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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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RDW: root dry weight
RE: resting endometrium
RE: rat embryo
RE: recombination enhancer
RE: relative excess
RE: restriction endonucleases
RE: regulatory element
RE: restriction endonuclease
RE: restriction enzyme
RE: Replication Enhancer
RE: relative expression
RE: right eye
RE: Rolandic epilepsy
RE: refractory epilepsy
RE: root exudate
RE: restriction enzymes
re: red eye
re: rose eye
REA: restriction endonuclease analysis
REA: restriction enzyme analysis
REA: remains Restriction enzyme analysis
REA: rib eye area
REAL: Revised European American Lymphoma
REC: rat embryo cells
RED: repeat expansion detection
RED: relative extrema density
RED: restriction enzyme digestion
REDP: restriction endonuclease digestion profiles
REDS: Retrovirus Epidemiology Donor Study
REE: resting energy expenditure
REF: restriction endonuclease fingerprinting
REF: rat embryo fibroblasts
REF: rat embryo fibroblast
ref: reduced epidermal fluorescence
REF: restriction endonuclease fragments
REF: restriction endonuclease fragment
REFs: rat embryonal fibroblasts
REISD: restriction endonuclease in situ digestion
REM: relative electrophoretic mobility
REM: rapid eye movement
REP: repetitive extragenic palindromic
REP: Rab escort protein
REP: restriction endonuclease patterns
REP: repetitive extragenic palindrome
REPs: repetitive extragenic palindromes
REPs: Rab escort proteins
RER: rough endoplasmic reticulum
RER: replication error repeats
RER: replication error repair
RER: rough endoplasmatic reticulum
RER: regions of the endoplasmic reticulum
rER: rough surfaced endoplasmic reticulum
RERE: RE repeats encoded
RERF: Radiation Effects Research Foundation
RET: resonance energy transfer
rf: recombination fraction
RF: rheumatoid factor
rf: recombination frequency
RF: replicative form
RF: reproductive failures
RF: Rheumatoid factors
RF: reading frame
RF: regulation of rheumatoid factor
RF: radiofrequency field
RF: Release factors
RF: risk factor
RF: roundness factor
rf: replication fork
RF: rapid feathering
RF: replicative forms
RFA: restriction fragmentation analysis
RFA: replication factor A
RFALS: recessive familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
RFB: ribosomal DNA replication fork barrier
RFB: replication fork barrier
RFB: required for replication fork block
RFB: required for replication fork blocking
RFC: reduced folate carrier
RFC: replication factor C
RFC: restores reduced folate carrier
RFEL: restriction fragment end labeling
RFGE: rotating field gel electrophoresis
RFI: relative fluorescence intensity
RFI: replicative form I
RFII: replicative form type II
RFL: rat fetal lung
RFLP: restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: resulting restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: restricted fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphic
RFLP: restriction fragments length polymorphism
RFLP: reaction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLP: reaction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: RsaI restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: restriction fragment length polymorphosim
RFLP: replace Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms
RFLP: rice restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: reveal restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLP: RI restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: radioactive Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
RFLP: restriction fragments length polymorphisms
RFLP: restriction fragment length plymorphism
RFLP: revealed restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLP: restriction fragment length porlymorphism
RFLP: random restriction fragment length polymorphism
RFLPs: restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: represent restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognizing restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: revealing restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognise restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: restricted fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: revealed restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognising five restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognise two restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: relevant restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: restriction enzyme fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: reveals multiple restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: Restriction endonuclease fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: RI restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: recognition of restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: rapidly identify restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: Restriction fragment lengths polymorphisms
RFLPs: role restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLPs: reveal frequent restriction fragment length polymorphisms
RFLV: restriction fragment length variants
RFLV: restriction fragment length variant
RFLVs: restriction fragment length variants
RFLVs: rare restriction fragment length variants
RFLVs: Restriction endonuclease fragment length variations
RFP: RET finger protein
RFP: red fluorescent protein
RFPs: replication fork pausing sites
RFW: recurrent fetal wastage
RFX: regulatory factor X
RG: Reproductive genetics
RGA: RFLP and resistance gene analog
RGA: resistance gene analogue
RGA: resistance gene analog
RGAP: resistance gene analog polymorphism
RGAs: resistance gene analogs
RGAs: resistance gene analogues
RGAs: R gene analogues
RGC: retinal ganglion cell
RGC: resistance gene candidate
RGCs: resistance gene candidates
RGCs: rat retinal ganglion cells
RGD: Rat Genome Database
rge: Retinopathy Globe Enlarged
RGH: Resistance gene homologue
rGH: rat growth hormone
RGHs: resistance gene homologues
RGI: Reproductive Genetics Institute
RGMy: recessive generalized myotonia
RGP: radial growth phase
RGPM: radial growth phase melanomas
RGR: relative growth rate
RGSP: Rat Genome Sequencing Project
RH: radiation hybrid
RH: rat radiation hybrid
RH: relative humidities
rh: recombinant human
RH: resolution of radiation hybrid
RH: rad radiation hybrid
RH: recovered radiation hybrid
RH: Roslin radiation hybrid
RH: result of radiation hybrid
RH: radiation hybridization
RH: reactive hyperplasia
RH: RNA helicase
RH: radiation hyrid
RH: radiation hybrids
RH: region with radiation hybrid
RH: relative humidity
RH: reactive histiocytosis
RHA: RNA helicase A
RHC: Red hair color
RHD: Runt homology domain
RHdb: Radiation Hybrid Database
RHDV: Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus
RHG: reverse heating giemsa
rhGH: recombinant human GH
rhGH: recombinant human growth hormone
rhIL: recombinant human interleukins
RHL: rat hepatic lectin
RHM: resolution radiation hybrid mapping
RHM: Radiation Hybrid Mapping
rhs: rearrangement hot spot
rHSA: recombinant human serum albumin
rhTNFa: recombinant human tumor necrosis factor alpha
RI: resistance index
RI: recombinant inbred
RI: rat recombinant inbred
RI: replicative index
RI: replication index
RI: repopulation index
RI: ribonuclease inhibitor
RI: replication intermediate
RI: reciprocal inhibition
RI: Relative inhibition
RI: replicative intermediate
RI: RNA to replicative intermediate
RI: Reunion Island
RI: recombinant isogenic
ri: radius incompletus
RI: recombination index
RIC: reduced intensity conditioning
RICL: recombinant inbred chromosome lines
RIF: renal interstitial fibrosis
RII: receptor II
RII: receptor type II
RIL: recombinant inbred line
RIL: rabbit ileal loop
RIL: recombinant inbreed line
RIL: rye F6 recombinant inbred line
RIL: recombinant isogenic line
RIL: resistance recombinant inbred lines
RILs: recombinant inbred lines
RILs: RHA801 recombinant inbred lines
RIM: regression interval mapping
RIME: ribosomal inserted mobile element
RING: really interesting new gene
RIP: recently replication initiation point
RIPs: recombinant inbred populations
RIR: Rhode Island Red
RIS: rat recombinant inbred strains
RIs: recombinant inbred strains
RIS: recombinant inbred strain
RISH: RNA in situ hybridization
RISs: retroviral insertion sites
RIT: Rennell Island Tall
RJMCMC: reversible jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo
RK: rod photoreceptors rhodopsin kinase
RK: reconstructed karyotypes
RK: rabbit kidney
RL: recessive lethal
RL: recessive lethals
RL: root length
RL: recombinational length
rl: recessive reeler locus
RL: rudimentary limb
rl: repeat length
RL: rat liver
rl: relative length
RLC: randomly located clusters
RLC: regulated myosin regulatory light chain
RLF: Replication licensing factor
RLF: rat lung fibroblasts
RLGS: restriction landmark genomic scanning
RLGS: restriction landmark genome scanning
RLH: reactive lymphoid hyperplasia
RLH: reactive lymphoid hyperplasias
RLI: RNase L inhibitor
RLP: ribosome landing pad
RLS: Restless legs syndrome
RLS: replicative life span
RLU: relative light units
RLV: Rauscher Rauscher leukemia virus
RLV: Rauscher leukemia virus
RLV: RNA of Rauscher Leukemia virus
RM: recurrent miscarriage
RM: restriction modification
RM: repeated miscarriage
RM: RG and reproductive medicine
RM: rod monochromacy
RMCH: Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital
RMCs: renal medullary carcinomas
RMD: rippling muscle disease
rMD: restrained molecular dynamics
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