PrimerBase 1.2
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     Have you ever ordered wrong primers, found mysterious primers in your freezer, or could not find the primers you knew existed in your lab? PrimerBase 1.2 is here to help keeping everything in order. PrimerBase is a small and practical database for storing, searching, and designing of oligo-nucleotides.

Available for both PC and Mac.

PrimerBase 1.2 provides the following functions:

  • 1. Stores primer infos in a searchable database
  • 2. Search database by name and sequences
         (a) Search by text;
         (b) Search by degenerate sequences;
         (c) Search by target gene sequences;
         (d) Allow partial sequence matches;
         (e) Search in both sense and antisense directions.

  • 3. Calculates Melting temperature
         Melting temperature = 4 * Number of G or C + 2 * Number of A or T.
         For degenerate nucleotides, an average is used, i.e., 3 for N.

         Alternatively the melting temperature can be calculated use the Nearest Neighbor model.

         If you would like to see additional functions included in future release of PrimerBase, please send us your suggestions.

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