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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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RSTs: random sequence tags
RSV: Rous sarcoma virus
RSV: replication of Rous sarcoma virus
RSV: regulated by Rous sarcoma virus
RSV: respiratory syncytial virus
RSV: rice stripe virus
RSVLTR: Rous sarcoma virus long terminal repeat
RSVs: restriction site variations
RSZs: replication slow zones
RT: reverse transcriptase
RT: Reverse transcription
rt: reciprocal translocations
RT: radiological technologists
RT: radiation technologists
RT: reciprocal translocation
RT: Robertsonian translocation
RT: resistance type
RT: reactive thrombocytosis
RT: Retrons are reverse transcriptase
RT: real time reverse transcriptase
RT: Robertsonian translocations
RT: ribosomal types
RT: reverse transcriptases
RT: restriction type
RT: rRNA reverse transcriptase
RT: rhabdoid tumor
RT: reverse transcribed
RT: Rooibos tea
RT: recurring translocations
RT: radiation therapy
RT: Rickettsia tsutsugamushi
RT: rainbow trout
RT: reverse transformation
RTA: relative telomerase activities
RTA: retinal thickness analyzer
RTA: renal tubular acidosis
RTBV: rice tungro bacilliform virus
RTD: relative twist difference
RTE: rat tracheal epithelial
RTE: rat tracheal epithelium
RTF: resistance transfer factor
RTIs: relative therapeutic indices
RTK: receptor tyrosine kinase
RTK: role for receptor tyrosine kinase
RTKs: Receptor tyrosine kinases
RTKs: residues of receptor tyrosine kinases
RTL: root tip length
RTL: relative telomere length
RTN: Reduced Trichome Number
rTNF: Recombinant tumor necrosis factor
RTOG: Radiation Therapy Oncology Group
RTP: replication terminator protein
RTP: requires the replication terminator protein
RTP: receptor tyrosine phosphatase
RTPCR: reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction
RTPCR: reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction
RTPE: reverse transcriptase primer extension
rTR: rabbit telomerase template RNA
rTUs: ribosomal transcription units
RU: replication unit
RU: repopulating unit
RV: rubella virus
RV: Rimmed vacuoles
RV: right ventricular
RV: reduced virulence
RV: rinderpest virus
RV: Rauscher virus
RV: routine variants
RVD: right ventricular dysplasia
RVFV: Rift Valley fever virus
RVP: rat ventral prostate
rVV: recombinant vaccinia virus
RVVC: recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis
Rw: rump white
RWA: Russian wheat aphid
RWC: relative water content
RXR: retinoid X receptor
RXR: requires the retinoid X receptor
RXR: receptor X receptor
RXR: RAR and retinoid X receptor
RXR: receptor retinoid X receptor
RXRA: retinoid X receptor alpha
Rxrb: retinoid X receptor beta
RXRs: retinoid X receptors
RXRs: recently described retinoid X receptors
RYD: rice yellow dwarf
RYMV: Rice Yellow Mottle Virus
SA: satellite associations
SA: soft agar
SA: siderophores salicylic acid
SA: sodium arsenite
SA: spontaneous abortions
Sa: Staphylococcus aureus
SA: structural alerts
SA: specificity of structural alerts
SA: studied 54 spontaneous abortions
SA: single soft agar
SA: salicylic acid
SA: stereospecific anomalies
SA: simple adenoma
SA: South Africa
SA: Sebaceous adenoma
SA: simulated annealing
SA: slow acetylator
SA: such as salicylic acid
SA: simple atrophy
SA: SAR signal salicylic acid
SA: synthesis of salicylic acid
SA: Sclerosing adenosis
SA: Southern analysis
SA: satellite association
SA: South African
Sa: Short antenna
SA: semen analysis
SA: Studies on satellite association
SA: sideroblastic anemia
SA: surface area
SA: Sideroblastic anemias
SA: starch asparagine
SA: studies of salicylic acid
SAA: Severe aplastic anemia
SAA: severe aplastic anaemia
SAA: structural autosomal abnormality
SAA: serum amyloid A
SAA: subclavian artery anomalies
SAA: screening identified serum amyloid A
SAB: side arm bridges
SAC: spindle assembly checkpoint
SAC: splenic adherent cells
SACs: small accessory chromosomes
SAD: systemic autoimmune diseases
SAD: sporadic Alzheimer disease
SAF: standard amniotic fluid
SAFDS: San Antonio Family Diabetes Study
SAFHS: San Antonio Family Heart Study
SAFOS: San Antonio Family Osteoporosis Study
SAG: salivary agglutinin glycoprotein
SAG: sodium antimony gluconate
SAG: S antigen gene
SAHA: such as suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid
SAHA: suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid
SAIB: sucrose acetate isobutyrate
SAL: selected short attack latency
SAL: Short Attack Latencies
SAL: short attack latency
SAL: selected for short attack latency
SALB: South American Leaf Blight
SAM: selectively amplified microsatellite
SAM: shoot apical meristem
SAM: shoot apical meristems
SAM: sterile alpha motif
SAM: Scanning Acoustic Microscope
sAML: secondary acute myelogenous leukemia
sAML: secondary acute myeloid leukemia
sAML: secondary acute myeloid leukaemia
SAMPLs: Selective Amplification of Microsatellite Polymorphic Loci
SAMs: substrate adhesion molecules
SAMSAS: South Australian Maternal Serum Antenatal Screening
SAO: survivin antisense oligonucleotides
SAO: Southeast Asian ovalocytosis
SAP: surface array protein
SAP: surface array proteins
SAP: Serum amyloid P
SAP: sensory action potentials
SAPA: subjective AgNOR pattern assessment
SAPs: sphingolipid activator proteins
SAR: short additional repeat
SAR: stretches scaffold attachment region
SAR: Stable Artificial RNA
SAR: scaffold associated region
SAR: scaffold attached region
SAR: scaffold attachment region
SAR: specific absorption rate
SAR: systemic acquired resistance
sarA: staphylococcal accessory regulator
SARP: Streptomyces antibiotic regulatory protein
SARs: specific absorption rates
SARs: several scaffold associated regions
SARs: scaffold attachment regions
SARS: Severe acute respiratory syndrome
SARs: scaffold associated regions
SARs: specific attachment regions
SARs: scaffolds and scaffold attachment regions
SARs: scaffold attached regions
SAS: such as sarcoma amplified sequence
Sas: something about silencing
SAS: Statistical Analysis System
sas: stranded at second
SAS: Statistical Analysis Systems
SASs: segmental aneusomy syndromes
SAT: somatic aneuploidy test
SATG: Semipalatinsk atomic testing ground
SAUR: small auxin up RNA
SB: Sleeping Beauty
SB: Southern blotting
SB: sodium butyrate
SB: Southern blot
SB: simultaneous Southern blot
SB: staining with sudan black
SB: sex bivalent
SBA: soy bean agglutinin
SBB: Sudan Black B
SBC: secretory breast carcinoma
SBC: Schwarz Bayesian criterion
SBC: selectively binding complementary
SBCE: single base chain extension
SBE: starch branching enzyme
SBE: Starch branching enzymes
SBEs: Stat binding elements
SBH: subcortical band heterotopia
SBL: sporadic bovine leukosis
SBLV: Spring beauty latent virus
SBMA: spinal bulbar muscular atrophy
SBO: spina bifida occulta
SBP: systolic blood pressure
SBP: submaximal exercise systolic blood pressure
SBP: significantly higher systolic blood pressure
SBP: slightly elevated systolic blood pressure
SBP: Serum blocking power
sbr: short blue root
SBRCTs: small blue round cell tumors
SBRI: Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
SBS: Sheng Bai Solution
SBT: small bowel transplant
SBT: sequence based typing
SBV: sex body volume
SC: synaptonemal complex
SC: strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SC: standard synaptonemal complexes
SC: serous carcinoma
SC: single cancers
SC: SCP3 synaptonemal complex
SC: small colony
SC: synaptonemal complexes
Sc: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SC: study using synaptonemal complex
SC: sarcomatous component
SC: stratum corneum
SC: standard cytogenetics
SC: spread the synaptonemal complex
SC: secretory component
SC: supercoiled circular
SC: secondary constriction
SC: septal commissure
SC: structure called synaptonemal complex
SC: superior colliculus
SC: single chromatids
Sc: subunit of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SC: shown by standard cytogenetic
SC: suspension culture
SC: squamous carcinomas
SC: Santa Cruz
SC: sickle cell
SC: secretory carcinoma
SC: synapsis and synaptonemal complex
SC: sebaceous carcinoma
SC: secondary constrictions
SC: Seven synaptonemal complexes
sc: small cytoplasmic
SC: surveyed by synaptonemal complex
SC: small controls
SC: suspension of synaptonemal complexes
SC: sialyl cholesterol
SC: sex chromatin
SC: study of synaptonemal complexes
SC: stretches of synaptonemal complex
SC: studied in synaptonemal complex
SC: small cleaved
SC: synaptonemal comlexes
SC: structure to synaptonemal complexes
SC: Since the synaptonemal complex
SC: silver connective
SC: such as synaptonemal complex
SC: sex chromatine
SCA: secondary chromosomal abnormalities
SCA: Structural chromosome aberrations
SCA: segmental chromosomal aberration
SCA: structural chromosomal aberration
SCA: sex chromosomal aneuploidy
SCA: structural chromosomal aberrations
SCA: specific combining ability
SCA: Sickle cell anemia
SCA: sex chromosomal anomalies
SCA: Sex chromosomal abnormalities
SCA: sex chromosome abnormality
SCA: stem cell assays
SCA: sex chromosome aneuploidy
SCA: sickle cell anaemia
SCA: severe sickle cell anaemia
SCA: sperm chromosome assay
SCA: spontaneous structural chromosome aberrations
SCA: spino cerebellar ataxia
sCAD: spontaneous cervical artery dissection
sCADs: spontaneous cervical artery dissections
sCAM: soluble cell adhesion molecules
SCAR: sequence characterized amplified region
SCAR: sequence characterised amplified region
SCAR: sequence characterized amplified regions
SCARMD: severe childhood autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy
SCARs: sequence characterized amplified regions
SCAs: Sex chromosome abnormalities
SCAs: Stable chromosomal aberrations
SCAs: structural chromosomal abnormalities
SCAs: sex chromosome anomalies
SCAs: sex chromosome aneuploides
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