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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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orfY: open reading frame
orpk: Oak Ridge polycystic kidney
ORRs: overall response rates
OS: overall survival
OS: Opitz syndrome
OS: seminal oxidative stress
OS: osteopathia striata
OS: one signal
OSA: ordered subset analysis
OSA: ordered subsets analysis
OSA: Obstructive sleep apnea
OSAs: ordered subset analyses
OSB: open spina bifida
OSCC: oral squamous cell carcinoma
OSCC: oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
OSCCs: oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas
OSCCs: oral squamous cell carcinomas
OSCCs: our oral squamous cell carcinomas
OSCCs: oesophageal squamous cell carcinomas
OSCCs: Oral squamous cell cancers
OSE: ovarian surface epithelial
OSF: oral submucous fibrosis
OSN: olfactory sensory neuron
OSNs: olfactory sensory neurones
OSNs: olfactory sensory neurons
OspA: outer surface protein A
OspA: other outer surface proteins
OspA: outer surface proteins A
OSS: Ordered shotgun sequencing
OSU: Oregon State University
OSV: ovine seminal vesicle
OT: ovary tumor
OT: oblique talus
OT: ovary tumour
OTF: the octamer transcription factor
OTF: octamer transcription factor
OTM: olive tail moment
OTM: oil Olive tail moment
OU: oligonucleotide usage
OV: orf virus
OV: the orf virus
OW: Old World
OWM: Old World monkey
PA: protective antigen
PA: phenylacetic acid
PA: premature anaphase
PA: proteins protective antigen
PA: pulmonary adenomas
PA: pleomorphic adenoma
PA: pulmonary artery
PA: pulmonary atresia
PA: paraffin embedded pleomorphic adenomas
PA: proteases like plasminogen activators
PA: Propargyl alcohol
PA: Plasminogen activators
PA: phytic acid
PA: progressive aphasia
PA: pilocytic astrocytomas
PA: preferential amplification
PA: phosphatidic acid
PA: pituitary adenomas
PA: pulse amplitude
PA: propionic acidemia
PA: patients with pulmonary atresia
PA: paired arm
PA: paroxysmal ataxias
PA: presence of plasminogen activator
Pa: Pseudomonas aeruginosa
PA: pleomorphic adenomas
PA: particle agglutination
PA: Palo Alto
PA: proliferative activity
PA: plasminogen activator
PA: patients with paralysis agitans
PA: problem of primary amenorrhoea
PA: Physical activity
PAA: peracetic acid
PAA: phenylacetic acid amide
PAA: pharyngeal arch artery
PAAs: pharyngeal arch arteries
PAC: P1 artificial chromosome
PAC: phage artificial chromosome
PAC: P1 phage artificial chromosome
PAC: P1 artificial chromosomal
PAC: porcine artificial chromosome
PAC: PI artificial chromosome
PAC: polycyclic aromatic constituents
PAC: plasmid artificial chromosome
PAC: P1 and P1 artificial chromosome
PAC: Pl artificial chromosome
PAC: plant artificial chromosome
PACAP: pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide
PACAP: pituitary adenyl cyclase activating peptide
PACs: plasmid artificial chromosomes
PACs: P1 artificial chromosomes
PACs: polycyclic aromatic compounds
PACs: path of P1 artificial chromosomes
PAD: phenotypes affective disorders
PAD: psychotic affective disorders
PAD: phenolic acid decarboxylase
PAD: phenylacrylic acid decarboxylase
PAD: probands with primary affective disorders
PAEP: progesterone associated endometrial protein
PAF: platelet activating factor
pag: protective antigen gene
PAH: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
PAH: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
PAH: pulmonary arterial hypertension
PAH: paired amphipathic helix
PAHs: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
PAHs: particles containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
PAHs: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonds
PAI: plasminogen activator inhibitors
PAI: plasminogen activator inhibitor
PAI: pulmonary arterial index
PAIS: partial androgen insensitivity syndrome
PAIS: partial androgen insensitivity
PAL: Peripheral acute leukemia
PAL: phenylalanine ammonia lyase
PAL: Primed Amplification Labelling
PALG: Polish Adult Leukemia Group
PAM: programmable array microscope
PAMs: Pulmonary alveolar macrophages
PANA: proliferation associated nuclear antigen
PanIN: pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia
PANSS: positive and negative syndrome scale
PaO: pheophorbide a oxygenase
PAOD: Peripheral arterial occlusive disease
PAP: Pokeweed antiviral protein
PAP: progression associated protein
PAP: purple acid phosphatase
PAP: pulmonary artery pressure
PAP: pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
PAR: Prostate androgen regulated
PAR: photosynthetically active radiation
PARIS: Paris Autism Research International Sibpair
PARP: procyclic acidic repetitive protein
PARs: Proteolytically activated receptors
PAS: periodic acid Schiff
PAS: positive periodic acid schiff
PAS: primosome assembly site
Pas: pulmonary adenoma susceptibility
PAS: positive for periodic acid Schiff
pas: pyridine analogue supersensitive
PASA: primary acquired sideroblastic anaemia
PASA: primary acquired sideroblastic anemia
PASP: pulmonary artery systolic pressure
PB: peripheral blood
PB: polar bodies
PB: phosphate buffer
PB: polar body
PB: pellucida and polar body
PB: piperonyl butoxide
PB: PCR in peripheral blood
PB: PCR from peripheral blood
PB: proportions of peripheral blood
PB: patients showing peripheral blood
PB: patients whose peripheral blood
PB: progenitors in peripheral blood
PB: peroxisome biogenesis
PB: prepared from peripheral blood
PB: Prussian blue
PB: pretreatment of peripheral blood
PB: performed on peripheral blood
PBA: patients with prune belly anomaly
PBC: peripheral blood cell
PBC: patients with primary biliary cirrhosis
PBC: primary biliary cirrhosis
PBC: predominance of primary biliary cirrhosis
PBC: pathogenesis of primary biliary cirrhosis
PBC: peripheral blood cells
PBC: proven primary biliary cirrhosis
PBCRA: progressive bifocal chorioretinal atrophy
PBD: pyloric balloon dilation
PBD: peroxisomal biogenesis disorders
PBD: peroxisome biogenesis disorder
PBD: proliferative breast disease
PBDs: peroxisome biogenesis disorders
PBF: percent body fat
PBG: phosphate buffer glucose
PBK: phosphorylase b kinase
PBL: performed in peripheral blood lymphocytes
PBL: porcine peripheral blood lymphocytes
PBL: peripheral blood lymphocyte
PBL: Phytohemagglutinin stimulated peripheral blood lymphocyte
PBL: performed on peripheral blood lymphocytes
PBL: peripheral blood leukocyte
PBL: period in peripheral blood lymphocytes
PBL: panel of peripheral blood lymphocytes
PBLC: peripheral blood lymphocyte cultures
PBLs: peripheral blood lymphocytes
PBLs: peripheral blood leukocytes
PBLs: protein in peripheral blood lymphocytes
PBLs: post Peripheral blood lymphocytes
PBLs: properties of peripheral blood lymphocytes
PBM: peripheral blood monocytes
PBM: presence of peripheral blood microchimerism
PBMC: peripheral blood mononuclear cells
PBMC: peripheral blood momonuclear cells
PBMC: peripheral blood mononucleated cells
PBMCs: peripheral blood mononuclear cells
PBMCs: proliferation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells
PBMCs: previously in peripheral blood mononuclear cells
PBMNC: peripheral blood mononuclear cells
PBMNC: peripheral blood mononuclear cell
PBNs: Probabilistic Boolean Networks
PBP: penicillin binding protein
PBP: Peroxisome receptor binding protein
PBPC: peripheral blood plasma cells
PBPC: peripheral blood progenitor cell
PBPCs: peripheral blood progenitor cells
PBPCT: peripheral blood progenitor cell transplantation
PBPK: physiologically based pharmacokinetic
PBPs: penicillin binding proteins
PBR: polar body removal
PBR: peripheral benzodiazepine receptor
PBR: peptide binding region
PBRs: peripheral blood reticulocytes
PBS: primer binding site
PBS: peripheral binding site
PBS: phosphate buffered saline
PBS: peripheral blood samples
PBS: putative primer binding site
PBS: presented with prune belly sequence
PBSC: peripheral blood stem cell
PBSC: Peripheral blood stem cells
PBSCs: peripheral blood stem cells
PBSCT: peripheral blood stem cell transplantation
PBSCT: peripheral blood stem cell transplant
PBSs: primer binding sites
PC: platelet counts
PC: plasma cell
PC: principal component
PC: plasma cells
PC: Pneumocystis carinii
PC: prostatic carcinoma
PC: proportion of plasma cells
PC: paramyotonia congenita
PC: Prostate carcinoma
PC: protein convertase
PC: parathyroid carcinoma
PC: principle component
PC: principal components
PC: Protein C
PC: percentage of plasma cells
PC: prostate cancer
PC: periosteal circumference
pc: post coitum
PC: pastoral care
PC: phosphatidyl choline
PC: precursor cells
PC: Pachyonychia congenita
PC: pyruvate carboxylase
PC: papillary carcinomas
PC: per plasma cell
PC: pentose cycle
PC: precursors of prostate cancer
PCA: principal component analysis
PCA: principal components analysis
PCA: principal component analyses
PCA: permanent cerebellar ataxia
PCC: present as premature chromosome condensation
PCC: premature chromosome condensation
PCC: premature chromatin condensation
PCC: prematurely condensed chromosome
PCC: phase using premature chromosome condensation
PCC: prematurely condensed chromosomes
PCC: produced when premature chromosome condensation
PCC: premature condensed chromosomes
PCC: partial premature chromosome condensation
PCC: PRC1 core complex
PCC: Propionyl CoA carboxylase
PCC: premature condensation chromosome
PCC: premature chromosomes condensation
PCC: polymorphic congenital cataract
PCC: pronuclei underwent premature chromosome condensation
PCC: prematurely condensed chromatin
PCC: phase prematurely condensed chromatin
PCC: phenomenon of premature chromosome condensation
PCC: phase prematurely condensed chromosomes
PCC: pure prematurely condensed chromosomes
PCCA: propionyl CoA carboxylase
pccb: propionyl CoA carboxylase beta
PCCs: prematurely condensed chromosomes
PCCs: premature chromosome condensations
PCCs: produced in prematurely condensed chromosomes
PCD: Primary ciliary dyskinesia
PCD: programmed cell death
PCD: premature centromere division
PCD: patients with primary ciliary dyskinesia
pcd: Purkinje cell degeneration
PCD: prenatal cytogenetic diagnosis
PCD: premature centromere disjunction
PCD: plant programmed cell death
PCD: phonological coding dyslexia
PCD: Physiological cell death
PCD: paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration
PCD: protect against programed cell death
PCD: process of programmed cell death
PCD: phenomenon as premature centromere division
PCDs: premature centromere divisions
PCE: proximal conserved element
PCFL: primary cutaneous follicular lymphoma
PCFLs: Primary cutaneous follicular lymphomas
PCG: primary congenital glaucoma
PCH: Pulmonary chondroid hamartomas
PCHs: Pulmonary chondroid hamartomas
PCI: patient developed pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis
PCI: protein C inhibitor
PCI: proliferating cell indexes
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