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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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QEDs: quantum emission domains
QEM: Quantitative electron microscopy
QF: Quantitative fluorescent
QF: quantitative fluorescence
QFIGE: quantitative field inversion gel electrophoresis
QFISH: quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization
QFS: Quebec Family Study
QH: Quarter Horse
QHZ: Quiescin homology zones
QM: quinacrine mustard
QMS: quadripolar microtubule system
QNG: quantitative nuclear grade
QPCR: quantitative polymerase chain reaction
QPDT: quantitative pedigree disequilibrium test
QRDR: quinolone resistance determining regions
QRDR: Quinolone resistance determinant region
QRLs: quantitative resistance loci
QRT: quantitative real time
QS: Quiet Sleep
QS: quinine sulfate
QSI: quadrant symmetry index
QT: quantitative trait
QT: quantitative traits
QTA: Quantitative Trait Allele
QTG: QTL to quantitative trait gene
QTGs: quantitative trait genes
QTL: quantitative trait loci
QTL: quantitative trait locus
QTL: quantitaive trait loci
QTL: quantitative traits loci
QTL: quantitative trait linkage
QTL: quantitative trail locus
QTL: quest for quantitative trait loci
QTL: quantitative Quantitative trait locus
QTL: quantitative triat loci
QTL: qualitative trait locus
QTL: qualitative or quantitative trait loci
QTL: quantitive trait loci
QTLs: quantitative trait loci
QTLs: qualitative trait loci
QTLs: quantitative Quantitative trait loci
QTN: quantitative trait nucleotide
QTNs: quantitative trait nucleotides
QUI: quantitative ultrasound index
RA: rheumatoid arthritis
RA: refractory anaemia
RA: refractory anemia
RA: retinoic acid
RA: Retinoic acids
RA: renal artery
RA: released by retinoic acid
RA: rice allergenic
RA: Rieger anomaly
RA: refractory anemias
RA: repressed by retinoic acid
RA: regimens in rheumatoid arthritis
RA: rapidly adherent
RA: region to rheumatoid arthritis
RA: Raldh2 synthesises retinoic acid
RA: Ras association
ra: receptor antagonist
RA: relative abundance
RA: rapid acetylator
RA: risk of rheumatoid arthritis
RA: Rheumatoid arthritic
RA: respect to retinoic acid
RA: routine amniocentesis
RA: retinol into retinoic acid
RA: retinoid acid
RAA: right aortic arch
RACE: rapid amplification cDNA end
RAD: rapid aneuploidy detection
RAD: RNA Abundance Database
RAEB: refractory anaemia excess blasts
RAFSFS: rare autosomal folate sensitive fragile sites
RAFTK: related adhesion focal tyrosine kinase
RAG: recombination activating gene
RAGs: recombination activating genes
RAH: Regressing atypical histiocytosis
Ram: rapid aerial mycelium
RAM: root apical meristem
RAMP: randomly amplified microsatellite polymorphism
RAMPs: random amplified microsatellite polymorphisms
RANA: rheumatoid arthritis nuclear antigen
RAP: receptor associated protein
RAPD: random amplified polymorphic DNA
RAPD: randomly amplified polymorphic DNA
RAPD: random amplified polymorphic
RAPD: random amplified polymorphism DNA
RAPD: randomly applied polymorphic DNA
RAPD: random amplified polymorphio DNA
RAPDs: random amplified polymorphic DNAs
RAPDs: randomly amplified polymorphic DNAs
RAPDs: Recently random amplified polymorphic DNAs
Raps: Regulator aspartate phosphatases
RAR: receptors retinoic acid receptor
rAR: rat androgen receptor
RAR: related retinoic acid receptor
RAR: retinoic Retinoic acid receptor
RARA: retinoic acid receptor alpha
RARa: retinoic acid receptor
RARA: receptor alpha
RARA: retinoic acid receptor A
RARE: retinoic element
RARE: retinoic acid response element
RARE: retinoic acid receptor element
RAREs: retinoic acid response elements
RARs: Retinoic acid receptors
RARs: receptors acid receptors
RARs: receptors retinoic acid receptors
RARS: RA and ring sideroblasts
RASF: rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts
RASLs: randomly amplified shotgun libraries
rASVs: recovered avian sarcoma viruses
raz: Replicated anterior zeugopod
RB: residual body
RB: radiation burns
RB: replication bands
RBA: rice bran agglutinin
RBBB: right bundle branch block
RBC: red blood cell
RBC: role of red blood cells
RBCs: red blood cells
RBD: receptor binding domain
RBD: Rab binding domain
RBD: RNP motif RNA binding domain
RBD: RNA binding domain
RBDs: RNA binding domains
RBE: relative biological effectiveness
RBE: relative biological efficacy
RBE: Rep binding element
RBE: radiation biological effectivenesses
RBE: Relative Biological Effect
RBE: relative biological efficiency
RBE: relative biologic effectiveness
RBEs: Relative biological efficiencies
RBFs: receptor binding factors
RBG: rhesus beta globin
RBL: rat basophilic leukemia
RBM: RNA binding motifs
RBM: ribosomal binding motif
RBM: RNA binding motif
RBP: retinol binding protein
RBP: replication banding pattern
RBS: repression binding site
RBS: Ribosome Binding Site
RBS: river bottom sediments
RBS: Rep binding site
RBS: ribosomal binding site
RBS: ribosome binding sites
rbSt: recombinant bovine somatotropin
RC: replicative complex
RC: round cell
RC: rolling circle
Rc: Rhodobacter capsulatus
RC: reflection contrast
RC: reaction center
RC: RNA control
RC: respiratory chain
rc: rough coat
RC: ridge count
RC: recombinant congenic
RC: rectal cancer
RC: restrictive cardiomyopathy
RC: routine cytogenetics
RC: rat hereditary renal carcinoma
RC: reaction centre
RC: ribosomal cistrons
RCA: rolling circle amplification
RCA: ricinus communis agglutinin
RCA: renal cell adenoma
rCBF: regional cerebral bloodflow
rCBF: regional cerebral blood flow
rCBV: regional cerebral blood volume
RCC: Renal cell carcinoma
RCC: rather than renal cell carcinoma
RCC: renal cell cancer
RCC: retina renal cell carcinoma
RCC: renal carcinoma
RCC: renal carcinoma cell
RCC: renal carcinomas
RCC: resembles renal cell carcinoma
RCC: rate of renal cell carcinoma
RCCC: renal clear cell carcinoma
RCCs: region in renal cell carcinomas
RCCs: renal cell carcinomas
RCF: refractory ceramic fibres
RCI: relative competitive index
RCL: reactive center loop
RCL: Relative Corrected Lengths
RCM: Ruhr coal miners
RCM: Retroposon Compensatory Mechanism
RCM: red cell mass
RCM: reflection contrast microscopy
RCM: recessive congenital methemoglobinemia
RCP: reverse chromosome painting
RCP: recessive cornea plana
RCR: rolling circle replication
RCR: replicated chromosome rings
RCR: random coefficient regression
RCS: recombinant congenic strain
RCS: reticulum cell sarcoma
RCSLs: recombinant chromosome substitution lines
RCSs: recombinant congenic strains
RCT: renal cell tumors
RCT: renal cell tumour
RCT: renal cell tumours
RCT: reciprocal chromosomal translocation
RCT: reciprocal chromosome translocation
RCT: reciprocal chromosome translocations
RCTs: reciprocal chromosomal translocations
RD: reading disability
RD: reading disabilities
RD: repair domain
rd: retinal degeneration
RD: Refsum disease
RD: responsive disease
RD: resistant disease
RD: Runt domain
RD: Restrictive dermopathy
RD: residual disease
RD: regional disease
RD: remission duration
RDA: representational difference analysis
RDA: recommended dietary allowances
RDA: Representation difference analysis
RDAs: recommended dietary allowances
RDB: replicative damage bypass
RDB: reverse dot blot
RDBH: reverse dot blot hybridization
RDC: research diagnostic criteria
RDEB: recessive dystrophic EB
RDEB: recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa
RDF: recombination directionality factor
RDF: restriction digest fingerprints
rdgC: retinal degeneration gene C
RDI: Respiratory Disorder Index
RDI: recommended dietary intake
RDPs: restriction digest patterns
RDS: respiratory distress syndrome
RDS: radioresistant DNA synthesis
RDS: replicative DNA synthesis
RDS: retaining radioresistant DNA synthesis
RDS: results in respiratory distress syndrome
RDS: retinal degeneration slow
RDS: resulting in radioresistant DNA synthesis
rds: responsible for retinal degeneration slow
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