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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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CFC: colony forming cell
CFC: continuous flow centrifugation
CFE: colony forming efficiency
CFF: cystic fibrosis factor
CFH: complement factor H
Cfi: chalcone flavonone isomerase
CFLP: cleavase fragment length polymorphism
CFMI: cystic fibrosis mucociliary inhibitor
CfMNPV: Choristoneura fumiferana multinucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus
CFN: clumping factor negative
CFP: cyan fluorescent protein
cfpA: cytoplasmic filament protein
CFPs: culture filtrate proteins
CFS: circulation by charge flow separation
CFS: contained chromosomal fusion substance
CFS: common fragile site
CFS: congenital fibrosis syndromes
CFS: cancer family syndrome
CFS: chromosome fragile sites
CFSs: common fragile sites
CFSs: containing human common fragile sites
CFSs: chromosomal common fragile sites
cFSs: chromosome constitutive fragile sites
CFTD: congenital fiber type disproportion
CFTR: cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator
CFU: colony forming units
cfu: colony forming unit
CFV: chromosome fragmentation vector
CFVs: Chromosome fragmentation vectors
CG: cathepsin G
CG: cell growth
Cg: Crassostrea gigas
CG: complementation group
CG: chorionic gonadotropin
CG: control group
CG: cortical granule
CG: cortical granules
CG: changes of chronic gastritis
CG: controlling callus growth
CG: ciliary ganglion
CG: Celera Genomics
CG: Comparative Genometrics
CG: closely related chorionic gonadotropin
CGA: chorionic gonadotropin alpha
CGAP: Cancer Genome Anatomy Project
CGAT: chromaffin granule amine transporter
CGC: composite gene combination
CGCL: central giant cell lesion
CGCs: cultures of cerebellar granule cells
CGCT: cultured cerebral germ cell tumor
CGD: chronic granulomatous disease
CGD: children with chronic granulomatous disease
CGD: cases of chronic granulomatous disease
CGD: causing chronic granulomatous disease
CGD: case of chronic granulomatous disease
CGD: Carriers for chronic granulomatous disease
CGE: conventional gel electrophoresis
CGE: capillary gel electrophoresis
CGE: cortical granule exocytosis
CGF: cytokine growth factors
CGFs: candidate gene fragments
CGH: comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cases using comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: comparative genomic hybridisation
CGH: Chromosomal comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: Conventional comparative genomic hybridisation
CGH: conversion comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: changes on comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: changes by comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: compared the Comparative Genomic Hybridization
CGH: compared using comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: carried out comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: combined comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: Comparative Genome Hybridization
CGH: cytogenetic and comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: conventional comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: compare comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: combination of comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: chemoresistant Comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cell Comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: contribution of comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: combination with comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cytogenetic and comparative genomic hybridisation
CGH: cancer using comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cancer by comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: carcinomas by comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: combining comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: characterized by comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: comparative genome hybridisation
CGH: cytometry and comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cytogentics comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: conducted comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: colitis by comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: changes comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: carcinomas using comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: clinical Comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: comparative gene hybridization
CGH: comparative genetic hybridisation
CGH: competitive genomic hybridization
CGH: Concomitantly comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: changes by comparative genomic hybridisation
CGH: changes using comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cancers using comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: comparative genetic hybridization
CGH: cytogenetics comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: CLL using comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cytogenetics and comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cases by comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: critical Comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cancers by comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cultures by comparative genomic hybridisation
CGH: cytogenetic genomic hybridization
CGH: CLL comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: called comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: comparative genomic hybridazation
CGH: carry out comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: confirmed by comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: chromosomes by comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: changes using comparative genome hybridization
CGH: chromosome Comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cytogenetic comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: cytogenetic comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: chromomycin Comparative genomic hybridization
CGH: Chromosome specific comparative genome hybridisation
CGH: Congenital generalized hypertrichosis
CGHa: comparative genomic hybridization
CGHa: comparative genomic hybridization arrays
CGI: contrast gradient index
CGI: Clinical Global Impression
cGISH: Comparative genomic in situ hybridization
CGKD: Complex glycerol kinase deficiency
CGL: chronic granulocytic leukemia
CGL: chronic granulocytic leukaemia
CGL: cases of chronic granulocytic leukemia
CGL: cells in chronic granulocytic leukemia
CGL: classical chronic granulocytic leukaemia
CGL: Congenital generalized lipodystrophy
CGL: candidate gene loci
CGL: cholinergic gene locus
CGL: chromosome chronic granulocytic leukemia
CGL: cases of chronic granulocytic leukaemia
CGL: crisis of chronic granulocytic leukemia
CGL: characteristic of chronic granulocytic leukemia
CGL: cure chronic granulocytic leukemia
CGL: chromosome chronic granulocytic leukaemia
CGL: chromosome positive chronic granulocytic leukaemia
CGL: chronic granulocytic leukemic
CGL: chronic granuclotyci leukaemia
CGL: case of chronic granulocytic leukemia
CGLv: corpus geniculatum laterale
CGMA: called comparative genomic microarray analysis
cGMP: cyclic guanosine monophosphate
CGN: Cerebellar granule neurons
CGRE: conserved GATA3 response element
CGRP: calcitonin gene related peptides
CGRP: calcitonin gene related peptide
CGS: Contiguous gene syndromes
CGT: cell generation time
cGVHD: chronic graft versus host disease
CH: centrosome hyperamplification
CH: compounds chloral hydrate
CH: cystic hygroma
CH: Chinese hamsters
ch: congenital hydrocephalus
CH: chloral hydrate
CH: constitutive heterochromatin
CH: congenital hypothyroidism
CH: children with congenital hydrocephalus
CH: cerebral hemispheres
CH: congenital hydronephrosis
CH: Chinese hamster
CH: Cluster headache
CH: cause of congenital hypothyroidism
CH: chronic hepatitis
CH: calponin homology
CH: cuticular hydrocarbon
CH: coloration and constitutive heterochromatin
CH: constitutive heterocharomatin
CH: contact hypersensitivity
CH: cytogenetic heteromorphisms
CH: cerebellar hemangioblastoma
CH: centromeric heterochromatin
CHA: congenital hypoplastic anemia
CHB: chronic hepatitis B
CHB: congenital heart block
CHC: chronic hepatitis C
CHC: clathrin heavy chain
CHD: congenital heart disease
CHD: coronary heart disease
CHD: complex congenital heart disease
CHD: Complex congenital heart defects
CHD: congenital heart defect
CHD: confirmed premature coronary heart disease
CHD: children with congenital heart disease
CHD: clinical Congenital heart defects
CHD: cause of congenital heart disease
CHD: common being congenital heart defects
CHD: children with congenital heart defects
CHDH: congenital heart disease history
CHDs: congenital heart diseases
CHDs: congenital heart defects
CHDs: congenital heart disorders
CHDs: conotruncal heart defects
CHE: Chinese hamster embryo
CHE: Chinese hamster embryonic
CHE: chromosomes of Chinese hamster embryo
CHE: chromosome of Chinese hamster embryo
CHED: Chinese hamster embryonic diploid
CHED: congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophies
CHED: Congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy
CHED: Congenital heredity endothelial dystrophy
CHEF: Contour clamped homogeneous electric field
CHEF: clamped homogeneous electric fields
CHEF: contour clamped homogenous electrophoresis
CHEF: Clamped homogenous electric fields
CHEF: clamped homogeneous electric field
CHEF: Chinese hamster embryo fibroblastic
CHEF: Chinese hamster embryo fibroblast
CHEF: Chinese hamster embryonic fibroblast
CHEF: Chinese hamster embryonal fibroblast
CHEL: Chinese hamster epithelial liver
CHF: core histone fold
CHF: Congestive heart failure
CHF: chromosome healing factor
CHH: crustacean hyperglycemic hormone
CHI: congenital hydrocephalus internus
Chk: Csk homologous kinase
CHK: Chinese hamster kidney
CHL: Chinese hamster lung
cHL: classical Hodgkin lymphoma
CHL: cultured Chinese hamster lung
CHL: compared between Chinese hamster lung
cHL: Classic Hodgkin lymphoma
cHL: cells of classical Hodgkin lymphoma
CHL: conditions using Chinese hamster lung
CHL: cultures of Chinese hamster lung
CHL: clastogenic to Chinese hamster lung
CHLC: Collaborative Human Linkage Center
CHLC: Cooperative Human Linkage Center
cHLs: classical Hodgkin lymphomas
CHM: complete hydatidiform mole
CHM: complete hydatidiform moles
CHM: congenital heart malformation
CHM: cases of complete hydatidiform mole
CHN: Chinese herb nephropathy
CHN: consistent with congenital hypomyelination neuropathy
CHO: Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: Cultures of Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: cultured Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: cells Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: Chinese hamster over
CHO: clastogenicity in Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: Chinese hamster ovarian
CHO: cycle of Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: cytotoxicity to Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: chromosome Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: comparisons between Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: carrying the Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: cocultivation with Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: chromosomes of Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: cDNAs in Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: chromatin in Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: clastogenic in Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: caffeine using Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: condensation Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: cycle in Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: cycle synchronized Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: cells and Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: complexes of Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: cell and Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: Characterization of Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: chemicals in Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: compared in Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: chick hamster ovary
CHO: CHIP in Chinese hamster ovary
CHO: Chinesee hamster ovary
CHR: complete hematological remission
CHR: complete haematologic remission
CHR: complete hematologic responses
CHR: complete hematologic response
CHR: complete haematological response
CHR: complete hematological response
CHR: complete hematologic remission
CHRs: complete hematologic responses
CHU: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire
CHU: Clinique Centre Hospitalier Universitaire
CHUV: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois
CI: competitive index
CI: chromosomal imbalances
CI: composed of chromosomes I
CI: chromosomal instability
CI: confidence interval
CI: cent confidence interval
CI: chromosome instability
CI: chromosome index
CI: cephalic index
CI: centromeric index
CI: Cardiac involvement
Ci: Cubitus interruptus
CI: Cytoplasmic incompatibility
CI: candidates for cerebral infarction
CI: cerebral infarction
CI: cases identified chromosome imbalances
CI: confidence intervals
CI: cortical index
Ci: Coccidioides immitis
CI: continuous infusion
CI: circular intermediate
CI: Contact images
CIA: collagen induced arthritis
CIAs: chromosomal imbalance aberrations
CIBD: chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
CIC: circulating immune complexes
CICs: compaction initiation centers
CID: CBP interaction domain
CID: combined immunodeficiency disease
ciD: cubitus interruptus Dominant
CID: cytidine induction defective
CID: combined immune deficiency
CIDI: Composite International Diagnostic Interview
CIDP: chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
CIDs: chromosome integrity determinants
CIDS: circular intensity differential scattering
cIF: cytoplasmic intermediate filament
CIFA: conditional intergenic functional association
CIICR: class II cytokine receptor
CIIP: chronic idiopathic intestinal
CIIP: chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudoobstruction
CIITA: complex class II transactivator
CILP: cartilage intermediate layer protein
CIM: composite interval mapping
CIM: compared using composite interval mapping
cim: class I modification
cim: case of class I modification
CIM: cofactors in composite interval mapping
CIM: code for cellular interaction molecules
CIMP: CpG islands methylated phenotype
CIMP: CpG island methylator phenotype
CIN: cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
CIN: cervical intraepithelial neoplasias
CIN: cases of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
CIN: Chronic idiopathic neutropenia
CIN: cervical intraepithelial neoplasm
CIN: cancer cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
CIN: conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia
CIN: cervix and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
CIN: comprised cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
CINs: cervical intraepithelial neoplasias
CIPA: carcinomas in pleomorphic adenoma
CIPD: chronic inflammatory proliferative diseases
CIR: Cosmetic Ingredient Review
CIR: contrast improvement ratio
CIS: common integration sites
Cis: carcinoma in situ
CIS: cell carcinoma in situ
CIS: carcinoma is situ
CIS: constitution of carcinoma in situ
CIS: cases of carcinoma in situ
CIS: called carcinoma in situ
CIS: carcinoma carcinoma in situ
CIS: cancer in situ
CIS: carcinomas in situ
CISH: chromosome in situ hybridisation
CISH: chromosome in situ hybridization
CISH: chromosomal in situ hybridization
CISH: chromogenic in situ hybridisation
CISH: Chromogenic in situ hybridization
CISH: chromogen in situ hybridization
CISH: competitive in situ hybridization
CISs: common insertion sites
CISS: Chromosomal in situ suppression
CISS: competitive in situ suppression
CISS: contrast chromosomal in situ suppression
CISS: chromosome in situ suppression
CISs: chromosome instability syndromes
CIT: crypt isolation technique
CIV: Chilo iridescent virus
CJ: cytochalasin J
Cj: cloned from Campylobacter jejuni
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