Alphabeta List of Changbioscience Bioinformatics Tools



Abie Pro Peptide antibody design. Reduce background cross-reactions by avoiding over-represented sequences in a genome.
Acronym and Abbreviation Biomedical sciences acronym and abbreviation.


Beer's Law Beer-Lambert Law calculator for molar absorbance.
BioDataFit Linear and sigmoidal models for standard curves and Km, Vmax, and IC50.


Cell count Hemotocyte counter and training.
Centrifugation Calculator Centrifugation force/speed conversion, rotor comparison, & quick rotor guide.
Centrifugation (BioToolKit) Centrifugation force/speed conversion.
Chemical reaction rate calculator Arrhenius equation. Calculator for reaction rate and activation energy.
Chi-square Chi-square test.
Clinical calculator (BioToolKit) Date/time, body mass, surface area.
Compatible ends (BioToolKit) Find restriction enzymes with compatible ends.
Cytogenetics Abnormality Database (CytoD) A searchable online database of chromosome abnomalities.


Extinction coefficient (BioToolKit) Protein extinction coefficient.
Equilibrium/ΔG Calculator for free energy (ΔG) and equilibrium constants (Keq) calculations.


Fly virgin calculator Time of virgin fruit fly collection.
Format sequences (BioToolKit) Format DNA/Protein sequences.


Gestation Calculator Pregnancy gestation calculator for mammals.
Godlist Manager (BioToolKit) Batch manipulation of text and sequences.
GradeBook (BioToolKit) Grade book. Calculates final letter scores.


Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Calculator Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in population genetics.
Henderson-Hasselbach calculator Henderson-Hasselbach Calculator for pH/pKa values.
Heatmap Viewer (BioToolKit) Heatmap display of high-throughput data.


Initiation (BioToolKit) Translation initiation signal for 2000 species.


Lab Inventory (BioToolKit) Small inventory database.
Lab Label (BioToolKit) Print barcodes, stock/mail/eppendorf labels.
Log-odds ratio Convert between (log) odds ratio and risk factor.


JME Drawing Online drawing software for chemical structures.


Master mix (BioToolKit) Calculate components for a master cocktail.
Math/Stat Calculator Basic mathematics and statistics calculations such as standard deviation and trigonometric functions.
MicroHelper (BioToolKit) Merging microarray datasets, checking data integrity, filtering noises, and normalizing data.
Molar concentration Molar concentration related calculations.
Molecular weight Molecular weight for DNA/protein/chemicals.


Number to screen Genetic screen number of progeny calculator.


OneThree (BioToolKit) Converts between single- and three-letter protein codes.


PeptideBase (BioToolKit) Searchable database of peptides.
PrimerBase (BioToolKit) Searchable database of primers.
Primo Degenerate Degenerate primers based on single protein, or multiple alignments of proteins or nucleotides
Primo Diverse Single pair of primers to amplify regions that are most diverse in a gene family
Primo DOP Primer design for DOP-PCR.
Primo Find Locate primer/oligo on DNA sequences.
Primo HighLow For templates with high/low GC, or repeats, or long templates.
Primo Inverse Primer design for inverse PCR to clone flanking sequences.
Primo In Vitro Oligo / Primer design for in vitro transcript / translation.
Primo Melt Denaturing/Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE/TGGE) primers
Primo Multiplex Multipe PCR in one tube. Reduces dimers and random primering.
Primo MSP Methylation-specific PCR and bisulphite sequencing primers
Primo Pro Standard PCR, reduces primer dimer and random primering. Batch mode.
Primo Profile Design degenerate primers to profile large number of genes
Primo Random Generates random primers for RAPD, AP-PCR, and RAP-PCR.
Primo Oligo Calculator for making primer stocks and dilutions.
Primo Optimum Design primers for optimizing gene expression. Gene synthesis.
Primo Sequencing Primer design for DNA sequencing.
Primo SiteD Primer design for site-directed mutagenesis.
Primo SNP Primer design for SNP PCR, SBR, pyrosequencing, AS-PCR, LCR, PCR-RFLP .
Primo Unique Multiple primer pairs, each uniquely amplify one gene in a family
Probability distribution calcualator Calculator for Poisson and binomial probability distributions.
Punnett square Punnett square calculator for genetic crosses.


Radiation Activity Decay Calculator Radiation activity decay calculator for many isotopes.
Randomizer (BioToolKit) Randomize DNA/protein sequences.
Res Buffer Find best buffer for restriction digestion.
Res Compatible Find compatible ends for restriction digestion and ligation.
Res Cutter Find noncutters or unique restriction enzyme cutters.
Res DFind Find sequences matching a DNA pattern/subsequence.
Res Digestion Restriction digestion of DNA sequences.
Res Format Format DNA/RNA or protein sequences.
Res Dotplot Dotplot to show sequence similarities.
Res Map Find sequences matching a protein pattern/subsequence.
Res PFind Drawing of restriction maps.
Res Protein Letters Converts between single-letter and three-letter codes protein sequences.
Res RC Reverse or complement of DNA sequences.
Res Stat Count frequencies of nucleotides or amino acids in sequences.
Res Translation Six frame translation and find longest ORF.
Recipe calculator (BioToolKit) Calculator for 100 common recipes.
Recipe calculator Calcuates recipe weight, volume or concentration.
Reverse/Complement (BioToolKit) DNA reverse, complement, or reverse/complement.


Sample size Sample size.
SDS-PAGE SDS-PAGE gel recipe calculator.
Shannon Diversity Index Calculator Shannon-Wiener diversity index and Shannon entropy (information content) calculator.
Spectrometer (BioToolKit) Sample concentration from spectrometer reading.
SVM Classifier Train to classify multiple classes.
SVM RNAi siRNA design using SVM learning program. Eliminate siRNAs with multiple targets.
SVMSeq classifier Train to recognize sequence patterns.


Tetrad Calculator for tetrad analysis of genetics.
Translation initiation sites (BioToolKit) Translation initiation site consensus sequences for hundreds of species.
Translator (BioToolKit) Translation of DNA sequences and inverse translation.
t-test t-test.


Units conversions Units conversions for length, temperature, weight, radioactivity, etc.


Z-test Z-test.

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