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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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GA: gallic acid
GA: geographic atrophy
GA: gestational ages
GA: genetic algorithm
GA: gestational age
GA: genetic alterations
GA: genetic algorithms
GA: German Angus
GA: genetic alteration
GA: Gyrate atrophy
GA: gibberellic acid
gA: glycoprotein A
GA: gentic amniocentesis
GA: glutamyl alanine
GAA: galactokinase and acid
GABA: gamma amino butyric acid
GABEB: Generalized atrophic benign epidermolysis bullosa
GAC: group A carbohydrate
GAD: glutamic acid decarboxylase
gad: gracile axonal dystrophy
GAD: genomic activation domain
GAD: giant axonal degeneration
gadd: growth and DNA
GAF: gamma and factor
GALV: Gibbon ape leukemia virus
GALV: Gibbon ape leukemia viruses
GAN: Giant axonal neuropathy
GANTs: GI autonomous nerve tumors
GAP: Genetic Activity Profile
GAP: GTPase activating protein
GAPs: GTPase activating proteins
GAS: group A Streptococcus
GAS: general adaptation syndrome
GAS: group A streptococci
GAS: group A streptococcal
GAS: Genetic Analysis System
GAS: gamma activation site
Gas: growth arrest specific
GASP: Gonococcal Antimicrobial Surveillance Program
GAT: Guerin ascites tumour
GAW: Genetic Analysis Workshop
GAWTS: Genomic amplification with transcript sequencing
gB: glycoprotein B
gB: glycoproteins B
gbb: gene glass bottom boat
GBD: GTPase binding domain
GBE: glycogen branching enzyme
GBM: glomerular basement membrane
GBM: glomerular basement membranes
GBP: glycophorin binding protein
GBR: Great Barrier Reef
GBS: group B streptococcus
GBS: Group B streptococci
GBS: group B streptococcal
GBSSI: granule bound starch synthase I
GC: germinal center
GC: gastric carcinoma
GC: gastric cancer
GC: gliomatosis cerebri
GC: granular component
GC: gastric cancers
GC: gliomatous component
GC: granulosa cell
GC: germinal centers
GC: gas chromatography
GC: generalized chromosome
GC: gel consistency
gC: glycoprotein C
GC: germinal centre
GC: Genetic Code
GC: guanylate cyclase
GC: granulosa cells
gc: Giant cell
GC: gas chromatographic
gC: gene encoding glycoprotein C
GC: granular components
gC: glycoproteins glycoprotein C
GCA: Granular cell astrocytomas
GCA: giant cell arteritis
GCA: guanylyl cyclase A
GCA: gastric cardia adenocarcinoma
GCAP: germ cell alkaline phosphatase
GCBM: glomerular capillary basement membranes
GCC: glassy cell carcinoma
GCCLs: germ cell cancer lines
GCD: granular corneal dystrophy
Gcdh: glutaryl CoA dehydrogenase
GCF: giant cell fibroblastoma
GCL: ganglion cell layers
GCL: ganglion cell layer
Gclc: glutamate cysteine ligase catalytic
gcm: glial cells missing
GCMN: giant congenital melanocytic nevus
GCNF: Germ cell nuclear factor
GCP: Green Colour Pigment
GCPs: genotypic class profiles
GCR: galactic cosmic rays
GCR: global control region
GCR: gross chromosome rearrangements
GCRC: General Clinical Research Center
GCRs: gross chromosomal rearrangements
GCS: glycine cleavage system
GCS: genome conformational state
GCSH: glycine cleavage system
GCT: granulosa cell tumors
GCT: granular cell tumours
GCT: germ cell tumor
GCT: giant cell tumor
GCT: giant cell tumors
GCT: granulosa cell tumor
GCT: gametocyte clearance time
GCTs: Granulosa cell tumors
GCTs: germ cell tumors
GCTs: germa cell tumors
GCTs: germ cell tumours
GCTs: Granular cell tumors
GD: genetic diversity
GD: gene diversity
GD: gestation day
gD: glycoprotein D
GD: Graves disease
GD: gestation days
GD: gametic disequilibrium
GD: Gonadal dysfunction
GD: Gaucher disease
GD: gonadal dysgenesis
GD: gonadal dysgenic
GDB: Genome Data Base
GDC: glycine decarboxylase complex
GDD: gnathodiaphyseal dysplasia
gDGGE: Genomic Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis
GDI: GDP dissociation inhibitor
GDID: genetically determined immune deficiency
GDM: gestational diabetes mellitus
GDRDA: genetically directed representational difference analysis
GDS: Geriatric Depression Scale
GE: garlic extract
GE: genome equivalents
GE: genetic engineering
GE: glandular epithelia
GE: genomic equivalents
gE: glycoprotein E
gE: glycoproteins E
ge: green eye
GEE: generalized estimating equations
GEE: generalized estimating equation
GEMs: genetically engineered microbes
GEMs: genetically engineered microorganisms
GENOA: Genetic Epidemiology Network of Arteriopathy
GENSAT: Gene expression nervous system atlas
GEO: Gene Expression Omnibus
GEP: Gene expression profiling
GER: granular endoplasmic reticulum
GES: gene expression signature
GET: grain endosperm transparency
GF: giant fiber
GF: Gingival fibromatosis
GF: GDNF family
GF: growth factor
GF: growth factors
GF: gene frequency
gF: gene encoding glycoprotein F
gf: germ free
GF: growth fraction
GFA: glial fibrillary acidic
GFAP: glial fibrillary acidic protein
GFAP: glial fibrillary acid protein
GFP: green fluorescent protein
GFP: gene encoding green fluorescent protein
GFP: gene for green fluorescent protein
GFP: green fluorescence protein
GFP: gene or green fluorescence protein
GFP: gene Green fluorescent protein
GFP: glutathione fluorescent protein
GFP: GK1 Green fluolesent protein
GFPs: Green fluorescent proteins
GFR: glomerular filtration rates
GFR: glomerular filtration rate
GFRs: growth factor receptors
GFS: giant fiber system
GG: Glycyrrhiza glabra
gGH: goat growth hormone
GGI: gonococcal genetic island
GGPP: geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate
GGPPS: geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase
GGR: global genomic repair
GGR: global genome repair
GGT: gamma glutamyl transferase
gGT: gamma glutamyl transpeptidase
GGT: gammaglutamyl transferase
GGT: gamma glutamil transferase
GGTP: Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase
GH: growth hormone
Gh: genes encoding growth hormone
GH: growth growth hormone
GH: genetically hypertensive
GH: Genetic haemochromatosis
GH: gene for genetic haemochromatosis
GH: Genetic hemochromatosis
GH: golden hamster
GH: gene encoding growth hormone
gH: glycoprotein H
GH: genes for growth hormone
GHBP: growth hormone binding protein
GHD: growth hormone deficiency
GHE: Golden hamster embryo
GHH: genuine hereditary hydronephrosis
GHMM: Generalized Hidden Markov Model
GHND: growth hormone neurosecretory dysfunction
GHR: Growth hormone receptor
GHRF: growth hormone releasing factor
Ghrfr: growth hormone releasing factor receptor
GHRH: growth hormone releasing hormone
GHRHR: growth hormone releasing hormone receptor
GHS: growth hormone secretagogues
GI: glucose intolerance
GI: genomic imprinting
GI: genomic imbalances
GI: genomic instability
gI: glycoprotein I
GI: growth index
GID: genome interactive databases
GIE: generalised idiopathic epilepsy
GIF: growth inhibitory factor
GIF: gastric intrinsic factor
gIIp: gene II protein
GIM: generalized interval mapping
GIP: Gastric inhibitory polypeptide
GISH: Genomic in situ hybridization
GISH: Genomic in situ hybridisation
GISH: genome in situ hybridization
GJIC: gap junctional intercellular communication
GJIC: Gap junction intercellular communication
GK: Goto Kakizaki
GK: glutamyl kinase
GK: Guanylate kinase
GK: glandular kallikrein
GK: glycerol kinase
GKD: glycerol kinase deficiency
GL: granular lymphocyte
GL: granular lymphocytes
GL: grain length
gL: glycoprotein L
GLA: Grey Lung agent
GLA: gene linkage analysis
gld: generalized lymphadenopathy disease
gld: generalized lymphoproliferative disease
GLM: Generalized Linear Model
GLPD: granular lymphocyte proliferative disorder
GLPD: granular lymphocyte proliferative disorders
GLS: generalized least squares
GM: genetically modified
GM: Glioblastoma multiforme
GM: granulocytic macrophage
gM: glycoprotein M
GM: glioblastomas multiforme
GM: generalized myotonia
GMC: ganglion mother cell
GMG: generalized myasthenia gravis
GMK: grivet monkey kidney
GMM: genetically modified
GMMs: genetically modified microorganisms
GMOs: genetically modified organisms
GMS: genomic mismatch scanning
GNA: Galanthus nivalis agglutinin
gnd: generalized neuroaxonal dystrophy
GNRP: guanine nucleotide releasing protein
GNRP: guanine nucleotide release protein
GO: Glycolate oxidase
GO: Gene ontology
GO: glucose oxidase
GOAT: Genome Organization Analysis Tool
GoM: grade of membership
GOM: granular osmiophilic material
GOT: Glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase
GOT: Glutamate oxalate transaminase
GOTM: glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase
GOTs: glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase
GP: gliomatosis peritonei
GP: globus pallidus
gp: gene product
GP: globular particles
GP: glutathione peroxidase
GP: guinea pig
gp: gene products
GP: galactose permease
GPA: Granuloma Pouch Assay
GPC: grain protein content
GPC: Grain protein concentration
GPC: guinea pig complement
GPCR: G protein coupled receptor
GPCRs: G protein coupled receptors
GPG: green pigment gene
GPI: gene for glucose phosphate isomerase
GPI: glucose phosphate isomerase
GPI: genomic glucose phosphate isomerase
GPI: genes for glucose phosphate isomerase
GPI: gene and glucose phosphate isomerase
GPIC: guinea pig inclusion conjunctivitis
GPLA: guinea pig locus
GPM: giant pigment melanosomes
GPO: Government Pharmaceutical Organization
GPP: generalized pustular psoriasis
gPRA: Generalised progressive retinal atrophy
gpt: guanine phosphoribosyl transferase
GPT: glutamate pyruvate transaminase
GPT: glutamate pyruvate transminase
gpt: gene phosphoribosyl transferase
GQE: good quality embryos
GR: glucocorticoid receptor
GR: glutathione reductase
GR: glucagon receptor
GR: growth retardation
GR: glucocorticoid receptors
GR: germination rate
Gr: gustatory receptor
gr: Guanidine resistance
GR: glucosamine resistant
GRA: genotype representation analysis
GRA: glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronism
GRAS: GnRH receptor activating sequence
GRC: glucocorticoid receptor complex
GRC: glutamine repeat cluster
GRC: glucocorticoid receptor complexes
GRD: GAP related domain
gRDA: genomic representational difference analysis
GRE: glucocorticoids response elements
GRE: glucocorticoid regulatory elements
GRE: glucocorticoid response element
GRE: glucocorticoid responsive element
GRE: glucocorticoid response elements
GRE: glucocorticoid responsive elements
GREs: glucocorticoid responsive elements
GRF: Genetic Risk Factors
GRFI: General regulatory factor I
GRFs: General regulatory factors
GRH: GH releasing hormone
GRK: generalized reconstructed karyotype
GRKs: G receptor kinases
GRL: Gene Resource Locator
GRMD: Golden Retriever muscular dystrophy
GRP: gastrin releasing peptide
GRR: genotype relative risk
GRRs: general genotypic relative risks
GRS: growth rate suppression
GRU: glucocorticoid response unit
GRV: groundnut rosette virus
GS: granulocytic sarcoma
GS: Gleason scores
GS: glutamine synthetase
GS: genotypic studies
GS: guide sequence
GS: Granulocytic sarcomas
GS: Gleason score
GS: Genetic syndromes
GS: Gardner syndrome
GS: Goat serum
GS: Griscelli Syndrome
GS: German Simmental
GS: Gitelman syndrome
GS: genome size
GS: glycogen synthase
GS: Gorlin syndrome
GS: gestational sac
GS: gene for glutamine synthetase
GSC: Genomic Sciences Center
GSC: Genome Sciences Centre
GSC: Group Genomic Sciences Center
GSCs: germline stem cells
GSD: Glycogen storage disease
GSD: genetic sex determination
GSDII: glycogen storage disease type II
GSE: grape seed extract
GSE: gluten sensitive enteropathy
GSEs: grape seed extracts
GSF: Genital skin fibroblast
GSF: genital skin fibroblasts
GSG: genome similarity graph
GSHV: ground squirrel hepatitis virus
GSI: glutamine synthetase I
GSII: glutamine synthetase II
GSL: Genetic Simulation Library
GSMA: Genome Search method
GSP: general secretory pathway
GSP: general secretion pathway
Gsps: general stress proteins
GSPs: grain softness proteins
GSR: gutter shaped root
GSR: glutathione synthetase reductase
GSs: gene signatures
GSS: Genetic sexing strains
GSS: granulomatous slack skin
GSS: gene encoding human glutathione synthetase
GSS: Genomic Sequence Sampling
GSTs: Genomic signature tags
GSTs: genome sequence tags
GT: gene targeting
GT: gene trap
GT: Glanzmann thrombasthenia
GT: gelatinization temperature
gt: Gray tremor
GTA: gene transfer agent
GTD: gestational trophoblastic disease
GTDT: generalized transmission disequilibrium test
GTEC: green tea epicatechin compounds
GTFs: general transcription factors
GTHR: Generalized thyroid hormone resistance
GTHV: green turtle herpesvirus
GTNs: gestational trophoblastic neoplasms
GTP: green tea polyphenols
GTSP: generalized traveling salesman problems
GTT: gestational trophoblastic tumor
GTZ: Gesellschaft Technische Zusammenarbeit
GUI: Graphical User Interface
gum: germ unit malformed
GV: germinal vesicle
GV: grown germinal vesicle
GV: gas vesicles
GV: gamma variable
GV: gas ventilation
GV: grown germinal vesicle
GV: growth velocity
GV: grown ovarian germinal vesicle
GV: germinal vessicle
GV: Gentian violet
GVB: germinal vesicle breakdown
GVBD: germinal vesicle breakdown
GVBD: germinal vesicle break down
GVBD: GV germinal vesicle breakdown
GVHD: graft versus host disease
GVHD: graft vs host disease
GVHD: graft v host disease
GvL: graft versus leukemia
GVNE: germinal vesicle nuclear envelope
GVP: gas vesicle protein
GVT: Germinal vesicle transplantation
GW: gestational weeks
GW: grain width
GW: gestation weeks
GWCF: glass wool column filtration
GWF: glass wool filtration
GWM: Gatersleben wheat microsatellites
GWS: genome wide screens
GWS: Gorkha Welfare Scheme
gX: genes for glycoprotein X
GY: grain yield

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