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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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TSC: tuberous sclerosis complex
TSC: total serum cholesterol
TSC: SNP consortium
TSC: thymic stromal cells
TSC: telomeric structural changes
TSC: tobacco smoke condensate
TSD: Tumorous shoot development
TSDISH: Tissue subtraction DNA in situ hybridization
TSE: transmissible spongiform encephalopathy
TSEs: transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
TSEs: transmissible spongiform encephalopaties
TSEs: human transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
TsF: T suppressor factors
TSF: soluble factor
TSG: tumor suppressor genes
TSG: tumor suppressor gene
TSG: tumour suppressor gene
TSG: tumour suppressor genes
TSG: target tumor suppressor gene
TSG: VHL tumor suppressor gene
TSG: known tumour suppressor genes
TSG: tumor supressor gene
TSG: major tumor suppressor gene
TSG: known tumour suppressor gene
TSG: RASSF1A tumor suppressor gene
TSG: TP53 tumor suppressor gene
TSG: a tumor suppressor gene
TSG: putative tumor suppressor genes
TSG: harbour tumour suppressor genes
TSG: than tumour suppressor gene
TSG: tentative meningioma tumour suppressor gene
TSGs: tumor suppressor genes
TSGs: other tumor suppressor genes
TSGs: investigate tumor suppressor genes
TSGs: tumor susceptibility genes
TSGs: candidate tumor suppressor genes
TSGs: two tumor suppressor genes
TSH: thyroid stimulating hormone
TSHB: thyroid stimulating hormone
Tshr: thyroid stimulating hormone receptor
TSI: triple sugar iron
tsl: temperature sensitive lethal
TSLP: termed thymic stromal lymphopoietin
TSLP: murine thymic stromal lymphopoietin
TSLP: thymic stromal lymphopoietin
TSLPR: thymic stromal lymphopoietin receptor
TSM: transaortic subvalvular myectomy
TSN: Surveillance Network
TSN: The Surveillance Network
TSNA: tobacco specific nitrosamines
tsp: transcription start point
tsp: two major transcription start positions
tsp: transcription start points
tsp: major transcription start point
tsp: the transcription start point
TSP: Traveling salesman problems
tsp: the transcriptional start point
TSP: traveling salesman problem
TSP: travelling salesman problem
TSP: the traveling salesman problem
TSP: total suspended particulates
tsp: transcriptional start point
tsp: two putative transcription start points
tsp: Two different transcriptional start points
tsp: same position
TSPs: three transcriptional start points
TSPs: transcriptional start points
TSPY: testis specific protein
TSPY: transcribed testis specific protein
TSRs: telomeric staining regions
TSS: transcriptional start site
TSS: severe toxic shock syndrome
tss: transcription start sites
TSS: toxic shock syndrome
TSS: transcription start site
TSS: TIF1 signature sequence
TSSs: transcription start sites
TSST: toxic shock syndrome toxin
TST: tail suspension test
tst: toxic shock toxin
tst: toxic shock syndrome toxin
TST: the tetra span transmembrane
TSTA: transplantation antigen
Tsv: tail short variable
TSW: tannery solid waste
TSWV: Tospovirus Tomato spotted wilt virus
TSWV: tomato spotted wilt virus
TT: testicular tumors
TT: trisomic type
TT: tetanus toxoid
TT: the type
TT: those with terminal transverse
tTA: transcriptional activator
TTC: triple test cross
TTF: transcription termination factor
TTF: time to treatment failure
TTF: thyroid transcription factor
TTFC: tetanus toxin fragment C
TTL: Tubulin tyrosine ligase
TTM: total tumor mass
TTM: tergotrochanteral muscles
TTNs: toxic thyroid nodules
TTP: thrombocytopenic purpura
TTP: time to progression
TTP: Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
TTPA: transfer protein
tTS: tetracycline controlled transcriptional silencers
TTS: triangle test statistic
TTSSs: two type III secretion systems
TTTS: transfusion syndrome
TTY: total tuber yield
TU: transcription unit
TU: term transcription unit
TUCH: Turku University Central Hospital
TUF: Target Unmasking Fluid
TUM: Tierzucht Technische Universitat Munchen
TUNEL: terminal UdTP nuclear end labelling
TUNEL: terminal uridine nucleotide end labeling
tus: termination utilization substance
Tv: tumor volume
TV: than tricuspid valve
TV: targeting vector
Tv: Trametes villosa
Tv: Trametes versicolor
TV: tularemia vaccine
TVA: total vascular area
TVPM: tensor veli palatini muscle
TVT: Ten canine transmissible venereal tumour
TVT: transmissible venereal tumor
TW: traits test weight
TW: tumor weight
TWA: Time Weighted Average
TWA: timed weighted average
TWGDAM: Technical Working Group DNA Analysis Methods
TY: tomato YAC
TYLCSV: Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus
TYLCV: Tomato yellow leaf curl virus
TZ: transition zone
TZ: transitional zone
Tzfp: testis zinc finger protein
UA: umbilical artery
UA: uterine artery
UA: uranyl acetate
UACL: ulcer associated cell lineage
UAE: United Arab Emirates
UAE: urinary albumin excretion
UAF: upstream activation factor
UAN: Uric acid nephrolithiasis
UAO: upper airway obstruction
UAPI: umbilical artery pulsatility index
UAS: upstream activator site
UAS: upstream activating sequence
UAS: upstream activation sites
UAS: upstream activator sequence
UAS: upstream activation sequences
UAS: upstream activation site
UAS: upstream activating sequences
UASG: upstream activation sequence
UASM: upstream activation site
UASR: unbalanced autosomal structural rearrangement
UASs: upstream activator sequences
UAT: upper aerodigestive tract
UAVP: urinary arginine vasopressin
UBF: upstream binding factor
UBF: upstream binding factors
UC: ulcerative colitis
UC: unselected cell
UC: urothelial carcinoma
UC: undifferentiated carcinoma
UC: urothelial cancers
UC: uterine capacity
UC: urea cycle
Uc: unstable chromosome
UCACRC: ulcerative CRC
UCB: umbilical cord blood
UCC: urothelial cell carcinoma
UCD: umbilical cord diameter
UCH: University College Hospital
UCL: University College London
UCMD: Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy
UCMPD: undifferentiated chronic myeloproliferative disease
UCPs: untreated cancer patients
UCR: upstream control region
UCS: upstream conserved sequence
UCTD: undifferentiated connective tissue disease
UDA: unsaturated digalacturonic acid
UDG: uses human uracil DNA glycosylase
UDG: uracil DNA glycosylase
UDH: Usual ductal hyperplasia
UDS: Unscheduled DNA synthesis
UDS: using the unscheduled DNA synthesis
UE: unconjugated estriol
ue: upstream element
UECs: urine ethanol concentrations
UEP: unit evolutionary period
UEPs: unique event polymorphisms
UES: Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma
Ufo: Ultra female overexpression
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