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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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MA: mitotic aberrations
MA: mongolism is maternal age
MA: metanephric adenomas
Ma: Mycoplasma agalactiae
MA: microsatellite alteration
MA: Multiple aberrations
MA: mandelic acid
MA: metabolic activation
MA: Monoclonal antibodies
MA: Mullerian aplasia
MA: morphology maturation arrests
MA: Morus alba
MA: muscle area
MA: Mexican American
MA: mutation accumulation
MA: Megaloblastic anemia
MA: mugineic acid
MA: mercapturic acids
MA: mean area
MA: mitotic apparatus
MA: Menarcheal age
MA: metaphase assay
MA: miscellaneous abnormalities
MA: maternal age
MA: mitotic activity
MA: meglumine antimoniate
MAA: Maackia amurensis
MAA: methoxyacetaldehyde and methoxyacetic acid
MAALs: Monosomic alien addition lines
MABLUP: marker assisted best linear unbiased prediction
MAC: mammalian artificial chromosome
MAC: morphology antibody chromosomes
MAC: multiprotein membrane attack complex
MAC: membrane attack complex
MAC: Mycobacterium avium complex
MAC: mitochondrial active chromosome
MAC: microcystic adnexal carcinoma
MAC: malignancy associated changes
MACDP: Metropolitan Atlanta Congenital Defects Program
MACS: magnetic activated cell sorting
MACs: Mammalian artificial chromosomes
MACS: Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study
MACS: mini magnetic activated cell sorting
MACS: Magnetic Activated Cell Sorter
Mad: Mothers against dpp
MAD: mitotic arrest defective
MAD: mean angular displacement
MAD: multiwavelength anomalous diffraction
MADGE: microplate array diagonal gel electrophoresis
MAE: myoclonic absence epilepsy
MAECs: mouse artificial episomal chromosomes
MAG: Metal Active Gas
MAG: Myelin associated glycoprotein
MAGE: melanoma antigen genes
MAGE: melanoma antigen gene
MAI: mitotic activity index
MAI: mean annual increment
MAI: multiple anomalies index
MAIDS: Murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
MAIDS: mouse acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
MAKA: major karyotypic abnormalities
MAKA: major karyotype aberrations
MAKA: major karyotype abnormalities
MAKA: major karyotypic abnormality
MALl: MAL locus
MALT: mucosa associated lymphoid tissue
MAMA: mismatch amplification mutation assay
MAMA: Monoallelic mutation analysis
MANs: maximally activated nuclei
MAOA: monoamine oxidase A
MAP: mean arterial pressure
MAP: mass Mean arterial pressure
MAP: Microtubule associated protein
MAPH: multiplex amplifiable probe hybridisation
MAPH: multiplex amplifiable probe hybridization
MAPK: mitogen activated protein kinase
MAPs: microtubule associated polypeptides
MAPs: motors and microtubule associated proteins
MAPT: microtubule associated protein tau
mar: multiple antibiotic resistance
MAR: matrix attachment region
MAR: matrix association regions
MAR: matrix association region
MAR: matrix associated region
MAR: minimal amplified region
MAR: megabase multiple aberration region
MAR: matrix attached regions
MAR: matrix attached region
MARC: Meat Animal Research Center
MARs: matrix attachment regions
MARs: matrix associated regions
MARs: matrix anchorage regions
MAS: Meconium aspiration syndrome
MAS: marker assisted selection
MAS: mays Marker assisted selection
MAS: Multicenter Allergy Study
MAS: myoclonic absence seizures
MAS: mean AgNOR score
MASA: Minisatellite associated sequence amplification
MASC: Marker Association Segregation
MAT: metaphase anaphase transition
MAT: microscopic agglutination test
MAT: MII meiotic apparatus transfer
MAT: Moving Annual Total
MB: methylene blue
Mb: million bp
Mb: Mege base
MB: mushroom body
MB: minimum breaks
MB: medial branch
MB: middle band
MBC: maximum binding capacity
MBC: myeloid blast crisis
MBC: male breast carcinomas
MBC: minimum bactericidal concentration
MBC: minimal bactericidal concentrations
MBC: minimal bactericidal concentration
Mbcr: major breakpoint cluster region
mBCR: minor breakpoint cluster region
mBCR: minor breakpoint cluster
MBCs: minimum bactericidal concentrations
MBCs: mononuclear blood cells
MBCs: monoclonal B cells
MBCs: Minimal borreliacidal concentrations
MBCs: MICs and minimal bactericidal concentrations
MBD: minimal binding domain
mBESs: mouse BAC end sequences
MBL: mannan binding lectin
MBL: mannose binding lectin
MBP: myelin basic protein
Mbp: million base pairs
MBP: maltose binding protein
Mbp: million base pair
MBP: mouse myelin basic protein
MBP: major basic protein
MBP: myrosinase binding protein
MBP: mannose binding protein
MBPs: myelin basic proteins
Mbr: major breakpoint region
MBR: major breakpoint regions
MBS: modified barium swallow
MBS: Martin Bell syndrome
mBSP: mouse brain serine proteinase
MBT: mid blastula transition
MBUs: Mendelian breeding units
MC: Medullary carcinoma
MC: mucinous cystadenoma
MC: minute chromosomes
MC: major coiling
MC: mutagens mitomycin C
MC: methyl cellulose
MC: mixed chimera
MC: mast cells
MC: mesangial cells
MC: manifesting carriers
MC: mixed cellularity
MC: mixed cryoglobulinaemia
MC: Monte Carlo
MC: mixed chimerism
MC: Mesangial cell
MC: methyl carbamate
MC: marker chromosome
MC: mononuclear cells
MC: mosquito coil
MC: myotonia congenita
MC: mitotic count
MC: mesenchymal core
MC: markers and myotonia congenita
MC: mercuric chloride
MC: metaphase chromosomes
MC: Microtubule Center
MC: medium containing
MCA: multiple congenital anomalies
MCA: middle cerebral artery
MCA: multiple congenital anomaly
MCA: multiple congenital abnormalities
MCA: multiple congenital abnormality
MCAO: middle cerebral artery
MCAo: middle cerebral artery occlusion
MCAs: major congenital anomalies
MCAs: mitotic chromosomal autoantigens
MCAs: mitotic chromosomal antigens
MCB: Multicolor chromosome banding
MCB: multiple chromosomal breakage
MCB: macro chromatin body
MCBB: Milano Cord Blood Bank
mCBF: mouse CCAAT binding factor
MCBN: malignant cellular blue nevi
MCC: maternal cell contamination
MCC: Merkel cell carcinomas
MCC: Merkel cell carcinoma
MCC: metastasizing Merkel cell carcinomas
MCC: moth cytochrome C
MCC: multicopy cloning
MCC: mitotic checkpoint complex
MCC: Myoepithelial cell carcinoma
MCCA: myeloid cell chromosomal aberration
mCCDA: modified cefoperazone charcoal deoxycholate agar
MCD: Macular corneal dystrophy
MCD: Multiple Complete Digest
MCD: medullary cystic disease
MCD: maize chloroplast DNA
MCDA: multiple congenital developmental abnormalities
MCDD: multiple congenital developmental defects
MCDV: maize chlorotic dwarf virus
MCE: mitotic clonal expansion
MCF: mitochondrial carrier family
MCF: mink cell focus
mCFI: mouse complement factor I
MCG: mycelial compatibility group
mCGH: metaphase comparative genomic hybridization
mCGH: modified comparative genomic hybridization
MCGs: major clonal groups
mCGs: minor clonal groups
MCHC: mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
MCHC: mean corpuscular hemoglobin content
MCI: metacarpal cortical index
MCI: mild cognitive impairment
MCIT: massive congenital intracranial teratoma
MCK: Muscle creatine kinase
MCKD: Medullary cystic kidney disease
MCL: Mantle cell lymphoma
MCL: maximum contamination level
MCL: multiple cutaneous leiomyomatosis
MCLs: mantle cell lymphomas
MCLs: marker of mantle cell lymphomas
MCM: mouse caecal mucin
MCM: Methylmalonyl CoA mutase
MCM: multiple congenital malformations
MCM: Multiple Cross Mapping
MCM: mini chromosome maintenance
MCMC: Monte Carlo Markov chain
MCMC: Markov chain Monte Carlo
MCMC: Markov Carlo
MCN: melanocytic congenital naevus
MCN: Mendelian Cytogenetics Network
MCNdb: Mendelian Cytogenetics Network database
MCNS: minimal change nephrotic syndrome
MCP: membrane cofactor protein
MCP: macrophage chemoattractant proteins
MCP: major capsid protein
MCP: mean centromere position
MCPs: Monocyte chemotactic proteins
MCR: mutation cluster region
mcr: minor cluster region
MCR: minimum critical region
MCR: major cytogenetic response
MCR: minimal critical region
MCR: major cytogenetic responses
mCR: morphologic complete remission
MCR: major cytogenetic remission
MCR: minimum candidate region
Mcr: modified cytosine restriction
MCR: majority and major cytogenetic response
MCR: mitomycin C resistance
mcrB: modified cytosine restriction
MCRs: minimal common regions
MCRs: Multiple chromosome rearrangements
MCS: Monte Carlo simulations
MCS: multiple cloning site
MCS: mitochondrial capsule selenoprotein
MCS: minor cluster sequence
MCS: master cell stocks
Mcs: mammary carcinoma susceptibility
MCS: mammary carcinoma suppressor
MCT: mature cystic teratoma
MCT: mucinous cystic tumor
MCTD: mixed connective tissue disease
MCV: mean corpuscle volume
MCV: mean corpuscular volume
MCV: Molluscum contagiosum virus
MCV: mean cell volume
MCV: marked macrocytosis corpuscular volume
MD: meningococcal disease
MD: Muscular dystrophies
MD: myoclonus dystonia
MD: Mexicali dust
MD: Myotonic dystrophy
MD: muscular dystrophy
MD: mixture discrimination
MD: multiple dendritic
MD: Meniere disease
MD: mitochondrial diseases
MD: mild dysplasia
MD: moderately differentiated
md: Myelin deficiency
MD: manic depression
mda: melanoma differentiation associated
MDA: multiple displacement amplification
MDA: Medical Devices Agency
MDAs: minimal deviation adenocarcinomas
MDBL: mammographically detected breast lesions
MDCA: microinvasive ductal carcinoma
MDD: minimal disseminated disease
MDD: major depressive disorder
MDD: manic depressive disorder
mDD: mRNA differential display
MDD: major depression
MDE: mutation detection enhancement
MDG: mobile dispersed genes
mdg: mobile dispersed genetics
MDHIS: McDonnell Douglas Health Information System
MDI: manic depressive illness
MDI: Mutation Database Initiative
MDLD: minimal detectable labeled DNA
MDM: Mal de Meleda
MDM: monolocus diallele model
MDMD: Miyoshi distal muscular dystrophy
MDN: melanocytic dysplastic nevi
MDR: minimal deleted region
MDR: multiple drug resistance
MDR: multiple drug resistant
MDR: minimally deleted region
MDRs: minimal deleted regions
MDRS: muscular disability rating scale
MDS: macronuclear destined sequences
MDS: mesonephric duct system
ME: middle ear
ME: malic enzyme
ME: modified exponential
ME: maternal effect
ME: methanolic extract
ME: mobile element
ME: mitochondrial encephalomyopathies
ME: micronucleated erythrocytes
MEA: male enhanced antigen
MEA: multiple endocrine adenomatosis
MEC: mean exclusion chance
MEC: mammary epithelial cells
MEC: mouse embryo cells
MECD: multiple exostosis chondrodysplasia
MECs: mammary epithelial cells
MECs: MICs and minimal effective concentrations
MED: minimal erythemal doses
MED: multiple epiphyseal dysplasia
med: motor endplate disease
MED: macrocephaly multiple epiphyseal dysplasia
MEE: multilocus enzyme electrophoresis
MEE: medial edge epithelium
MEF: mouse embryonic fibroblast
MEF: murine embryo fibroblast
MEF: macrorestriction endonuclease fingerprint
MEFs: Mouse embryonic fibroblasts
MEFs: murine embryo fibroblasts
MEFs: mutant mouse embryonic fibroblasts
MEFs: mouse embryo fibroblasts
MEFs: murine embryonic fibroblasts
mega: macrolide efflux genetic assembly
mEGF: mouse epidermal growth factor
Megs: maternally expressed genes
mEH: Microsomal expoxide hydrolase
mEH: Microsomal epoxide hydrolase
MEK: methyl ethyl ketone
MEKP: Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide
MEM: minimum essential medium
MEM: minimal essential medium
MEN: multiple endocrine neoplasia
MEN: most commonly multiple endocrine neoplasia
MEN: multiple endocrine neoplasias
MEN: mitotic exit network
MEN: multiple endocrine neoplasms
Menl: Multiple endocrine neoplasia
MENs: multiple endocrine neoplasias
MEOS: microsomal ethanol oxidizing system
MEP: motorcycle exhaust particles
MEPE: matrix extracellular phosphoglycoprotein
MEPs: motor evoked potentials
MERT: malignant extrarenal rhabdoid tumor
mES: murine embryonic stem
mES: mouse embryonic stem
MESA: microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration
mESA: mouse epididymal sperm aneuploidy
MESA: microscopic epididymal sperm aspiration
MESA: mature erythrocyte surface antigen
MESC: mouse embryonic stem cell
MEST: maximal electroshock seizure threshold
MET: multidrug efflux transporter
MEV: multiple ecotropic viral
mew: multiple edematous wings
MF: mycosis fungoides
Mf: Measurement of mutation frequency
MF: magnetic field
MF: Magnetic Fields
MF: micronucleus frequency
MF: mutant frequencies
MF: mutant frequency
MF: maternal factor
MF: marrow fibrosis
MF: methylation filtration
MF: mutation frequency
MF: morphogenetic furrow
MF: mean HPRT mutant frequency
MF: mossy fiber
MF: malignant focus
MF: major facilitator
MF: movement free
MF: mutation frequencies
MF: mutant fraction
Mf: mean mutant frequency
MF: micronuclei frequency
MFA: marker frequency analysis
MFBs: medusoid filament bodies
MFC: multiparameter flow cytometry
MFC: mean fluorescence channel
MFC: mouse forestomach carcinoma
MFC: minimal fungicidal concentration
MFC: minimum fungicidal concentrations
MFD: median facial dysplasia
MFD: mutation frequency decline
MFGM: milk fat globule membrane
MFH: malignant fibrous histiocytoma
MFH: malignant fibrous histocytoma
MFH: myxoid malignant fibrous histiocytoma
MFHs: malignant fibrous histiocytomas
MFHs: myxoid malignant fibrous histiocytomas
MFI: median fluorescence intensity
MFISH: Multicolour fluorescence in situ hybridization
mFISH: Multiplex fluorescence in situ hybridization
mFISH: multicolor fluorescence in situ hybridization
mFISH: multiplex fluorescent in situ hybridyzation
MFO: mixed function oxygenase
MFO: mixed function oxidases
MFP: membrane fusion protein
MFP: mouse foot pad
mFPG: mean fasting plasma glucose
MFPT: mean first passage time
MFR: mutation frequency response
MFS: major facilitator superfamily
MFSS: monophasic fibrous SS
MFT: minimum founder test
MFT: Multiple familial trichoepithelioma
MFVs: morphological functional variants
MG: malachite green
MG: mammary gland
MG: Mycoplasma gallisepticum
MG: Myasthenia gravis
MG: major gene
MG: methyl green
MG: midline glia
MG: monoclonal gammopathies
MG: metabolite of malachite green
MGB: medial geniculate body
MGC: Macrophages and multinucleate giant cells
MGCs: mitotic granule clusters
MGCs: multinucleated giant cells
MGCT: mediastinal germ cell tumor
MGCT: mediastinal germ cell tumors
MGCTs: Malignant granular cell tumors
MGD: mixed gonadal dysgenesis
MGD: Mouse Genome Database
MGD: molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide
MGD: monolayer growth defect
MGE: mobile genetic elements
MGE: mobile genetic element
MGEs: mobile genetic elements
MGF: mammary gland factor
MGF: myxoma growth factor
MGG: May Gruenwald Giemsa
MGI: major gene index
MGM: mouse gastric mucin
MGMT: methyl guanine methyltransferase
mGOT: mitochondrial glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase
MGP: Matrix Gla protein
MGP: meshwork Matrix Gla protein
MGP: Manufactured gas plant
MGR: metabolite gene regulation
MGS: Mammalian Genotyping Service
MGSA: melanoma growth stimulatory activity
MGSA: melanocyte growth stimulatory activity
MGSC: mouse genome sequencing consortium
MGTs: mammary gland tumors
MGTs: murine mammary gland tumors
MGU: male germ unit
MH: Maleic hydrazide
MH: malignant histiocytosis
MH: malignant hyperthermia
mH: minor histocompatibility
MH: Mad homology
mh: maternal haploid
MH: model of malignant hypertension
mh: muscular hypertrophy
mh: muscle hypertrophy
MH: mesenchymal hamartoma
MH: majority of malignant hyperthermia
MH: melanocytic hyperplasias
MH: muscle and malignant hyperthermia
mHA: minor histocompatibility Ags
MHA: measured haplotype analysis
mHag: minor histocompatibility antigens
mHag: minor Histocompatibility antigen
mHAs: minor histocompatibility antigens
MHC: Major histocompatibility complex
MHC: major histocompatibilty complex
MHC: many major histocompatibility complex
MHC: major histocompatibilitiy complex
Mhc: mammalian major histocompatibility complex
MHC: muscle myosin heavy chain
MHC: murine major histocompatibility complex
MHC: mouse major histocompatibility complex
MHC: myosin heavy chain
MHC: major histocompatability complex
MHC: maternal major histocompatibility complex
MHC: major hiscompatibility complex
MHC: mediate major histocompatibility complex
MHC: multiple Major histocompatibility complex
MHC: major histocompatibility class
MHC: mixed hematopoietic chimerism
MHC: mammal major histocompatibility complex
MHC: mouse heavy chain
MHC: mediated by major histocompatibility complex
MHC: myosin heavy chains
MHC: mutations of major histocompatibility complex
MHCII: Major histocompatibility complex class II
MHCS: Multicenter Hemophilia Cohort Study
MHD: malignant hematological diseases
MHDs: malignant hematological disorders
MHH: Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
MHL: mouse hepatic lectin
mHps: Minor histocompatibility peptides
mhr: maternal hybrid rescue
MHS: major histocompatibility system
MHS: Malignant hyperthermia susceptibility
MHS: malignant hyperthermia susceptible
MHS: Malignant hyperthermic syndrome
MHS: mammalian major histocompatibility system
MHSV: Malignant histiocytosis sarcoma virus
MHV: mouse hepatitis virus
MI: microsatellite instability
MI: mitotic index
MI: meiotic metaphase I
MI: mitotic indexes
MI: meiosis I
MI: myocardial infarction
MI: meconium ileus
MI: metaphase I
MI: mitotic indices
MI: muconolactone isomerase
MI: manifest microsatellite instability
MI: mean mitotic index
MI: Mycoplasma iowae
MI: maternal meiosis I
MI: methylation interference
MI: marker informativeness
MI: measured as mitotic index
MI: mutagenicity index
MI: mental impairment
MIA: melanoma inhibitory activity
MIB: maternal inheritance bias
MIBD: multipoint identity by descent
MIC: minimum inhibitory concentration
MIC: minimal inhibitory concentration
MIC: mupirocin minimum inhibitor concentration
MICM: maternally inherited cardiomyopathy
MICs: Minimum inhibitory concentrations
MICs: Minimal inhibitory concentrations
MICT: modified interphase cytogenetics technique
MID: mesothelioma mimicking mesenteric inflammatory disease
MIEP: major immediate early promoter
MIF: macrophage migration inhibitory factor
MIF: maternally inherited factors
MIF: Mouse interspersed fragment
MIF: macrophage migration inhibition factor
MIF: mullerian inhibitory factor
MIF: mediator macrophage migration inhibitory factor
Mif: mouse macrophage migration inhibitory factor
MIF: myc intron factor
MIFs: mature intracellular forms
MIG: Metal Inert Gas
MII: metaphase II
MII: meiotic metaphase II
MII: matured metaphase II
MII: maintained activity until metaphase II
MII: maturation to metaphase II
MII: maternal meiosis II
MII: mouse metaphase II
MII: meiosis II
MII: matured to metaphase II
MIII: metaphase III
MILC: maximum identity length contrast
MIM: Missing in Metastasis
MIM: multiple interval mapping
MIM: Multipoint interval mapping
MIM: Mendelian Inheritance in Man
MIM: Multiple intracranial meningiomas
Min: multiple intestinal neoplasia
Min: Mapping of multiple intestinal neoplasia
mip: mitochondrial intermediate peptidase
MIP: murine macrophage inflammatory protein
MIP: major intrinsic protein
MIP: molecular inversion probe
MIP: methylation induced premeiotically
MIP: macrophage inhibiting protein
Mip: macrophage infectivity potentiator
MIR: mammalian interspersed repeat
MIR: multiple isomorphous replacement
mIRLT: mean inner retinal layer thickness
MIRs: mammalian interspersed repeats
MIRUs: Mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units
MIS: Mullerian inhibiting substance
MISS: midline internal skull surface
MITEs: miniature inverted transposable elements
mITF: murine intestinal trefoil factor
MJD: Machado Joseph disease
MK: multicolor karyotyping
MKK: MAP kinase kinase
ML: medial lamina
ML: malignant lymphoma
ML: maximum likelihood
ML: myeloid leukemia
ML: mistletoe lectins
ML: microscopically as myxoid liposarcoma
ML: mouse liver
ML: malignant lymphomas
ML: multiple leiomyomatosis
ML: method likelihood
ML: Malattia Leventinese
ML: Milroy lymphedema
ML: method of maximum likelihood
ML: myelogenous leukemia
MLA: mouse lymphoma assay
MLB: multipoint maximum likelihood binomial
MLC: mixed leukocyte culture
MLC: mixed lymphocyte cultures
MLC: monitored by mixed lymphocyte culture
MLC: myosin light chain
MLC: mixed lymphocyte culture
mLC: mature Langerhans cells
MLC: muscle myosin light chain
MLC: Mixed leucocyte culture
MLC: model of mixed lymphocyte culture
MLCK: myosin light chain kinases
MLCK: myosin light chain kinase
MLCs: mixed lymphocyte cultures
MLD: median lethal dose
MLD: minimum lumen diameter
mle: maximum likelihood estimator
MLE: maximum likelihood estimate
MLE: maximum likelihood estimation
MLEC: mouse lung endothelial cells
MLEs: maximum likelihood estimates
MLG: mapping to molecular linkage group
MLG: molecular linkage group
MLH: micronuclear linker histone
Mll: Mixed lineage leukemia
MLL: member of mixed lineage leukemia
MLL: mixed lineage leukaemia
MLL: mixed lymphoid leukemia
MLL: myeloid lymphoid leukemia
MLN: mesenteric lymph nodes
MLP: Multiple lymphomatous polyposis
MLP: muscle LIM protein
MLP: major late promoter
Mlp: muscle LIM proteins
MLP: multi locus probe
MLP: major late promoters
MLPK: M locus protein kinase
MLR: mixed lymphocyte response
MLR: mixed lymphocyte reaction
MLR: minimally lost region
MLR: mixed leukocyte reaction
MLR: mixed lymphocyte reactions
MLR: murine mixed lymphocyte reaction
MLR: mixed leucocyte reaction
MLRs: minimally lost regions
MLS: multipoint maximum LOD score
MLS: Multipoint maximum LOD scores
MLS: maximum parametric multipoint LOD score
MLS: maximum multipoint lod score
MLS: multipoint maximum likelihood score
MLS: maximum likelihood score
MLS: maximum lod score
MLS: maximum likelihood scores
MLS: MMU1 LOD score
MLS: multipoint lod score
MLS: made using maximum lod score
Mls: minor lymphocyte stimulatory
Mls: minor lymphocyte stimulation
Mls: mixed lymphocyte stimulation
Mlsc: minor lymphocyte stimulating
MLSs: maximum lod scores
MLSs: multipoint maximum likelihood scores
MLTs: myxoid liposarcoma tumors
MLTU: major late transcription unit
MLV: murine leukemia virus
MLV: Moloney leukemogenic virus
MLV: multilamellar lipid vesicles
MLVs: murine leukemia viruses
MM: multiple myeloma
MM: malignant melanoma
MM: manifestation in multiple myeloma
MM: malignant multiple myeloma
MM: malignant mesothelioma
MM: mice and multiple myeloma
MM: multiple miscarriages
MM: malignant mesotheliomas
MM: model of malignant melanoma
MM: multiple myelomas
MM: most multiple myeloma
MM: multiple myleoma
MM: marrow in multiple myeloma
MM: Miyoshi myopathy
MM: malignant mastocytosis
MM: malignancy multiple myeloma
MM: Mailhes Methylmercury
MM: metacentric marker
MM: myeloid metaplasia
MM: Miyoshi distal myopathy
MM: maternal microchimerism
MM: Model Maker
MM: malignant melanomas
MM: muscular Miyoshi myopathy
MM: man with multiple myeloma
MM: mutations in malignant mesothelioma
MM: malignancies except multiple myeloma
MM: Mathematical morphology
Mm: micronucleus frequency in males
MM: mitochondrial myopathy
MM: malignant meningioma
MM: malignant mesotelioma
MMA: monomethylarsonic acid
MMA: Manual metal arc
MMA: methylarsonic acid
MMA: Methylmalonic aciduria
MMA: male mating ability
MMA: methylmalonic acidemia
mMAb: mouse monoclonal antibodies
mMBP: murine eosinophil major basic protein
MMC: mitomycin C
MMC: molar and mitomycin C
MMC: mytomycin C
MMC: mitomicin C
MMC: more sensitive to mitomycin C
MMC: methyl mercury chloride
MMC: mice treated with mitomycin C
MMC: micrograms mitomycin C
MMC: microM Mitomycin C
MMC: mg methylmercury chloride
MMC: mechanisms of mitomycin C
MMC: Massive myocardial calcification
MMC: mouse mesangial cell
MMC: methanesulfonate mitomycin C
MMC: MN induced by mitomycin C
MMC: mutagens C
MMC: Methylmercury chloride
MMC: mucosa mast cells
MMC: mutagen such as mitomycin C
MMC: micronuclei by mitomycin C
MMC: methylmercuric chloride
MMC: micronuclei induced by mitomycin C
MMC: methanesulfonate and mitomycin C
MMCA: Multiple microgel comet assay
mMCB: Multitude multicolor chromosome banding
MMCl: methyl mercuric chloride
MMCl: M or methyl mercuric chloride
MMCLC: mixed lymphocyte cultures
MMCMs: metastases of malignant cutaneous melanomas
mMCP: mast cell protease
mMCP: mouse mast cell protease
MMCP: monomethylamine corrinoid protein
MMCT: microcell mediated chromosome transfer
MmD: Multiminicore disease
MMDB: Molecular Modeling Database
MME: murine macrophage elastase
MMG: mouse malignant monoclonal gammopathies
MML: myeloid leukemias
MML: monomyelocytic leukemia
MML: myelomonocytic leukemia
MMLS: maximized maximum lod score
MMLs: Molecular marker loci
MMLV: Moloney murine leukemia virus
MMM: Myelofibrosis with myeloid metaplasia
MMM: myelosclerosis with myeloid metaplasia
MMM: myelofibrosis with meloid metaplasia
MMM: mimicking myelofibrosis with myelocytic metaplasia
MMM: myelofibrosis with splenic myeloid metaplasia
MMM: myeloid metaplasia with myelofibrosis
MmmLC: Mycoplasma mycoides mycoides LC
MMMT: malignant mixed mesodermal tumor
MMMT: malignant mixed mullerian tumor
MMMT: malignant mixed Mullerian tumors
MMMT: mixed mullerian tumor
MMMT: malignant mixed mesodermal tumors
MMMT: malignant mixed mullerian tumour
MMMTs: malignant mixed Mullerian tumours
MMN: Mismatch negativity
MMN: method we used mismatch negativity
MMP: monomethyl phthalate
MMP: mitochondrial membrane potential
MMP: microsatellite mutator phenotype
MMP: melanosomal matrix protein
MMPSG: Midwest Multicenter Pancreatic Study Group
MMR: mismatch repair
MMR: mutated mismatch repair
MMR: mutation mismatch repair
MMR: MSI and mismatch repair
MMR: Mutations in mismatch repair
MMR: Msh3 mismatch repair
MMR: mitotic mismatch repair
MMR: Mutation of the mismatch repair
MMR: mutations in the mismatch repair
MMR: mutations in two mismatch repair
MMR: mutant in mismatch repair
MMS: multiple metabolic syndrome
MMS: methyl methane sulfonate
MMS: methylmethane sulfonate
MMS: multiple marker strains
MMS: methyl methane sulfate
MMS: methylmethane sulphonate
MMS: macromolecular synthesis
MMS: multiple marker screening
MMS: methylating agent methyl methane sulfonate
MMS: methyl methane sulphonate
MMS: male mating speed
MMS: mercury Methyl methane sulfonate
mMSCs: mouse bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
MMSE: Mini Mental Status Exam
MMT: macromolecular transport
MMT: manual muscle testing
MMTV: mouse mammary tumor virus
MMTV: mouse mammary tumour virus
MMTV: mouse mammary tumor viruses
MMTV: mammary tumour virus
MMV: Muntiacus muntjak vaginalis
MMW: millimeter waves
MN: melanocytic nevus
MN: micrococcal nuclease
MN: Mesoblastic nephroma
MN: modal number
MN: mammillary nucleus
MN: motor neurons
MN: melanocytic nevi
MNA: mean nuclear area
MNCV: median motor nerve conduction velocity
MNCV: Motor nerve conduction velocity
MNCV: Maximum motor nerve conduction velocity
MNCVs: Motor nerve conduction velocities
MND: motor neuron disease
mnd: motor neuron degeneration
MND: multiple nuclear dot
MNDA: myeloid nuclear differentiation antigen
MNDID: motor neurone disease inclusion dementia
MNF: myocyte nuclear factor
MNS: morphologically normal spermatozoa
MNS: Milan normotensive strain
MNSV: Melon necrotic spot virus
MNT: mouse neutropenic thigh
MO: multicentric occurrence
MOA: mode of action
MoAs: mechanisms of action
MOC: Multiple ocular coloboma
MOD: measurement of mean optical density
MOD: Malate oxidoreductase decarboxylating
MOG: Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein
MOGCTs: malignant ovarian germ cell tumors
MOI: multiplicity of infection
MOI: multiplicities of infection
MOI: mode of inheritance
MoM: multiple of median
MoM: Multiples of median
MOM: modifier of Min
MOMP: major outer membrane protein
MOMPs: major outer membrane proteins
MOO: multiobjective optimization
MOP: meiotic outer plaque
MOPD: Microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism
MOR: mouse micro opioid receptor
MOS: mirror orientation selection
MOSEC: Mouse ovarian surface epithelial cells
MOSF: Multiple organ system failure
MOUSE: Mitochondrial and Other Useful SEquences
mp: male pseudohermaphroditism
MP: mating population
MP: methyl parathion
MP: meridian plane
MP: melanin pigment
MP: Maltose phosphorylase
MP: mosaic virus movement protein
MP: mean perimeter
MP: Mycoplasma pulmonis
MP: movement protein
MP: mottled pigmentation
MP: manganese peroxidase
mp: map position
MPB: mobilized peripheral blood
MPBB: maximum permissible body burdens
mPBP: mouse platelet basic protein
MPC: myeloma plasma cell
MPC: multiple primary cancer
MPC: meiotic pairing centers
MPC: mean platelet count
MPC: mutant prevention concentration
mPCCs: mouse PRC core complexes
mPCR: multiplex polymerase chain reaction
MPCR: multiple polymerase chain reaction
MPD: minimum positive dose
MPDs: mean population doublings
MPE: micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes
MPF: maturation promoting factor
MPF: mitotic kinase maturation promoting factor
Mpf: mating pair formation
MPF: micronucleus positive frequency
MPF: mitosis promoting factor
MPF: MAPK and maturation promoting factor
MPF: maturation or mitosis promoting factor
MPF: muturation promoting factor
MPF: mammalian maturation promoting factor
MPF: mitosis requires maturation promoting factor
mPH: multicomponent phenol hydroxylase
MPI: Myocardial performance index
MPI: mannose phosphate isomerase
MPI: megakaryocyte proliferation index
MPI: mean PCNA index
MPI: markers mannose phosphate isomerase
MPIC: multipoint polymorphism information content
MPIC: multilocus polymorphic information content
MPM: multiple primary malignancies
MPM: Malignant pleural mesothelioma
MPM: mouse peritoneal macrophages
MPME: mononuclear phagocyte microbicidal efficiency
MPMT: multiple primary malignant tumors
MPNST: malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors
MPNST: Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor
MPNST: malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour
MPNSTs: malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours
MPNT: malignant peripheral neuroectodermal tumors
MPNT: malignant primary neuroectodermal tumours
MPNTs: malignant peripheral neuroectodermal tumors
MPO: maximal power output
MPP: mitochondrial processing peptidase
MPP: multiscale product
MPPE: multifocal posterior pigment epitheliopathy
MPPs: M phase phosphoproteins
MPR: Mucor pusillus rennin
MPS: monocyte phagocytic system
MPS: mononuclear phagocyte system
MPS: marker pair selection
MPSS: Massively parallel signature sequencing
MPT: multiple primary tumors
mPT: mitochondrial permeability transition
MPT: muscle provocation test
MPTP: mitochondrial permeability transition pore
MPVI: mating population VI
Mpz: myelin protein zero
MQTL: marked quantitative trait loci
MR: mild mental retardation
MR: mental retardation
MR: mitotic recombination
MR: molecular remission
MR: magnetic resonance
MR: Middle repetitive
MR: mentally retarded
MR: microcephaly mental retardation
MR: mineralocorticoid receptor
MR: multiple regression
MR: moderately repetitive
MR: moderate mental retardation
MR: molecular relapse
MR: movement related
MR: mitotic regimen
MR: MC receptor
MR: molar refractivity
MR: meiotic resumption
MR: Mitotic rate
MR: male recombination
MR: meridional row
MRAF: Medical Record Abstraction Form
MRC: Medical Research Council
MRC: minimal residual clones
MRCA: most recent common ancestor
MRD: measure minimal residual disease
MRD: minimal residual disease
MRD: monitoring of minimal residual disease
MRD: monitor the minimal residual disease
MRD: monitor minimal residual disease
MRD: modified Robbins device
MRD: minimal residual diseases
MRD: monitoring minimal residual disease
MRD: mismatch repair detection
MRD: minimum residual disease
MRD: molecular Minimal residual disease
MRD: measurement of minimal residual disease
MRD: monitored for minimal residual disease
MRD: measurements of minimal residual disease
MRD: Methods of minimal residual disease
MRD: marker of minimal residual disease
MRD: multicystic renal dysplasia
MRDT: mortality rate doubling time
MRE: metal response element
mRE: myb recognition element
MREs: metal regulatory elements
MREs: metal responsive elements
MRFIT: Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial
MRFs: myogenic regulatory factors
MRG: MORF4 related gene
MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: macrocephaly magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: muscle magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: members and magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: magnetic resonance image
MRI: manifestations and magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: months coronal magnetic resonance imaging
MRIII: minimal region III
MRIs: multiple resistance integrons
MRIs: magnetic resonance images
MRL: measured in maximum root length
MRL: Maximum Root Length
MRN: multiacinar regenerative nodules
MROUE: Mental Retardation Of Unknown Etiology
MRP: multidrug resistance protein
Mrp: methionine related protein
MRP: mt ribosomal protein
MRP: mitochondrial ribosomal protein
MRP: mitochondrial RNA processing
MRPs: mitochondrial ribosomal proteins
MRRF: mitochondrial ribosome recycling factor
MRS: Major Repeat Sequence
mrs: multimer resolution system
MRS: magnetic resonance spectroscopy
MRS: mismatch repair system
MRSA: methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
MRSA: multiple resistant Staphylococcus aureus
MRSPs: mapped restriction site polymorphisms
MRT: malignant rhabdoid tumor
MRT: Malignant rhabdoid tumors
MRT: magnetic resonance tomography
MRT: mean residence time
MRTs: malignant rhabdoid tumors
MRTs: Malignant rhabdoid tumours
MS: multiple sclerosis
MS: mass spectrometry
MS: microsatellite shifts
MS: methionine synthase
MS: mutans streptococci
MS: mass spectroscopy
ms: male sterile
MS: mental subnormality
MS: maternal serum
MS: Mycoplasma synoviae
MS: mainstream smoke
MS: model of multiple sclerosis
MS: model for multiple sclerosis
MS: male sterility
MS: mutagen sensitivity
MS: Marfan syndrome
MS: mutational spectra
MS: Meckel syndrome
MS: mass screening
Ms: Manduca sexta
MS: multiplex sibs
MS: Mutator Strain
MS: males of Mutator strain
MS: Maternal sera
MS: multiplex multiple sclerosis
MSA: multiplication stimulating activity
MSA: mutagen sensitivity assay
MSA: multiple system atrophy
MSA: major soluble antigen
MSA: major surface antigen
MSA: mitotic spindle antibodies
MSA: mouse serum albumin
MSAFP: maternal serum alpha fetoprotein
MSAP: Methylation sensitive amplified polymorphism
MSAs: mutagen sensitivity assays
MSAs: multiple system atrophies
MSC: marrow mesenchymal stem cells
MSC: marrow stromal cells
MSC: mesenchymal stem cells
MSCCC: mitotic spindle cell cycle checkpoint
MSCI: meiotic sex chromosome inactivation
MSCI: male meiotic sex chromosome inactivation
MSCs: mechanically stretched chromosomes
MSCs: Multipotential mesenchymal stem cells
MSCs: murine mesenchymal stem cells
MSCV: murine stem cell virus
MSD: multiple sulfatase deficiency
MSD: major splice donor
MSD: multiple sulphatase deficiency
MSE: measured with mean squared error
MSE: mean squared error
MSF: master strain F
MSF: megakaryocyte stimulating factor
MSG: major surface glycoprotein
MSG: middle silk gland
MSGs: major surface glycoproteins
MSH: melanocyte stimulating hormone
MShCG: maternal serum human chorionic gonadotropin
MShCG: maternal serum human chorionic gonadotrophin
MSI: micro satellite instability
MSI: mouse subcutaneous infection
MSL: male specific lethal
MSL: Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis
MSLT: mean sleep latency test
MSLT: Multiple Sleep Latency Test
msm: multiple sugar metabolism
MSMTs: maternal serum marker tests
MSP: methylation specific PCR
MSP: macrophage stimulating protein
MSP: mouse sperm protein
MSP: major sperm protein
msp: major surface protease
MSPs: major sperm proteins
Msr: methionine sulfoxide reductase
MSR: major sequence repeat
MSR: Macrophage scavenger receptors
MsrA: methionine sulfoxide reductase
msrB: methionine sulfoxide reductase
MSRs: multichannel surface recordings
MSS: molecular features from microsatellite stable
MSS: microsatellite stable
MSS: markers were considered microsatellite stable
MSS: maternal serum screening
MSS: Muscular subaortic stenosis
MSS: maternal serum screen
MSS: multiple sclerosis susceptibility
MSSA: MRSA and Staphylococcus aureus
MSSCC: maxillary sinus squamous cell carcinomas
MSSE: multiple squamous epithelioma
MSSE: multiple squamous epitheliomata
MSSG: multiple sclerosis susceptibility gene
MST: median survival time
MST: mean survival time
MSTP: Medical Scientist Training Program
MSTs: mean survival times
MSUD: maple syrup urine disease
MSV: Moloney Sarcoma Virus
MSV: Maize streak virus
MSV: Moloney murine sarcoma virus
MSV: murine sarcoma virus
MT: malignant tumor
MT: monosomic type
MT: maintenance therapy
MT: magnetic tweezers
Mt: microsynteny between Medicago truncatula
Mt: Medicago truncatula
MT: mathematical transformation
MT: micronucleus test
MT: middle T
MT: membrane type
MT: Myoblast transplantation
MT: metastatic tumours
MT: morphologically transformed
MT: Malpighian tubules
Mta: maternally transmitted antigen
MTB: main terminal branch
MTBP: Membrane Telomere Binding Protein
MTC: major translocation cluster
MTC: Medullary thyroid carcinoma
MTC: multiple tissue cDNA
MTC: medullary thyroid cancer
MTC: member had medullary thyroid carcinoma
MTC: metastasized medullary thyroid carcinoma
MTC: medullay thyroid carcinoma
MTCRs: molecularly tagged chromosome regions
MTCs: Medullary thyroid carcinomas
MTCs: medullary thyroid cancers
MTD: Maximum tolerated doses
MTD: maximum tolerated dose
MTD: maximally tolerated dose
MTD: maximal tolerated dose
MTD: Maximum Tolerable Dose
MTE: multiple tissue expression
mtETC: mitochondrial electron transport chain
MTL: mating type locus
mTOR: mammalian target of rapamycin
MTP: minimum tiling path
MTP: Mitochondrial trifunctional protein
mTR: mouse telomerase RNA
mTRFL: mean telomere restriction fragment length
MTS: Muir Torre syndrome
MTSCC: mucinous tubular and carcinoma
MTT: Malignant triton tumors
MTT: methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium
MTT: microculture tetrazolium
MTT: methylthiazol tetrazorium
MTT: Myoblast transfer therapy
MTT: Malignant triton tumor
MTT: methyl thiazol tetrazolium
MTT: model for myoblast transfer therapy
mtTFA: mitochondrial transcription factor A
MTTP: microsomal triglyceride transfer protein
MTTs: malignant triton tumours
Mtv: Mouse mammary tumour viruses
MTV: murine mammary tumor virus
MTV: mean testicular volume
MTV: mammary tumor virus
mu: map units
MU: Marie Unna
mu: mobility unit
MU: methotrexate uridine
MUD: matched unrelated donor
MUHH: Marie Unna hereditary hypotrichosis
MUP: major urinary protein
MUP: mouse major urinary protein
MUPs: Mouse major urinary proteins
MUPs: major urinary proteins
MV: measles virus
MV: mitral valve
MV: membrane vesicles
MV: methyl viologen
mv: myelin vacuolation
MV: membrane vesicle
MV: mechanical ventilation
MVA: mosaic variegated aneuploidy
MVA: motor vehicle accident
MVATs: metacyclic variant antigen types
MVE: Murray Valley encephalitis
MVECs: Multinucleated variant endothelial cells
MVH: Mouse Vasa Homologue
MVP: Mitral valve prolapse
MVP: morphologically mitral valve prolapse
MVR: minisatellite variant repeat
MW: molecular weight
MW: Milky Way
MW: molecular weights
MWA: migraine with aura
MWBCs: mononucleated white blood cells
MWF: Munich Wistar Fromter
mwh: markers multiple wing hairs
mwh: multiple wing hairs
mwh: markers multiple wing hair
mwh: marker multiple wing hairs
MWS: mainstream whole smoke
MY: million years
mya: million years ago
MYBP: million years before present
MYSTIC: Meropenem Yearly Susceptibility Test Information Collection
MZ: marginal zone
MZBCL: Marginal zone B cell lymphoma
MZCL: marginal zone cell lymphoma
MZL: marginal zone lymphomas
MZL: marginal zone lymphoma
MZL: mantle zone lymphoma

Medical Models

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