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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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UA: umbilical artery
UA: uterine artery
UA: uranyl acetate
UACL: ulcer associated cell lineage
UAE: United Arab Emirates
UAE: urinary albumin excretion
UAF: upstream activation factor
UAN: Uric acid nephrolithiasis
UAO: upper airway obstruction
UAPI: umbilical artery pulsatility index
UAS: upstream activator site
UAS: upstream activating sequence
UAS: upstream activation sites
UAS: upstream activator sequence
UAS: upstream activation sequences
UAS: upstream activation site
UAS: upstream activating sequences
UASG: upstream activation sequence
UASM: upstream activation site
UASR: unbalanced autosomal structural rearrangement
UASs: upstream activator sequences
UAT: upper aerodigestive tract
UAVP: urinary arginine vasopressin
UBF: upstream binding factor
UBF: upstream binding factors
UC: ulcerative colitis
UC: unselected cell
UC: urothelial carcinoma
UC: undifferentiated carcinoma
UC: urothelial cancers
UC: uterine capacity
UC: urea cycle
Uc: unstable chromosome
UCACRC: ulcerative CRC
UCB: umbilical cord blood
UCC: urothelial cell carcinoma
UCD: umbilical cord diameter
UCH: University College Hospital
UCL: University College London
UCMD: Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy
UCMPD: undifferentiated chronic myeloproliferative disease
UCPs: untreated cancer patients
UCR: upstream control region
UCS: upstream conserved sequence
UCTD: undifferentiated connective tissue disease
UDA: unsaturated digalacturonic acid
UDG: uses human uracil DNA glycosylase
UDG: uracil DNA glycosylase
UDH: Usual ductal hyperplasia
UDS: Unscheduled DNA synthesis
UDS: using the unscheduled DNA synthesis
UE: unconjugated estriol
ue: upstream element
UECs: urine ethanol concentrations
UEP: unit evolutionary period
UEPs: unique event polymorphisms
UES: Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma
Ufo: Ultra female overexpression
UH: umbilical hernia
UH: undercondensed heterochromatin
UHG: U22 host gene
UIS: upstream induction sequence
UJ: ulcerative jejunitis
UK: United Kingdom
UKCCG: United Kingdom Cancer Cytogenetics Group
UKEMS: United Kingdom Environmental Mutagen Society
uKHC: ubiquitous kinesin heavy chain
UKM: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
UL: uterine leiomyomata
UL: uterine leiomyoma
UL: unique long
ULG: uni linkage group
ULP: Universite Louis Pasteur
ULR: untranslated leader region
ULW: upper lip width
UM: uveal melanoma
UM: ultrarapid metabolism
UMGL: Utah Molecular Genetics Laboratory
UMP: uncertain malignant potential
UMPs: Universal mapping probes
UMS: ulnar mammary syndrome
UMS: universal minicircle sequence
UMS: upstream mouse sequence
UMS: undulating membranous structures
UNEP: United Nations Environment Programme
UNEP: United Nations Environment Program
UO: urate oxidase
uORF: upstream open reading frame
uORFs: upstream open reading frames
UP: unstable plaques
UP: Uttar Pradesh
UP: urticaria pigmentosa
UP: unipolar patients
uPA: Urokinase plasminogen activator
UPD: uniparental paternal disomy
UPF: Universitat Pompeu Fabra
UPL: Upjohn Pharmaceuticals Limited
UPM: Unknown primary malignancy
UPR: unfolded protein response
UPSC: uterine papillary serous carcinoma
UPSC: uterine papillary serous cancer
UPT: unknown primary tumor
UPT: unknown primary tumour
UPTs: Unknown primary tumors
UPTs: Unknown primary tumours
UR: unoccupied repeat
URA: unilateral renal agenesis
URb: unoccupied repeat b
URF: unidentified reading frame
URR: upstream regulatory region
URS: upstream repressing sequences
URS: upstream repression sequence
URS: upstream repressing sequence
URS: upstream regulatory sequences
URTIs: Upper respiratory tract infections
US: ultrasonographic scans
US: unconditioned stimulus
US: Usubuchi sarcoma
US: underwent ultrasonographic scanning
US: Usher syndrome
US: Usher syndromes
us: Urogenital syndrome
Us: unique short
US: unoccupied site
US: United States
USC: Uterine serous carcinoma
USCE: unequal sister chromatid exchange
USF: upstream stimulating factor
USF: upstream stimulatory factor
USF: ubiquitously expressed upstream stimulatory factor
USFs: upstream stimulatory factors
USIs: unique sequence islands
USO: urinary system organs
Usp: uropathogenic specific protein
USR: unique structural rearrangements
USS: uptake signal sequences
USS: ultrasonic scanning
UT: urinary thioether
UT: urinary tract
UTA: Urinary tract abnormalities
UTA: urinary tract anomalies
UTC: undifferentiated thyroid carcinoma
UTI: Uncomplicated urinary tract infection
UTI: urinary tract infections
UTI: urinary tract infection
UTIs: urinary tract infections
UTROSCT: Uterine tumor resembling ovarian sex cord tumor
UTS: Ullrich Turner syndrome
UTT: upper temperature tolerance
UTT: upper thermal tolerance
UTT: urinary tract tumours
UUT: upper urinary tract
UV: ultra violet
UVA: ultra violet A
UVP: umbilical venous pressure

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