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     An electronic protocol book with 500 protocols and 100 recipes. A great quick and practical reference for bench scientists as well as for new students.   Get A Copy      A collection of tools frequently used by bench biomedical scientists, ranging from centrifugation force conversion, molecular weight, OD, recipe calculators, to clinical calculators. Include all Primo 3.4, Abie 3.0, Heatmap Viewer, MicroHelper, Godlist Manager, label printing, and grade book.   More info
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Peak Flows Obtain the normal predicted average peak expiratory flow based on the height for children and adolescents (less than 20 years of age).
Pediatric Coma Scale Estimate pediatric coma scale for infants and children.
Pediatric Emergency Medications Drip Sheet Calculator Calculate drip sheet of a list of drugs (epinephrine, isoproterenol, dopamine, dobutamine, phenylephrine, milrinone, lidocaine, prostaglandin, esmolol) for pediatric emergency patients.
Pediatric index of mortality (PIM) Estimate pediatric index of mortality.
Pediatric index of mortality (PIM) Estimate pediatric index of mortality.
Pediatric index of mortality (PIM) Estimate pediatric index of mortality. Updated.
Pediatric Logistic Organ Dysfunction (PELOD) Calculate PELOD score.
Pediatric risk of mortality (PRISM) Estimate risk of mortality for pediatric patients.
Pharmacokinetics Simulator Calculate the volume of distribution and half life based on two plasma levels separated by a time interval.
Phenytoin Dosing Calculator Calculation of phenytoin dosing.
Phosphate Dosing Calculation of phosphate dosing.
Pneumothorax Degree of Collapse Calculate pneumothorax degree of collapse from lung and hemithorax diameters.
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator Estimates dates of conception, first trimester, second trimester, and due date.
Pressure Units Conversion Convert one measurement of pressure to mmHg, cmH2O, or kPa.
Protein Intake Calculator Get practical estimates for your daily dietary protein intake.

Medical Models

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