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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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SCB: Small chromatin bodies
SCB: sex chromatin body
SCBs: single unpaired small chromatin bodies
SCC: squamous cell carcinoma
SCC: Staphylococcal chromosomal cassette
SCC: shows squamous cell carcinoma
SCC: somatic cell count
SCC: staphylococcal cassette chromosome
SCC: small cell changes
SCC: small cell carcinomas
SCC: small cell carcinoma
SCC: studied squamous cell carcinomas
SCC: squamous cell
SCC: subcutaneous calcinosis
SCC: stem cell collection
SCC: skin squamous cell carcinoma
SCC: small cell
SCC: Siberian Chemical Complex
SCCA: squamous cell cancer
SCCA: squamous cell carcinoma antigen
SCCA: Squamous cell carcinoma antigens
SCCRO: squamous cell carcinoma oncogene
SCCs: squamous cell carcinomas
SCCs: squamous cell cancers
SCCs: series of squamous cell carcinomas
SCCs: some cervical squamous cell carcinomas
SCCs: sporadic squamous cell carcinomas
SCD: sister chromatid differentiation
SCD: sudden cardiac death
SCD: stromalin conservative domain
SCD: sickle cell disease
SCD: segments show sister chromatid differential
SCD: systemic carnitine deficiency
SCD: Sperm Chromatin Dispersion
SCD: Spontaneous sister chromatid differentiation
SCD: sister chromatid differential
SCDR: smallest common deletion regions
SCDR: smallest common deleted region
SCDRs: smallest common deleted regions
SCE: sister chromatid exchange
SCE: Standard cytogenetic examination
SCE: significantly increased sister chromatid exchange
SCE: studied by sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sister chromatoid exchanges
SCE: Sister Chromatides Exchanges
SCE: Sister chromatide exchange
SCE: Simultaneously sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sites and sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: studied sister chromatid exchange
SCE: scoring of sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: sensitivity to sister chromatid exchange
SCE: suggest that sister chromatid exchange
SCE: significantly induced sister chromatid exchange
SCE: stable baseline sister chromatid exchange
SCE: system and sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: study of sister chromatid exchanges
Sce: Sex combs extra
SCE: such as sister chromatid exchange
SCE: studied using sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sister chromosome exchange
SCE: study of sister chromatid exchange
SCE: Since sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sister chromosomes exchange
SCE: Sister chromatic exchanges
SCE: sulfonate sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sites and sister chromatid exchange
SCE: studied for sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: spontaneous sister chromatid exchange
SCE: suitable for sister chromatid exchange
SCE: significantly higher sister chromatid exchanges
SCE: sex on sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sister chromatid exchanged
SCE: studied the sister chromatid exchange
SCE: samples sister chromatid exchange
SCE: subjected to sister chromatid exchange
SCE: Se yielded sister chromatid exchange
SCE: sodium sister chromatid exchange
SCE: smokers include sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: spontaneous sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: such as sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: sister chomatid exchanges
SCEs: Simultaneously sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: scoring sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: sister chromatid exchangers
SCEs: simultaneously for sister chromatid exchanges
SCEs: sister chromatid exhcanges
SCF: stem cell factor
SCF: stem Stem cell factor
SCFA: short chain fatty acid
SCFE: slipped capital femoral epiphysis
SCG: Single Cell Gel
SCG: Superior cervical ganglion
SCG: superior cervical ganglia
SCGE: single cell gel electrophoresis
SCGE: single cell gel electrophoretic
SCH: somatic cell hybrid
SCH: squamous cell hyperplasia
SCH: somatic cell hybrids
SCHP: somatic cell hybrid
SCHP: somatic cell hybrid panel
SCI: Spinal cord injury
SCI: Sertoli cell index
scid: Severe combined immunodeficiency
SCID: severe combined immunedeficient
SCID: severe combined immune deficiency
scid: severe combined immunodeficient
SCID: subcutaneously into severe combined immunodeficiency
SCID: severe combined immune deficient
SCID: severe combined immunodeficiency disease
SCID: severely combined immunodeficient
SCID: severe combined immunodeficiencies
SCID: skin of severe combined immunodeficient
SCID: sublethally irradiated severe combined immunodeficient
Scim: Sensitized chromosome inheritance modifiers
SCK: serum creatine kinase
SCL: susceptible to stem cell leukemia
SCL: stem cell leukemia
SCL: stem cell leukaemia
SCL: Seoul Clinical Laboratories
SCL: Sezary cell leukaemia
SCLC: small cell lung carcinoma
SCLC: small cell lung cancer
SCLC: six lung cancers
SCLC: squamous cell lung carcinoma
SCLC: six small cell lung carcinomas
SCLC: squamous cell lung cancers
SCLC: survival in lung cancer
SCLC: several small cell lung cancer
SCLCs: small cell lung carcinomas
SCLCs: small cell lung cancers
SCLSG: Swedish Cytogenetic Leukaemia Study Group
SCLT: sex chromosome loss test
SCLT: sex chromosome loss
SCM: stem cell mobilization
SCMC: Saitama Medical Center
SCMC: Shanghai Medical Center
SCN: Soybean cyst nematode
SCN: Severe congenital neutropenia
SCNIR: Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry
SCNT: somatic cell nuclear transfer
SCO: Sertoli cell only
SCO: showed Sertoli cell only
SCOP: Structural Classification Of Proteins
SCOS: Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome
SCP: Siberian Chemical Plant
SCP: Streptococcal C5a peptidase
SCP: Sex chromosome polysomies
SCP: small capsid protein
SCP: Single cell protein
SCPC: sheep choroid plexus cells
SCPs: synaptonemal complex proteins
Scr: Sex combs reduced
SCR: short consensus repeat
SCR: short consensus repeats
SCR: sister chromatid recombination
SCR: Southern corn rust
SCR: seven short consensus repeats
SCR: sister chromatid reunion
SCRs: similarities among short consensus repeats
SCS: somatic cell score
SCS: supernumerary chromosome segment
scs: suppression of copper sensitivity
SCS: specialized chromatin structure
SCSA: Sperm chromatin structure assay
SCSA: sperm chromatin structure analysis
SCSA: structure assay
SCT: stem cell transplantation
SCT: Stable chromosomal translocations
SCT: syngeneic stem cell transplantation
SCT: sequences after stem cell transplantation
SCTs: stem cell transplantations
SCV: small cell variant
SD: standard deviation
SD: signal distribution
SD: Salla disease
SD: standard deviations
SD: Segregation distorter
SD: silking date
SD: sacral dysgenesis
SD: semantic dementia
SD: segment duplications
SD: succinate dehydrogenase
SD: spondylocostal dysplasia
SD: Sprague Dawley
SD: segregation distortion
SD: subjects deviation
SD: spondylocostal dysostosis
SD: suggested that Salla disease
SD: short day
SD: scanning densitometry
SD: system Segregation distorter
SD: serologically defined
SD: serologically detectable
SDA: Sabouraud dextrose agar
SDB: syndrome Sleep disordered breathing
SDB: Sabouraud dextrose broth
SDC: Salivary duct carcinoma
SDC: single decondensed chromosomes
SDCs: severely damaged cells
SDL: synthetic dosage lethality
SDM: sorghum downy mildew
SDM: serologically detectable male
SDM: second division metaphases
SDMA: serologically detected male antigen
SDMs: single dose markers
SDP: strain distribution pattern
SDPs: strain distribution patterns
SDR: stalk damage rating
sdrA: stable DNA replication
SDRF: Single Dose Restriction Fragment
SDRs: segregation distortion regions
SDRs: short dispersed repeats
SDS: standard deviation score
SDS: sodium dodecyl sulphate
SDS: standard deviation scores
SDS: sodium dodecyl sulfate
SDS: Shwachman Diamond syndrome
SDS: stability under sodium dodecyl sulfate
sds: suppressors of defective silencing
SDS: swelling in sodium dodecyl sulphate
SDSs: survival days of seedlings
SDT: sibship disequilibrium testing
SDT: sibship disequilibrium test
SDW: stem dry weight
SE: secondary sewage effluent
SE: standard error
SE: staphylococcal enterotoxin
se: such as short ear
Se: Salmonella enteritidis
SE: spreading effects
SE: shared epitope
SE: squamous epithelia
SE: spherical equivalent
Se: Spodoptera exigua
SE: seminiferous epithelia
se: short ear
SE: suffered a status epilepticus
SE: shown that segregational errors
SEA: staphylococcal enterotoxin A
SEA: South East Asia
SEAS: southern East Asia
SEB: synthesis of staphylococcal enterotoxin B
SEB: staphylococcal enterotoxin B
SEB: superantigen staphylococcal enterotoxin B
SEBs: surrogate endpoint biomarkers
SEBs: serving as surrogate endpoint biomarkers
SEC: systolic ejection click
SEC: staphylococcal enterotoxin C
SEC: seminiferous epithelial cells
SEDA: structured exploratory data analysis
SEF: Sclerosing epithelioid fibrosarcoma
SEF: static electric fields
SEIs: strand exchange intermediates
SEM: scanning electron microscopy
SEM: scanning electron microscope
SEM: sections scanning electron microscopy
SEM: stochastic expectation maximization
SEM: structural equation model
SEM: Surface Epitope Masking
SEM: slow eye movements
SEM: studied by scanning electron microscopy
SEM: show by scanning electron microscopy
SEM: staining and scanning electron microscopy
SEN: special educational needs
SEOC: serous epithelial ovarian carcinoma
SEOTs: surface epithelial ovarian tumors
SEP: somatosensory evoked potentials
SEP: somatosensory evoked potential
SEP: Spinal Evoked Potential
SEPs: Somatosensory evoked potentials
SEPs: stimulation and somatosensory evoked potentials
SEPs: Short Latency Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
SER: sensitizer enhancement ratio
SER: spontaneously epileptic rat
SERM: selective estrogen receptor modulator
SERMs: selective estrogen receptor modulators
SES: Standard Evaluation System
SESC: Sequential elution solvent chromatography
SESCC: superficial esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
SEVs: simulated endocardial vegetations
SF: synovial fluid
SF: spiked synovial fluid
SF: sterile female
SF: serum factor
SF: slow feather
Sf: Spodoptera frugiperda
SF: SLAM family
SF: splicing facor
SF: showed a survival fraction
Sf: Streptomyces fradiae
SF: Steel factor
SF: space flight
SF: Scatter factor
SF: slow feathering
SF: skin fibroblasts
SF: surviving fraction
SFA: spindle fiber attachment
Sfa: S fimbrial adhesins
SFAs: spindle fiber attachments
SFCC: San Francisco City Cohort
SFD: Sorbsy fundus dystrophy
SFF: space flight factors
SFFV: spleen focus forming virus
SFH: short flanking homology
SFH: strategy of short flanking homology
SFI: stimulatory factor I
SFIRC: Scottish Fish Immunology Research Centre
SFM: scanning force microscopy
SFM: scanning force microscope
SFT: solitary fibrous tumors
SFT: Solitary fibrous tumor
SFTs: Solitary fibrous tumours
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