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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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BCL: B cell lymphoma
BCLL: B cell lymphocytic leukemia
BCM: Blue cone monochromacy
BCM: Blue cone monochromatism
BCN: beet cyst nematode
BCNS: basal cell naevus syndrome
BCNS: basal cell nevus syndrome
BCP: basic calcium phosphate
BCP: bacterial chromosomal painting
BCP: basal cell papilloma
BCP: Blue cone pigment
BCPs: breast cancer patients
BCR: B cell receptor
BCR: breakpoint cluster region
BCR: brain controlling region
bcr: the breakpoint cluster region
BCR: break cluster region
BCR: between the breakpoint cluster region
BCR: Branch capture reactions
BCRP: breast cancer resistance protein
bcrs: breakpoint cluster regions
BCT: balanced complex translocations
BCTV: beet curly top virus
BD: birth defects
BD: binding domain
BD: bipolar disorder
BD: Bone density
BD: biopolar disorder
BD: bioreductive drugs
BDA: bile duct adenoma
BDC: Bellini duct carcinoma
BDC: Bellini duct carcinomas
BDCF: Baseline Data Collection Form
BDCs: Biliary duct carcinomas
BDDF: Bovine Dimer Driven Family
BDGP: Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
BDM: Basic Data Matrix
BDMV: Bean dwarf mosaic virus
BDNF: brain derived neurotrophic factor
bdr: Borrelia direct repeat
BDR: bulk dose regimen
BDT: binary decision tree
BDV: Borna disease virus
BDV: border disease virus
BE: Barrett epithelium
BE: broken egg
BE: BACKGROUND esophagus
BE: branching enzyme
BE: blocking effect
BE: basophilic erythroblasts
BED: Bornholm eye disease
BEH: bronchioloalveolar epithelial hyperplasia
BEI: backscattered electron imaging
BEL: bovine embryonic lung
BEN: Balkan endemic nephropathy
BEN: Balkan entemic nephropathy
BEOT: borderline epithelial ovarian tumors
BEOTs: Borderline epithelial ovarian tumors
BER: base excision repair
BER: the base excision repair
BERI: Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute
BES: BAC end sequences
BESs: bloodstream expression sites
BESs: BAC end sequences
BEV: baboon endogenous virus
BF: body fluids
BF: basal forebrain
BF: bright foci
Bf: B factor
BF: Bacteroides fragilis
BFA: background frequency analysis
BFB: breakage fusion bridge
BFC: Benign familial chorea
BFCNs: basal forebrain cholinergic neurons
bFF: bovine follicular fluid
BFFs: Bovine fetal fibroblasts
bFGF: basic fibroblast growth factor
bFGF: between basic fibroblast growth factor
BFH: benign familial hematuria
BFIC: benign familial infantile convulsions
BFNC: benign familial neonatal convulsions
BFNCs: benign familial neonatal convulsions
BFNS: Benign Familial Neonatal Seizures
BFP: bilateral frontal polymicrogyria
bfp: brain finger protein
BfPAI: Bacteroides fragilis pathogenicity island
BFPP: bilateral frontoparietal polymicrogyria
BFT: back fat thickness
BG: Bone geometry
BG: Birbeck granules
BGA: blood group antigens
BGD: benign gynecological disease
bGH: bovine growth hormone
BGMK: Buffalo green monkey kidney
BGP: Bilateral generalized polymicrogyria
BH: bleomycin hydrolases
BH: Bleomycin hydrolase
BH: bronchial hyperresponsiveness
BHC: benign hereditary chorea
BHI: brain heart infusion
BHK: Baby Hamster Kidney
bhr: broad host range
BHR: borderline hypertensive rat
BHTA: Backward Haplotype Transmission Association
BI: Bliss independence
BIBRA: British Industrial Biological Research Association
BID: benign inflammatory disorders
BIE: bullous ichthyosiform erythroderma
BIFC: benign infantile familial convulsions
BILAG: British Isles Lupus Assessment Group
BILs: backcross inbred lines
BIME: bacterial interspersed mosaic element
BIMEs: bacterial interspersed mosaic elements
BIR: baculovirus IAP repeat
BIR: baculoviral IAP repeat
BIR: baculoviral inhibitory repeat
BIRPs: Baculoviral IAP repeat proteins
BIS: bilateral inverse symmetry
BJ: beta joining
BJ: Bence Jones
BJP: Bence Jones proteins
BK: bovine kidney
BK: butyrate kinase
Bkm: banded krait minor
BKME: bleached kraft mill effluent
BKPME: bleached kraft pulp mill effluent
BL: Burkitt lymphoma
BL: breakpoints in Burkitt lymphomas
BL: between Burkitt lymphoma
Bl: Bacillus licheniformis
BL: Burkitts lymphoma
BL: breeding lines
BL: broad spectrum blue light
BL: Burkitt lymphomas
BL: blue light
Bl: Brevibacterium lactofermentum
BL: B lymphocyte
Bl: Black larva
Bl: black larvae
BL: B lymphocytes
BLA: bulked line analysis
BLAD: bovine leukocyte adhesion deficiency
BLAME: B lymphocyte activator macrophage expressed
BLAST: basic local alignment search tool
BLC: B lymphoblastoid cells
BLCL: B lymphoblastoid cell lines
BLCLs: B lymphoblastoid cell lines
BLK: benign lichenoid keratosis
BLL: Burkitt like lymphoma
BLS: bare lymphocyte syndrome
BLUP: best linear unbiased prediction
BLV: bovine leukemia virus
BLV: bovines with bovine leukaemia virus
BLV: bovine leukosis virus
BM: bone marrow
BM: blood and bone marrow
BM: progressive bone marrow
BM: the bone marrow
Bm: Bacillus macquariensis
BM: background bone marrow
BM: both bone marrow
BM: basement membrane
BM: blasts Bone marrow
BM: basement membranes
BM: but require bone marrow
BM: between the bone marrow
bm: brown midrib
BM: based on bone marrow
BM: blasts bone marrow
BM: be a benign melanoma
BMA: bone marrow aspirates
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