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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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VA: vitamin A
VA: Visual acuity
VA: Veterans Administration
VA: vertebral artery
VA: volatile anesthetics
VA: Veterans Affairs
Va: VAN20 of Vibrio anguillarum
VA: vibratory angioedema
VA: viral associated
VAA: Viscum album agglutinin
VABS: Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales
VAP: ventilator associated pneumonia
VAR: ventral activator region
VAS: visual analogue scale
VAT: variable antigen type
VAT: variant antigenic type
VAT: very late variable antigen type
VATs: Variant antigenic types
VATs: variant antigen types
VATs: variable antigen types
VBM: vertebral body marrow
vBMD: volumetric bone mineral density
VBMT: vascularized bone marrow transplantation
VBNC: viable but nonculturable
VBP: vitellogenin binding protein
VC: vinyl carbamate
VC: vitamins C
VC: Verrucous carcinoma
VC: vitamin C
VC: vulvar carcinomas
Vc: Vibrio cholerae
VC: variance component
VC: variance components
VC: vascular cells
VC: Vinyl chloride
VCA: viral capsid antigen
VCA: virus viral capsid antigen
VCA: virus capsid antigen
VCA: Variance component analysis
VCA: virus capsid antigens
VCA: viral capsid antigens
VCFS: velo cardio facial syndrome
VCM: vinyl chloride monomer
VCMR: Victorian Congenital Malformations Register
VCR: Vibrio cholerae repeat
vcr: variant cluster region
VCS: variable coding sequence
VD: vascular dementia
VD: vitamin D3
VDCC: Voltage dependent calcium channel
VDM: video display monitors
VDR: Vitamin D receptor
VDR: vitamin D3 receptor
VDRE: vitamin D response element
VDRGP: vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism
VDT: video display terminal
VDTs: video display terminals
VDW: van der Waals
VE: vitamin E
VE: visceral endoderm
VEA: vitamin E acetate
VEC: Vascular endothelial cells
VEC: Video Enhancement Contrast
VEGF: Vascular Endothelial growth factor
VEGI: vascular endothelial growth inhibitor
VEMSGP: von Ebner minor salivary gland protein
VEP: visual evoked potential
VEPs: visual evoked potentials
VF: ventricular fibrillation
VF: Vicia faba
VF: volume fraction
Vf: variant frequencies
VF: variant frequency
Vf: Vibrio fischeri
VF: vitreous fluorophotometry
VG: vegetative growth
VG: Volga German
VGH: Veterans General Hospital
VGP: vertical growth phase
VGPM: vertical growth phase melanomas
VGS: virtual genome scan
VGS: Virtual Genome Scans
VGS: viridans group streptococci
VH: verrucous hyperplasia
VH: very high
VH: viral hepatitis
VHL: Von Hippel Lindau
VHR: very high risk
VHR: very highly repeated
vhs: virion host shutoff
VHS: viral hemorrhagic septicemia
Vi: vector insertion
VI: very insoluble
VIC: vasoactive intestinal contractor
Vif: virion infectivity factor
VIN: vulval intraepithelial neoplasia
VIN: vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia
VINs: Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasias
VINs: vulvar intraepithelial neoplasms
VIP: Vasoactive intestinal peptide
VIP: vasoactive intesinal peptide
VIPR: vasoactive intestinal polypeptide receptor
Vipr: vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor
VIR: variable internal repeat
VIRCC: Vienna International Research Cooperation Center
vIRF: viral interferon regulatory factor
vIRFs: viral interferon regulatory factors
VIS: virus integration site
VL: very long
VL: visceral leishmaniasis
VL: ventralis lateralis
VLBW: very low birth weight
VLC: very long chain
VLCAD: very long chain dehydrogenase
VLCFA: very long chain fatty acids
VLCFA: very long chain fatty acid
VLCFAs: very long chain fatty acids
VLCFAs: very long straight chain fatty acids
VLDL: very low density lipoproteins
VLDL: very low density lipoprotein
VLDLR: very low density lipoprotein receptor
VLIGs: very large inducible GTPases
vLINCL: Variant late infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
VLSL: visual loss susceptibility locus
VLTRs: variable length tandem repeats
VM: villous mineralization
VM: vitelline membrane
VMA: variegated mosaic aneuploidy
vmp: variable major protein
VMP: vitelline membrane protein
VMSA: variable merozoite surface antigens
VMSA: variable merozoite surface antigen
VMTH: veterinary medical teaching hospital
VN: Virus neutralization
VNB: virtual Northern blotting
VNTR: variable number tandem repeat
VNTR: Variable nucleotide tandem repeats
VNTR: variable number tandem repeats
VNTR: variable number tandom repeats
VNTR: variable numbered tandem repeat
VNTRs: variable number tandem repeats
VO: vaginal opening
VOS: velocity of sound
vos: vestigial outer segments
VP: ventral prostate
VP: Variegate porphyria
VP: Variegate porophyria
VPCs: vulval precursor cells
VPD: vitreous pigment dusting
VPDR: Victorian Perinatal Data Register
VPI: Vibrio pathogenicity island
VPL: volume per lumen
vps: vacuolar protein sorting
vpt: vacuolar protein targeting
VR: vernalization requirement
VR: vitelline ring
Vr: vomeronasal receptor
VRC: viral replication compartment
VRE: velocity recovery effect
vrl: virulence related locus
VRNF: Von Recklinghausen neurofibromatosis
VRNF: von Recklinghausen NF
VRP: Venezuelan Reference Pedigree
VS: very short
VS: Viridans streptococci
VS: Vietnamese sika
VS: vestibular schwannomas
VSCC: vulval squamous cell carcinoma
VSCC: vulvar squamous carcinomas
VSCC: Vulvar squamous cell carcinoma
VSD: ventricular septal defect
VSD: ventricular septal defects
VSD: ventricular septum defect
VSDs: ventricular septal defects
VSG: variant surface glycoprotein
VSG: vestigial variant surface glycoprotein
VSG: variant specific glycoprotein
VSG: variable surface glycoprotein
VSGs: variant surface glycoproteins
VSGs: variable surface glycoproteins
VSM: vascular smooth muscle
VSMC: vascular smooth muscle cell
VSMCs: vascular smooth muscle cells
VSP: very short patch
VSP: vegetative storage protein
VSPA: vaginal serous papillary adenocarcinoma
Vsps: variable small proteins
VSPs: vegetative storage proteins
VSR: ventral spinal roots
VSR: virginiamycin S resistance
VSs: vestibular schwannomas
VSSM: variable simple sequence motif
VSSMs: Variable simple sequence motifs
VSV: vesicular stomatitis virus
VSV: virus and Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
VSVG: vesticular stomatitis virus glycoprotein
VT: ventricular tachycardia
VT: venous thrombosis
vt: vestigial tail
VTA: ventral tegmental area
VTC: viral transcriptional complexes
VTC: viral transcription complex
VTM: variegated translocation mosaicism
VTR: variable tandem repeat
VTR: variable tandem repetition
VTS: virtual transcribed sequence
VUC: voided urine cytology
VV: vaccinia virus
VV: vaccinia viruses
vvIBDV: very virulent infectious bursal disease virus
vWD: von Willebrand disease
VWDs: ventral wall defects
vWF: VIII and von Willebrand factor
vWf: von Willebrand factor
vWF: VIIIC Willebrand factor
vWFA: von Willebrand factor A
VWM: vanishing white matter
VZ: ventricular zone
VZV: varicella zoster virus

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