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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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rMED: Recessive multiple epiphyseal dysplasia
RMF: radiated microcell fusion
RMH: Royal Melbourne Hospital
RMP: resting membrane potential
RMR: resting metabolic rate
RMR: Resting Metabolic Rates
RMS: rostral migratory stream
RMS: residual mass surgery
rmSCF: recombinant mouse stem cell factor
rmsd: root mean squared deviation
RMT: residual mature teratoma
RN: recombination nodules
RN: rapid naming
RN: reflux nephropathy
RN: regenerative nodule
RN: recombination nodule
rng: rat neurogranin gene
RNI: Reactive nitrogen intermediates
RNIs: reactive nitrogen intermediates
RNO: reduced nucleolus organizer
RNS: reactive nitrogen species
RNS: repetitive nerve stimulation
RO: renal oncocytomas
RO: Rostov oblast
RO: replication origins
ROAs: recessive optic atrophies
ROC: receiver operating characteristic
ROC: receiver operating characteristics
ROC: receiver operator characteristic
ROC: Receiver operator curve
ROC: Republic of China
ROC: receiver operator characteristics
ROC: Relative Operating Characteristics
ROG: repressor of GATA
ROH: retention of heterozygosity
ROI: reactive oxygen intermediates
ROIs: regions of interest
ROM: reactive oxygen metabolites
rOmpB: rickettsial outer membrane protein
ROMs: Reactive oxygen metabolites
roo: rubredoxin and oxidoreductase
ROP: retinopathy of prematurity
Rop: Repressor of primer
ROR: retinoic orphan receptors
ROS: reactive oxygen species
ROS: result from reactive oxygen species
ROS: radicals and reactive oxygen species
ROS: Radiation generates reactive oxygen species
ROS: role of reactive oxygen species
ROS: role for reactive oxygen species
ROS: radical oxygen species
ROS: release of reactive oxygen species
ROS: rod outer segments
ROS: rod outer segment
ROSs: reactive oxygen species
ROY: ratio of yields
rp: ribosomal protein
RP: retinitis pigmentosa
rp: reduced pigmentation
RP: residual protein
RP: radical prostatectomy
RP: ribosomal proteins
RP: recruited to ribosomal protein
RP: recessive retinitis pigmentosa
RP: retinopathy is retinitis pigmentosa
RP: retinyl palmitate
RP: retinopathies termed retinitis pigmentosa
RP: rheumatoid polyarthritis
RPA: replication protein A
rPA: recombinant protective antigen
RPA: RNase protection analysis
RPA: ribonuclease protection assay
RPA: RNAse protection assay
RPC: reversed phase chromatography
RPE: retinal pigment epithelium
RPE: retinal pigment epithelial
RPE: retina and retinal pigment epithelium
RPE: redundant pigment epithelium
RPE: retinal pigmented epithelial
RPE: retinal pigmented epithelium
RPG: ribosomal protein gene
RPG: red pigment gene
RPGR: retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator
RPI: RNA polymerase I
RPIII: RNA polymerase III
RPL: recurrent pregnancy loss
RPL: risk following repeated pregnancy loss
rPLII: Rat placental lactogen II
rplJ: ribosomal protein L10
rplK: ribosomal proteins L11
rplS: ribosomal protein L19
rplT: ribosomal protein L20
rplY: ribosomal protein L25
RPMC: rat pleural mesothelial cells
RPMI: Roswell Park Memorial Institute
rPPS: rat proximal promoter segment
RPR: Rind penetrometer resistance
RPR: regulatory protein REAPER
RPS: rhabdoid predisposition syndrome
RpsA: Ribosomal protein S1
rpsB: ribosomal protein S2
rpsF: ribosomal proteins S6
rpsL: ribosomal proteins S12
rpsL: ribosomal protein S12
rpsP: ribosomal protein S16
rpsQ: ribosomal protein S17
RPT: Repeat Pattern Toolkit
RPTC: rabbit renal proximal tubule cells
RPTC: renal proximal tubular cell
RPTPs: receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases
RPWT: retail product weight
RPYD: retail product yield
RQI: Recombinant QTL Introgression
RR: relative risk
RR: response rate
RR: rapidly recurrent
RR: ribonucleotide reductase
RR: relative resistance
RR: root length ratio
RR: relapse risk
RR: risk of recurrence
RR: resistance ratio
RR: Ruthenium Red
RR: risk ratio
RRA: radioreceptor assay
RRBC: rat red blood cells
RRC: Riken Ring Cyclotron
RRD: rhegmatogenous retinal detachment
RRE: Rev responsive element
RRE: response element
RRE: Rev response element
RRF: Ribosome recycling factor
RRF: ragged red fibres
rrg: ras recision gene
RRIs: recurrent respiratory infections
RRL: relative root length
RRL: rabbit reticulocyte lysate
RRLPs: Restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RRM: RNA recognition motif
RRMs: RNA recognition motifs
RRMS: relapsing remitting MS
RRP: Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis
RRS: recessive Robinow syndrome
RRS: reduced representation shotgun
RRS: Rep recognition sequence
rrSCF: recombinant rat stem cell factor
RRSs: Rep recognition sequences
RRT: renal replacement therapy
RRV: Ross River virus
RS: Rett syndrome
RS: Richter syndrome
RS: recombination signal
RS: round spermatids
RS: Rieger syndrome
RS: repeat sequence
rs: recessive spotting
RS: Reed Sternberg
RS: Rokitansky syndrome
RS: rat serum
RS: Replication Sequence
RS: recessive spots
RS: Robinow syndrome
Rs: Red stripe
RS: radial scar
RS: Roberts syndrome
RS: Respiratory syncytial
RS: ringed sideroblasts
RS: recombining sequence
RS: recombining segment
RS: repetitive sequences
RS: repeated sequences
RS: repair synthesis
RSA: recurrent spontaneous abortions
RSA: recurrent spontaneous abortion
RSA: reported in recurrent spontaneous abortions
RSA: repeated spontaneous abortion
RSA: rat serum albumin
RSA: repeated spontaneous abortions
RSAA: rat sperm activation assay
RSD: Rel Similarity Domain
RSD: relative standard deviations
RSD: reflex sympathetic dystrophy
RSF: rat skin fibroblasts
RSF: residual spleen function
RSGP: reverse sample genome probing
RSKs: ribosomal S6 kinases
RSLLM: recessive lethal mutations
RSLs: recombinant substitution lines
RSM: recurrent spontaneous miscarriage
RSOs: raffinose series OSs
RSP: restriction site polymorphism
RSP: restriction site polymorphisms
RSPs: restriction site polymorphisms
RSR: relative specific radioactivity
RSRF: related to serum response factor
RSs: recombinase and the recombination signals
RSs: recombination signals
RSS: recombination signal sequences
RSS: recombination signal sequence
RSS: represented recombination signal sequences
RSs: recombination sites
RSSs: recombination signal sequences
RSSs: respective recombination signal sequences
RST: random sequence tag
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