Godlist Manager 1.0
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     High-throughput genomics requires searching and managing of large number of gene and sequence information. Goldlist Manager 1.0 provides users with a friendly tool for tasks such as batch retrieving of gene information and sequences, and generating links to virtually all bioinformatics databases (e.g. PubMed, Unigene etc.). No programming is required.

Available for both PC and Mac.

Godlist Manager 1.0 provides the following functions:

  • 1. Compare two lists of gene names, clone ids, accession numbers, etc, select subset, and find duplicates
  • 2. Given a list of accession numbers, searches the GenBank for Unigene Ids and gene descriptions
  • 3. Given a list of accession numbers, retrieves nucleotide or protein sequences from the GenBank
  • 4. Generates links to GeneBank, Unigene, GeneCards, PubMed, etc. for any text documents

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