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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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TA: telomerase activity
TA: Telomeric association
TA: tricuspid atresia
TA: truncus arteriosus
TA: telomere association
TA: Trichostatin A
TA: tumors telomerase activation
TA: tibialis anterior
TA: right tibialis anterior
TA: telomeric associations
TA: tubular adenomas
TA: Tannic acid
TA: transcriptionally active
TA: agonist triamcinolone acetonide
TA: terminal associations
TAA: thyroid autoantibodies
TAAs: Tumor Associated Antigens
tab: telophase arrest bypassed
TAC: truncus arteriosus communis
TAC: therapeutically achievable concentrations
TAC: the transcriptionally active chromosome
TAC: transcriptionally active chromosome
TAC: termed the tripartite attachment complex
TAC: total antioxidant capacity
TAC: Transformable Artificial Chromosome
TAC: artificial chromosome
TACC: transforming acidic coiled coil
TACpG: analyze complex genomes
TAD: transcription activation domain
TADs: transcriptional activation domains
TAF: template activating factor
TAF: tumor angiogenesis factor
TAFE: transverse alternating field electrophoresis
TAFE: transversal alternating field electrophoresis
TAFI: thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor
TAFs: TBP and factors
TAFs: tightly associated factors
TAFs: two transcription activation functions
TAGs: tandemly arrayed genes
TAIL: thermal asymmetric interlaced
TAIR: Arabidopsis Information Resource
Tal: tail anomaly lethal
TAM: transient abnormal myelopoiesis
tam: tardy asynchronous meiosis
tAMLs: analyze acute myeloid leukemias
TAMs: thymidine analogue mutations
TAP: tracheal antimicrobial peptide
TAP: Transvaginal amniotic puncture
TAPVR: total anomalous pulmonary venous return
TAR: thrombocytopenia absent radius
TAR: torpedo acetylcholine receptors
TARA: Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance
TAS: telomeric associated sequences
TAS: television texture analysis system
TASs: telomeric repeat associated sequences
TASs: telomeric associated sequences
TAT: Tetanus antitoxin titres
TAT: tyrosine amino transferase
TATA: transplantation antigen
TAU: telomerase arbitrary units
TB: a toluidine blue
TB: dye toluidine blue
TB: toluidine blue
Tb: Trypanosoma brucei
TB: translocation breakpoint
TBB: tomato big bud
TBF: total body fat
TBG: thyroxine binding globulin
TBG: human thyroxine binding globulin
TBI: total body irradiation
TBI: traumatic brain injury
TBLV: Type B leukemogenic virus
Tbm: tubular basement membrane
TBMD: thin basement membrane disease
TBMN: Thin basement membrane nephropathy
TBP: TATA binding protein
TBP: binding protein
TBP: bound proteins
TBP: human TATA binding protein
TBP: the TATA binding protein
TBPA: TBG thyroxine binding prealbumin
TBR: translocation breakpoint region
TBS: petunia transformation booster sequence
tBSA: targeted bulked segregant analysis
TBSV: tomato bushy stunt virus
TBV: mean true breeding value
TC: Tramat Combi
TC: total cholesterol
TC: typical carcinoid
TC: tumor cytogenetics
TC: temperature controls
TC: serum total cholesterol
TC: triglycerides total cholesterol
TC: tongue carcinoma
TC: types of translocation configurations
Tc: T cells
Tc: tube the curtailed
TC: topical corneal
TC: T center
TC: thyroid cancers
TC: Typing cells
TCBC: transitional cell bladder carcinomas
TCBF: total cerebral blood flow
TCC: transitional cell carcinoma
TCC: T1 transitional cell carcinoma
TCC: though 200 transitional cell carcinomas
TCC: tract transitional cell carcinomas
TCC: transitional cell cancer
TCC: transcervical cell
TCC: thin corpus callosum
TCC: telomerase Transitional cell carcinoma
TCC: transitional bladder carcinoma
TCCs: transitional cell carcinomas
TCCs: T cell clones
TCCs: Thirty transitional cell carcinomas
TCCSG: Tokyo Cancer Study Group
TCD: termed Taiwan Cumulative Dose
TCE: termed the control element
TCF: ternary complex factor
TCF: truncated chromosome fragment
TCFs: Ternary Complex Factors
TCFUs: tumor colony forming units
TCHP: Transient congenital hypoparathyroidism
TCI: tissue culture invasion
TCL: T cell lymphomas
Tcl: Tool Command Language
TCN: total cell number
TCP: toxin coregulated pilus
TCPs: these t complex proteins
TCR: T cell receptor
TCR: two T cell receptor
TCR: transcription coupled repair
TCR: transcriptional control region
TCR: human T cell receptor
TCR: three T cell receptor
TCR: through the transcription coupled repair
TCR: mouse T cell receptor
Tcr: t complex responder
Tcr: mouse t complex responder
TCR: translocations involving T cell receptor
TCR: the T cell receptor
TCR: initial T cell receptor
TCR: gammadelta T cell receptor
TCR: types of T cell receptor
TCR: mature T cell receptor
TCR: contain receptor
TCRA: T cell receptor alpha
TCRB: T cell receptor beta
TCRs: T cell receptors
TCRs: human T cell receptors
Tcrt: t complex responder
TCS: Treacher Collins syndrome
tct: continuous tissue culture transfer
TCTMDR: Tzu Chi Taiwan Marrow Donor Registry
TCTP: translationally controlled tumor protein
TCU: transposition control unit
TCV: Turnip crinkle virus
TD: torsion dystonia
Td: Treponema denticola
TD: tandem duplication
TD: terminal deficiency
TD: transcriptional Transmission disequilibrium
TD: tardive dyskinesia
TD: Tangier disease
TD: two Tangier disease
TD: thanatophoric dwarfism
TD: thymus dependent
TDDs: estimate tolerable daily doses
TDE: testicular tumor differentially expressed
TDF: testicular determination factor
TDF: testis determining factor
TDF: mammalian testis determining factor
TDF: primary testis determining factor
TDF: elusive testis determining factor
TDF: a testis determining factor
TDF: prodrug tenofovir disoproxil fumarate
TDG: thymine DNA glycosylase
TDGF: teratocarcinoma derived growth factor
TDH: thermostable direct hemolysin
TDH: the thermostable direct hemolysin
tdh: thermostable direct haemolysin
TDL: thoracic duct lymphocytes
TDLUs: terminal duct lobular units
TDLUs: terminal ductal lobular units
TDMA: time division multiple access
TdP: torsades de pointes
TDR: typically deleted region
TDR: telomerase deletion response
tDS: translocation Down syndrome
TDT: Transmission Disequilibrium Test
TdT: terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase
TDT: transmission disequilibrium tests
TDT: total Transmission disequilibrium testing
TdT: terminal deoxynucleotide transferease
TDT: transmission disequilibrium testing
TdT: terminal deoxynucleotide transferase
TdT: terminal deoxyribonucleotidyl transferase
TDT: Then transmission disequilibrium test
TDT: robust transmission disequilibrium test
TDT: the transmission disequilibrium test
TDT: original transmission disequilibrium test
TdT: terminal deoxynucleodidyl transferase
TdT: enzyme terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase
TdT: tested for terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase
TdTA: terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase assay
TDTs: transmission disequilibrium tests
Tdy: the domesticus Y
TE: transposable element
TE: treatment induces thymic epithelial
TE: transposable elements
TE: transcriptionally active transposable element
TE: transpiration efficiency
TE: thymic epithelial
TE: testosterone enanthate
TE: transposing element
TE: transducing elements
TEA: T early alpha
TEC: thickened endothecium cell
TEC: typical endothelial cell
TEC: thymic epithelial cell
TEC: total economic cost
TECs: thymic epithelial cells
TEF: thyrotroph embryonic factor
TEGT: testis enhanced gene transcript
TEL: translocation E26 leukaemia
TEL: transcription Translocated ETS leukemia
TEM: transmission electron microscopy
TEM: transmission electron microscope
TEM: transmission electron microscopic
TEM: routine transmission electron microscopy
TEM: treated Transmission electronic microscopy
TEM: transgenic Transmission electron microscope
TEM: transmission electron micrographs
TEN: Toxic epidermal necrolysis
TENORM: technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material
TEOAE: transient evoked otoacoustic emissions
TEPC: Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter
TER: transepithelial electrical resistance
TESE: testicular sperm extraction
TESE: testes testicular sperm extraction
TESE: testis sperm extraction
TESE: treated using testicular sperm extraction
tET: transformation of essential thrombocythemia
Tetr: tetracycline resistance
TEV: tobacco etch virus
TEV: Two selectable tobacco etch virus
TF: Transcription factor
TF: transcription factors
TF: tissue factor
TF: Testicular Feminization
TFAM: transcription factor A
TFB: transcription factor B
TFBS: transcription factor binding sites
TFBS: transcription factor binding site
TFBSs: transcription factor binding sites
TFCC: triangular fibrocartilage complex
tFCI: transient focal cerebral ischemia
TFD: fusion domain
TFF: Trefoil factor family
TFIIH: transcription factor II H
tfm: testicular feminization mutant
Tfm: testicular feminization mutation
TFO: triplex forming oligonucleotide
TFOs: Triplex forming oligonucleotides
TFPI: tissue factor pathway inhibitor
TFRC: total finger ridge count
TFS: Tumor fragment spheroids
TFTs: thyroid function tests
TFW: trophic factor withdrawal
Tg: thymine glycol
TG: trigeminal ganglia
TG: tumor group
Tg: transforming gene
Tg: Tg gene
TGA: transposition of the great arteries
TGC: trophoblast giant cells
TGCs: trophoblast giant cells
TGCT: testicular germ cell tumor
TGCT: testicular germ cell tumours
TGCT: Tenosynovial giant cell tumor
TGCT: testicular germ cell tumour
TGCTs: testicular germ cell tumors
TGCTs: other testicular germ cell tumors
TGDD: targeted genomic differential display
TGE: transposable genetic elements
TGF: the transforming growth factor
TGF: transforming growth factor
TGFA: transforming growth factor alpha
TGFs: transforming growth factors
TGGE: temperature gradient gel electrophoresis
TGMS: thermosensitive genic male sterility
TGMV: tomato golden mosaic virus
TGR: Targeted gene replacement
TGS: transcriptional gene silencing
TGS: transcription Transcriptional gene silencing
TH: Tyrosine Hydroxylase
Th: T helper
TH: true hermaphrodites
TH: transcription of tyrosine hydroxylase
TH: True hermaphroditism
TH: thyroid hormone
Th: mouse tyrosine hydroxylase
TH: Tec homology
TH: true hermaphrodite
TH: rat tyrosine hydroxylase
Th: these pathogenic T helper
TH: total histone
TH: three true hermaphroditism
TH: total histones
Th: become T helper
THB: Todd Hewitt broth
THBP: Thyroid hormone binding protein
THC: transplantable hepatocellular carcinomas
THC: transplantable hepatocellular carcinoma
THD: Toll homology domain
THE: human element
THE: the human element
THEG: testicular haploid expressed gene
THETC: transformed human embryonic tendon cells
THF: terminase host factor
THH: Tripterygium hypoglaucum hutch
thid: T helper immunodeficiency
THR: total hip replacement
THR: thyroid hormone receptor
TI: transcriptional interference
TI: purified trypsin inhibitor
TI: type I
TI: telophase I
TI: highest therapeutic index
TIAs: transient ischemic attacks
TIBC: total iron binding capacity
TIE: thyroid transcription inhibitory element
TIF: thermal intensification factor
TIF: transcription initiation factor
TIFs: transcriptional intermediary factors
TIG: Tungsten Inert Gas
TII: telophase II
TII: type II
TILs: tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
TIME: Toddler Infant Motor Evaluation
TIMs: Translocators of the Inner Membrane
TIN: testicular intraepithelial neoplasia
TIOD: total iodide organification defect
TIP: tonoplast intrinsic protein
TIQ: total intelligence quotient
TIR: translation initiation region
Tir: type translocated intimin receptor
Tir: translocated intimin receptor
TIR: the terminal inverted repeat
Tir: Translocated intimin receptors
TIR: Toll interleukin receptor
TIR: terminal inverted repeat
TIREs: Transposable and interspersed repetitive elements
TIRs: terminal inverted repeats
TIRs: chromosomal terminal inverted repeats
TIRs: translation initiation regions
TIRs: transposons without terminal inverted repeats
TIRs: terminal inverted repeats sequences
TIRs: translational initiation regions
TIS: transcription initiation site
TIS: translation initiation site
TISS: Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System
TIT: triple intrathecal therapy
TJL: Jackson Laboratory
Tk: thymidine kinase
TK: tyrosine kinase
TK: autosomal thymidine kinase
TK: RET tyrosine kinase
TK: heterozygous thymidine kinase
TK: herpesvirus thymidine kinase
tk: tail kinks
tk: herpes thymidine kinase
TK: the thymidine kinase
TK: TRKC are tyrosine kinases
TK: catalytic tyrosine kinase
TK: downregulate thymidine kinase
tk: endogenous thymidine kinase
TK: murine thymidine kinase
TK: HSV thymidine kinase
TK: confer thymidine kinase
TK: quiescent thymidine kinase
tk: human thymidine kinase
TK: triseriatus Kramer
TK: internal thymidine kinase
tk: type 1 thymidine kinase
tk: multiple thymidine kinase
tk: syntenic thymidine kinase
tk: chicken thymidine kinase
TK: transformation under thymidine kinase
TK: enzymes thymidine kinase
TKIs: tyrosine kinase inhibitors
TKRs: tyrosine kinase receptors
TL: study telomere length
TL: total length
TL: thorax length
TL: thymic lymphoma
TL: tail length
TL: mean telomere length
TL: telomere length
TL: thymic lymphomas
TL: Tree Line
TL: T left
TL: thymus leukaemia
TL: thymus leukemia
TLA: transcriptionally low active
TLC: than the thin layer chromatographic
TLC: thin layer chromatography
TLD: Thermo Luminescence Dosimeter
TLD: transient leukemoid disorder
TLD: transverse limb defects
TLE: temporal lobe epilepsy
Tlf: mouse T lymphocyte fraction
TLI: terminal latency index
TLPs: telomere length profiles
TLRDs: transverse limb reduction defects
TLS: Tumour lysis syndrome
TLT: transmissible lymphoid tumor
TLV: tularemia live vaccine
TLV: threshold limit value
TM: transgenic mice
TM: Time Motion
TM: Tester Moriyama
TM: tranagenic microorganism
TM: human trabecular meshwork
TM: trabecular meshwork
TM: affect tail moment
TM: tectorial membrane
TM: tumour markers
TM: hyperthermophilic Thermotoga maritima
TM: turkey microchromosome
TM: thalassemia major
TMA: the truncated measured allele
TMD: transient myeloproliferative disorder
TMD: Transient myeloproliferative disease
TMD: Tibial muscular dystrophy
TMD: developing transient myeloproliferative disorder
TMD: Finnish tibial muscular dystrophy
TME: malic enzyme
TMEV: murine encephalomyelitis viruses
TMEVD: murine encephalomyelitis demyelination
TmHU: maritima HU
TMI: trainable mentally impaired
TMMs: types of telomere maintenance mechanisms
TMMs: two telomere maintenance mechanisms
tmr: termed the transvection mediating region
TMRCA: the most recent common ancestor
TMRCAs: the most recent common ancestor
TMS: trisomy transient myeloproliferative syndrome
TMS: transcranial magnetic stimulation
TMS: transient myeloproliferative syndrome
TMV: Tobacco mosaic virus
TMV: type tobacco mosaic virus
TMV: of tobacco mosaic virus
TN: testicular neoplasia
TN: total NOR
TNAU: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
TNBP: total nuclear basic proteins
TNC: total nucleated cells
TNCs: TECs thymic nurse cells
TND: transient neonatal diabetes
TNDM: transient neonatal diabetes mellitus
TNE: Targeted nucleotide exchange
TNF: tumour necrosis factor
TNF: Tumor necrosis factor
TNF: the tumor necrosis factor
TNF: tumor necrosis factors
TNF: investigate tumor necrosis factor
TNF: antagonize tumor necrosis factor
TNF: cytokines tumour necrosis factor
TNF: human tumour necrosis factor
TNF: human tumor necrosis factor
TNF: mouse tumor necrosis factor
TNF: triggered by tumor necrosis factor
TNF: lymphokine tumor necrosis factor
TNFA: tumour necrosis factor alpha
TNFA: tumor necrosis factor alpha
TNFA: tumor necrosis factor A
TNFB: tumor necrosis factor B
TNFR: tumor necrosis factor receptor
TNFR: tumour necrosis factor receptor
TNFs: tumor necrosis factors
TNM: tumour node metastasis
TNM: tumor node metastasis
TNT: thickness of fetal nuchal translucency
TO: tryptophan oxygenase
TO: the total oil
TO: turmeric oil
TOASTs: two Traced Orthologous Amplified Sequence Tags
TOASTs: traced orthologous amplified sequenced tags
TOASTs: Traced orthologous amplified sequence tags
TOASTs: termed Traced Orthologous Amplified Sequence Tags
TOBr: total organic bromine
TOC: familial Tylosis Oesophageal Cancer
TOC: tylosis oesophageal cancer
TOC: oesophageal cancer
TOCG: tylosis oesophageal cancer gene
TOCl: differentiate total organic chlorine
TOF: These included tetralogy of Fallot
TOF: tetralogy of Fallot
TOMs: Translocators of the Outer Membrane
TOP: towards termination of pregnancy
TOP: Termination of pregnancy
TOPS: Take Off Pounds Sensibly
TOR: target of rapamycin
TP: traumatic pseudarthrosis
TP: transition proteins
TP: transposable prophage
TP: transposable phages
TP: Three Pistils
TP: translocation partner
TP: tests total protein
TP: putative transit peptide
TP: theta pattern
TP: terminal protein
TP: thymidine phosphorylase
TP: testosterone propionate
TP: true positive
TP: trifunctional protein
Tp: those of Treponema pallidum
TP: torus palatinus
TP: transposable phage
TPA: tissue plasminogen activator
TPA: tumor promoter acetate
TPA: tetradecanoyl phorbol acetate
TPA: three terminal proliferative arrest
TPA: tissue polypeptide antigen
TPD: tapping panel dryness
TPE: telomeric position effect
TPE: telomere position effect
TPE: themselves as telomeric position effect
TPE: termed telomere position effect
TPG: Total Protein Generated
TPG: tissues total product generated
TPI: triose phosphate isomerase
TPI: total proliferative index
TPM: total particulate matter
TPM: Population Model
TPM: tobacco particulate matter
TPN: total parenteral nutrition
TPOCA: tyrosinase positive oculocutaneous albinism
TPP: Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis
TPP: thiamin pyrophosphate
TPP: Thiamine pyrophosphate
tpp: tripeptide permease
TPP: cause tubulin polymerization perturbation
TPQ: tridimensional personality questionnaire
TPR: time to platelet recovery
TPR: tetratrico peptide repeat
TPR: unrelated translocated promoter region
TPRT: target primed reverse transcription
TR: the terminal repeat
TR: telomerase RNA
TR: tricuspid regurgitation
TR: Trypanothione reductase
TR: telomeric repeat
TR: terminal repeat
TR: thrombin receptor
TR: the terminating repeats
TR: through the terminal repeat
TR: utilizes Texas red
Tr: transferrin receptor
TR: terminal repeats
TR: than in trypanothione reductase
TR: TH receptor
tr: temperature resistant
TR: thioredoxin reductase
TR: types of T3 receptors
TR: T right
TR: viral terminal repeats
TRA: telomere repeat array
TRA: peak telomere repeat array
TRAP: telomeric repeat amplification protocol
TRAP: tyrosine rich amelogenin peptide
TRAP: telomerase repeat amplification protocol
TRAP: twin reversed arterial perfusion
TRAP: telomere repeat amplification protocol
TRAP: telometric repeat amplification protocol
TRAP: thrombospondin related anonymous protein
TRC: total ridge count
TRCs: taste receptor cells
TRD: transcriptional repression domain
TRD: transmission ratio distortion
TRD: target recognition domain
TRD: process telomeric rapid deletion
TRD: transcription repression domain
TRD: transcriptional repressor domain
TRD: telomeric rapid deletion
TRDC: telomere repeat DNA complex
TRDLs: transmission ratio distorting loci
TRDs: transmission ratio distortions
TRE: telomeric repeat elongation
TRE: known TR response element
TRE: trinucleotide repeat expansions
TRE: T3 response element
TRE: transcriptional regulatory element
TRECs: These TCR rearrangement excision circles
TRECs: TCR rearrangement excision circles
TREs: trinucleotide repeat expansions
TRF: terminal restriction fragment
TRF: telomere restriction fragments
TRF: telomeric restriction fragment
TRF: the terminal restriction fragment
TRF: telomere restriction fragment
TRF: mean telomeric restricted fragment
TRF: average telomeric restriction fragment
TRF: yield terminal restriction fragments
TRF: tumours by terminal restriction fragment
TRF: telomere restricted fragment
TRF: telomeric terminal restriction fragments
TRF: telomeric terminal restriction fragment
TRF: Telomeric Restriction Fragments
TRF: terminal restriction flagment
TRF: terminal Terminal restriction fragment
TRF: Telomere terminal restriction fragment
TRF: mean telomere restriction fragment
TRF: mean telomeric repeat fragment
TRF: TTAGGG repeat factor
trf: transferrin receptor function
TRFL: terminal restriction fragment length
TRFL: telomere restriction fragment length
TRFL: telomeric restriction fragment length
TRFs: terminal restriction fragments
TRFs: translational reading frames
TRH: thyrotrophin releasing hormone
TRHR: hormone receptor
TRL: triglyceride rich lipoproteins
TRM: transplant related mortality
TROC: tracheal ring organ culture
TROC: telomere rate of change
TRP: mammalian transient receptor potential
TRP: Drosophila transient receptor potential
TRPC: transient receptor potential
Trrp: transient receptor potential
TRS: translational recoding signal
trs: terminal resolution site
TRS: telomere repeat sequence
TRS: Targeted RFLP Subtraction
TRS: Telomeric repeat sequences
TRS: human telomeric repeat sequence
TRs: terminal repeat sequences
TrsA: tandem repeat sequences
TrsA: tandem repeat sequence A
TrsA: tandem repeat sequence
TRSs: Telomere repeat sequences
TRT: Timing Replication Test
TRV: tobacco rattle virus
TRZ: terminal recombination zone
TS: transcribed strand
TS: Tourette syndrome
TS: Turner syndrome
TS: thymidine synthase
TS: Thymidylate synthase
TS: typical Turner syndrome
TS: Transcription start
TS: tumor suppressor
TS: template strand
TS: Turcot syndrome
TS: Thromboxane synthase
TS: transcriptional start
ts: be temperature sensitive
TS: Tuberous sclerosis
TS: threonine synthase
TS: thymidylate synthetase
TS: Tobacco smoke
TS: twin spots
TS: temperature shock
TS: trophoblast stem
ts: temperature sensitive
TS: tumour suppressor
TS: telomeric substrate
TS: than two tumor suppressor
TS: reported targeting sequence
Ts: tail short
TS: thermal stable
TS: thin tissue section
TS: human thymidylate synthase
TS: T4 thymidylate synthase
TS: torsionally strained
ts: tumefaciens using temperature sensitive
TS: Tsui Scale
TS: Trypticase soy
TSA: taramide signal amplification
TSA: tyramide signal amplification
TSA: testicular spermatid aneuploidy
TSA: tryptophan synthase alpha
TSA: Trypticase soy agar
TSB: maize tryptophan synthase beta
TSB: Trypticase soy broth
TSBA: trypticase soy blood agar
TSC: tuberous sclerosis complex
TSC: total serum cholesterol
TSC: SNP consortium
TSC: thymic stromal cells
TSC: telomeric structural changes
TSC: tobacco smoke condensate
TSD: Tumorous shoot development
TSDISH: Tissue subtraction DNA in situ hybridization
TSE: transmissible spongiform encephalopathy
TSEs: transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
TSEs: transmissible spongiform encephalopaties
TSEs: human transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
TsF: T suppressor factors
TSF: soluble factor
TSG: tumor suppressor genes
TSG: tumor suppressor gene
TSG: tumour suppressor gene
TSG: tumour suppressor genes
TSG: target tumor suppressor gene
TSG: VHL tumor suppressor gene
TSG: known tumour suppressor genes
TSG: tumor supressor gene
TSG: major tumor suppressor gene
TSG: known tumour suppressor gene
TSG: RASSF1A tumor suppressor gene
TSG: TP53 tumor suppressor gene
TSG: a tumor suppressor gene
TSG: putative tumor suppressor genes
TSG: harbour tumour suppressor genes
TSG: than tumour suppressor gene
TSG: tentative meningioma tumour suppressor gene
TSGs: tumor suppressor genes
TSGs: other tumor suppressor genes
TSGs: investigate tumor suppressor genes
TSGs: tumor susceptibility genes
TSGs: candidate tumor suppressor genes
TSGs: two tumor suppressor genes
TSH: thyroid stimulating hormone
TSHB: thyroid stimulating hormone
Tshr: thyroid stimulating hormone receptor
TSI: triple sugar iron
tsl: temperature sensitive lethal
TSLP: termed thymic stromal lymphopoietin
TSLP: murine thymic stromal lymphopoietin
TSLP: thymic stromal lymphopoietin
TSLPR: thymic stromal lymphopoietin receptor
TSM: transaortic subvalvular myectomy
TSN: Surveillance Network
TSN: The Surveillance Network
TSNA: tobacco specific nitrosamines
tsp: transcription start point
tsp: two major transcription start positions
tsp: transcription start points
tsp: major transcription start point
tsp: the transcription start point
TSP: Traveling salesman problems
tsp: the transcriptional start point
TSP: traveling salesman problem
TSP: travelling salesman problem
TSP: the traveling salesman problem
TSP: total suspended particulates
tsp: transcriptional start point
tsp: two putative transcription start points
tsp: Two different transcriptional start points
tsp: same position
TSPs: three transcriptional start points
TSPs: transcriptional start points
TSPY: testis specific protein
TSPY: transcribed testis specific protein
TSRs: telomeric staining regions
TSS: transcriptional start site
TSS: severe toxic shock syndrome
tss: transcription start sites
TSS: toxic shock syndrome
TSS: transcription start site
TSS: TIF1 signature sequence
TSSs: transcription start sites
TSST: toxic shock syndrome toxin
TST: tail suspension test
tst: toxic shock toxin
tst: toxic shock syndrome toxin
TST: the tetra span transmembrane
TSTA: transplantation antigen
Tsv: tail short variable
TSW: tannery solid waste
TSWV: Tospovirus Tomato spotted wilt virus
TSWV: tomato spotted wilt virus
TT: testicular tumors
TT: trisomic type
TT: tetanus toxoid
TT: the type
TT: those with terminal transverse
tTA: transcriptional activator
TTC: triple test cross
TTF: transcription termination factor
TTF: time to treatment failure
TTF: thyroid transcription factor
TTFC: tetanus toxin fragment C
TTL: Tubulin tyrosine ligase
TTM: total tumor mass
TTM: tergotrochanteral muscles
TTNs: toxic thyroid nodules
TTP: thrombocytopenic purpura
TTP: time to progression
TTP: Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
TTPA: transfer protein
tTS: tetracycline controlled transcriptional silencers
TTS: triangle test statistic
TTSSs: two type III secretion systems
TTTS: transfusion syndrome
TTY: total tuber yield
TU: transcription unit
TU: term transcription unit
TUCH: Turku University Central Hospital
TUF: Target Unmasking Fluid
TUM: Tierzucht Technische Universitat Munchen
TUNEL: terminal UdTP nuclear end labelling
TUNEL: terminal uridine nucleotide end labeling
tus: termination utilization substance
Tv: tumor volume
TV: than tricuspid valve
TV: targeting vector
Tv: Trametes villosa
Tv: Trametes versicolor
TV: tularemia vaccine
TVA: total vascular area
TVPM: tensor veli palatini muscle
TVT: Ten canine transmissible venereal tumour
TVT: transmissible venereal tumor
TW: traits test weight
TW: tumor weight
TWA: Time Weighted Average
TWA: timed weighted average
TWGDAM: Technical Working Group DNA Analysis Methods
TY: tomato YAC
TYLCSV: Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus
TYLCV: Tomato yellow leaf curl virus
TZ: transition zone
TZ: transitional zone
Tzfp: testis zinc finger protein

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