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What is the most important improvement in BioToolKit 320?
Definitely automatically updating. BioToolKit 320 allows us to announce updates. With a few clicks, users will be able to download updates or fix bugs. We have had hundreds of comments and suggestions from users. The built-in updating ability will enable every user to benefit from user feedbacks.

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BioToolKit 320
The BioToolKit 320 is a collection of frequently used software tools in biology.
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Programs included in BioToolKit 320
Most software shown below have been tested online by thousands of users.
Category Program Name Description Online
Antibody Abie Pro 3.0Peptide antibody design. Reduce background cross-reactions by avoiding over-represented sequences in a genome. Y
RNA SVM RNAi siRNA design using SVM learning program. Eliminate siRNAs with multiple targets.Y
CalculatorCentrifugationCentrifugation force/speed conversion.
CalculatorClinical calculatorDate/time, body mass, surface area.
CalculatorHemocytometerHemocytometer Cell Count Calculator
CalculatorRadiation ActivityRadiation Activity Decay Calculator
CalculatorShannon-WienerShannon-Wiener Diversity Index Calculator
CalculatorUnitsUnits conversions.
HTP Godlist Manager 2.0Batch manipulation of text and sequences.
HTP Heatmap Viewer 1.4Heatmap display of high-throughput data.
HTP Microhelper 1.02 Merging microarray datasets, checking data integrity, filtering noises, and normalizing data.
Lab Tools Lab InventorySmall inventory database.
Lab Tools LabLabel 1.02Print barcodes, stock/mail/eppendorf labels.
Lab Tools PeptideBase 1.4Searchable database of peptides.
Lab Tools PrimerBase 2.2Searchable database of primers.
MolecularCompatible EndsFind restriction enzymes with compatible ends.
MolecularExtinction CoefficientProtein extinction coefficient.
MolecularFormat SequenceFormat DNA/Protein sequences.
Molecular Initiation Translation initiation signal for 2000 species.
MolecularMW Molecular weight for DNA/protein/chemicals.
MolecularMaster MixCalculate components for a master cocktail.
MolecularMolar ConcentrationMolar concentration related calculations.
MolecularOneThreeConverts between single- and three-letter protein codes.
Molecular Randomizer 1.02Randomize DNA/protein sequences.
MolecularRecipe CalculatorCalculator for 100 common recipes.
MolecularReverse/ComplementDNA reverse, complement, or reverse/complement.
MolecularSpectrometerSample concentration from spectrometer reading.
MolecularTranslatorTranslation of DNA sequences.
MolecularRes CutterFind Noncutters or Unique Cutters.
MolecularRes DFindFind DNA patterns.
MolecularRes DigestDigestion map of DNA.
MolecularRes DotplotDotplot of sequences.
MolecularRes MapDrawing of restriction map.
MolecularRes StatSequence statistics.
MolecularRes PFindFind protein patterns.
PCR Primo Primo is a suite of PCR primer design software. It reduces background random primer binding, eliminates primer-primer dimers, and selects primers with consistent composition and melting temperature.Y
PCR Primo Degenerate 3.4Standard and degenerate PCR primer design.Y
PCR Primo Diverse 3.4Amplify diverse regions of a gene family.Y
PCR Primo DOP 3.4Degenerate Oligonucleotid Primer (DOP) PCR Design.Y
PCR Primo Find 3.4Locate primer on sequence.Y
PCR Primo Invitro 3.4In vitro transcription/translation.Y
PCR Primo Inverse 3.4Inverse PCR Primer Design.Y
PCR Primo MSP 3.4Methylation specific PCR and bisulfate sequencing.Y
PCR Primo Melt 3.4Primer design for DGGE or TGGT.Y
PCR Primo Multiplex 3.4Standard and multiplex PCR primer design.Y
PCR Primo Oligo 3.4Oligo calculator.Y
PCR Primo Optimum 3.4Optimize codon usage and gene synthesis.Y
PCR Primo Pro 3.4Standard PCR primer design. Batch mode.Y
PCR Primo Profile 3.4Degenerate primers for profiling 10-100s of genes.Y
PCR Primo Random 3.4Random primers for RAPD, AP-PCR, and RAP-PCR.Y
PCR Primo SNP 3.4SNP PCR primer design.Y
PCR Primo Sequencing 3.4Sequencing primer design.Y
PCR Primo SiteD 3.4Site Site Directed Mutagenesis PCR primer design.Y
PCR Primo Unique 3.4Uniquely amplify one gene in a set/family.Y
Biochemistry Beer-LambertBeer-Lambert Law Calculator
Biochemistry Chemical EquilibriumChemical Equilibrium Calculator
Biochemistry Chemical ReactionChemical Reaction Rate Calculator
Biochemistry Henderson-HasselbalchHenderson-Hasselbalch Calculator
Genetics Fruit FlyFruit Fly Virgin Calculator
Genetics Genetic ScreenGenetic Screen Number of Progeny Calculator
Genetics Hardy-WeinbergHardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Calculator
Genetics Mammal PregnancyMammal Pregnancy Gestation Calculator
Genetics Punnett SquarePunnett Square Calculator
Genetics Recombination FrequencyRecombination Frequency and Map Distance
Genetics TetradTetrad Calculator
Genetics Log Odds RatioConvert between (log) odds ratio and risk factor.Y
Statistics BioDataFit 1.02Data fitting for dose-response, ligand-binding, enzyme kinetics, and growth inhibition. EC50 calculation using four-parameter or sigmoidal model.Y
Statistics Chi-squareChi-square test.Y
Statistics CorrelationLinear and non-linear correlation coefficients.Y
Statistics ProbabilityPoisson and Binomial probability distribution.Y
Statistics SVM ClassifierTrain to classify multiple classes.Y
Statistics SVM SeqClassifierTrain to recognize sequence patterns.Y
Statistics Sample SizeEstimate sample sizes needed.Y
Statistics t-testt-test calculator.Y
Statistics z-testz-test. Normal distribution calculator.Y
Teaching Grade Book 1.02Grade book. Calculates final letter scores.
The following programs are in testing stage. They are not included in BioToolKit 320. Suggestions are welcome.
Category Program Name Description Online
Development Primo HighLow Primer design for difficult template.Y

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