed abstracts. In all the database (1.0, up to the end of 2004) contains searches of 17,510 abstracts. These abstracts are determined to be related to cytogenetics because they contain standard cytogenetic abnormality terms.

The database allows users to search for publications using standard cytogenetics nomenclature. Please note this is a beta-testing version. Searches may not be accurate and complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Cytogenetics Nomenclature

, Separates chromosome numbers, sex chromosomes, and chromosome abnormalities
; Separates altered chromosomes and breakpoints involving more than one chromosome
( ) Surround structurally altered chromosomes and breakpoints
abr abnormally banded region
cen centromere
colon single (:) break (in detailed descriptions)
colon double (::) breakage and reunion (in detailed description)
add additional material of unknown origin
del deletion
der derivative chromosome
dic dicentric
dir direct
dmin double minute
dup duplication
fra fragile site
h heterochomatic region of chromosome
i isochromosome
hsr homogeneously staining region
ins insertion
inv inversion
.ish precedes karyotype produced from fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) results
mar marker chromosome (unidentifiable piece of chromosome)
mat maternally derived
min minute
minus (-) loss of a chromosome
p short arm of a chromosome
pat Paternally derived
Ph Philadelphia chromosome
plus (+) gain of a chromosome
psu pseudo
q long arm of a chromosome
question mark (?) questionable chromosome identification
r ring chromosome
rcp reciprocal
s satellite
t translocation
ter terminal
tri trisomy
trp triplication

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