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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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Nops: nodulation outer proteins
NOR: nucleolar organizer regions
NOR: nucleolar organizer region
NOR: nucleolar organizing region
NOR: nucleolus organizing region
NOR: nucleolus organizer region
NOR: nucleolus organiser region
NOR: nucleolar organized region
NOR: nucleolar organiser region
NOR: nuclei and nucleolar organizing regions
Nor: nor nitric oxide reductase
NOR: nucleolar organization regions
NOR: number of regions
NOR: nuclear organizer region
NOR: nucleolar organizer reactivity
NORs: nucleus organizing regions
NORs: number of nucleolar organizer regions
NORs: nucleolus organizer regions
NORs: nucleolar organizing regions
NORs: nucleolar organiser regions
NORs: nucleolus organizing regions
NORs: number of nucleolus organizer regions
NORs: nucleolous organizer regions
NORs: nucleolar organising regions
NORs: number of nucleolar organiser regions
NORs: nuclear organizer regions
NORs: number of nucleolar organizing regions
NORs: numbers of nucleolar organizer regions
NORs: nucleoli or nucleolus organizing regions
NORs: near their nucleolar organizing regions
NORs: numbers of nucleolar organiser regions
NORs: number of nucleolus organizing regions
NORs: number of nucleolus organiser regions
NORs: number of nucleolar organising regions
NORs: Nucleolar Organizers Regions
NORs: numbers of nucleolar organiser region
NORs: nucleoli and nucleolar organizer regions
NORs: nucleoli organizing regions
NORs: numbers of nucleolar organising regions
NORs: nucleolus organiser regions
NORss: nucleolus organiser regions surface
NOS: nitric oxide synthase
NOS: otherwise specified
NOSE: normal ovarian surface epithelial
NOSE: normal ovarian surface epithelium
NOSs: Nitric oxide synthases
NP: nuclear protrusions
np: nuclear protein
NP: nucleoside phosphorylase
NP: nonhistone proteins
NP: normal pituitary
NP: nurse practitioner
np: nucleotide position
np: nucleotide pair
NP: neuritic plaques
NP: N protein
NP: Nosocomial pneumonia
NPASA: nested PCR and amplification
NPB: nucleolar precursor bodies
NPBs: nucleolar precursor bodies
NPBs: nucleolus precursor bodies
NPBs: negative in nucleolar precursor bodies
NPC: nuclear pore complex
NPC: novel nuclear pore complex
NPCs: neural progenitor cells
NPCs: Neural precursor cells
NPCs: nuclear pore complexes
NPD: nasal potential difference
NPDLL: nodular poorly differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma
NPH: normal pressure hydrocephalus
NPHSII: Northwick Park Heart Study II
NPI: Nottingham Prognostic Index
NPIP: Nuclear Pore Interacting Protein
NPK: newborn pig kidney
NPNA: NOR percentage nuclear area
NPP: nucleotide pyrophosphatase phosphodiestrase
NPPA: natriuretic peptide precursor A
NPPB: natriuretic peptide precursor
NPPB: natriuretic peptide precursor B
NPRA: natriuretic peptide receptor A
NPS: Nail patella syndrome
NPS: nuclear polypeptide synthesis
NPSs: nucleosome positioning sequences
NPTA: nasal predominant transcriptional activating
NPTh: newborn pig thyroid
NPTr: newborn pig trachea
NPV: negative predictive value
NPV: negative predictive values
NQIBD: new quite identical by
NR: neutral red
NR: nuclease resistant
NR: natural resistance
NR: nuclear receptor
NR: Nuclear receptors
NR: nitrate reductase
NR: nephrogenic rest
NR: Nuclear rotation
NR: neutral retina
NR: nucleus reticularis
NRA: nitrate reductase A
NRA: nitrate reductase activities
NRBC: nucleated red blood cells
NRBC: nucleated red blood cell
NRBCs: nucleated red blood cells
NRC: Nuclease Resistant Chromatin
NRC: National Research Council
NRD: negative regulatory domain
NRE: negative regulatory element
NRE: negatively regulating element
NREs: Nru repressor elements
NRF: negative regulatory factor
NRI: nitrogen regulator I
NRK: normal rat kidney
NRL: nucleosome repeat length
NRR: normal radiation region
NRRE: nuclear receptor response elements
NRS: NADPH regenerating system
nrs: really started
NRS: negatively regulates splicing
NRT: nucleus reticularis thalami
NRTI: nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor
NRTIs: nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
NRU: neutral red uptake
NRZ: nitrate reductase Z
NS: nuclease into nuclease sensitive
NS: Netherton syndrome
NS: nucleation site
NS: nodular sclerosis
NS: Noonan syndrome
NS: nuclear spreads
NS: nephrotic syndrome
NS: nodular sclerosing
NS: Nievergelt syndrome
NS: neutral site
NS: normal saline
NSAID: non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs
NSC: neural stem cell
NSCLC: new lung cancer
NSCLC: Non small cell lung carcinoma
NSCLC: non small cell lung cancer
NSCLC: non small cell lung cancers
NSCs: neural stem cells
NSD: significant differences
NSE: neurogenic specific enolase
NSE: neuron specific enolase
NSE: neuronal specific enolase
NSE: novel sequence element
NSF: normal skin fibroblast
NSF: National Science Foundation
NSF: nuclear shape factor
NSK: newborn swine kidney
NSLS: National Synchrotron Light Source
NSN: surrounded nucleolus
NSP: novel serine protease
NSP: novel structure proteins
NSR: naked seed rice
NSRs: nuclease sensitive regions
NSTs: nerve sheath tumors
NSTs: nervous system tumors
NSV: Neuroadapted Sindbis virus
NT: nuclear transfer
NT: nuchal translucency
NT: Northern Territory
NT: nuclear transplantation
NT: nuclear transplant
NT: neuroblastic tumors
NT: nuchal thickness
NT: nick translation
NT: N terminus
NTCP: normal tissue culture plastic
NTD: neural tube defects
NTD: neural tube defect
NTDs: neural tube defects
NTE: neuropathy target esterase
NTG: normal tension glaucoma
NTM: nuchal translucency measurement
NTP: National Toxicology Program
NTPR: National Transplantation Pregnancy Registry
NTR: Netherlands Twin Register
NTS: nuclear translocation signal
NTUH: National Taiwan University Hospital
NUH: National University Hospital
NV: nucleolar vacuoles
nv: normal values
NV: nuclear volume
NW: New World
NWC: Naval Weapons Center
NWTSG: National Wilms Tumor Study Group
NY: nuclear yellow
NY: New York
NYHA: New York Heart Association
NZ: New Zealand
NZB: New Zealand Black
NZM: New Zealand mixed
NZO: New Zealand obese
NZW: New Zealand White
OA: oesophageal adenocarcinomas
OA: obstructive azoospermia
OA: okadaic acid
OA: Oesophageal atresia
OA: Ochratoxin A
OA: oocytes with okadaic acid
OA: overcome by okadaic acid
OA: ocular albinism
OABP: organic anion binding protein
OAC: osmium ammine complex
OAF: osteoblast activating factor
oaf: out at first
OAF: osteoclast activating factor
OAG: onset open angle glaucoma
OAG: onset primary open angle glaucoma
OATP: organic anion transporting polypeptide
OATP: organic anion transporter
OB: olfactory bulb
OB: the olfactory bulb
OB: orange blotch
OB: occlusion bodies
OBDs: occupied bed days
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