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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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SU: shortening unit
Su: Sc and Saccharomyces uvarum
SUA: single umbilical artery
SUA: single umbilical arteries
SUD: substance use disorders
SUEHGR: sea urchin early histone gene repeat
sur: sis upstream region
SUV: small unilamellar vesicles
SV: stroke volume
SV: single ventricle
SV: simian virus
SV: sex vesicle
SV: simple virilizing
SV: stria vascularis
Sv: Streptomyces virginiae
SV: Sindbis virus
SVAT: synaptic vesicle amine transporter
SVD: snowflake vitreoretinal degeneration
SVDV: swine vesicular disease virus
SVE: subcortical vascular encephalopathy
SVG: scalable vector graphics
SVM: support vector machine
SVMs: Support Vector Machines
SVMT: synaptic vesicle monoamine transporter
SVPs: Seminal vesicle proteins
SVR: short variable region
svs: seminal vesicle shape
SVV: simian varicella virus
SW: spike waves
sWGA: succinylated wheat germ agglutinin
SWV: studied by square wave voltammetry
SYNV: sonchus yellow net virus
SZP: superficial zone protein
TA: telomerase activity
TA: Telomeric association
TA: tricuspid atresia
TA: truncus arteriosus
TA: telomere association
TA: Trichostatin A
TA: tumors telomerase activation
TA: tibialis anterior
TA: right tibialis anterior
TA: telomeric associations
TA: tubular adenomas
TA: Tannic acid
TA: transcriptionally active
TA: agonist triamcinolone acetonide
TA: terminal associations
TAA: thyroid autoantibodies
TAAs: Tumor Associated Antigens
tab: telophase arrest bypassed
TAC: truncus arteriosus communis
TAC: therapeutically achievable concentrations
TAC: the transcriptionally active chromosome
TAC: transcriptionally active chromosome
TAC: termed the tripartite attachment complex
TAC: total antioxidant capacity
TAC: Transformable Artificial Chromosome
TAC: artificial chromosome
TACC: transforming acidic coiled coil
TACpG: analyze complex genomes
TAD: transcription activation domain
TADs: transcriptional activation domains
TAF: template activating factor
TAF: tumor angiogenesis factor
TAFE: transverse alternating field electrophoresis
TAFE: transversal alternating field electrophoresis
TAFI: thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor
TAFs: TBP and factors
TAFs: tightly associated factors
TAFs: two transcription activation functions
TAGs: tandemly arrayed genes
TAIL: thermal asymmetric interlaced
TAIR: Arabidopsis Information Resource
Tal: tail anomaly lethal
TAM: transient abnormal myelopoiesis
tam: tardy asynchronous meiosis
tAMLs: analyze acute myeloid leukemias
TAMs: thymidine analogue mutations
TAP: tracheal antimicrobial peptide
TAP: Transvaginal amniotic puncture
TAPVR: total anomalous pulmonary venous return
TAR: thrombocytopenia absent radius
TAR: torpedo acetylcholine receptors
TARA: Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance
TAS: telomeric associated sequences
TAS: television texture analysis system
TASs: telomeric repeat associated sequences
TASs: telomeric associated sequences
TAT: Tetanus antitoxin titres
TAT: tyrosine amino transferase
TATA: transplantation antigen
TAU: telomerase arbitrary units
TB: a toluidine blue
TB: dye toluidine blue
TB: toluidine blue
Tb: Trypanosoma brucei
TB: translocation breakpoint
TBB: tomato big bud
TBF: total body fat
TBG: thyroxine binding globulin
TBG: human thyroxine binding globulin
TBI: total body irradiation
TBI: traumatic brain injury
TBLV: Type B leukemogenic virus
Tbm: tubular basement membrane
TBMD: thin basement membrane disease
TBMN: Thin basement membrane nephropathy
TBP: TATA binding protein
TBP: binding protein
TBP: bound proteins
TBP: human TATA binding protein
TBP: the TATA binding protein
TBPA: TBG thyroxine binding prealbumin
TBR: translocation breakpoint region
TBS: petunia transformation booster sequence
tBSA: targeted bulked segregant analysis
TBSV: tomato bushy stunt virus
TBV: mean true breeding value
TC: Tramat Combi
TC: total cholesterol
TC: typical carcinoid
TC: tumor cytogenetics
TC: temperature controls
TC: serum total cholesterol
TC: triglycerides total cholesterol
TC: tongue carcinoma
TC: types of translocation configurations
Tc: T cells
Tc: tube the curtailed
TC: topical corneal
TC: T center
TC: thyroid cancers
TC: Typing cells
TCBC: transitional cell bladder carcinomas
TCBF: total cerebral blood flow
TCC: transitional cell carcinoma
TCC: T1 transitional cell carcinoma
TCC: though 200 transitional cell carcinomas
TCC: tract transitional cell carcinomas
TCC: transitional cell cancer
TCC: transcervical cell
TCC: thin corpus callosum
TCC: telomerase Transitional cell carcinoma
TCC: transitional bladder carcinoma
TCCs: transitional cell carcinomas
TCCs: T cell clones
TCCs: Thirty transitional cell carcinomas
TCCSG: Tokyo Cancer Study Group
TCD: termed Taiwan Cumulative Dose
TCE: termed the control element
TCF: ternary complex factor
TCF: truncated chromosome fragment
TCFs: Ternary Complex Factors
TCFUs: tumor colony forming units
TCHP: Transient congenital hypoparathyroidism
TCI: tissue culture invasion
TCL: T cell lymphomas
Tcl: Tool Command Language
TCN: total cell number
TCP: toxin coregulated pilus
TCPs: these t complex proteins
TCR: T cell receptor
TCR: two T cell receptor
TCR: transcription coupled repair
TCR: transcriptional control region
TCR: human T cell receptor
TCR: three T cell receptor
TCR: through the transcription coupled repair
TCR: mouse T cell receptor
Tcr: t complex responder
Tcr: mouse t complex responder
TCR: translocations involving T cell receptor
TCR: the T cell receptor
TCR: initial T cell receptor
TCR: gammadelta T cell receptor
TCR: types of T cell receptor
TCR: mature T cell receptor
TCR: contain receptor
TCRA: T cell receptor alpha
TCRB: T cell receptor beta
TCRs: T cell receptors
TCRs: human T cell receptors
Tcrt: t complex responder
TCS: Treacher Collins syndrome
tct: continuous tissue culture transfer
TCTMDR: Tzu Chi Taiwan Marrow Donor Registry
TCTP: translationally controlled tumor protein
TCU: transposition control unit
TCV: Turnip crinkle virus
TD: torsion dystonia
Td: Treponema denticola
TD: tandem duplication
TD: terminal deficiency
TD: transcriptional Transmission disequilibrium
TD: tardive dyskinesia
TD: Tangier disease
TD: two Tangier disease
TD: thanatophoric dwarfism
TD: thymus dependent
TDDs: estimate tolerable daily doses
TDE: testicular tumor differentially expressed
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