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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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SRCDT: small round cell desmoplastic tumors
SRCs: steroid receptor coactivators
SRCT: small round cell tumors
SRCTs: small round cell tumors
SRD: Specific Reading Disability
SRD: Segregation ratio distortion
SRE: Serum Response Element
SRE: sterol response element
SRE: sterol regulatory element
SRE: sterol regulatory elements
SRE: sterol Repressor element
SRE: serum responsive element
SREBP: sterol regulatory element binding protein
SREs: SREBP regulatory elements
SREs: serum response elements
SREs: series of serum response elements
SRF: seedling root fluorescence
SRF: Serum response factor
SRFA: selective restriction fragment amplification
SRFs: Serum Response Factors
SRG: Selective recombinant genotyping
SRI: sensory rhodopsin I
SRIs: serotonin reuptake inhibitors
SRL: Shigella resistance locus
SRN: sonication resistant nuclei
SRN: surrounding regenerating nodules
SRP: signal recognition particle
SRP: sequence specific recognition proteins
SRPR: signal recognition particle receptor
SRR: serine racemase
SrR: stem rust
SRRs: standardized risk ratios
SRS: simple repeat site
SRS: Sequence Retrieval System
SRSRs: Short regularly spaced repeats
SRU: Steroid Responsive Unit
SRU: steroid response units
SRY: sex reversal Y
SRY: sexual related Y
SS: Sezary syndrome
SS: synovial sarcoma
SS: spermatocytic seminomas
SS: synovial sarcomas
SS: Seckel syndrome
SS: sarcomas synovial sarcoma
SS: Schwannian stromal
SS: stainless steel
Ss: Saccharopolyspora spinosa
SS: such as short stature
SS: Swyer syndrome
ss: single stranded
SS: sidestream smoke
SS: Silver syndrome
SS: supernumerary chromosomes and segments
SS: six the susceptible
SS: starch synthase
SS: Shear stress
SS: Sweet syndrome
ss: stains single stranded
SS: Shwachman syndrome
SS: systemic sclerosis
Ss: Sulfolobus solfataricus
SS: such as syndrome
SS: Stable Strain
SS: short stature
SS: spermatocytic seminoma
ss: specificity for single stranded
ss: specific for both single
SS: slowly sedimenting
SSA: single strand annealing
SSA: syntactic structure analysis
SSAV: simian sarcoma associated virus
SSB: single strand breaks
SSB: single strand break
SSBs: single strand breaks
SSC: Sus Scrofa chromosomes
SSC: swine chromosome
SSC: Sus scrofa chromosome
SSC: sugar content
SSC: sodium saline citrate
SSC: soluble solids content
SSC: Serous surface carcinoma
SSC: saline citrate
SSCA: single strand conformation analysis
SSCA: single strand conformational analysis
SSCM: Sinclair swine cutaneous melanoma
SSCP: single strand conformation polymorphism
SSCP: single stranded conformational polymorphism
SSCP: strand conformation polymorphism
SSCP: single strand conformational polymorphism
SSCP: strand conformational polymorphism
SSCP: single stranded conformation polymorphism
SSCP: single strand conformation polymorphisms
SSCP: simplified conformational polymorphism
SSCP: single strand confirmation polymorphism
SSCPs: scoring conformational polymorphisms
SSCPs: Single strand conformational polymorphisms
SSCS: studies of sidestream cigarette smoke
SSCV: single strand conformational variant
SSD: scleroderma spectrum disorders
SSD: Steroid sulfatase deficiency
SSE: stage selector element
SSEP: somatosensory evoked potential
SSEPs: somatosensory evoked potentials
SSF: soluble suppressor factor
SSGs: silver stained granules
SSH: Suppressive subtractive hybridization
SSH: suppression subtractive hybridisation
SSH: suppression subtractive hybridization
SSH: suppression subtraction hybridization
SSH: snowshoe hare
SSII: starch synthase II
SSL: schizophrenia susceptibility loci
SSL: scan for schizophrenia susceptibility loci
SSL: specificity of simulated solar light
SSLP: simple sequence length polymorphism
SSLP: simple sequence length polymorphic
SSLPs: Simple sequence length polymorphisms
SSLPs: set of simple sequence length polymorphisms
SSM: superficial spreading melanoma
SSM: spreading melanoma
sSMC: Small supernumerary marker chromosomes
SSME: Subcutaneous sacrococcygeal myxopapillary ependymoma
SSMs: superficial spreading melanomas
SSMU: Shanghai Second Medical University
SSO: synthetic oligonucleotide
SSOP: sequence specific oligonucleotide probes
SSOP: sequence specific oligonucleotide probe
SSP: six seed storage proteins
SSP: superior symphyseal point
SSP: stringent starvation protein
SSP: sequence specific PCR
Ssp: Salmonella typhimurium secreted proteins
SSP: surface spread polytene
SSPD: schizophrenia spectrum personality disorders
SSPD: spectrum personality disorders
SSPs: seed storage proteins
SSPs: silver stainable particles
SSPs: silver stainable proteins
SSPs: Silver stained proteins
SSR: Simple sequence repeat
SSR: Switch substrate retrovectors
SSR: supplemented with simple sequence repeat
SSR: soybean simple sequence repeat
SSR: sunflower using simple sequence repeat
SSR: seven simple sequence repeat
SSR: secondary sex ratio
SSR: several recombination
SSR: sequences containing simple sequence repeat
SSR: sympathetic skin response
SSR: several simple sequence repeats
SSRIs: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
SSRP: simple sequence repeat polymorphism
SSRP: short sequence repeat polymorphisms
SSRPs: simple sequence repeat polymorphisms
SSRs: simple sequence repeats
SSRs: short sequence repeats
SSS: sudden senescence syndrome
SSS: synthetic serum substitute
SSS: sum of symptoms score
SST: signal sequence trap
SST: Seedbox Screening Technique
SST: Sclerosing stromal tumor
SSTRPs: simple sequence tandem repeat polymorphisms
SSTs: Sclerosing stromal tumors
SSV: simian sarcoma virus
SSV: specific sedimentation volume
SSVS: stochastic search variable selection
ST: sequence type
St: serovar Typhimurium
ST: Streptococcus thermophilus
ST: synovial tissue
St: Salmonella typhimurium
ST: single transformants
ST: soft tissue
ST: salt tolerance
ST: solid tumor
ST: suggesting that
START: Success Through Assisted Reproductive Technologies
STB: Septoria tritici blotch
STB: survival to birth
STBP: Sperm telomere binding
sTCCs: staging of superficial transitional cell carcinomas
sTCCs: superficial transitional cell carcinomas
STCs: sequence tag connectors
STD: Screening for sexually transmitted diseases
STD: sexually transmitted disease
STDs: sexually transmitted diseases
STDT: sib transmission disequilibrium test
STEC: Shiga toxin Escherichia coli
STEC: Shiga toxigenic Escherichia coli
STEM: scanning transmission electron microscopy
STEM: scanning transmission electron micrographs
STEM: scanning transmission electron microscope
STF: seminiferous tubule failure
STF: subchromosomal transferable fragment
STFs: series of subchromosomal transferrable fragments
STFs: specific transcription factors
STFs: single transferable fragments
STFs: single subchromosomal transferable fragments
STFs: subchromosomal transferable fragments
STG: superior temporal gyrus
STI: soybean trypsin inhibitor
STIM: Scanning Transmission Ion Microscopy
STK: serum thymidine kinase
STL: satellite tumor lesions
STLs: satellite tumor lesions
STM: scanning tunneling microscope
STMS: Sequence Tagged Microsatellite Site
STMV: Satellite tobacco mosaic virus
STOIC: Salisbury Treasury of Interesting Chromosomes
STR: short tandem repeat
STR: System short tandem repeat
STR: specific short tandem repeat
STR: small tandem repeat
STR: specific small tandem repeats
STR: spaced short tandem repeat
STR: simple tandem repeats
STR: six polymorphic short tandem repeat
STR: six tetranucleotide short tandem repeat
STR: scan of short tandem repeat
STR: six short tandem repeat
STR: six short tandem repeats
str: seven transmembrane receptor
STR: seven short tandem repeat
STR: selected for short tandem repeat
STR: specific small tandem repeat
STR: short Short tandem repeats
STR: six locus short tandem repeat
STR: simple tandem repeat
STR: simple tandemly repeated
STR: six different short tandem repeat
STR: search using short tandem repeat
STR: short tandemly repeated
STRP: short tandem repeat polymorphic
STRP: short tandem repeat polymorphism
STRP: simple tandem repeat polymorphism
STRP: single tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRP: simple tandem repeat polymorphic
STRP: six short tandem repeat polymorphic
STRPs: short tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRPs: simple tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRPs: six simple tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRPs: studied short tandem repeat polymorphisms
STRs: short tandem repeats
STRs: single tandem repeats
STRs: small tandem repeats
STRs: stain Short tandem repeats
STRs: short tandem repeat sequences
STRs: specific short tandem repeats
STRs: synthetic tandem repeats
STS: soft tissue sarcomas
STS: studies of soft tissue sarcomas
STS: sequence tagged sites
STS: sequence tagged site
STS: Semipalatinsk nuclear test site
STS: specific sequence tagged sites
STS: sensitive to staurosporine
STS: sequence tag site
STS: set of sequence tagged site
STS: selected sequence tagged sites
STS: soft tissue sarcoma
STS: Seven sequence tagged site
STS: scorable sequence tagged site
STS: single tagged site
STS: sequence taged site
STSE: Subacute transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
STSs: sequence tag sites
STSS: streptococcal toxic shock syndrome
STSs: single tagged sites
STSs: sequenced tag sites
STSs: specialized sequence tagged sites
STSs: sequenced to generate sites
STSs: simple tag sequences
STSs: strategy to identify sites
STSs: shorter sequence tag sites
STSs: sequence transcribed sites
STSs: sequenced These sites
STTs: soft tissue tumors
STW: sewage treatment works
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