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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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SA: satellite associations
SA: soft agar
SA: siderophores salicylic acid
SA: sodium arsenite
SA: spontaneous abortions
Sa: Staphylococcus aureus
SA: structural alerts
SA: specificity of structural alerts
SA: studied 54 spontaneous abortions
SA: single soft agar
SA: salicylic acid
SA: stereospecific anomalies
SA: simple adenoma
SA: South Africa
SA: Sebaceous adenoma
SA: simulated annealing
SA: slow acetylator
SA: such as salicylic acid
SA: simple atrophy
SA: SAR signal salicylic acid
SA: synthesis of salicylic acid
SA: Sclerosing adenosis
SA: Southern analysis
SA: satellite association
SA: South African
Sa: Short antenna
SA: semen analysis
SA: Studies on satellite association
SA: sideroblastic anemia
SA: surface area
SA: Sideroblastic anemias
SA: starch asparagine
SA: studies of salicylic acid
SAA: Severe aplastic anemia
SAA: severe aplastic anaemia
SAA: structural autosomal abnormality
SAA: serum amyloid A
SAA: subclavian artery anomalies
SAA: screening identified serum amyloid A
SAB: side arm bridges
SAC: spindle assembly checkpoint
SAC: splenic adherent cells
SACs: small accessory chromosomes
SAD: systemic autoimmune diseases
SAD: sporadic Alzheimer disease
SAF: standard amniotic fluid
SAFDS: San Antonio Family Diabetes Study
SAFHS: San Antonio Family Heart Study
SAFOS: San Antonio Family Osteoporosis Study
SAG: salivary agglutinin glycoprotein
SAG: sodium antimony gluconate
SAG: S antigen gene
SAHA: such as suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid
SAHA: suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid
SAIB: sucrose acetate isobutyrate
SAL: selected short attack latency
SAL: Short Attack Latencies
SAL: short attack latency
SAL: selected for short attack latency
SALB: South American Leaf Blight
SAM: selectively amplified microsatellite
SAM: shoot apical meristem
SAM: shoot apical meristems
SAM: sterile alpha motif
SAM: Scanning Acoustic Microscope
sAML: secondary acute myelogenous leukemia
sAML: secondary acute myeloid leukemia
sAML: secondary acute myeloid leukaemia
SAMPLs: Selective Amplification of Microsatellite Polymorphic Loci
SAMs: substrate adhesion molecules
SAMSAS: South Australian Maternal Serum Antenatal Screening
SAO: survivin antisense oligonucleotides
SAO: Southeast Asian ovalocytosis
SAP: surface array protein
SAP: surface array proteins
SAP: Serum amyloid P
SAP: sensory action potentials
SAPA: subjective AgNOR pattern assessment
SAPs: sphingolipid activator proteins
SAR: short additional repeat
SAR: stretches scaffold attachment region
SAR: Stable Artificial RNA
SAR: scaffold associated region
SAR: scaffold attached region
SAR: scaffold attachment region
SAR: specific absorption rate
SAR: systemic acquired resistance
sarA: staphylococcal accessory regulator
SARP: Streptomyces antibiotic regulatory protein
SARs: specific absorption rates
SARs: several scaffold associated regions
SARs: scaffold attachment regions
SARS: Severe acute respiratory syndrome
SARs: scaffold associated regions
SARs: specific attachment regions
SARs: scaffolds and scaffold attachment regions
SARs: scaffold attached regions
SAS: such as sarcoma amplified sequence
Sas: something about silencing
SAS: Statistical Analysis System
sas: stranded at second
SAS: Statistical Analysis Systems
SASs: segmental aneusomy syndromes
SAT: somatic aneuploidy test
SATG: Semipalatinsk atomic testing ground
SAUR: small auxin up RNA
SB: Sleeping Beauty
SB: Southern blotting
SB: sodium butyrate
SB: Southern blot
SB: simultaneous Southern blot
SB: staining with sudan black
SB: sex bivalent
SBA: soy bean agglutinin
SBB: Sudan Black B
SBC: secretory breast carcinoma
SBC: Schwarz Bayesian criterion
SBC: selectively binding complementary
SBCE: single base chain extension
SBE: starch branching enzyme
SBE: Starch branching enzymes
SBEs: Stat binding elements
SBH: subcortical band heterotopia
SBL: sporadic bovine leukosis
SBLV: Spring beauty latent virus
SBMA: spinal bulbar muscular atrophy
SBO: spina bifida occulta
SBP: systolic blood pressure
SBP: submaximal exercise systolic blood pressure
SBP: significantly higher systolic blood pressure
SBP: slightly elevated systolic blood pressure
SBP: Serum blocking power
sbr: short blue root
SBRCTs: small blue round cell tumors
SBRI: Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
SBS: Sheng Bai Solution
SBT: small bowel transplant
SBT: sequence based typing
SBV: sex body volume
SC: synaptonemal complex
SC: strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SC: standard synaptonemal complexes
SC: serous carcinoma
SC: single cancers
SC: SCP3 synaptonemal complex
SC: small colony
SC: synaptonemal complexes
Sc: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SC: study using synaptonemal complex
SC: sarcomatous component
SC: stratum corneum
SC: standard cytogenetics
SC: spread the synaptonemal complex
SC: secretory component
SC: supercoiled circular
SC: secondary constriction
SC: septal commissure
SC: structure called synaptonemal complex
SC: superior colliculus
SC: single chromatids
Sc: subunit of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SC: shown by standard cytogenetic
SC: suspension culture
SC: squamous carcinomas
SC: Santa Cruz
SC: sickle cell
SC: secretory carcinoma
SC: synapsis and synaptonemal complex
SC: sebaceous carcinoma
SC: secondary constrictions
SC: Seven synaptonemal complexes
sc: small cytoplasmic
SC: surveyed by synaptonemal complex
SC: small controls
SC: suspension of synaptonemal complexes
SC: sialyl cholesterol
SC: sex chromatin
SC: study of synaptonemal complexes
SC: stretches of synaptonemal complex
SC: studied in synaptonemal complex
SC: small cleaved
SC: synaptonemal comlexes
SC: structure to synaptonemal complexes
SC: Since the synaptonemal complex
SC: silver connective
SC: such as synaptonemal complex
SC: sex chromatine
SCA: secondary chromosomal abnormalities
SCA: Structural chromosome aberrations
SCA: segmental chromosomal aberration
SCA: structural chromosomal aberration
SCA: sex chromosomal aneuploidy
SCA: structural chromosomal aberrations
SCA: specific combining ability
SCA: Sickle cell anemia
SCA: sex chromosomal anomalies
SCA: Sex chromosomal abnormalities
SCA: sex chromosome abnormality
SCA: stem cell assays
SCA: sex chromosome aneuploidy
SCA: sickle cell anaemia
SCA: severe sickle cell anaemia
SCA: sperm chromosome assay
SCA: spontaneous structural chromosome aberrations
SCA: spino cerebellar ataxia
sCAD: spontaneous cervical artery dissection
sCADs: spontaneous cervical artery dissections
sCAM: soluble cell adhesion molecules
SCAR: sequence characterized amplified region
SCAR: sequence characterised amplified region
SCAR: sequence characterized amplified regions
SCARMD: severe childhood autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy
SCARs: sequence characterized amplified regions
SCAs: Sex chromosome abnormalities
SCAs: Stable chromosomal aberrations
SCAs: structural chromosomal abnormalities
SCAs: sex chromosome anomalies
SCAs: sex chromosome aneuploides
SCB: Small chromatin bodies
SCB: sex chromatin body
SCBs: single unpaired small chromatin bodies
SCC: squamous cell carcinoma
SCC: Staphylococcal chromosomal cassette
SCC: shows squamous cell carcinoma
SCC: somatic cell count
SCC: staphylococcal cassette chromosome
SCC: small cell changes
SCC: small cell carcinomas
SCC: small cell carcinoma
SCC: studied squamous cell carcinomas
SCC: squamous cell
SCC: subcutaneous calcinosis
SCC: stem cell collection
SCC: skin squamous cell carcinoma
SCC: small cell
SCC: Siberian Chemical Complex
SCCA: squamous cell cancer
SCCA: squamous cell carcinoma antigen
SCCA: Squamous cell carcinoma antigens
SCCRO: squamous cell carcinoma oncogene
SCCs: squamous cell carcinomas
SCCs: squamous cell cancers
SCCs: series of squamous cell carcinomas
SCCs: some cervical squamous cell carcinomas
SCCs: sporadic squamous cell carcinomas
SCD: sister chromatid differentiation
SCD: sudden cardiac death
SCD: stromalin conservative domain
SCD: sickle cell disease
SCD: segments show sister chromatid differential
SCD: systemic carnitine deficiency
SCD: Sperm Chromatin Dispersion
SCD: Spontaneous sister chromatid differentiation
SCD: sister chromatid differential
SCDR: smallest common deletion regions
SCDR: smallest common deleted region
SCDRs: smallest common deleted regions
SCE: sister chromatid exchange
SCE: Standard cytogenetic examination
SCE: significantly increased sister chromatid exchange
SCE: studied by sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sister chromatoid exchanges
SCE: Sister Chromatides Exchanges
SCE: Sister chromatide exchange
SCE: Simultaneously sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sites and sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: studied sister chromatid exchange
SCE: scoring of sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: sensitivity to sister chromatid exchange
SCE: suggest that sister chromatid exchange
SCE: significantly induced sister chromatid exchange
SCE: stable baseline sister chromatid exchange
SCE: system and sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: study of sister chromatid exchanges
Sce: Sex combs extra
SCE: such as sister chromatid exchange
SCE: studied using sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sister chromosome exchange
SCE: study of sister chromatid exchange
SCE: Since sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sister chromosomes exchange
SCE: Sister chromatic exchanges
SCE: sulfonate sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sites and sister chromatid exchange
SCE: studied for sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: spontaneous sister chromatid exchange
SCE: suitable for sister chromatid exchange
SCE: significantly higher sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: sex on sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sister chromatid exchanged
SCE: studied the sister chromatid exchange
SCE: samples sister chromatid exchange
SCE: subjected to sister chromatid exchange
SCE: Se yielded sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sodium sister chromatid exchange
SCE: smokers include sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: spontaneous sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: such as sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: sister chomatid exchanges
SCEs: Simultaneously sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: scoring sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: sister chromatid exchangers
SCEs: simultaneously for sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: sister chromatid exhcanges
SCF: stem cell factor
SCF: stem Stem cell factor
SCFA: short chain fatty acid
SCFE: slipped capital femoral epiphysis
SCG: Single Cell Gel
SCG: Superior cervical ganglion
SCG: superior cervical ganglia
SCGE: single cell gel electrophoresis
SCGE: single cell gel electrophoretic
SCH: somatic cell hybrid
SCH: squamous cell hyperplasia
SCH: somatic cell hybrids
SCHP: somatic cell hybrid
SCHP: somatic cell hybrid panel
SCI: Spinal cord injury
SCI: Sertoli cell index
scid: Severe combined immunodeficiency
SCID: severe combined immunedeficient
SCID: severe combined immune deficiency
scid: severe combined immunodeficient
SCID: subcutaneously into severe combined immunodeficiency
SCID: severe combined immune deficient
SCID: severe combined immunodeficiency disease
SCID: severely combined immunodeficient
SCID: severe combined immunodeficiencies
SCID: skin of severe combined immunodeficient
SCID: sublethally irradiated severe combined immunodeficient
Scim: Sensitized chromosome inheritance modifiers
SCK: serum creatine kinase
SCL: susceptible to stem cell leukemia
SCL: stem cell leukemia
SCL: stem cell leukaemia
SCL: Seoul Clinical Laboratories
SCL: Sezary cell leukaemia
SCLC: small cell lung carcinoma
SCLC: small cell lung cancer
SCLC: six lung cancers
SCLC: squamous cell lung carcinoma
SCLC: six small cell lung carcinomas
SCLC: squamous cell lung cancers
SCLC: survival in lung cancer
SCLC: several small cell lung cancer
SCLCs: small cell lung carcinomas
SCLCs: small cell lung cancers
SCLSG: Swedish Cytogenetic Leukaemia Study Group
SCLT: sex chromosome loss test
SCLT: sex chromosome loss
SCM: stem cell mobilization
SCMC: Saitama Medical Center
SCMC: Shanghai Medical Center
SCN: Soybean cyst nematode
SCN: Severe congenital neutropenia
SCNIR: Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry
SCNT: somatic cell nuclear transfer
SCO: Sertoli cell only
SCO: showed Sertoli cell only
SCOP: Structural Classification Of Proteins
SCOS: Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome
SCP: Siberian Chemical Plant
SCP: Streptococcal C5a peptidase
SCP: Sex chromosome polysomies
SCP: small capsid protein
SCP: Single cell protein
SCPC: sheep choroid plexus cells
SCPs: synaptonemal complex proteins
Scr: Sex combs reduced
SCR: short consensus repeat
SCR: short consensus repeats
SCR: sister chromatid recombination
SCR: Southern corn rust
SCR: seven short consensus repeats
SCR: sister chromatid reunion
SCRs: similarities among short consensus repeats
SCS: somatic cell score
SCS: supernumerary chromosome segment
scs: suppression of copper sensitivity
SCS: specialized chromatin structure
SCSA: Sperm chromatin structure assay
SCSA: sperm chromatin structure analysis
SCSA: structure assay
SCT: stem cell transplantation
SCT: Stable chromosomal translocations
SCT: syngeneic stem cell transplantation
SCT: sequences after stem cell transplantation
SCTs: stem cell transplantations
SCV: small cell variant
SD: standard deviation
SD: signal distribution
SD: Salla disease
SD: standard deviations
SD: Segregation distorter
SD: silking date
SD: sacral dysgenesis
SD: semantic dementia
SD: segment duplications
SD: succinate dehydrogenase
SD: spondylocostal dysplasia
SD: Sprague Dawley
SD: segregation distortion
SD: subjects deviation
SD: spondylocostal dysostosis
SD: suggested that Salla disease
SD: short day
SD: scanning densitometry
SD: system Segregation distorter
SD: serologically defined
SD: serologically detectable
SDA: Sabouraud dextrose agar
SDB: syndrome Sleep disordered breathing
SDB: Sabouraud dextrose broth
SDC: Salivary duct carcinoma
SDC: single decondensed chromosomes
SDCs: severely damaged cells
SDL: synthetic dosage lethality
SDM: sorghum downy mildew
SDM: serologically detectable male
SDM: second division metaphases
SDMA: serologically detected male antigen
SDMs: single dose markers
SDP: strain distribution pattern
SDPs: strain distribution patterns
SDR: stalk damage rating
sdrA: stable DNA replication
SDRF: Single Dose Restriction Fragment
SDRs: segregation distortion regions
SDRs: short dispersed repeats
SDS: standard deviation score
SDS: sodium dodecyl sulphate
SDS: standard deviation scores
SDS: sodium dodecyl sulfate
SDS: Shwachman Diamond syndrome
SDS: stability under sodium dodecyl sulfate
sds: suppressors of defective silencing
SDS: swelling in sodium dodecyl sulphate
SDSs: survival days of seedlings
SDT: sibship disequilibrium testing
SDT: sibship disequilibrium test
SDW: stem dry weight
SE: secondary sewage effluent
SE: standard error
SE: staphylococcal enterotoxin
se: such as short ear
Se: Salmonella enteritidis
SE: spreading effects
SE: shared epitope
SE: squamous epithelia
SE: spherical equivalent
Se: Spodoptera exigua
SE: seminiferous epithelia
se: short ear
SE: suffered a status epilepticus
SE: shown that segregational errors
SEA: staphylococcal enterotoxin A
SEA: South East Asia
SEAS: southern East Asia
SEB: synthesis of staphylococcal enterotoxin B
SEB: staphylococcal enterotoxin B
SEB: superantigen staphylococcal enterotoxin B
SEBs: surrogate endpoint biomarkers
SEBs: serving as surrogate endpoint biomarkers
SEC: systolic ejection click
SEC: staphylococcal enterotoxin C
SEC: seminiferous epithelial cells
SEDA: structured exploratory data analysis
SEF: Sclerosing epithelioid fibrosarcoma
SEF: static electric fields
SEIs: strand exchange intermediates
SEM: scanning electron microscopy
SEM: scanning electron microscope
SEM: sections scanning electron microscopy
SEM: stochastic expectation maximization
SEM: structural equation model
SEM: Surface Epitope Masking
SEM: slow eye movements
SEM: studied by scanning electron microscopy
SEM: show by scanning electron microscopy
SEM: staining and scanning electron microscopy
SEN: special educational needs
SEOC: serous epithelial ovarian carcinoma
SEOTs: surface epithelial ovarian tumors
SEP: somatosensory evoked potentials
SEP: somatosensory evoked potential
SEP: Spinal Evoked Potential
SEPs: Somatosensory evoked potentials
SEPs: stimulation and somatosensory evoked potentials
SEPs: Short Latency Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
SER: sensitizer enhancement ratio
SER: spontaneously epileptic rat
SERM: selective estrogen receptor modulator
SERMs: selective estrogen receptor modulators
SES: Standard Evaluation System
SESC: Sequential elution solvent chromatography
SESCC: superficial esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
SEVs: simulated endocardial vegetations
SF: synovial fluid
SF: spiked synovial fluid
SF: sterile female
SF: serum factor
SF: slow feather
Sf: Spodoptera frugiperda
SF: SLAM family
SF: splicing facor
SF: showed a survival fraction
Sf: Streptomyces fradiae
SF: Steel factor
SF: space flight
SF: Scatter factor
SF: slow feathering
SF: skin fibroblasts
SF: surviving fraction
SFA: spindle fiber attachment
Sfa: S fimbrial adhesins
SFAs: spindle fiber attachments
SFCC: San Francisco City Cohort
SFD: Sorbsy fundus dystrophy
SFF: space flight factors
SFFV: spleen focus forming virus
SFH: short flanking homology
SFH: strategy of short flanking homology
SFI: stimulatory factor I
SFIRC: Scottish Fish Immunology Research Centre
SFM: scanning force microscopy
SFM: scanning force microscope
SFT: solitary fibrous tumors
SFT: Solitary fibrous tumor
SFTs: Solitary fibrous tumours
SFV: Semliki Forest virus
SFV: Shope fibroma virus
SG: salivary gland
Sg: Streptococcus gordonii
SG: specific gravity
SG: studied in salivary glands
SG: selective genotyping
SG: salivary glands
SGA: synthetic genetic array
sgaA: serine glyoxylate aminotransferase
SGAP: Skeletal Genome Anatomy Project
SGBS: Simpson Golabi Behmel syndrome
sGC: soluble guanylyl cyclase
SGCs: symbiotic genome compartments
SGCs: spiral ganglion cells
SGD: Saccharomyces Genome Database
SGD: Skeletal Gene Database
SGE: slab gel electrophoresis
SGE: starch gel electrophoresis
SGH: sebaceous gland hyperplasia
SGREBD: severe generalized recessive epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica
SGS: strong gyrase site
SGTC: Stanford Genome Technology Center
SGTs: salivary gland tumors
SH: sclerosing hemangioma
SH: Src homology
SH: Syrian hamsters
SH: sitting height
SH: SDS for sitting height
SH: Subtractive hybridisation
SH: somatic hybrid
SH: small hydrophobic
SH: secondary hyperparathyroidism
SH: somatic hybrids
SHA: sperm head abnormality
SHA: sperm head anomaly
SHA: sperm head anomalies
SHA: severe haemophilia A
SHBG: sex hormone binding globulin
SHD: Syrian hamster dermal
SHD: status of Syrian hamster dermal
SHE: Syrian hamster embryo
SHE: simultaneously using Syrian hamster embryo
SHE: syrian hamster embryonic
SHEEP: Stockholm Heart Epidemiology Program
SHEF: Syrian hamster embryonal fibroblasts
SHFV: simian hemorrhagic fever virus
SHG: Samoyed hereditary glomerulopathy
SHGC: Stanford Human Genome Center
Shh: sonic hedgehog
SHH: subsequently identified the sonic hedgehog
Shh: source of Sonic Hedgehog
Shh: such as Sonic hedgehog
SHKT: Syrian hamster kidney tumors
SHL: syndromic hearing loss
SHM: sporadic hemiplegic migraine
SHM: Secondary haematological malignancies
SHP: short heterodimer partner
SHP: small heterodimer partner
SHR: spontaneously hypertensive rat
SHR: spontaneously hypertensive rate
SHR: spontaneously hypertensive rats
SHR: strains hypertensive rats
SHR: stocks of spontaneously hypertensive rats
SHR: sustained hematologic remission
SHR: spontaneous hypertensive rat
SHR: strains of spontaneously hypertensive rats
SHR: segment of spontaneously hypertensive rat
SHR: study the spontaneously hypertensive rat
SHRs: spontaneously hypertensive rats
SHRs: spontaneous hypertensive rats
SHRs: synergism between steroid hormone receptors
SHRs: steroid hormone receptors
SHS: secondary herpetic stomatitis
shsp: small heat shock protein
sHsps: small heat shock proteins
SI: staining index
SI: Situs inversus
SI: Self incompatibility
SI: smoking initiation
si: Short interfering
SI: sibship index
SI: stimulation index
SI: sucrase isomaltase
SI: symmetry index
SI: staining intensity
SI: selectivity index
SI: spread indices
SIA: sequence independent amplification
SIAM: scanning ion analytical microscopy
SIB: studied in small intestinal biopsy
SIC: synapsis initiation complex
SIDS: sudden infant death syndrome
SIDS: sudden infant death
SIG: small inducible genes
SIG: small inducible gene
SII: Social Insurance Institution
SIL: squamous intraepithelial lesions
SIL: squamous intraepithelial lesion
SIL: SCL interrupting locus
SILs: squamous intraepithelial lesions
SILs: such as squamous intraepithelial lesions
SIM: simple interval mapping
SIME: severe infantile myoclonic epilepsy
SIMS: secondary ion mass spectrometry
SIN: septation initiation network
SINE: Short Interspersed Nucleotide Element
SINE: short interspersed nuclear element
SINE: sperm intrinsic nuclear envelope
SINEs: short interspersed nuclear elements
SIR: silent information regulator
SIR: Standardised incidence ratio
SIR: Saccharomyces cerevisiae Silent Information Regulator
SIR: single isomorphous replacement
SIR: single Silent Information Regulator
SIR: standardized incidence ratio
SIRE: short interspersed repetitive element
SIRs: statistics Standardized incidence ratios
SIRs: Standardized incidence ratios
SIRs: standardised incidence rates
SIS: simple infertility score
SISQ: Salk Institute Sociability Questionnaire
SIST: Strabismus Inheritance Study Tasmania
SIT: scale sterile insect technique
SIT: Sterile insect technique
SIUD: Sudden Intrauterine Unexplained Death
SIV: simian immunodeficiency virus
SIV: strains of simian immunodeficiency virus
SIVs: simian immunodeficiency viruses
SJ: septate junction
SJA: Sophora japonica agglutinin
SJT: segmental jumping translocation
SJTs: segmental jumping translocations
SK: spore killer
SK: sulfurylase kinase
SK: solar keratosis
SL: Synchronous luminescence
SL: spliced leader
SL: small lymphocytic
SL: simian line
SL: secondary leukemia
SL: secondary leukemias
SL: surrogate light
Sl: Streptomyces lividans
SL: spiral ligament
Sl: Streptomyces laurentii
Sl: steel locus
SL: spontaneous locomotion
SLA: specific leaf area
SLA: Swine Leukocyte Antigens
SLA: swine leukocyte antigen
SLAM: signaling lymphocyte activating molecule
SLAM: signaling lymphocytic activation molecule
SLAM: Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscope
SLC: surrogate light chain
SLD: studies of specific language disorders
SLD: syndrome with severe learning disability
SLDs: small linear DNAs
SLE: susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: scored by slit lamp examination
SLE: Sera of systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: steroid Systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: systemic lupus erythematosis
SLE: systemic lupus erythemathosus
SLE: symptoms of Systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: SLEB3 in systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: susceptibility for systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: similar to systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: system of systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: such as systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: such as systemic lupus erythmatosus
SLE: studies on systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: suffer from systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: subset of systemic lupus erythematosus
SLE: subjects with systemic lupus erythematosus
SLEDAI: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index
SLG: S locus glycoprotein
SLI: Specific language impairment
SLL: small lymphocytic lymphoma
SLN: sentinel lymph nodes
SLO: scanning laser ophthalmoscope
SLP: single locus probe
SLP: surface layer protein
SLPs: surface layer proteins
SLPs: single locus probes
SLRP: Small Leucine Rich Proteoglycans
SLRPs: Small leucine rich proteoglycans
SLS: Spider Lamb Syndrome
Slt: soluble lytic transglycosylase
SLT: specific locus test
SLV: San Luis Valley
SM: smooth muscle
SM: sporadic meningioma
SM: spikelet meristem
SM: spontaneous meningioma
SM: systemic mastocytosis
SM: sperm morphology
SM: suspension method
SM: sulfometuron methyl
SM: single minutes
SM: Sulphur mustard
SMA: Spinal muscular atrophy
SMA: spinal muscular atrophies
SMA: severe spinal muscular atrophy
SMA: spinal muscle atrophy
SMA: some spinal muscular atrophy
SMA: suffering from spinal muscular atrophy
SMA: system for spinal muscular atrophies
SMA: signs of spinal muscular atrophy
SMA: spanning the spinal muscular atrophy
SMA: Spanish spinal muscular atrophy
SMA: span the spinal muscular atrophy
SMA: study of spinal muscular atrophy
SMART: somatic mutation and recombination test
SMART: somatic mutation and recombination
SMART: Somatic Mutation and Recombination Tests
SMAs: spinal muscular atrophies
SMC: supernumerary marker chromosomes
SMC: supernumerary marker chromosome
SMC: small supernumerary marker chromosome
SMC: smooth muscle cell
SMC: smooth muscle cells
SMC: study used smooth muscle cells
SMC: Small Marker Chromosomes
SMC: Supernumerary small marker chromosome
SMC: supernumerary small marker chromosomes
SMC: Skeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma
SMCC: smooth muscle cell calponin
SMCD: Schmid metaphyseal chondrodysplasia
SMCD: systemic mast cell disease
SMCI: Solitary maxillary central incisor
SMCs: Supernumerary marker chromosomes
SMCs: six were supernumerary marker chromosomes
SMCs: strongly in smooth muscle cells
SMCs: state of smooth muscle cells
SMCs: such as smooth muscle cells
sMDH: soluble malate dehydrogenase
SMDP: sequential multiple decision procedures
SME: somatic mutational events
SMFs: strong static magnetic fields
SMFs: static magnetic fields
Smh: Spalax major histocompatibility
Smh: single myb histone
smIg: surface membrane immunoglobulin
SmIg: surface membrane immunoglobulins
SMIS: Surrey Medical Imaging System
SML: single major locus
sMLR: syngeneic mixed lymphocyte reaction
SMM: significance and smouldering myeloma
SMM: Stepwise Mutation Model
SMM: significance and smoldering myeloma
SMM: stably expresses SM myosin
SMM: small molecule metabolism
SMM: spitzoid malignant melanomas
SMM: smoldering multiple myeloma
SMM: standard maturation medium
SMMCI: Solitary median maxillary central incisor
Smmhc: smooth muscle myosin heavy chain
SMMHC: SM myosin heavy chain
smMLCK: smooth muscle myosin light chain kinase
sMMO: Soluble methane monooxygenase
SMN: survival motor neuron
SMN: second malignant neoplasms
SMN: survival motor neurons
SMN: survival motor neurone
SMN: second malignant neoplasm
SMNs: Second malignant neoplasms
SMNt: survival motor neuron
SMORs: standardised mortality odds ratios
SMP: Snrpn minimal promoter
SMR: severe mental retardation
SMR: small multidrug resistance
SMR: standardized morbidity ratio
SMR: standardized mortality rate
SMR: standardized mortality ratio
SMRs: similarly methylated regions
SMRs: standardized mortality ratios
SMRV: Scophthalmus maximus rhabdovirus
SMS: Smith Magenis syndrome
SMV: Soybean mosaic virus
SMZBL: splenic marginal zone lymphoma
SMZCL: splenic marginal zone cell lymphoma
SMZL: Splenic marginal zone lymphoma
SN: sodium nitroprusside
sn: small nuclear
SN: surrounded nucleolus
SN: substantia nigra
SN: Spitz nevi
SN: Sebaceous nevi
SN: Sin Nombre
SN: small NOR
SN: studied 29 Spitz nevi
SN: serum neutralization
SN: staphylococcal nuclease
SNAP: sensory nerve action potential
SNb: Segmental nerve b
SNBP: sperm nuclear basic proteins
SNBPs: sperm nuclear basic proteins
SNC: small noncleaved cell
SNCC: small noncleaved cell
SNCCL: small noncleaved cell lymphoma
SNCL: small noncleaved cell lymphomas
SND: sperm nucleus decondensation
SNDF: Spontaneous nucleosomal DNA fragmentation
SNE: Subacute necrotizing encephalopathy
snGPx: sperm nucleus glutathione peroxidase
SNN: specific nucleases
SNP: single nucleotide polymorphism
SNP: shared intron single nucleotide polymorphism
SNP: specific single nucleotide polymorphism
SNP: single nucleotide ploymorphisms
SNP: Several single nucleotide polymorphism
SNP: status with single nucleotide polymorphism
SNP: such as single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNP: single nucleotid polymorphism
SNP: studies of single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNP: single nucleotide polymorphic
SNpc: substantia nigra pars compacta
SNPs: single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: seven single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: searching for single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: scanned for single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: Six single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: sequencing single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: Several single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: screen eighteen single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: several rare single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: searched for single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: six known single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: screened for single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: studied 20 single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: substitution type single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: seven exonic single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: single nucleotide polymorphims
SNPs: Seven novel single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: sequences surrounding single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: seven intragenic single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: screen single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: several nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: series of single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: separate single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: subsets of single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: sequencing 2 single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: screens with single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNPs: silent single nucleotide polymorphisms
snRNP: small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle
SNRPA: small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide A
SNRPE: small nuclear ribonucleoprotein E
SNRPN: Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide N
SNRPN: small nuclear ribonucleoprotein N
SNRs: small noncoding repeats
SNS: sympathetic nervous system
SNTS: Semipalatinsk Nuclear Testing Site
SNUBI: Seoul National University Biomedical Informatics
SNV: signal in spleen necrosis virus
SNV: spleen necrosis virus
SNVs: Single Nucleotide Variants
so: sine oculis
SO: sulphite oxidase
SO: secondary oocytes
SO: specific styrene oxide
SOCS: suppressor of cytokine signalling
SOCS: suppressor of cytokines signaling
SOCS: Suppressor of cytokine signaling
SOF: synthetic oviduct fluid
sol: small optic lobes
SOM: second oral malignancy
sop: string of pearls
SOPS: short O polysaccharide
SOR: smallest overlapping region
SOS: speed of sound
SOS: somatic organ systems
sos: screen for salt overly sensitive
Sos: Son of sevenless
Sot: spontaneous ovarian tumorigenesis
SP: sellar pituitary
SP: spore photoproduct
Sp: Schizosaccharomyces pombe
SP: single positive
SP: sperm and seminal plasma
SP: surfactant protein
SP: substance P
SP: side population
SP: spastic paraplegia
SP: silent period
SP: schizophrenic patients
SP: surfactant proteins
SP: Serine proteases
SP: Sao Paulo
Sp: specificity protein
Sp: streptococcal peroxidase
SP: senile plaques
Sp: studies with Streptococcus pyogenes
SPA: serotype polysaccharide antigen
spa: surface protein A
spa: staphylococcal protein A
SPA: storage protein activator
SPA: sperm penetration assay
SPA: scintillation proximity assay
spaA: surface protein antigen A
SPAEC: sheep pulmonary artery endothelial cells
SPAN: similarity pattern analysis
SPB: spindle pole body
SPB: Stearns The spindle pole body
SPB: Saccharomyces cerevisiae spindle pole body
SPB: single spindle pole body
SPBs: spindle pole bodies
SPC: sporadic prostate cancer
spc: small polydisperse circular
SPC: salivary protein complex
SPCC: spontaneous premature chromosome condensation
SPD: Schizotypal personality disorder
SPD: storage pool deficiency
SPDM: spectral precision distance microscopy
spe: streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxins
speA: streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin A
speC: streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin C
SPECT: single photon emission computed tomography
SPECT: single photon emission computed tomographic
SPECT: Single Photon Emission Tomography
SPF: sunscreens at sun protection factors
SPF: status synthetic phase fraction
SPF: specific pathogen free
SPF: Supernatant protein factor
SPF: standard prognostic factors
SPF: synthesis phase fractions
SPFI: Single particle fluorescence imaging
SPFs: study synthetic phase fractions
SPHB: Saw palmetto herbal blend
SPHs: serine protease homologs
SPI: such pathogenicity islands
SPI: Salmonella pathogenicity island
SPIHT: set partitioning in hierarchical trees
SPIs: Salmonella pathogenicity islands
spl: subtilis spore photoproduct lyase
SPL: sound pressure level
SPLL: sweet potato little leaf
SPN: Second primary neoplasms
sPNET: supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumors
SPORE: Specialized Program of Research Excellence
SPP: signal peptide peptidase
SPP: Streptococcal proteinase precursor
SPPK: skin disease striate palmoplantar keratoderma
SPPK: striate palmoplantar keratoderma
SPR: screen positive rate
SPR: surface plasmon resonance
SPR: seasonal pregnancy rate
SPRR: Small PRoline Rich
SPRT: sequential probability ratio test
SPS: sea perch serum
SPS: Small patella syndrome
SPS: sucrose phosphate synthase
SPT: single primary tumor
SPT: skin prick test
SPT: skin prick tests
SPT: second primary tumor
spv: Salmonella plasmid virulence
SR: sarcoplasmic reticulum
SR: sepiapterin reductase
SR: switch recombination
SR: sex reversal
SR: standard risk
SR: sex ratio
SR: somatostatin receptors
SR: short repeat
SR: spontaneous remission
SR: satellite related
SR: subobscura sex ratio
SR: synaptic ribbons
SRA: spleen repopulating ability
SRBC: sheep red blood cells
SRC: supernumerary ring chromosome
SRC: Sarcomatoid renal carcinoma
SRCC: Sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma
SRCDT: small round cell desmoplastic tumors
SRCs: steroid receptor coactivators
SRCT: small round cell tumors
SRCTs: small round cell tumors
SRD: Specific Reading Disability
SRD: Segregation ratio distortion
SRE: Serum Response Element
SRE: sterol response element
SRE: sterol regulatory element
SRE: sterol regulatory elements
SRE: sterol Repressor element
SRE: serum responsive element
SREBP: sterol regulatory element binding protein
SREs: SREBP regulatory elements
SREs: serum response elements
SREs: series of serum response elements
SRF: seedling root fluorescence
SRF: Serum response factor
SRFA: selective restriction fragment amplification
SRFs: Serum Response Factors
SRG: Selective recombinant genotyping
SRI: sensory rhodopsin I
SRIs: serotonin reuptake inhibitors
SRL: Shigella resistance locus
SRN: sonication resistant nuclei
SRN: surrounding regenerating nodules
SRP: signal recognition particle
SRP: sequence specific recognition proteins
SRPR: signal recognition particle receptor
SRR: serine racemase
SrR: stem rust
SRRs: standardized risk ratios
SRS: simple repeat site
SRS: Sequence Retrieval System
SRSRs: Short regularly spaced repeats
SRU: Steroid Responsive Unit
SRU: steroid response units
SRY: sex reversal Y
SRY: sexual related Y
SS: Sezary syndrome
SS: synovial sarcoma
SS: spermatocytic seminomas
SS: synovial sarcomas
SS: Seckel syndrome
SS: sarcomas synovial sarcoma
SS: Schwannian stromal
SS: stainless steel
Ss: Saccharopolyspora spinosa
SS: such as short stature
SS: Swyer syndrome
ss: single stranded
SS: sidestream smoke
SS: Silver syndrome
SS: supernumerary chromosomes and segments
SS: six the susceptible
SS: starch synthase
SS: Shear stress
SS: Sweet syndrome
ss: stains single stranded
SS: Shwachman syndrome
SS: systemic sclerosis
Ss: Sulfolobus solfataricus
SS: such as syndrome
SS: Stable Strain
SS: short stature
SS: spermatocytic seminoma
ss: specificity for single stranded
ss: specific for both single
SS: slowly sedimenting
SSA: single strand annealing
SSA: syntactic structure analysis
SSAV: simian sarcoma associated virus
SSB: single strand breaks
SSB: single strand break
SSBs: single strand breaks
SSC: Sus Scrofa chromosomes
SSC: swine chromosome
SSC: Sus scrofa chromosome
SSC: sugar content
SSC: sodium saline citrate
SSC: soluble solids content
SSC: Serous surface carcinoma
SSC: saline citrate
SSCA: single strand conformation analysis
SSCA: single strand conformational analysis
SSCM: Sinclair swine cutaneous melanoma
SSCP: single strand conformation polymorphism
SSCP: single stranded conformational polymorphism
SSCP: strand conformation polymorphism
SSCP: single strand conformational polymorphism
SSCP: strand conformational polymorphism
SSCP: single stranded conformation polymorphism
SSCP: single strand conformation polymorphisms
SSCP: simplified conformational polymorphism
SSCP: single strand confirmation polymorphism
SSCPs: scoring conformational polymorphisms
SSCPs: Single strand conformational polymorphisms
SSCS: studies of sidestream cigarette smoke
SSCV: single strand conformational variant
SSD: scleroderma spectrum disorders
SSD: Steroid sulfatase deficiency
SSE: stage selector element
SSEP: somatosensory evoked potential
SSEPs: somatosensory evoked potentials
SSF: soluble suppressor factor
SSGs: silver stained granules
SSH: Suppressive subtractive hybridization
SSH: suppression subtractive hybridisation
SSH: suppression subtractive hybridization
SSH: suppression subtraction hybridization
SSH: snowshoe hare
SSII: starch synthase II
SSL: schizophrenia susceptibility loci
SSL: scan for schizophrenia susceptibility loci
SSL: specificity of simulated solar light
SSLP: simple sequence length polymorphism
SSLP: simple sequence length polymorphic
SSLPs: Simple sequence length polymorphisms
SSLPs: set of simple sequence length polymorphisms
SSM: superficial spreading melanoma
SSM: spreading melanoma
sSMC: Small supernumerary marker chromosomes
SSME: Subcutaneous sacrococcygeal myxopapillary ependymoma
SSMs: superficial spreading melanomas
SSMU: Shanghai Second Medical University
SSO: synthetic oligonucleotide
SSOP: sequence specific oligonucleotide probes
SSOP: sequence specific oligonucleotide probe
SSP: six seed storage proteins
SSP: superior symphyseal point
SSP: stringent starvation protein
SSP: sequence specific PCR
Ssp: Salmonella typhimurium secreted proteins
SSP: surface spread polytene
SSPD: schizophrenia spectrum personality disorders
SSPD: spectrum personality disorders
SSPs: seed storage proteins
SSPs: silver stainable particles
SSPs: silver stainable proteins
SSPs: Silver stained proteins
SSR: Simple sequence repeat
SSR: Switch substrate retrovectors
SSR: supplemented with simple sequence repeat
SSR: soybean simple sequence repeat
SSR: sunflower using simple sequence repeat
SSR: seven simple sequence repeat
SSR: secondary sex ratio
SSR: several recombination
SSR: sequences containing simple sequence repeat
SSR: sympathetic skin response
SSR: several simple sequence repeats
SSRIs: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
SSRP: simple sequence repeat polymorphism
SSRP: short sequence repeat polymorphisms
SSRPs: simple sequence repeat polymorphisms
SSRs: simple sequence repeats
SSRs: short sequence repeats
SSS: sudden senescence syndrome
SSS: synthetic serum substitute
SSS: sum of symptoms score
SST: signal sequence trap
SST: Seedbox Screening Technique
SST: Sclerosing stromal tumor
SSTRPs: simple sequence tandem repeat polymorphisms
SSTs: Sclerosing stromal tumors
SSV: simian sarcoma virus
SSV: specific sedimentation volume
SSVS: stochastic search variable selection
ST: sequence type
St: serovar Typhimurium
ST: Streptococcus thermophilus
ST: synovial tissue
St: Salmonella typhimurium
ST: single transformants
ST: soft tissue
ST: salt tolerance
ST: solid tumor
ST: suggesting that
START: Success Through Assisted Reproductive Technologies
STB: Septoria tritici blotch
STB: survival to birth
STBP: Sperm telomere binding
sTCCs: staging of superficial transitional cell carcinomas
sTCCs: superficial transitional cell carcinomas
STCs: sequence tag connectors
STD: Screening for sexually transmitted diseases
STD: sexually transmitted disease
STDs: sexually transmitted diseases
STDT: sib transmission disequilibrium test
STEC: Shiga toxin Escherichia coli
STEC: Shiga toxigenic Escherichia coli
STEM: scanning transmission electron microscopy
STEM: scanning transmission electron micrographs
STEM: scanning transmission electron microscope
STF: seminiferous tubule failure
STF: subchromosomal transferable fragment
STFs: series of subchromosomal transferrable fragments
STFs: specific transcription factors
STFs: single transferable fragments
STFs: single subchromosomal transferable fragments
STFs: subchromosomal transferable fragments
STG: superior temporal gyrus
STI: soybean trypsin inhibitor
STIM: Scanning Transmission Ion Microscopy
STK: serum thymidine kinase
STL: satellite tumor lesions
STLs: satellite tumor lesions
STM: scanning tunneling microscope
STMS: Sequence Tagged Microsatellite Site
STMV: Satellite tobacco mosaic virus
STOIC: Salisbury Treasury of Interesting Chromosomes
STR: short tandem repeat
STR: System short tandem repeat
STR: specific short tandem repeat
STR: small tandem repeat
STR: specific small tandem repeats
STR: spaced short tandem repeat
STR: simple tandem repeats
STR: six polymorphic short tandem repeat
STR: six tetranucleotide short tandem repeat
STR: scan of short tandem repeat
STR: six short tandem repeat
STR: six short tandem repeats
str: seven transmembrane receptor
STR: seven short tandem repeat
STR: selected for short tandem repeat
STR: specific small tandem repeat
STR: short Short tandem repeats
STR: six locus short tandem repeat
STR: simple tandem repeat
STR: simple tandemly repeated
STR: six different short tandem repeat
STR: search using short tandem repeat
STR: short tandemly repeated
STRP: short tandem repeat polymorphic
STRP: short tandem repeat polymorphism
STRP: simple tandem repeat polymorphism
STRP: single tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRP: simple tandem repeat polymorphic
STRP: six short tandem repeat polymorphic
STRPs: short tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRPs: simple tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRPs: six simple tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRPs: studied short tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRs: short tandem repeats
STRs: single tandem repeats
STRs: small tandem repeats
STRs: stain Short tandem repeats
STRs: short tandem repeat sequences
STRs: specific short tandem repeats
STRs: synthetic tandem repeats
STS: soft tissue sarcomas
STS: studies of soft tissue sarcomas
STS: sequence tagged sites
STS: sequence tagged site
STS: Semipalatinsk nuclear test site
STS: specific sequence tagged sites
STS: sensitive to staurosporine
STS: sequence tag site
STS: set of sequence tagged site
STS: selected sequence tagged sites
STS: soft tissue sarcoma
STS: Seven sequence tagged site
STS: scorable sequence tagged site
STS: single tagged site
STS: sequence taged site
STSE: Subacute transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
STSs: sequence tag sites
STSS: streptococcal toxic shock syndrome
STSs: single tagged sites
STSs: sequenced tag sites
STSs: specialized sequence tagged sites
STSs: sequenced to generate sites
STSs: simple tag sequences
STSs: strategy to identify sites
STSs: shorter sequence tag sites
STSs: sequence transcribed sites
STSs: sequenced These sites
STTs: soft tissue tumors
STW: sewage treatment works
SU: shortening unit
Su: Sc and Saccharomyces uvarum
SUA: single umbilical artery
SUA: single umbilical arteries
SUD: substance use disorders
SUEHGR: sea urchin early histone gene repeat
sur: sis upstream region
SUV: small unilamellar vesicles
SV: stroke volume
SV: single ventricle
SV: simian virus
SV: sex vesicle
SV: simple virilizing
SV: stria vascularis
Sv: Streptomyces virginiae
SV: Sindbis virus
SVAT: synaptic vesicle amine transporter
SVD: snowflake vitreoretinal degeneration
SVDV: swine vesicular disease virus
SVE: subcortical vascular encephalopathy
SVG: scalable vector graphics
SVM: support vector machine
SVMs: Support Vector Machines
SVMT: synaptic vesicle monoamine transporter
SVPs: Seminal vesicle proteins
SVR: short variable region
svs: seminal vesicle shape
SVV: simian varicella virus
SW: spike waves
sWGA: succinylated wheat germ agglutinin
SWV: studied by square wave voltammetry
SYNV: sonchus yellow net virus
SZP: superficial zone protein

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