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The Electronic Protocol Book Table of contents BioToolKit 300 Download Trials
     An electronic protocol book with 500 protocols and 100 recipes. A great quick and practical reference for bench scientists as well as for new students.   Get A Copy      A collection of tools frequently used by bench biomedical scientists, ranging from centrifugation force conversion, molecular weight, OD, recipe calculators, to clinical calculators. Include all Primo 3.4, Abie 3.0, Heatmap Viewer, MicroHelper, Godlist Manager, label printing, and grade book.   More info


ALerCHEKRefELISA kitsAbcamRefAntibodies
Advanced ImmunoChemicalsRefAffilandRefImmunoaffinity reagents
Alpha Diagnostic InternationalRefELISA kits instrumentsAmerican Master*Tech ScientificRef
Antigenix AmericaRefAssay DesignsRef
AurionRefImmunoGold silver enhancement reagentsAvidityRefbiotin-accepting peptides
Bachem AmericasRefCustom kit development, I125-labelingBiacoreRefSensor chips
Bio-RadRefELISA reagentsBiocare MedicalsRef
Biocode HycelRefBiomedaRefELISA kits, control slides, mounting media
Biomedical Technologies (BTI)RefImmunoassay kitsCayman ChemicalRef
Cell SciencesRefCell Signaling TechnologyRef
Chemicon InternationalRefAssay kitsChromaprobeRef
CytimmuneRefCompetitive EIA kits, ELISA kitsDianovaRef
DynalRefMagnetic beadsEast Coast BiologicsRefFish plasma blocking reagent
FabGennixRefKits reagentsHyTestRefAntibodies serums
ImgenexRefELISA kitsImmuneChem pharmaceuticalsRefAssay kits, substrates
Immuno-Biological LaboratoriesRefImmunochemistry TechnologiesRef
Jackson Immuno Research LaboratoriesRefSecondary antibodiesKirkegaard & Perry LaboratoriesRef
Lampire Biological LaboratoriesRefHuman blood productsLinco ResearchRefRIA, ELISA kits
Linco ResearchRefRIA, ELISA kitsMilliporeRef
Novo CastraRefPBLRefInterferons
PeproTechRefCytokines anti-cytokine productsPepscan systemsRef petides for T cell epitope mapping
Pierce BiotechnologyRefProSciRefReady to stain slides, Ig beads tissue samples
R&D SystemsRefRockland ImmunochemicalsRefAntibodies detection kits
ShibayagiRefELISA kitsSouthernBiotechRefIsotyping kits, assay kits
USBiologicalRefGrowth factors, cytokines, kits assaysUpstateRefImmunoprecipitation kits
Vector LaboratoriesRefViro Immun LabordiagnostikaRefELISA kits
ViroStatRefZymed LaboratoriesRefSecondaries & conjugates, ELISA kits
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