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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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RA: rheumatoid arthritis
RA: refractory anaemia
RA: refractory anemia
RA: retinoic acid
RA: Retinoic acids
RA: renal artery
RA: released by retinoic acid
RA: rice allergenic
RA: Rieger anomaly
RA: refractory anemias
RA: repressed by retinoic acid
RA: regimens in rheumatoid arthritis
RA: rapidly adherent
RA: region to rheumatoid arthritis
RA: Raldh2 synthesises retinoic acid
RA: Ras association
ra: receptor antagonist
RA: relative abundance
RA: rapid acetylator
RA: risk of rheumatoid arthritis
RA: Rheumatoid arthritic
RA: respect to retinoic acid
RA: routine amniocentesis
RA: retinol into retinoic acid
RA: retinoid acid
RAA: right aortic arch
RACE: rapid amplification cDNA end
RAD: rapid aneuploidy detection
RAD: RNA Abundance Database
RAEB: refractory anaemia excess blasts
RAFSFS: rare autosomal folate sensitive fragile sites
RAFTK: related adhesion focal tyrosine kinase
RAG: recombination activating gene
RAGs: recombination activating genes
RAH: Regressing atypical histiocytosis
Ram: rapid aerial mycelium
RAM: root apical meristem
RAMP: randomly amplified microsatellite polymorphism
RAMPs: random amplified microsatellite polymorphisms
RANA: rheumatoid arthritis nuclear antigen
RAP: receptor associated protein
RAPD: random amplified polymorphic DNA
RAPD: randomly amplified polymorphic DNA
RAPD: random amplified polymorphic
RAPD: random amplified polymorphism DNA
RAPD: randomly applied polymorphic DNA
RAPD: random amplified polymorphio DNA
RAPDs: random amplified polymorphic DNAs
RAPDs: randomly amplified polymorphic DNAs
RAPDs: Recently random amplified polymorphic DNAs
Raps: Regulator aspartate phosphatases
RAR: receptors retinoic acid receptor
rAR: rat androgen receptor
RAR: related retinoic acid receptor
RAR: retinoic Retinoic acid receptor
RARA: retinoic acid receptor alpha
RARa: retinoic acid receptor
RARA: receptor alpha
RARA: retinoic acid receptor A
RARE: retinoic element
RARE: retinoic acid response element
RARE: retinoic acid receptor element
RAREs: retinoic acid response elements
RARs: Retinoic acid receptors
RARs: receptors acid receptors
RARs: receptors retinoic acid receptors
RARS: RA and ring sideroblasts
RASF: rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts
RASLs: randomly amplified shotgun libraries
rASVs: recovered avian sarcoma viruses
raz: Replicated anterior zeugopod
RB: residual body
RB: radiation burns
RB: replication bands
RBA: rice bran agglutinin
RBBB: right bundle branch block
RBC: red blood cell
RBC: role of red blood cells
RBCs: red blood cells
RBD: receptor binding domain
RBD: Rab binding domain
RBD: RNP motif RNA binding domain
RBD: RNA binding domain
RBDs: RNA binding domains
RBE: relative biological effectiveness
RBE: relative biological efficacy
RBE: Rep binding element
RBE: radiation biological effectivenesses
RBE: Relative Biological Effect
RBE: relative biological efficiency
RBE: relative biologic effectiveness
RBEs: Relative biological efficiencies
RBFs: receptor binding factors
RBG: rhesus beta globin
RBL: rat basophilic leukemia
RBM: RNA binding motifs
RBM: ribosomal binding motif
RBM: RNA binding motif
RBP: retinol binding protein
RBP: replication banding pattern
RBS: repression binding site
RBS: Ribosome Binding Site
RBS: river bottom sediments
RBS: Rep binding site
RBS: ribosomal binding site
RBS: ribosome binding sites
rbSt: recombinant bovine somatotropin
RC: replicative complex
RC: round cell
RC: rolling circle
Rc: Rhodobacter capsulatus
RC: reflection contrast
RC: reaction center
RC: RNA control
RC: respiratory chain
rc: rough coat
RC: ridge count
RC: recombinant congenic
RC: rectal cancer
RC: restrictive cardiomyopathy
RC: routine cytogenetics
RC: rat hereditary renal carcinoma
RC: reaction centre
RC: ribosomal cistrons
RCA: rolling circle amplification
RCA: ricinus communis agglutinin
RCA: renal cell adenoma
rCBF: regional cerebral bloodflow
rCBF: regional cerebral blood flow
rCBV: regional cerebral blood volume
RCC: Renal cell carcinoma
RCC: rather than renal cell carcinoma
RCC: renal cell cancer
RCC: retina renal cell carcinoma
RCC: renal carcinoma
RCC: renal carcinoma cell
RCC: renal carcinomas
RCC: resembles renal cell carcinoma
RCC: rate of renal cell carcinoma
RCCC: renal clear cell carcinoma
RCCs: region in renal cell carcinomas
RCCs: renal cell carcinomas
RCF: refractory ceramic fibres
RCI: relative competitive index
RCL: reactive center loop
RCL: Relative Corrected Lengths
RCM: Ruhr coal miners
RCM: Retroposon Compensatory Mechanism
RCM: red cell mass
RCM: reflection contrast microscopy
RCM: recessive congenital methemoglobinemia
RCP: reverse chromosome painting
RCP: recessive cornea plana
RCR: rolling circle replication
RCR: replicated chromosome rings
RCR: random coefficient regression
RCS: recombinant congenic strain
RCS: reticulum cell sarcoma
RCSLs: recombinant chromosome substitution lines
RCSs: recombinant congenic strains
RCT: renal cell tumors
RCT: renal cell tumour
RCT: renal cell tumours
RCT: reciprocal chromosomal translocation
RCT: reciprocal chromosome translocation
RCT: reciprocal chromosome translocations
RCTs: reciprocal chromosomal translocations
RD: reading disability
RD: reading disabilities
RD: repair domain
rd: retinal degeneration
RD: Refsum disease
RD: responsive disease
RD: resistant disease
RD: Runt domain
RD: Restrictive dermopathy
RD: residual disease
RD: regional disease
RD: remission duration
RDA: representational difference analysis
RDA: recommended dietary allowances
RDA: Representation difference analysis
RDAs: recommended dietary allowances
RDB: replicative damage bypass
RDB: reverse dot blot
RDBH: reverse dot blot hybridization
RDC: research diagnostic criteria
RDEB: recessive dystrophic EB
RDEB: recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa
RDF: recombination directionality factor
RDF: restriction digest fingerprints
rdgC: retinal degeneration gene C
RDI: Respiratory Disorder Index
RDI: recommended dietary intake
RDPs: restriction digest patterns
RDS: respiratory distress syndrome
RDS: radioresistant DNA synthesis
RDS: replicative DNA synthesis
RDS: retaining radioresistant DNA synthesis
RDS: results in respiratory distress syndrome
RDS: retinal degeneration slow
RDS: resulting in radioresistant DNA synthesis
rds: responsible for retinal degeneration slow
RDW: root dry weight
RE: resting endometrium
RE: rat embryo
RE: recombination enhancer
RE: relative excess
RE: restriction endonucleases
RE: regulatory element
RE: restriction endonuclease
RE: restriction enzyme
RE: Replication Enhancer
RE: relative expression
RE: right eye
RE: Rolandic epilepsy
RE: refractory epilepsy
RE: root exudate
RE: restriction enzymes
re: red eye
re: rose eye
REA: restriction endonuclease analysis
REA: restriction enzyme analysis
REA: remains Restriction enzyme analysis
REA: rib eye area
REAL: Revised European American Lymphoma
REC: rat embryo cells
RED: repeat expansion detection
RED: relative extrema density
RED: restriction enzyme digestion
REDP: restriction endonuclease digestion profiles
REDS: Retrovirus Epidemiology Donor Study
REE: resting energy expenditure
REF: restriction endonuclease fingerprinting
REF: rat embryo fibroblasts
REF: rat embryo fibroblast
ref: reduced epidermal fluorescence
REF: restriction endonuclease fragments
REF: restriction endonuclease fragment
REFs: rat embryonal fibroblasts
REISD: restriction endonuclease in situ digestion
REM: relative electrophoretic mobility
REM: rapid eye movement
REP: repetitive extragenic palindromic
REP: Rab escort protein
REP: restriction endonuclease patterns
REP: repetitive extragenic palindrome
REPs: repetitive extragenic palindromes
REPs: Rab escort proteins
RER: rough endoplasmic reticulum
RER: replication error repeats
RER: replication error repair
RER: rough endoplasmatic reticulum
RER: regions of the endoplasmic reticulum
rER: rough surfaced endoplasmic reticulum
RERE: RE repeats encoded
RERF: Radiation Effects Research Foundation
RET: resonance energy transfer
rf: recombination fraction
RF: rheumatoid factor
rf: recombination frequency
RF: replicative form
RF: reproductive failures
RF: Rheumatoid factors
RF: reading frame
RF: regulation of rheumatoid factor
RF: radiofrequency field
RF: Release factors
RF: risk factor
RF: roundness factor
rf: replication fork
RF: rapid feathering
RF: replicative forms
RFA: restriction fragmentation analysis
RFA: replication factor A
RFALS: recessive familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
RFB: ribosomal DNA replication fork barrier
RFB: replication fork barrier
RFB: required for replication fork block
RFB: required for replication fork blocking
RFC: reduced folate carrier
RFC: replication factor C
RFC: restores reduced folate carrier
RFEL: restriction fragment end labeling
RFGE: rotating field gel electrophoresis
RFI: relative fluorescence intensity
RFI: replicative form I
RFII: replicative form type II
RFL: rat fetal lung
RFLP: restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: resulting restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: restricted fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphic
RFLP: restriction fragments length polymorphism
RFLP: reaction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLP: reaction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: RsaI restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: restriction fragment length polymorphosim
RFLP: replace Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms
RFLP: rice restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: reveal restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLP: RI restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: radioactive Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
RFLP: restriction fragments length polymorphisms
RFLP: restriction fragment length plymorphism
RFLP: revealed restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: restriction fragment length porlymorphism
RFLP: random restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLPs: restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: represent restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognizing restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: revealing restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognise restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: restricted fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: revealed restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognising five restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognise two restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: relevant restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: restriction enzyme fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: reveals multiple restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: Restriction endonuclease fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: RI restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognition of restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: rapidly identify restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: Restriction fragment lengths polymorphisms
RFLPs: role restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: reveal frequent restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLV: restriction fragment length variants
RFLV: restriction fragment length variant
RFLVs: restriction fragment length variants
RFLVs: rare restriction fragment length variants
RFLVs: Restriction endonuclease fragment length variations
RFP: RET finger protein
RFP: red fluorescent protein
RFPs: replication fork pausing sites
RFW: recurrent fetal wastage
RFX: regulatory factor X
RG: Reproductive genetics
RGA: RFLP and resistance gene analog
RGA: resistance gene analogue
RGA: resistance gene analog
RGAP: resistance gene analog polymorphism
RGAs: resistance gene analogs
RGAs: resistance gene analogues
RGAs: R gene analogues
RGC: retinal ganglion cell
RGC: resistance gene candidate
RGCs: resistance gene candidates
RGCs: rat retinal ganglion cells
RGD: Rat Genome Database
rge: Retinopathy Globe Enlarged
RGH: Resistance gene homologue
rGH: rat growth hormone
RGHs: resistance gene homologues
RGI: Reproductive Genetics Institute
RGMy: recessive generalized myotonia
RGP: radial growth phase
RGPM: radial growth phase melanomas
RGR: relative growth rate
RGSP: Rat Genome Sequencing Project
RH: radiation hybrid
RH: rat radiation hybrid
RH: relative humidities
rh: recombinant human
RH: resolution of radiation hybrid
RH: rad radiation hybrid
RH: recovered radiation hybrid
RH: Roslin radiation hybrid
RH: result of radiation hybrid
RH: radiation hybridization
RH: reactive hyperplasia
RH: RNA helicase
RH: radiation hyrid
RH: radiation hybrids
RH: region with radiation hybrid
RH: relative humidity
RH: reactive histiocytosis
RHA: RNA helicase A
RHC: Red hair color
RHD: Runt homology domain
RHdb: Radiation Hybrid Database
RHDV: Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus
RHG: reverse heating giemsa
rhGH: recombinant human GH
rhGH: recombinant human growth hormone
rhIL: recombinant human interleukins
RHL: rat hepatic lectin
RHM: resolution radiation hybrid mapping
RHM: Radiation Hybrid Mapping
rhs: rearrangement hot spot
rHSA: recombinant human serum albumin
rhTNFa: recombinant human tumor necrosis factor alpha
RI: resistance index
RI: recombinant inbred
RI: rat recombinant inbred
RI: replicative index
RI: replication index
RI: repopulation index
RI: ribonuclease inhibitor
RI: replication intermediate
RI: reciprocal inhibition
RI: Relative inhibition
RI: replicative intermediate
RI: RNA to replicative intermediate
RI: Reunion Island
RI: recombinant isogenic
ri: radius incompletus
RI: recombination index
RIC: reduced intensity conditioning
RICL: recombinant inbred chromosome lines
RIF: renal interstitial fibrosis
RII: receptor II
RII: receptor type II
RIL: recombinant inbred line
RIL: rabbit ileal loop
RIL: recombinant inbreed line
RIL: rye F6 recombinant inbred line
RIL: recombinant isogenic line
RIL: resistance recombinant inbred lines
RILs: recombinant inbred lines
RILs: RHA801 recombinant inbred lines
RIM: regression interval mapping
RIME: ribosomal inserted mobile element
RING: really interesting new gene
RIP: recently replication initiation point
RIPs: recombinant inbred populations
RIR: Rhode Island Red
RIS: rat recombinant inbred strains
RIs: recombinant inbred strains
RIS: recombinant inbred strain
RISH: RNA in situ hybridization
RISs: retroviral insertion sites
RIT: Rennell Island Tall
RJMCMC: reversible jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo
RK: rod photoreceptors rhodopsin kinase
RK: reconstructed karyotypes
RK: rabbit kidney
RL: recessive lethal
RL: recessive lethals
RL: root length
RL: recombinational length
rl: recessive reeler locus
RL: rudimentary limb
rl: repeat length
RL: rat liver
rl: relative length
RLC: randomly located clusters
RLC: regulated myosin regulatory light chain
RLF: Replication licensing factor
RLF: rat lung fibroblasts
RLGS: restriction landmark genomic scanning
RLGS: restriction landmark genome scanning
RLH: reactive lymphoid hyperplasia
RLH: reactive lymphoid hyperplasias
RLI: RNase L inhibitor
RLP: ribosome landing pad
RLS: Restless legs syndrome
RLS: replicative life span
RLU: relative light units
RLV: Rauscher Rauscher leukemia virus
RLV: Rauscher leukemia virus
RLV: RNA of Rauscher Leukemia virus
RM: recurrent miscarriage
RM: restriction modification
RM: repeated miscarriage
RM: RG and reproductive medicine
RM: rod monochromacy
RMCH: Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital
RMCs: renal medullary carcinomas
RMD: rippling muscle disease
rMD: restrained molecular dynamics
rMED: Recessive multiple epiphyseal dysplasia
RMF: radiated microcell fusion
RMH: Royal Melbourne Hospital
RMP: resting membrane potential
RMR: resting metabolic rate
RMR: Resting Metabolic Rates
RMS: rostral migratory stream
RMS: residual mass surgery
rmSCF: recombinant mouse stem cell factor
rmsd: root mean squared deviation
RMT: residual mature teratoma
RN: recombination nodules
RN: rapid naming
RN: reflux nephropathy
RN: regenerative nodule
RN: recombination nodule
rng: rat neurogranin gene
RNI: Reactive nitrogen intermediates
RNIs: reactive nitrogen intermediates
RNO: reduced nucleolus organizer
RNS: reactive nitrogen species
RNS: repetitive nerve stimulation
RO: renal oncocytomas
RO: Rostov oblast
RO: replication origins
ROAs: recessive optic atrophies
ROC: receiver operating characteristic
ROC: receiver operating characteristics
ROC: receiver operator characteristic
ROC: Receiver operator curve
ROC: Republic of China
ROC: receiver operator characteristics
ROC: Relative Operating Characteristics
ROG: repressor of GATA
ROH: retention of heterozygosity
ROI: reactive oxygen intermediates
ROIs: regions of interest
ROM: reactive oxygen metabolites
rOmpB: rickettsial outer membrane protein
ROMs: Reactive oxygen metabolites
roo: rubredoxin and oxidoreductase
ROP: retinopathy of prematurity
Rop: Repressor of primer
ROR: retinoic orphan receptors
ROS: reactive oxygen species
ROS: result from reactive oxygen species
ROS: radicals and reactive oxygen species
ROS: Radiation generates reactive oxygen species
ROS: role of reactive oxygen species
ROS: role for reactive oxygen species
ROS: radical oxygen species
ROS: release of reactive oxygen species
ROS: rod outer segments
ROS: rod outer segment
ROSs: reactive oxygen species
ROY: ratio of yields
rp: ribosomal protein
RP: retinitis pigmentosa
rp: reduced pigmentation
RP: residual protein
RP: radical prostatectomy
RP: ribosomal proteins
RP: recruited to ribosomal protein
RP: recessive retinitis pigmentosa
RP: retinopathy is retinitis pigmentosa
RP: retinyl palmitate
RP: retinopathies termed retinitis pigmentosa
RP: rheumatoid polyarthritis
RPA: replication protein A
rPA: recombinant protective antigen
RPA: RNase protection analysis
RPA: ribonuclease protection assay
RPA: RNAse protection assay
RPC: reversed phase chromatography
RPE: retinal pigment epithelium
RPE: retinal pigment epithelial
RPE: retina and retinal pigment epithelium
RPE: redundant pigment epithelium
RPE: retinal pigmented epithelial
RPE: retinal pigmented epithelium
RPG: ribosomal protein gene
RPG: red pigment gene
RPGR: retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator
RPI: RNA polymerase I
RPIII: RNA polymerase III
RPL: recurrent pregnancy loss
RPL: risk following repeated pregnancy loss
rPLII: Rat placental lactogen II
rplJ: ribosomal protein L10
rplK: ribosomal proteins L11
rplS: ribosomal protein L19
rplT: ribosomal protein L20
rplY: ribosomal protein L25
RPMC: rat pleural mesothelial cells
RPMI: Roswell Park Memorial Institute
rPPS: rat proximal promoter segment
RPR: Rind penetrometer resistance
RPR: regulatory protein REAPER
RPS: rhabdoid predisposition syndrome
RpsA: Ribosomal protein S1
rpsB: ribosomal protein S2
rpsF: ribosomal proteins S6
rpsL: ribosomal proteins S12
rpsL: ribosomal protein S12
rpsP: ribosomal protein S16
rpsQ: ribosomal protein S17
RPT: Repeat Pattern Toolkit
RPTC: rabbit renal proximal tubule cells
RPTC: renal proximal tubular cell
RPTPs: receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases
RPWT: retail product weight
RPYD: retail product yield
RQI: Recombinant QTL Introgression
RR: relative risk
RR: response rate
RR: rapidly recurrent
RR: ribonucleotide reductase
RR: relative resistance
RR: root length ratio
RR: relapse risk
RR: risk of recurrence
RR: resistance ratio
RR: Ruthenium Red
RR: risk ratio
RRA: radioreceptor assay
RRBC: rat red blood cells
RRC: Riken Ring Cyclotron
RRD: rhegmatogenous retinal detachment
RRE: Rev responsive element
RRE: response element
RRE: Rev response element
RRF: Ribosome recycling factor
RRF: ragged red fibres
rrg: ras recision gene
RRIs: recurrent respiratory infections
RRL: relative root length
RRL: rabbit reticulocyte lysate
RRLPs: Restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RRM: RNA recognition motif
RRMs: RNA recognition motifs
RRMS: relapsing remitting MS
RRP: Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis
RRS: recessive Robinow syndrome
RRS: reduced representation shotgun
RRS: Rep recognition sequence
rrSCF: recombinant rat stem cell factor
RRSs: Rep recognition sequences
RRT: renal replacement therapy
RRV: Ross River virus
RS: Rett syndrome
RS: Richter syndrome
RS: recombination signal
RS: round spermatids
RS: Rieger syndrome
RS: repeat sequence
rs: recessive spotting
RS: Reed Sternberg
RS: Rokitansky syndrome
RS: rat serum
RS: Replication Sequence
RS: recessive spots
RS: Robinow syndrome
Rs: Red stripe
RS: radial scar
RS: Roberts syndrome
RS: Respiratory syncytial
RS: ringed sideroblasts
RS: recombining sequence
RS: recombining segment
RS: repetitive sequences
RS: repeated sequences
RS: repair synthesis
RSA: recurrent spontaneous abortions
RSA: recurrent spontaneous abortion
RSA: reported in recurrent spontaneous abortions
RSA: repeated spontaneous abortion
RSA: rat serum albumin
RSA: repeated spontaneous abortions
RSAA: rat sperm activation assay
RSD: Rel Similarity Domain
RSD: relative standard deviations
RSD: reflex sympathetic dystrophy
RSF: rat skin fibroblasts
RSF: residual spleen function
RSGP: reverse sample genome probing
RSKs: ribosomal S6 kinases
RSLLM: recessive lethal mutations
RSLs: recombinant substitution lines
RSM: recurrent spontaneous miscarriage
RSOs: raffinose series OSs
RSP: restriction site polymorphism
RSP: restriction site polymorphisms
RSPs: restriction site polymorphisms
RSR: relative specific radioactivity
RSRF: related to serum response factor
RSs: recombinase and the recombination signals
RSs: recombination signals
RSS: recombination signal sequences
RSS: recombination signal sequence
RSS: represented recombination signal sequences
RSs: recombination sites
RSSs: recombination signal sequences
RSSs: respective recombination signal sequences
RST: random sequence tag
RSTs: random sequence tags
RSV: Rous sarcoma virus
RSV: replication of Rous sarcoma virus
RSV: regulated by Rous sarcoma virus
RSV: respiratory syncytial virus
RSV: rice stripe virus
RSVLTR: Rous sarcoma virus long terminal repeat
RSVs: restriction site variations
RSZs: replication slow zones
RT: reverse transcriptase
RT: Reverse transcription
rt: reciprocal translocations
RT: radiological technologists
RT: radiation technologists
RT: reciprocal translocation
RT: Robertsonian translocation
RT: resistance type
RT: reactive thrombocytosis
RT: Retrons are reverse transcriptase
RT: real time reverse transcriptase
RT: Robertsonian translocations
RT: ribosomal types
RT: reverse transcriptases
RT: restriction type
RT: rRNA reverse transcriptase
RT: rhabdoid tumor
RT: reverse transcribed
RT: Rooibos tea
RT: recurring translocations
RT: radiation therapy
RT: Rickettsia tsutsugamushi
RT: rainbow trout
RT: reverse transformation
RTA: relative telomerase activities
RTA: retinal thickness analyzer
RTA: renal tubular acidosis
RTBV: rice tungro bacilliform virus
RTD: relative twist difference
RTE: rat tracheal epithelial
RTE: rat tracheal epithelium
RTF: resistance transfer factor
RTIs: relative therapeutic indices
RTK: receptor tyrosine kinase
RTK: role for receptor tyrosine kinase
RTKs: Receptor tyrosine kinases
RTKs: residues of receptor tyrosine kinases
RTL: root tip length
RTL: relative telomere length
RTN: Reduced Trichome Number
rTNF: Recombinant tumor necrosis factor
RTOG: Radiation Therapy Oncology Group
RTP: replication terminator protein
RTP: requires the replication terminator protein
RTP: receptor tyrosine phosphatase
RTPCR: reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction
RTPCR: reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction
RTPE: reverse transcriptase primer extension
rTR: rabbit telomerase template RNA
rTUs: ribosomal transcription units
RU: replication unit
RU: repopulating unit
RV: rubella virus
RV: Rimmed vacuoles
RV: right ventricular
RV: reduced virulence
RV: rinderpest virus
RV: Rauscher virus
RV: routine variants
RVD: right ventricular dysplasia
RVFV: Rift Valley fever virus
RVP: rat ventral prostate
rVV: recombinant vaccinia virus
RVVC: recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis
Rw: rump white
RWA: Russian wheat aphid
RWC: relative water content
RXR: retinoid X receptor
RXR: requires the retinoid X receptor
RXR: receptor X receptor
RXR: RAR and retinoid X receptor
RXR: receptor retinoid X receptor
RXRA: retinoid X receptor alpha
Rxrb: retinoid X receptor beta
RXRs: retinoid X receptors
RXRs: recently described retinoid X receptors
RYD: rice yellow dwarf
RYMV: Rice Yellow Mottle Virus

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