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     An electronic protocol book with 500 protocols and 100 recipes. A great quick and practical reference for bench scientists as well as for new students.   Get A Copy      A collection of tools frequently used by bench biomedical scientists, ranging from centrifugation force conversion, molecular weight, OD, recipe calculators, to clinical calculators. Include all Primo 3.4, Abie 3.0, Heatmap Viewer, MicroHelper, Godlist Manager, label printing, and grade book.   More info
Math Stat Physics
Chemistry Calculators
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Algebra Cancel Cancel any common factors appearing in the numerator and denominator
Algebra Expand Expand an algebra expression
Algebra Factor Write algebra expression as products of factors
Algebra Join Fractions Write sums and differences of fractions as a single fraction
Algebra Number Base Converter Convert numbers from one base to another
Algebra Partial Functions Split rational function into partial fractions
Algebra Simplify Rewrite an algebra expression in the simplest form possible
Anova One or two way analysis of variance
ANOVA Analysis Of Variance between groups
ANOVA 2x2x2 2x2x2 analysis of variance for independent samples
Anova one way One way ANOVA for dependent and independent samples
ANOVA two way Two way ANOVA for independent samples
ANOVA two-factor with repeated measures Two way factorial analysis of variance
ANOVA two-factor with repeated measures Two way factorial analysis of variance
Arrhenius Equation Chemical reaction rate related calculations
Basic calculator Basic calculator
Basic multiple regression Regression for multiple predictor variables
Basic statistics Mean, standard deviation, etc
Basic stats Basic statistics of array data
Beer-Lamber Law Beer-Lambert Law calculator for molar absorbance.
BioDataFit Linear and sigmoidal models for standard curves and Km, Vmax, and IC50
Boxplot Draw colored boxplot
Buffer Solutions Make aqueous-solvent HPLC buffer of a given PH
Capacitor Impedance Calculator Calculate impedance of a resistor and reactor
Carbon 14 dating Carbon 14 dating calculator
Chemical Equilibrium Calculator Calculator for free energy (?G) and equilibrium constants (Keq) calculations
Chemical Structure Drawing Online drawing software for chemical structures
Chiral purity and enantimoeric excess Chiral purity and enantimoeric excess calculator for HPLC
Chi-Square curve fitting Fitting with y-errors
Chi-Square curve fitting fitting with both x-errors and y-errors
Chi-square test chi-square tests
Chi-Square test Test of independence and Test of goodness of fit
chi-square to P calculator Calculate p-value from chi-square and df
CHN Calculator Calculate C, H, N composition from molecular formula
Compressibility Calculate how much a gas is similar to an ideal gas
Confidence interval Confidence interval for the correlation efficient r
Contigency tables 2x2 and other contigency tables
Contingency table 2x2 Phi coefficient of association, chi-square test of association, and Fisher exact probability test
Correlation and regression means, variances, covariance, correlation coefficient and regression coefficients of two array data.
Correlation coefficient Pearson and spearman correlations
Critical values of Q Calcualte critical values for the Studentized range statistic Q
Decimal to Fraction Approximation Convert decimal to fraction
Differentiate Differentiate one dimensional functions
Distribution calculator Probabilities for bionomial, Poisson, Normal, t, chi-squared, and F distributions
Distribution calculator Probabilities for bionomial, Poisson, Normal, t, chi-squared, and F distributions
Distribution density calculators Cumulative distribution functions, quantile functions, density functions, plots of cdfs and densities, and random number generators for a large class of unvariate probability distrbutions
DNA base pairing Simulation of DNA base pairing
Element mass percentage Calculate element mass percentage from formula
Equation Solver Solves one dimensional equations.
F to P calculator Calculate p-value for F distribution
Fisher exact Fisher exact test
Fisher r-to-z transformation Fisher r-to-z transformation for Pearson correlation
Frequency Wavelength Frequency and wavelength conversion
Fundamental Physical constants Frequently used physical constants
Galton's Board or Quincunx Simulates Galton's Board or Quincunx
Gas Properties Properties of various gases
Gas Simulator Simulate distribution of gas molecules
Geometry Calculator Calculations of all kinds of geometrical shapes
Geometry solutions Calculations of all kinds of geometrical shapes
Gravitational force Gravitational force between two masses
Henderson-Hasselbach calculator Henderson-Hasselbach Calculator for pH/pKa values
Histogram plot Draw colored histogram
Ideal Gas Ideal gas law calculator
Ideal Gas Ideal gas law calculator
Inductor Impedance Calculator Comupte impedance of an inductor
Inequality Solver Solves a polynomial inequality
Integrate Integrate one dimensional functions
Interactive Polynomial Fit Simulation of polynomial fitting
Intercorrelations Intercorrelations for multiple variables
Kolomogorov-Smirnov Test Kolomogorov-Smirnov test (KS-test) for two datasets
Latin Square Latin square designs
Least sqauares fitting Linear regression
Linear regression and correlation Linear regression and correlation
LogD Calculate LogD from pH, Pka, LogP for acid or base
LogD All Calculate LogD for all pH values
Logistic regression Simple logistic regression
Log-odds ratio Converts between risk ratio, odds ratio, and log-odds ratio
Map distance Calculates recombination frequency and corrected map distance
Mass to energy E=mc2
Math reference table Tables of constants, integrals,expansions,special functions, etc.
MathStat Calculator Basic math functions and statistics calculator
Matrix Arithmetic Matrix addition, substraction, and product
Matrix Determinant Calculate the determinant of a matrix
Matrix Inverse Calculate the inverse of a matrix
Molecular weight Molecular weight for DNA/protein/chemicals.
Newton's Method Equation Solver Solve one parameter equations using Newton's method
Normal approximation to Poisson distribution Compare normal and Poisson distributions
Normal curve Interactive normal curve
Ohms law calculator
Oligo calculator Calculator for making primer stocks and dilutions
Online Scientific Databases Hundreds of databases from analytical chemistry, to atomic and moleculear physics, to material properties
Organic compounds database Searches for compounds by properties
Parallel Boxplot Draw colored boxplot
Parallel Resistors Calculate the total resistance for parallel resistors
Percent Inoization Calculate percent of inoization for given pH and pKa values
Periodic table Periodic table of elements
Physical constants Constants in physics from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Plot 2D Plot of an equation
Plot Inequality 2D plot of an inequality
Point Biserial Correlation Point biserial correlation coefficent
Polyatomic Ion calculator Determine the scientific name of the ionic molecule.
Population value estimation Estimating the population value of rho on the basis of several observed sample balues of r
Power calculator Compute the power for given sample size, or sample size for given power
Power of the Chi-Square Monte Carlo simulation for the power of the Chi-square Goodness of Fit test
Probability Distribution Calculator Calculator for Poisson and binomial probability distributions
Q-Q plot Draw Q-Q plot
r to P calculator Calculate p-value from sample size N and correlation r
Radiation activity decay Calculate radiation activity decay for tens of isotopes
Random permutation Random permutation of integers
Rank order Spearman rank order correlation coefficient
RC time constant calculator
Redox calculator Redox reactions calculator
Regression calculator Linear regression model
Regression simulation Simulates linear regression
Resampling Probability Resampling probability estimates for the difference between the means of two independent samples
RGB Calculator Convert color data to different color spaces
Sample size Compute sample size needed for a given confidence and a given maximum allowable deviation
Sample size Estimates required sample size for achieving desired confidence intervals
Sampling distribution Simulates sampling distributions
Scale up factors HPLC column scale up
Science Math Astronomy Constants, equations, and conversions
Shannon Calculator Calculation for Shannon diversity index and Shannon entropy
Significance of correlation Significance of a correlation coefficient
Significance of correlation Significance of the difference between an observed correlation coefficent and a hypothetical value of rho
Significance of correlation difference Significance of the difference between two correlation coefficents
Solvent Properties Chemical properties of solvent such as acetonitrile and hexane
StatCalc Basic calculator for computing summary statistics, draw histogram, and regression
Studentized Range Compute percentage points of studentized range for a given number of degrees of freedom and a number of samples
Student's t-test t-test for dependent and independent samples
SVM classifier Support vector machine (SVM) training and prediction
t ot P calculator Calculate p-value from t-value and df
Thermodynamics calculator Enthalpy and Gibbs free energy calculator
t-test t-test for dependent and independent samples
t-test Tests for differences in means, for two sample, one sample, and paired
Tuned circuit calculator
Two sample test One-sided or two-sided t-test
Units Units conversions from length, temperature, to radiation activities
Vector addition Force vector addition
Venn Diagram Show similarities between two classes
WebStat Online statistics software
Your weight on other worlds
Yout age on other worlds
z to P Calculator Calculate p-value from z value
z-test Z-test and error probability for normal distributions

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