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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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TDF: testicular determination factor
TDF: testis determining factor
TDF: mammalian testis determining factor
TDF: primary testis determining factor
TDF: elusive testis determining factor
TDF: a testis determining factor
TDF: prodrug tenofovir disoproxil fumarate
TDG: thymine DNA glycosylase
TDGF: teratocarcinoma derived growth factor
TDH: thermostable direct hemolysin
TDH: the thermostable direct hemolysin
tdh: thermostable direct haemolysin
TDL: thoracic duct lymphocytes
TDLUs: terminal duct lobular units
TDLUs: terminal ductal lobular units
TDMA: time division multiple access
TdP: torsades de pointes
TDR: typically deleted region
TDR: telomerase deletion response
tDS: translocation Down syndrome
TDT: Transmission Disequilibrium Test
TdT: terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase
TDT: transmission disequilibrium tests
TDT: total Transmission disequilibrium testing
TdT: terminal deoxynucleotide transferease
TDT: transmission disequilibrium testing
TdT: terminal deoxynucleotide transferase
TdT: terminal deoxyribonucleotidyl transferase
TDT: Then transmission disequilibrium test
TDT: robust transmission disequilibrium test
TDT: the transmission disequilibrium test
TDT: original transmission disequilibrium test
TdT: terminal deoxynucleodidyl transferase
TdT: enzyme terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase
TdT: tested for terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase
TdTA: terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase assay
TDTs: transmission disequilibrium tests
Tdy: the domesticus Y
TE: transposable element
TE: treatment induces thymic epithelial
TE: transposable elements
TE: transcriptionally active transposable element
TE: transpiration efficiency
TE: thymic epithelial
TE: testosterone enanthate
TE: transposing element
TE: transducing elements
TEA: T early alpha
TEC: thickened endothecium cell
TEC: typical endothelial cell
TEC: thymic epithelial cell
TEC: total economic cost
TECs: thymic epithelial cells
TEF: thyrotroph embryonic factor
TEGT: testis enhanced gene transcript
TEL: translocation E26 leukaemia
TEL: transcription Translocated ETS leukemia
TEM: transmission electron microscopy
TEM: transmission electron microscope
TEM: transmission electron microscopic
TEM: routine transmission electron microscopy
TEM: treated Transmission electronic microscopy
TEM: transgenic Transmission electron microscope
TEM: transmission electron micrographs
TEN: Toxic epidermal necrolysis
TENORM: technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material
TEOAE: transient evoked otoacoustic emissions
TEPC: Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter
TER: transepithelial electrical resistance
TESE: testicular sperm extraction
TESE: testes testicular sperm extraction
TESE: testis sperm extraction
TESE: treated using testicular sperm extraction
tET: transformation of essential thrombocythemia
Tetr: tetracycline resistance
TEV: tobacco etch virus
TEV: Two selectable tobacco etch virus
TF: Transcription factor
TF: transcription factors
TF: tissue factor
TF: Testicular Feminization
TFAM: transcription factor A
TFB: transcription factor B
TFBS: transcription factor binding sites
TFBS: transcription factor binding site
TFBSs: transcription factor binding sites
TFCC: triangular fibrocartilage complex
tFCI: transient focal cerebral ischemia
TFD: fusion domain
TFF: Trefoil factor family
TFIIH: transcription factor II H
tfm: testicular feminization mutant
Tfm: testicular feminization mutation
TFO: triplex forming oligonucleotide
TFOs: Triplex forming oligonucleotides
TFPI: tissue factor pathway inhibitor
TFRC: total finger ridge count
TFS: Tumor fragment spheroids
TFTs: thyroid function tests
TFW: trophic factor withdrawal
Tg: thymine glycol
TG: trigeminal ganglia
TG: tumor group
Tg: transforming gene
Tg: Tg gene
TGA: transposition of the great arteries
TGC: trophoblast giant cells
TGCs: trophoblast giant cells
TGCT: testicular germ cell tumor
TGCT: testicular germ cell tumours
TGCT: Tenosynovial giant cell tumor
TGCT: testicular germ cell tumour
TGCTs: testicular germ cell tumors
TGCTs: other testicular germ cell tumors
TGDD: targeted genomic differential display
TGE: transposable genetic elements
TGF: the transforming growth factor
TGF: transforming growth factor
TGFA: transforming growth factor alpha
TGFs: transforming growth factors
TGGE: temperature gradient gel electrophoresis
TGMS: thermosensitive genic male sterility
TGMV: tomato golden mosaic virus
TGR: Targeted gene replacement
TGS: transcriptional gene silencing
TGS: transcription Transcriptional gene silencing
TH: Tyrosine Hydroxylase
Th: T helper
TH: true hermaphrodites
TH: transcription of tyrosine hydroxylase
TH: True hermaphroditism
TH: thyroid hormone
Th: mouse tyrosine hydroxylase
TH: Tec homology
TH: true hermaphrodite
TH: rat tyrosine hydroxylase
Th: these pathogenic T helper
TH: total histone
TH: three true hermaphroditism
TH: total histones
Th: become T helper
THB: Todd Hewitt broth
THBP: Thyroid hormone binding protein
THC: transplantable hepatocellular carcinomas
THC: transplantable hepatocellular carcinoma
THD: Toll homology domain
THE: human element
THE: the human element
THEG: testicular haploid expressed gene
THETC: transformed human embryonic tendon cells
THF: terminase host factor
THH: Tripterygium hypoglaucum hutch
thid: T helper immunodeficiency
THR: total hip replacement
THR: thyroid hormone receptor
TI: transcriptional interference
TI: purified trypsin inhibitor
TI: type I
TI: telophase I
TI: highest therapeutic index
TIAs: transient ischemic attacks
TIBC: total iron binding capacity
TIE: thyroid transcription inhibitory element
TIF: thermal intensification factor
TIF: transcription initiation factor
TIFs: transcriptional intermediary factors
TIG: Tungsten Inert Gas
TII: telophase II
TII: type II
TILs: tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
TIME: Toddler Infant Motor Evaluation
TIMs: Translocators of the Inner Membrane
TIN: testicular intraepithelial neoplasia
TIOD: total iodide organification defect
TIP: tonoplast intrinsic protein
TIQ: total intelligence quotient
TIR: translation initiation region
Tir: type translocated intimin receptor
Tir: translocated intimin receptor
TIR: the terminal inverted repeat
Tir: Translocated intimin receptors
TIR: Toll interleukin receptor
TIR: terminal inverted repeat
TIREs: Transposable and interspersed repetitive elements
TIRs: terminal inverted repeats
TIRs: chromosomal terminal inverted repeats
TIRs: translation initiation regions
TIRs: transposons without terminal inverted repeats
TIRs: terminal inverted repeats sequences
TIRs: translational initiation regions
TIS: transcription initiation site
TIS: translation initiation site
TISS: Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System
TIT: triple intrathecal therapy
TJL: Jackson Laboratory
Tk: thymidine kinase
TK: tyrosine kinase
TK: autosomal thymidine kinase
TK: RET tyrosine kinase
TK: heterozygous thymidine kinase
TK: herpesvirus thymidine kinase
tk: tail kinks
tk: herpes thymidine kinase
TK: the thymidine kinase
TK: TRKC are tyrosine kinases
TK: catalytic tyrosine kinase
TK: downregulate thymidine kinase
tk: endogenous thymidine kinase
TK: murine thymidine kinase
TK: HSV thymidine kinase
TK: confer thymidine kinase
TK: quiescent thymidine kinase
tk: human thymidine kinase
TK: triseriatus Kramer
TK: internal thymidine kinase
tk: type 1 thymidine kinase
tk: multiple thymidine kinase
tk: syntenic thymidine kinase
tk: chicken thymidine kinase
TK: transformation under thymidine kinase
TK: enzymes thymidine kinase
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