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FABA 2.0 --- Functional Analysis By Association
Discover gene functions by mining data from different sources

What is FABA?
FABA is in silico two-hybrid software.
It fishes for genes with similar functions.
How does FABA work?
FABA searches for correlations in gene expression, protein interaction, localization ...
What can FABA do for me?
Find genes with similar functions or on the same signaling pathways. Generates leads and validates results.
What do I need?
You may purchase FABA license and analyze your own data. We can also custom analyze the data for you.
How good is FABA's performance?
You be the judge! Click here to view FABA 2.0 resulsts on line.
What are the advantages of FABA?
Cheaper ($$$ vs $$$$$), faster (days vs months), and high throughput (tens vs a few baits). Not limited to protein interactions.
What are the disadvantages of FABA?
Fasle positives, as in any other technologies. Work is under way to reduce false positives.
What data is analyzed by FABA?
FABA has been tested on thousands of public microarray samples for human, mouse, and yeast.
Will everyone get the same results?
Your unique data collection (public or private) will give you the cutting edge.
How do I get FABA?
Please contact us for more information.

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