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     An electronic protocol book with 500 protocols and 100 recipes. A great quick and practical reference for bench scientists as well as for new students.   Get A Copy      A collection of tools frequently used by bench biomedical scientists, ranging from centrifugation force conversion, molecular weight, OD, recipe calculators, to clinical calculators. Include all Primo 3.4, Abie 3.0, Heatmap Viewer, MicroHelper, Godlist Manager, label printing, and grade book.   More info

Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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EA: ellagic acid
EA: Esophageal atresia
EA: ethyl acetate
EA: Ebstein anomaly
EA: Ehrlich ascites
EA: early amniocentesis
EA: EBV early antigens
EA: ethyl acrylate
EA: European Americans
EA: European American
EA: early antigen
EA: endometrial ademocarcinomas
EA: episodic ataxias
EA: episodic ataxia
EA: EBV early antigen
EA: early antigens
EA: EBNA and early antigen
EAA: excitatory amino acid
EAAT: excitatory amino acid transporter
EAC: Ethyl alcohol consumption
EAC: exhaled air condensate
EAC: Ehrlich ascites carcinoma
EAD: EP AChE deficiency
EAD: equivalent acute dose
eADA: erythrocyte adenosine deaminase
EAE: experimental allergic encephalomyelitis
EAE: experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
EAE: etiology of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
EAF: enzyme altered foci
EAF: erythrocyte antigen F
EAF: early antral follicles
EAF: early amniotic fluid
EAF: EPEC adherence factor
EAG: experimental autoimmune gastritis
EAG: Experimental autoimmune glomerulonephritis
EAG: erythrocyte antigen G
EAI: erythrocyte antigen I
EAMG: experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis
EAN: Experimental autoimmune neuritis
EAO: Experimental allergic orchitis
EAP: experimental autoimmune panencephalitis
EARR: External apical root resorption
EARSII: European Atherosclerosis Research Study II
EARSS: European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System
EAS: extended association screen
EAT: Ehrlich ascites tumor
EAT: Ehrlich ascites tumour
EAT: experimental autoimmune thyroiditis
EAT: Ehrlich ascite tumour
EAT: Ehrlich ascites tumors
EATC: Ehrlich ascites tumor cells
EAU: experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis
EAU: easily cause experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis
EAV: Equine arteritis virus
EB: early blight
EB: ethidium bromide
EB: evolutionary breakpoints
EB: Epidermolysis bullosa
EB: embryoid body
EB: expanded blastocysts
EB: embryoid bodies
EB: elementary bodies
EB: erythronolide B
EB: elementary body
EB: Exposure to ethidium bromide
EB: E brachydactyly
EB: Epstein Barr
EB: effect of ethidium bromide
EBA: extrahepatic biliary atresia
ebaf: endometrial bleeding associated factor
EBC: Evolutionary Biology Centre
EBC: Extramedullary blast crisis
EBD: electron beam deposited
EBD: effective biological dose
EBI: European Bioinformatics Institute
EBL: enzootic bovine leukosis
EBM: epidermal basement membrane
EBN: endosperm balance number
EBP: emopamil binding protein
EBS: ets binding site
EBS: Epidermolysis bullosa simplex
EBV: Epstein Barr virus
EBV: established by virus
EBV: estimated breeding values
EC: esophageal cancer
EC: endometrial cancer
EC: enzyme cytochemical
EC: embryonal carcinoma
EC: endometrial carcinoma
EC: enzyme cytochemistry
Ec: Escherichia coli
EC: ethyl carbamate
EC: embryonal carcinomas
EC: Endothelial cells
EC: endothelial cell
EC: event in endometrial cancer
EC: embryonic carcinoma
EC: extremely concordant
Ec: expressed in Escherichia coli
EC: expressed in endothelial cells
EC: European Communities
ECA: enterobacterial common antigen
Eca: Erwinia carotovora atroseptica
ECAC: ectopic chromosome around centrosome
ECB: embryonic chicken brains
ECB: European corn borer
ECBs: extranuclear chromatin bodies
Ecc: Erwinia carotovora carotovora
ecc: Extrachromosomal circular
ecc: Eukaryotic cells contain extrachromosomal circular
ECC: embryonal carcinoma cell
ECCDA: Escherichia coli cytidine deaminase
ECCE: extracapsular cataract extraction
ECCIN: Endocervical columnar cell intraepithelial neoplasia
ECCS: evolutionarily conserved chromosome segments
ECD: endocardial cushion defect
ECDs: equivalent current dipoles
ECE: endothelin converting enzymes
ECF: extended chromatin fibres
ECFs: excess chromosome fragments
ECGF: endothelial cell growth factor
ECGS: endothelial cell growth supplement
ECH: extreme concordant high
ECL: extreme concordant low
ECM: epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis
ECM: enhanced chromosome mobilizing
ECM: experimental cerebral malaria
ECME: early childhood myoclonic epilepsy
ECOG: Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group
ECP: early chronic phase
ECP: eosinophil cationic protein
ECR: extensive chromosome replication
ECR: extragenic control region
ECRs: expanded chromosomal regions
ECRs: evolutionarily conserved regions
ECRs: evolutionary conserved regions
ECRs: expanded chromosome regions
ECS: Extra Capsular Spread
ECS: estrous cow serum
ECUs: evolutionarily conserved units
ED: emergency department
ED: erectile dysfunction
ED: embryonic disc
ED: extreme discordant
ED: epithelial dysplasias
ED: eating disorders
ED: embryonic day
ED: epithelial dysplasia
ED: ectodermal dysplasia
EDC: epidermal differentiation complex
EDC: extensor digitorum communis
edd: eda dehydratase
EDF: extended DNA fibres
EDF: eosinophil differentiation factor
EDFs: extended DNA fibers
EDGP: European Drosophila Genome Project
EDL: extensor digitorum longus
EDMD: expression in muscular dystrophy
EDR: escalating dose regimen
EDR: embryo development rating
EDS: excessive daytime sleepiness
EDS: egg drop syndrome
EDSP: extreme discordant sib pair
EDSPs: extreme discordant sib pairs
EDSS: Expanded Disability Status Scale
EDTA: ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid
EDVI: end diastolic volume index
EE: exudative epidermitis
EE: Ethylmalonic encephalopathy
EE: expansion equivalent
EEC: endometrial epithelial cells
EEC: endogenous erythroid colony
EECs: endogenous erythroid colonies
eed: embryonic ectoderm development
eed: example embryonic ectoderm development
EEL: exchangeable effector locus
EELS: electron energy loss spectroscopy
EEM: exploratory eye movement
EES: Extraskeletal Ewing sarcoma
EES: Extraskeletal sarcoma
EEV: extracellular enveloped virus
EEV: extracellular enveloped virions
EF: encoding elongation factor
EF: edema factor
EF: ejection fraction
EF: environmental factor
EF: elongation factor
EFD: energy flow density
EFP: Elongation factor P
EFS: Event free survival
EFS: extremely favorable survival
EFT: Ewing family tumors
EG: Ester gum
EG: ethylene glycol
EG: embryonic germ
EG: enhanced growth
EGCs: embryonic germ cells
EGEE: Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether
EGF: epidermal growth factor
EGF: either epidermal growth factor
EGF: exogenous epidermal growth factor
EGF: effects of epidermal growth factor
EGF: effect of epidermal growth factor
EGF: exposure to epidermal growth factor
EGF: even with epidermal growth factor
EGF: epithelial growth factor
EGFP: enhanced green fluorescent protein
eGFP: expressed enhanced green fluorescent protein
EGFP: enhanced green fluorescence protein
EGFP: expressing enhanced green fluorescence protein
EGFP: expressing enhanced green fluorescent protein
EGFR: epidermal growth factor receptor
EGFR: epidermal grow factor receptor
EGFR: epithelial growth factor receptor
EGFR: either epidermal growth factor receptor
EGFR: examined epidermal growth factor receptor
EGH: expressive genomic hybridisation
Egh: Erysiphe graminis hordei
EGME: ethylene glycol monomethyl ether
EGR: early growth response
EGV: enhanced growth variant
EH: essential hypertension
EH: epoxide hydrolase
EH: eps15 homology
EH: extremely high
EH: Estimated Haplotype
EH: endometrial hyperplasias
EH: epidermolytic hyperkeratosis
Eh: Entamoeba histolytica
EH: Eclosion hormone
eHCC: early hepatocellular carcinoma
EHF: ETS homologous factor
Ehg: Erwinia herbicola gypsophilae
EHL: epithelial hyperplastic lesions
EHLL: epithelial hyperplastic laryngeal lesions
EHR: embryonic heart rate
EHS: essential hypereosinophilic syndrome
EHT: endogenous hybridization technique
EI: encodes PTS Enzyme I
EI: Epitheliogenesis imperfecta
EI: extrusion index
EI: extensor indicis
EI: energy intake
EI: Enzyme I
EI: endomitotic index
EI: ethylene imine
EIA: enzyme immunometric assays
EIAV: equine infectious anemia virus
EIAV: Equine infectious anaemia virus
EIC: endometrial intraepithelial carcinoma
EIC: extensive intraductal component
EIF: Echogenic intracardiac foci
eIF: eukaryotic initiation factor
EIF: empirical influence function
EII: encodes a Enzyme II
EIM: expression imbalance map
EISAC: extra identified structurally abnormal chromosomes
EISs: epigenetic inheritance systems
EIU: Early Intervention Unit
ejcs: excitatory junctional currents
EJP: excitatory junctional potential
EK: exceptional electrophoretic karyotype
EK: Electrophoretic karyotype
EK: electrophoretic karyotyping
Eks: Elbow knee synostosis
EL: ear length
EL: epidermal lipids
EL: extended life
EL: entity eosinophilic leukaemia
EL: embryo loss
EL: ectopia lentis
EL: either extremely low
EL: East Lansing
EL: existence of eosinophilic leukemia
EL: eosinophilic leukemia
EL: embryonic lethal
ELA: equine leucocyte antigen
elap: eye lens aplasia
elav: embryonic lethal abnormal vision
ELC: expression linked copy
ELD: electric linear dichroism
ELF: extremely low frequency
ELF: exposure to extremely low frequency
ELF: effects of extremely low frequency
ELF: effect of extremely low frequency
ELF: epithelial lining fluid
ELFMFs: extremely low frequency magnetic fields
ELI: extreme longevity index
ELISA: enzyme linked immunosorbent assay
Elo: eye lens obsolescence
ELP: extended longevity phenotype
ELS: extralobar lung sequestration
ELTF: European Lymphoma Task Force
EM: environmental mycobacteria
EM: Embryonic mortality
EM: electron microscopy
EM: Electron microscopic
EM: electron microscope
EM: electrophoretic mobility
EM: expectation maximization
EM: examined by electron microscopy
EM: Electrical myotonia
EM: early menopause
EM: eosinophilic myocarditis
EM: endosperm motif
EM: evaluated using electron microscopy
EM: Electron microscopical
EM: endothelial monocyte
EM: ethyl maleate
EM: expectation maximisation
EMA: epithelial membrane antigen
EMA: express epithelial membrane antigen
EMA: expressed epithelial membrane antigen
EMA: expression of epithelial membrane antigen
EMBL: European Molecular Biology Laboratory
EMBO: European Molecular Biology Organization
EMC: extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma
EMC: extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcomas
EMC: Essential mixed cryoglobulinemia
EMC: Extraskeletal mesenchymal chondrosarcoma
EMC: essential mixed cryoglobulinaemia
EMC: extra minute chromosome
EMCs: Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcomas
EMD: enzymatic mutation detection
EMD: Erythroblastic megakaryocytic dysplasia
EMF: extremely magnetic fields
EMG: early meiotic gene
EMG: experimental myasthenia gravis
EMGM: essential megakaryocytic granulocytic metaplasia
EMIC: Environmental Mutagen Information Center
EMISH: Electron microscopic in situ hybridization
EMK: ethyl methyl ketone
EML: equilibrium mean length
EMPs: epithelial membrane proteins
EMS: ethyl methane sulfonate
EMS: effects of ethyl methane sulphonate
EMS: electrophoretic mobility shift
EMS: ethyl methane sulphonate
EMS: either ethyl methane sulfonate
EMSA: Electrophoretic mobility shift assays
EMSA: electrophoretic mobility shift assay
EMSA: Electrophoretic mobility shift analyses
EMSAs: electrophoretic mobility shift assays
EMT: electron microscope tomography
EN: endemic nephropathy
ENA: extractable nuclear antigens
ENA: extractable nuclear antigen
ENA: examined for extractable nuclear antigen
ENAs: erythrocytic nuclear abnormalities
ENDOR: EPR and electron nuclear double resonance
eNOS: Endothelial nitric oxide synthase
eNOS: expressed endothelial nitric oxide synthase
ENS: enteric nervous system
ENS: enteric nervous systems
ENTs: Equilibrative nucleoside transporters
EO: ethylene oxide
EO: exposed to ethylene oxide
EO: early onset
eo: extra organs
EOC: epithelial ovarian cancer
EOC: epithelial ovarian carcinoma
EOC: expression in epithelial ovarian cancer
EOC: epithelial ovarian cancers
EOC: evolution of epithelial ovarian cancer
EOCA: Early onset cerebellar ataxia
EOCAD: Early onset coronary artery disease
EOCs: epithelial ovarian cancers
EOFAD: early onset familial AD
EOFAD: early onset familial disease
EOM: extractable organic matter
EOP: early onset periodontitis
eop: effecting of plating
EOT: efficiency of transformation
EOTs: epithelial ovarian tumors
EP: etoposide phosphate
EP: effect of extracorporeal photopheresis
EP: endocochlear potential
EP: epileptic patients
EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
EPA: erythroid potentiating activity
EPCR: Endothelial protein C receptor
EPCs: endothelial progenitor cells
EPD: Eukaryotic Promoter Database
EPF: Early pregnancy factor
EPI: extreme physical information
EPP: Erythropoietic protoporphyria
EPPK: Epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma
EPPK: Epidermolytic palmoplantar keratosis
EPR: electronic paramagnetic resonance
EPR: electron paramagnetic resonance
EPS: extracellular protein secretion
Ept: efficient plasmid transformation
EPTs: Endocrine pancreatic tumors
EPTs: endocrine pancreatic tumours
EPTS: extension primer tag selection
ER: estrogen receptor
ER: endoplasmic reticulum
ER: estrogen receptors
ER: enhanced reactivation
ER: enhanced estrogen receptor
ER: embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma
ER: extreme resistance
ER: expressing an estrogen receptor
ER: extension estrogen receptor
ER: exceeding rate
ER: endoplasmic reticula
ER: estradiol receptors
ERB: endogenous radioresistance background
ERBFs: estrogen receptor binding factors
ERCA: exponential rolling circle amplification
erd: early retinal degeneration
ERE: estrogen response element
ERE: estrogen responsive element
ERE: estrogen responsive elements
ERE: estrogen receptor element
ERE: ER to its responsive element
EREs: estrogen response elements
ERGs: early response genes
ERIC: enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus
ERIC: Enteric repetitive intergenic consensus
ERK: extracellular regulated kinase
ERK: extracellular regulatory kinase
erm: erythromycin resistance methylase
ermB: erythromycin ribosomal methylase B
ERP: event related potential
ERPF: effective renal plasma flow
ERR: extreme radiation risk
ERR: extremely restricted region
ERT: enzyme replacement therapy
ERT: estrogen replacement therapy
ERU: estrogen responsive unit
ES: embryonic stem
ES: effects in embryonic stem
ES: Ewing sarcoma
ES: Ewing sarcomas
ES: examined mouse embryonic stem
ES: expression site
ES: expression in embryonic stem
ES: experiments with embryonic stem
es: external sensory
ES: engineering in embryonic stem
ES: electroporation of embryonic stem
ES: eight sarcomas
ES: elongating spermatids
ES: established sarcoma
ES: expressed in embryonic stem
ES: establish embryonic stem
ES: Elejalde Syndrome
ES: embryos and embryonic stem
ES: extra signal
ES: excised for embryonic stem
ES: established embryonic stem
ES: external spacer
ES: Existing embryonic stem
ESA: epidermal surface antigen
ESA: epididymal sperm aneuploidy
ESAC: extra structurally abnormal chromosome
ESAC: extra structually abnormal chromosome
ESAC: extra supernumerary abnormal chromosomes
ESACs: Extra structurally abnormal chromosomes
ESAs: epidermal surface antigens
ESC: Extra Sex Combs
ESCC: esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
ESCC: esophageal squamous cell cancer
ESCCs: esophageal squamous cell carcinomas
ESCE: entangled solution capillary electrophoresis
ESCs: embryonic stem cells
ESE: exonic splicing enhancer
ESE: exonic splicing enhancers
ESE: exon splicing enhancer
ESI: Electron Spectroscopic Imaging
ESP: End Sequence Profiling
ESP: Equatorial segment protein
ESP: extreme sib pairs
ESR: elevated erythrocyte sedimentatin rate
ESR: Electron spin resonance
ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate
ESR: electronic spin resonance
ESR: examination revealed erythrocyte sedimentation rate
ESRD: end stage renal disease
ESS: eleven endometrial stromal sarcomas
ESS: endometrial stroma sarcoma
ESS: endometrial stromal sarcomas
ESS: endometrial stromal sarcoma
ESs: expression sites
ESS: expressed sequence selection
ESS: Evolutionarily Stable Strategy
ESSA: European Scientist Sequencing Arabidopsis
ESSs: Endometrial stromal sarcomas
EST: expressed sequence tag
EST: expanding expressed sequence tag
EST: expressed sequence tagged
EST: expressed sequenced tag
EST: expression expressed sequence tag
EST: Ever Shorter Telomere
EST: exact expressed sequence tag
EST: extensively for expressed sequence tag
EST: Each human expressed sequence tag
EST: eight expressed sequence tag
ESTP: expressed sequence tag polymorphism
ESTPs: evaluated 90 expressed sequence tag polymorphisms
ESTs: Expressed sequence tags
ESTs: expression sequence tags
ESTs: expressed sequenced tags
ESTs: expression of expressed sequence tags
ESTs: expressed tagged sequences
ESTs: expressed sequences tags
ESTs: entries of expressed sequence tags
ESTs: endodermal sinus tumors
ESTs: established using expressed sequence tags
ESTs: expressed sequence tagged sites
ESVI: end systolic volume index
ESWL: extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
ET: essential thrombocythemia
ET: Ewing tumors
ET: essential thrombocythaemia
ET: eustachian tube
ET: electrophoretic types
ET: embryo transfer
ET: essential thrombocytosis
ET: exfoliative toxin
ET: EWS in Ewing tumors
ET: essential trombocythaemias
ET: Ewing tumours
ET: essential thrombocytopenia
ET: Enhanced transformation
ET: enzyme electrophoretic type
ET: essential tremor
ET: Ewing tumor
ET: evolved from essential thrombocythemia
Et: elimination test
ET: Edwardsiella tarda
ET: energy transfer
ET: essential thrombocytemia
ET: Ewing tumour
ET: Embryo transfers
ETA: Exfoliative toxin A
ETD: evidence eye tracking dysfunction
ETDT: extended transmission disequilibrium test
ETDT: extended transmission disequilibrium tests
ETDT: extended transmission disequilibrium testing
ETEP: Early Pregnancy
ETF: embryonic TEA factor
ETF: electron transfer flavoprotein
ETF: electron transfer flavoproteins
ETH: Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule
ETHZ: Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich
ETIC: endemic Tyrolean infantile cirrhosis
ETL: economic trait loci
ETL: economic trait locus
ETOP: elective terminations of pregnancy
ETR: effective thyroxine ratios
ETS: exposure to environmental tobacco smoke
ETS: environmental tobacco smoke
ETS: external transcribed spacer
ETS: externally transcribed spacer
ETS: effect of elevated temperature shocks
EU: European Union
EURT: East Ural radioactive track
EURT: Eastern Urals radioactive track
EV: epidermodysplasia verruciformis
EV: Evidence Viewer
EV: epidermodysplasia verucciformis
ev: endogenous viral
EV: endogenous viruses
EVA: Enlarged vestibular aqueduct
EVO: Exxon Valdez oil
EVOS: Exxon Valdez oil spill
EVS: Environmental Vulnerability Scores
EW: Egg weight
EWBD: equivalent whole body dose
EY: egg yolk

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