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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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PRR: postreplicational repair
PRR: proximal regulatory region
PRR: postreplication repair
PRR: postreplicational DNA repair
PRRs: pathogen recognition receptors
PRS: Pierre Robin sequence
PRV: polycythaemia rubra vera
PS: performance status
PS: promyelocytic sarcoma
PS: pachytene spermatocytes
PS: protein S
PS: pairing sensitive
PS: pulmonary stenosis
PS: photoperiod sensitivity
PS: pattern skew
PS: porcine stable
PS: paradoxical sleep
PS: population spike
PS: Pap smear
ps: per site
PS: Perlman syndrome
PS: pyriform sinus
PS: Pfeiffer syndrome
PS: pyloric stenosis
PS: pancreatic sufficiency
PS: puff stages
PSA: prostate specific antigen
PSA: promoter of prostate specific antigen
PSA: prostatic specific antigen
PSA: Polar Surface Area
PSBP: prostate steroid binding protein
PSC: Posterior sex combs
PSC: Posterior subcapsular cataract
PSC: primary sclerosing cholangitis
PSC: peripheral stem cell
PSC: peripheral stem cells
PSC: pluripotent stem cell
PSCA: prostate stem cell antigen
PSCCs: pharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas
PSCS: precocious sister chromatid segregation
PSD: phrase speech delay
PSD: placental sulphatase deficiency
PSE: pause site elements
PSE: proximal sequence element
PSEI: Potential Stressful Events Interview
PSF: parasitic sex factors
Psg: Pseudomonas syringae glycinea
PSG: Progressive subcortical gliosis
PSG: posterior silk gland
PSI: Perceptive Scientific Instruments
PSI: Pediatric Speech Intelligibility
PSII: ppGpp synthetase II
PSIV: Plautia stali intestine virus
PSL: Primary splenic lymphoma
Psm: pathogen Pseudomonas syringae maculicola
PSMA: Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen
PSMs: paralogous sequence mismatches
PSN: porcine sperm nuclei
PSO: polymorphic sparteine oxidation
PSOC: papillary serous ovarian carcinoma
PSP: patients with progressive supranuclear palsy
PSP: parotid secretory protein
PSP: progressive supranuclear palsy
PSP: proteins parotid secretory protein
PSP: pattern resembling progressive supranuclear palsy
psp: phage shock protein
PSP: porcine pancreatic spasmolytic protein
PspA: pneumococcal surface protein A
PSPC: Papillary serous peritoneal carcinoma
PSQ: paralogous sequence quantification
PSR: paternal sex ratio
PSR: protein synthesis rate
PSS: patients with progressive systemic sclerosis
PSS: progressive systemic sclerosis
PSS: phosphatidylserine synthase
pSS: primary syndrome
PSS: porcine stress syndromes
PSS: patient had progressive systemic sclerosis
PSS: precocious segregation
PSS: planarian saline solution
PSS: patients with progressive systemic scleroderma
PSS: progressive systemic scleroderma
Pst: phosphate specific transport
PST: predivided sample test
Pst: Pseudomonas syringae tomato
Pst: pathogen Pseudomonas syringae tomato
PST: proximal straight tubules
PSTI: pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor
PSTT: Placental site trophoblastic tumour
PSTT: Placental site trophoblastic tumor
PSTV: potato spindle tuber viroid
PSTVd: potato spindle tuber viroid
PSV: preserved speech variant
PSV: Panicum streak virus
PSVs: paralogous sequence variants
PT: primary tumour
PT: primary tumor
PT: phyllodes tumours
PT: proximal tubule
PT: pertussis toxin
PT: prothrombin time
PT: perinuclear theca
PT: postacrosomal perinuclear theca
PT: proximal tubules
PT: Phyllodes tumors
PT: phage type
PT: permeability transition
pt: Paralytic tremor
PT: prolonged prothrombin time
PT: patients with primary thrombocythaemia
PT: profile time
PTA: predicted transmitting abilities
PTA: Pure tone audiogram
PTA: parallel tubular arrays
PTAG: pituitary tumor apoptosis gene
PTC: papillary thyroid carcinoma
PTC: papillary thyroid carcinomas
PTC: papillary thyroid cancer
PTC: performed in papillary thyroid carcinoma
PTC: progression of papillary thyroid carcinoma
PTC: premature termination codon
PTC: patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma
PTC: papillary thyroid cancers
PTC: proliferating trichilemmal cyst
PTCA: percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty
pTCC: papillary transitional cell carcinoma
PTCC: primary tumor cell cultures
PTCL: peripheral T cell lymphoma
PTCs: papillary thyroid carcinomas
PTCs: premature termination codons
PTD: partial tandem duplication
PTD: primary torsion dystonia
PTDN: Prevention Trials Decision Network
PTDs: partial tandem duplications
PTGC: progressively transformed germinal centers
PTGs: parallel tubular granules
PTK: protein tyrosine kinase
PTK: phosphorylation by protein tyrosine kinase
PTK: p190 protein tyrosine kinase
PTK: protein with protein tyrosine kinase
PTKs: protein tyrosine kinases
PTMs: predicted post translational modifications
PTMS: paired transcranial magnetic stimulation
PTP: protein tyrosine phosphatase
PTP: permeability transition pore
PTPRE: protein tyrosine phosphatase epsilon
PTPRG: protein tyrosine phosphatase gamma
PTPRH: protein tyrosine phosphatase H
PTPRO: protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor omicron
PTPRS: protein tyrosine phosphatase sigma
PTPs: protein tyrosine phosphatases
PTPs: proliferation by protein tyrosine phosphatases
PTPs: polar tube proteins
PTPs: Previously described protein tyrosine phosphatases
PTS: Promoter Targeting Sequence
PTS: phosphotransferase transport system
PTT: protein truncation testing
PTT: protein truncation
PTT: protein truncation test
PTT: partial thromboplastin time
PTTG: Pituitary tumor transforming gene
PTTG: pituitary transforming gene
PTTG: pituitary tumour transforming gene
PTV: paired testicular volume
PTW: paired testicular weight
PU: palindromic units
PUBEC: porcine urinary bladder epithelial cells
PUBS: percutaneous umbilical blood sampling
PUBS: percutaneous umbilical blood sample
PUBS: primary percutaneous umbilical blood sampling
PUBS: Peripheral umbilical blood sample
PUBS: percutaneous umbilical blood samples
pULF: pregnant uterine luminal fluids
PUM: polymorphic urinary mucin
PUPs: previously untreated patients
PV: polycythemia vera
PV: pemphigus vulgaris
PV: portal vein
PV: patients with polycythemia vera
PV: patients with polycythaemia vera
PV: predictive value
PV: polycythaemia vera
PV: polyoma virus
PV: papilloma virus
Pv: Patella vulgata
PV: patient with polycythemia vera
PV: patients had polycythemia vera
PV: papilloma viruses
PVA: penicillin V amidase
PVA: Potato virus A
PVCV: petunia vein clearing virus
PVE: phenotypic variation explained
PVM: parallel virtual machine
PVP: predictive value positive
PVR: Polio Virus Receptor
PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance
PVS: Potato virus S
PVSG: Polycythemia Vera Study Group
PVT: polymorphic ventricular tachycardia
PVX: potato virus X
PVY: potato virus Y
PW: pulsed wave
PWDs: Portuguese water dogs
PWMs: position weight matrices
PWS: people with syndrome
PWS: Prader Willi syndrome
PWS: patients with syndrome
PWS: persons with syndrome
PWS: population with syndrome
PWS: Prince William Sound
PWS: patient with syndrome
PXR: pregnane X receptor
PY: pancreatic peptide Y
PYY: peptide YY
PZ: peripheral zone
PZ: Protein Z
PZ: progress zone
PZD: partial zona disruption
PZD: partial zona dissection
PZM: post zygotic mitotic
QA: quinolinic acid
qa: quinic acid
QACs: quaternary ammonium compounds
QC: quiescent center
QC: quality control
QDFM: quantitative DNA fiber mapping
QE: Quantitative epigenetics
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