GradeBook 1.02
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     GradeBook 1.02 is designed for college professors, instructors, and TAs. It's easy to use and provides convenient features for calculating final grades and saves files in HTML for printing and reporting on the web.

Available for both PC and Mac.

GradeBook 1.02 provides the following functions:

  • 1. Reads "Tab-delimited" text files. Grade records saved in Excel can be easily imported into GradeBook.
  • 2. Calculator---calculates final grades. Users have the option to discard lowest scores, to assign weights for each individual score, and to convert to letter grades.
  • 3. Grades can be saved in HTML files for printing and reporting on the web. Users have the option of displaying only partial Student IDs for privacy. Click here to see an example of grade report.

  • GUI interface for GradeBook 1.02.

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