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dup     Comment in: Hum Genet. 1989 Sep;83(2):205-7. Hum Genet. 1988 Dec;80(4):322-8.
dup     No evidence of dup(7)(p11.2p13) in Silver-Russell syndrome. Am J Med Genet. 2001 Apr 1;99(4):335-7.
dup     Dup(12)(q13-q22) and 13q14 deletion in a case of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Acta Haematol. 2000;104(4):197-201.
dup     Recurrent neuroleptic malignant syndrome associated with inv dup(15) and mental retardation. Clin Genet. 1991 Jan;39(1):65-7.
dup     Novel case of dup(3q) syndrome due to a de novo interstitial duplication 3q24-q26.31 with minimal overlap to the dup(3q) critical region. Am J Med Genet. 2004 Nov 18; [Epub ahead of print]
dup     De novo partial duplications 1p: report of two new cases and review. Am J Med Genet. 1999 Jan 29;82(3):261-4.
dup     Clinical syndromes associated with partial duplications of chromosomes 2 and 3: dup(2p),dup(2q),dup(3p),dup(3q). Birth Defects Orig Artic Ser. 1978;14(6C):191-217.
dup     Partial duplication of 3q and distal deletion of 11q in a stillbirth with an omphalocele containing the liver, short limbs, and intrauterine growth retardation. J Med Genet. 1996 Jul;33(7):615-7.
dup     "Essentially pure" partial trisomy (6)(p23-->pter) in two brothers due to maternal t(6;17)(p23;p13.3). Am J Med Genet. 1999 Aug 6;85(4):389-94.
dup     A malformed girl with duplication of chromosome 9q. J Med Genet. 1984 Oct;21(5):387-8.
dup     Duplication 3q syndrome: molecular delineation of the critical region. Am J Med Genet. 1995 Jan 2;55(1):33-7.
dup     The inv dup(15) syndrome: a clinically recognizable syndrome with altered behavior, mental retardation, and epilepsy. Neurology. 1997 Apr;48(4):1081-6.
dup     Distinct patterns of chromosome abnormalities characterize childhood non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Br J Haematol. 1992 Jan;80(1):15-20.
dup     Wisniewski LP, Doherty RA. a report of three cases.
dup     Comment in: J Med Genet. 2002 Oct;39(10):775-8. J Med Genet. 1993 Sep;30(9):756-60.
dup     FISH characterisation of dynamic mosaicism involving an inv dup(15) in a patient with mental retardation. Am J Med Genet. 2001 Nov 1;103(4):289-94.
dup     Duplication of 7p: further delineation of the phenotype and restriction of the critical region to the distal part of the short arm. Am J Med Genet. 1996 Jan 2;61(1):21-5.
dup     Molecular cytogenetic characterisation of the first familial case of partial 9p duplication (p22p24). J Med Genet. 1996 Dec;33(12):1045-7.
dup     [Therapy-related MDS/leukemia carrying dup(11) (q21q23) with MLL gene tandem duplication] Rinsho Ketsueki. 1998 Dec;39(12):1163-8.
dup     A t(8;14)(q24;q32) in a T-lymphoma/leukemia of CD8+ large granular lymphocytes. Leukemia. 1987 Dec;1(12):789-94.
dup     Familial inverted duplication 7p. Am J Med Genet. 1995 Mar 27;56(2):184-7.
dup     Infantile spasms associated with proximal duplication of chromosome 15q. Pediatr Neurol. 1996 Sep;15(2):163-5.
dup     Mild "duplication 6q syndrome": a case with partial trisomy (6)(q23.3q25.3). Am J Med Genet. 1997 Feb 11;68(4):450-4.
dup     Comment in: Am J Med Genet. 1989 Dec;34(4):616. Am J Med Genet. 1989 Mar;32(3):346-9.
dup     Inverted duplications: how many of them are mosaic? Eur J Hum Genet. 2004 Sep;12(9):713-7.
dup     Molecular analysis of an extra inv dup(15)(q13) chromosome in two patients with Angelman syndrome. Acta Genet Med Gemellol (Roma). 1996;45(1-2):217-20.
dup     Acute myelogenous leukemia with dup(1)(p22p36),dup(1)(p22p36): a novel case? Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1996 Mar;87(1):48-51.
dup     Prenatal diagnosis of de novo distal 5q duplication associated with hygroma colli, fetal oedema and complex cardiopathy. Prenat Diagn. 1998 Dec;18(12):1304-7.
dup     Submicroscopic terminal deletion of 1p36.3 and Xp23 hidden in complex chromosome rearrangements: independent mechanism of telomere restitution on the two chromatids. Am J Med Genet. 2003 Mar 15;117A(3):261-7.
dup     Supernumerary inv dup(15) in a patient with Angelman syndrome and a deletion of 15q11-q13. Am J Med Genet. 1995 May 22;57(1):61-5.
dup     De novo partial duplication of long arm of chromosome 13: dup(13)(q12-->q14) Am J Med Genet. 2000 Jun 5;92(4):296-7.
dup     Variable phenotype associated with duplication of different regions of 2p. Am J Med Genet. 1983 Jul;15(3):451-6.
dup     Detection of a dup(17q) and inv(16) by fluorescence in situ hybridization in acute myelomonocytic leukemia. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1997 Oct 1;98(1):87-9.
dup     Brief clinical report: the dup(17p) syndrome. Am J Med Genet. 1982 Mar;11(3):299-304.
dup     Jumping translocation in a newborn boy with dup(4q) and severe hydrops fetalis. Am J Med Genet. 1994 Aug 15;52(2):214-7.
dup     10p duplication characterized by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Am J Med Genet. 1994 Sep 1;52(3):315-8.
dup     Multiple karyotypic aberrations in a polymorphous variant of Waldenstr√∂m macroglobulinemia. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1999 May;111(1):77-80.
dup     Intrachromosomal triplication of 15q11-q13. J Med Genet. 1994 Oct;31(10):798-803.
dup     A molecular, cytogenetic, and clinical evaluation of mosaic tandem duplication 17p and Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 1A neuropathy. J Med Genet. 1998 Feb;35(2):169-72.
dup     Tetrasomy 15q: two marker chromosomes with no detectable alpha-satellite DNA. Am J Hum Genet. 1994 May;54(5):877-83.
dup     Karyotypic changes in phyllodes tumors of the breast. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1994 Dec;78(2):200-6.
dup     Genetic and clinical characterization of patients with an interstitial duplication 15q11-q13, emphasizing behavioral phenotype and response to treatment. Am J Med Genet. 2003 Jun 1;119A(2):111-20.
dup     The dup(3)(p25 leads to pter) syndrome: a case with holoprosencephaly. Am J Med Genet. 1983 Apr;14(4):767-72.
dup     Letter: Partial trisomy 15 (dup15q) syndrome and the need for precision in clinical cytogenetics. J Pediatr. 1975 Nov;87(5):842-3.
dup     Familial t(4;13) with abnormal offspring in three generations. Am J Med Genet. 1983 Sep;16(1):15-22.
dup     Case of partial trisomy 2q3 with clinical manifestations of Marshall-Smith syndrome. Am J Med Genet. 1999 Jul 16;85(2):185-8.
dup     Homologous recombination of a flanking repeat gene cluster is a mechanism for a common contiguous gene deletion syndrome. Nat Genet. 1997 Oct;17(2):154-63.
dup     Cytogenetic analysis of SV40-transformed human breast epithelial cells. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1983 Mar;8(3):213-21.
dup     Inverted duplication of chromosome 5p14p15.3 confirmed with in situ hybridization. Am J Med Genet. 1993 Dec 1;47(8):1198-201.
dup     Symptomatic generalized epilepsy associated with an inverted duplication of chromosome 15. Seizure. 2000 Mar;9(2):145-50.
dup     Identification of a marker chromosome as inv dup(15) by molecular analysis. Clin Genet. 1991 Sep;40(3):233-6.
dup     Identification and molecular confirmation of a small chromosome 10q duplication [dir dup(10)(q24.2-->q24.3)] inherited from a mother mosaic for the abnormality. Am J Med Genet. 1996 Jan 2;61(1):16-20.
dup     Identification of a putative regulatory subunit of a calcium-activated potassium channel in the dup(3q) syndrome region and a related sequence on 22q11.2. Genomics. 1999 Nov 15;62(1):90-4.
dup     Karyotypic patterns in chronic myeloproliferative disorders: report on 74 cases and review of the literature. Leukemia. 1991 Mar;5(3):214-20.
dup     A Down syndrome case with a karyotype of 46,XY,rec(21)dup(21q)inv(21)(p11q22) derived from paternal pericentric inversion of chromosome 21. Clin Genet. 2001 May;59(5):368-70.
dup     A 3p deletion syndrome in a child with both del(3)(p25-->pter) and dup(17)(q23-->qter). Ann Genet. 1999;42(2):91-4.
dup     DiGeorge anomaly in an infant with deletion of chromosome 22 and dup(9p) due to adjacent type II disjunction. Am J Med Genet. 1991 Mar 15;38(4):569-73.
dup     High resolution pattern of an inverted duplication (15). Clin Genet. 1986 Mar;29(3):241-5.
dup     Clinical, cytogenetic, and molecular genetic characterization of two unrelated patients with different duplications of 21q. Am J Med Genet Suppl. 1990;7:104-9.
dup     Cytogenetic, FISH and DNA studies in 11 individuals from a family with two siblings with dup(21q) Down syndrome. Hum Genet. 1993 Sep;92(2):127-32.
dup     Molecular cytogenetic analysis of a duplication Xp in a male: further delineation of a possible sex influencing region on the X chromosome. Hum Genet. 1994 Aug;94(2):149-53.
dup     Prenatal diagnosis of a dup(3p) with holoprosencephaly. Am J Med Genet. 1987 Jan;26(1):225-7.
dup     Failure of testicular development associated with a rearrangement of 9p24.1 proximal to the SNF2 gene. Hum Genet. 1998 Feb;102(2):151-6.
dup     Prenatal detection of maternal UPD15 in a new case with i(15p) by Timing Replication Test (TRT) and methylation analysis. J Appl Genet. 2003;44(2):209-18.
dup     Clinical and molecular analysis of five inv dup(15) patients. Eur J Hum Genet. 1993;1(1):37-50.
dup     Physical mapping of a tandem duplication on the long arm of chromosome 7 associated with a multidrug resistant phenotype. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1999 Apr;110(1):28-33.
dup     Partial hexasomy of chromosome 15. Am J Med Genet. 2003 Sep 1;121A(3):277-80.
dup     Role of genomic imprinting in Wilms' tumour and overgrowth disorders. Med Pediatr Oncol. 1996 Nov;27(5):470-5.
dup     Molecular cytogenetic analysis of a duplication Xp in a female with an abnormal phenotype and random X inactivation. Clin Genet. 2000 Aug;58(2):116-22.
dup     Inactivation centers in the human X chromosome. Am J Hum Genet. 1982 Mar;34(2):182-94.
dup     Trisomy 14 mosaicism in a liveborn male: clinical report and review of the literature. Am J Med Genet. 1986 Apr;23(4):925-30.
dup     Characterization of a partial trisomy 16q with FISH. Report of a patient and review of the literature. Ann Genet. 1999;42(2):101-4.
dup     Interstitial dup(1p) and severe intrauterine growth retardation. Ann Genet. 1988;31(2):129-31.
dup     De novo duplication of 17p [dup(17)(p12----p11.2)]: report of an additional case with confirmation of the cytogenetic, phenotypic, and developmental aspects. Am J Med Genet. 1991 Dec 15;41(4):446-50.
dup     A prenatally detected inv dup(15). Am J Med Genet. 1984 Aug;18(4):751-3.
dup     De novo inverted duplication 9p21pter involving telomeric repeated sequences. Am J Med Genet. 1999 Mar 12;83(2):125-31.
dup     Trisomy 16p in a liveborn infant and review of trisomy 16p. Am J Med Genet. 1992 Feb 1;42(3):316-9.
dup     FISH analysis in detecting 9p duplication (p22p24). Am J Med Genet. 2000 Jan 3;90(1):35-7.
dup     A patient with dup(10p)del(8q) and Pendred syndrome. Am J Med Genet. 1986 Jun;24(2):211-7.
dup     Two extra inv dup(15) chromosomes and male infertility: second case. Am J Med Genet. 1992 Feb 1;42(3):402-3.
dup     Partial trisomy 3q syndrome inherited from familial t(3;9)(q26.1; p23). Clin Genet. 1987 Aug;32(2):137-43.
dup     Trisomy 16p in a liveborn offspring due to maternal translocation t(16;21)(q11;p11) and review of the literature. Am J Med Genet. 1992 Jun 1;43(3):621-5.
dup     Comment in: Am J Med Genet. 1995 Sep 11;58(3):237. Am J Med Genet. 1995 Sep 11;58(3):230-6.
dup     Hypomelanosis of ito and a 'mirror image' whole chromosome duplication resulting in trisomy 14 mosaicism. Ann Genet. 2000 Jan-Mar;43(1):39-43.
dup     Duplication of 2p25: confirmation of the assignment of soluble acid phosphatase (ACP1) locus to 2p25. Hum Genet. 1985;71(3):259-60.
dup     Cytogenetic characterization of a familial papillary renal cell carcinoma. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1995 Oct 15;84(2):123-7.
dup     Blastic mantle cell lymphoma associated with Burkitt-type translocation and hypodiploidy. Br J Haematol. 2001 Oct;115(1):66-8.
dup     Second meiotic nondisjunction of the rearranged chromosome in a familial reciprocal 5/13 translocation. Am J Med Genet. 1991 Oct 1;41(1):32-4.
dup     Clinicopathologic conference: dup(10q),del(12p) in one abnormal, dizygotic twin infant of a t(10;12) (q22.1;p13.3) mother. Am J Med Genet. 1984 Jun;18(2):201-13.
dup     Acute leukemia presenting a variant Ph chromosome with p190 expression, dup 3q and -7, developed after malignant lymphoma treated with alkylating agents and topoisomerase II inhibitors. Leukemia. 1995 Sep;9(9):1483-6.
dup     Partial trisomy for 2q in a patient with dir dup(2) (q33.1q35). J Med Genet. 1994 Aug;31(8):652-3.
dup     Familial t(8;15)(p23.3;q22.3): report of two cases with dup(15) (q22.3----qter). J Med Genet. 1987 Nov;24(11):684-7.
dup     :p14 approximately 15-->neo-->pter), which is the first report of partial
dup     The value of chromosome analysis in cases of neural tube defects: a case of anencephaly associated with fetal dup(2)(p24----pter). Prenat Diagn. 1987 Oct;7(8):567-71.
dup     [Analysis of chromosome translocations involving MML by hybridization with an oligonucleotide microarray] Mol Biol (Mosk). 2004 May-Jun;38(3):449-56.
dup     A new case of dup(1)(q21.2q12) in an individual with mild mental retardation. Genet Couns. 2003;14(4):407-11.
dup     Terminal tandem duplication of 16p: a case with "pure" partial trisomy (16)(pter-->p13). Genet Couns. 2002;13(3):303-7.
dup     [Transitory neonatal diabetes] An Esp Pediatr. 2001 Apr;54(4):394-6.
dup     De novo interstitial direct duplication of 15q: 46,XY,dir dup(15) (pter leads to q24::q14 leads to q21 X 1::q24 leads to qter). J Med Genet. 1983 Dec;20(6):473-5.
dup     Molecular and cytogenetic characterization of 9p- abnormalities. Am J Med Genet. 1993 May 15;46(3):288-92.
dup     Familial pericentric inversion of chromosome 18: behavioral abnormalities in patients heterozygous for either the dup(18p)/del(18q) or dup(18q)/del(18p) recombinant chromosome. Eur J Hum Genet. 2004 Oct 06; [Epub ahead of print]
dup     dup(10q) lacking alpha-satellite DNA in bone marrow cells of a patient with acute myeloid leukemia. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1996 Jul 1;89(1):1-6.
dup     Chromosome duplications and deletions and their mechanisms of origin. Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1999;85(3-4):285-90.
dup     A dup(17)(p11.2p11.2) detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization in a boy with Alport syndrome. Am J Med Genet. 1999 Jan 15;82(2):183-6.
dup     Mosaicism del(8p)/inv dup(8p) in a dysmorphic female infant: a mosaic formed by a meiotic error at the 8p OR gene and an independent terminal deletion event. J Med Genet. 2003 Aug;40(8):e93.
dup     Dup(3)(p2----pter) in two families, including one infant with cyclopia. Am J Med Genet. 1985 Feb;20(2):341-8.
dup     Precise mapping of a de novo duplication 18(q21-->q22) utilizing cytogenetic, biochemical, and molecular techniques. Am J Med Genet. 1993 Jun 15;46(5):520-3.
dup     Interstitial Dup(1p) with findings of Kabuki make-up syndrome. Am J Med Genet. 1998 Jun 16;78(1):55-7.
dup     20-Mb duplication of chromosome 9p in a girl with minimal physical findings and normal IQ: narrowing of the 9p duplication critical region to 6 Mb. Am J Med Genet. 2002 Oct 1;112(2):154-9.
dup     Delineation of a duplication map of chromosome 3q: a new case confirms the exclusion of 3q25-q26.2 from the duplication 3q syndrome critical region. Am J Med Genet. 1997 Feb 11;68(4):428-32.
dup     Unique mosaicism in Prader-Labhart-Willi syndrome--a contiguous gene or aneuploidy syndrome? Am J Med Genet. 1987 Dec;28(4):803-11.
dup     Nonreciprocal and jumping translocations of 15q1----qter in Prader-Willi syndrome. Am J Med Genet. 1990 Nov;37(3):311-7.
dup     Duplication 9q34-->qter identified by chromosome painting. Am J Med Genet. 1993 Mar 1;45(5):609-13.
dup     Triplication of 15q11-q13 with inv dup(15) in a female with developmental delay. J Med Genet. 1998 May;35(5):425-8.
dup     Brief clinical report: duplication of distal 17q: report of an observation. Am J Med Genet. 1984 Mar;17(3):633-9.
dup     Partial Turner's syndrome in four girls with Xq duplication and Xp deficiency. Hum Genet. 1982;61(1):12-7.
dup     Inv dup(15) supernumerary marker chromosomes. J Med Genet. 1994 Aug;31(8):585-94.
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dup     Genotype/phenotype analysis in a patient with pure and complete trisomy 12p. Am J Med Genet. 2004 Sep 1;129A(3):261-4.
dup     Growth hormone deficiency and empty sella syndrome in a boy with dup(X) (q13.3----q21.2). Am J Med Genet. 1992 Mar 1;42(5):660-4.
dup     Unusual features in children with inv dup(15) supernumerary marker: a study of genotype-phenotype correlation in Taiwan. Eur J Pediatr. 1998 Feb;157(2):122-7.
dup     De novo dup(X)(q22.3q26) in a girl with evidence that functional disomy of X material is the cause of her abnormal phenotype. Am J Med Genet. 2003 Jan 1;116A(1):71-6.
dup     A duplication of distal Xp associated with hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism, hypoplastic external genitalia, mental retardation, and multiple congenital abnormalities. J Med Genet. 1996 Sep;33(9):767-71.
dup     Delineation of a characteristic phenotype in distal trisomy 2q. Helv Paediatr Acta. 1984 Dec;39(5-6):499-508.
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dup     A unique patient with an Ullrich-Turner syndrome variant and mosaicism for a tiny r(X) and a partial proximal duplication 1q. Am J Med Genet. 2004 Jan 30;124A(3):303-6.
dup     Identification and characterization of an Xq26-q27 duplication in a family with spina bifida and panhypopituitarism suggests the involvement of two distinct genes. Genomics. 2000 Oct 15;69(2):174-81.
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dup     Duplication of the terminal band of the long arm of chromosome 7: a new case. Genet Couns. 2004;15(1):87-90.
dup     Duplication 6q21q23 in two unrelated patients. Am J Med Genet. 1998 Nov 2;80(2):112-4.
dup     Two novel in vitro human hepatoblastoma models, HepU1 and HepU2, are highly characteristic of fetal-embryonal differentiation in hepatoblastoma. Int J Cancer. 2003 Jun 20;105(3):347-52.
dup     Duplication of the short arm of the X chromosome in mother and daughter. Hum Genet. 1993 May;91(4):395-400.
dup     Analysis of DNA polymorphisms suggests that most de novo dup(21q) chromosomes in patients with Down syndrome are isochromosomes and not translocations. Am J Hum Genet. 1990 Dec;47(6):968-72.
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dup     Mild phenotype due to tandem duplication of l7p11.2. Am J Med Genet. 2000 Oct 2;94(4):296-9.
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