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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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NEB: nuclear envelope breakdown
NEBD: nuclei after nuclear envelope breakdown
NEBD: Nuclear envelope breakdown
NEDH: New England Deaconess Hospital
NEMO: nuclear essential modulator
NEP: normal early placenta
NER: nucleotide excision repair
NER: nucleosomes influence nucleotide excision repair
NER: nucleotide excisions repair
NER: nuclear envelope reformation
NES: nuclear export signal
NES: nuclear exclusion sequence
NESs: nuclear export signals
NESs: novel nuclear export signals
NEST: nuclear export signal trapping
NET: natural erythritol tolerant
NF: nombre fondamental
NF: nuclear factor
NF: nucleoplasmic fibrils
NFCs: nucleated fetal cells
NFI: Nuclear Factor I
NFKB: nuclear factor kappa B
NFL: nodal follicular lymphoma
NFP: natural family planning
NFP: Nod Factor Perception
nfr: nucleosome free region
NFTS: normal first trimester screening
NG: Nuclear grades
NG: nicotiana glauca
NG: nodular goiter
NG: nodules in nodular goiter
Ng: Neisseria gonorrhoeae
NG: normal gingiva
NG: neutrophil granulocytes
NGE: namely glycidyl ether
NGF: Nerve growth factor
NGF: neurons by nerve growth factor
NGF: neurotrophic Nerve growth factor
NGF: nerve growth fact
NGFB: Nerve growth factor beta
NGFR: nerve growth factor receptor
NgR: neurofibromatosis generalisata Recklinghausen
NH: Neonatal haemochromatosis
NH: neonatal hepatitis
NH: Neonatal hemochromatosis
Nh: Nectria haematococca
NHAs: normal human astrocytes
NHBE: Normal human bronchial epithelial
NHD: NFAT Homology Domain
NHD: Nasu Hakola disease
NHDF: normal human diploid fibroblasts
NHF: normal human fibroblasts
NHG: Nottingham histologic grade
NHGRI: National Human Genome Research Institute
NHK: normal human keratinocytes
NHL: non Hodgkin lymphoma
NHMECs: normal human mammary epithelial cells
NHOF: normal human oral fibroblasts
NHOK: normal human oral keratinocyte
NHOK: normal human oral keratinocytes
NHOKs: normal human oral keratinocytes
NHP: non histone proteins
NHR: nervy homology regions
NHRF: National Hellenic Research Foundation
NHRs: nuclear hormone receptors
NHRs: nuclease hypersensitive regions
NHS: Nance Horan syndrome
NHS: National Health Service
NHS: normal human sera
NHS: normal human scale
NHSG: normal human serum
NIB: normalized infant brain
NIC: Nuclear image cytometry
NICU: neonatal intensive care unit
NICUs: neonatal intensive care units
NIDDM: non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
NII: neuronal intranuclear inclusions
NII: Neuronal intranuclear inclusion
NIL: near isogenic line
NILs: near isogenic lines
NILs: nearly isogenic lines
NIMA: never in mitosis A
NIRCA: Non Isotopic RNAse Cleavage Assay
NIS: Newly Independent States
NISH: nonradioactive in situ hybridization
NJ: New Jersey
NK: natural killer
NK: Nasal killer
NK: numbers of natural killer
NK: novel natural killer
NK: naive natural killer
NK: namely natural killer
NK: novel natural killer
NK: nonspecific natural killer
NK: natural killing
NKC: natural killer complex
NKT: natural killer T
NL: neonatal leukemias
NL: Northern Lights
NL: nuclear lamina
NLA: NOR lateral asymmetry
NLC: normal liveborn child
NLCSG: NOPHO Leukaemia Cytogenetic Study Group
NLD: nonverbal learning disabilities
NLD: nuclear lamina disassembly
NLE: Neonatal lupus erythematosus
NLP: Natural language processing
NLP: light perception
NLPHL: nodular lymphocyte predominance Hodgkin lymphoma
NLPHL: nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma
NLS: nuclear localization signal
NLS: nuclear localization signals
NLS: near the nuclear localization signal
NLS: nuclear localization sequence
NLS: nuclear localizing signal
NLS: nuclear localization sequences
NLS: nucleus localization sequence
NLSs: nuclear localization signals
NLV: necrotizing lymphoid vasculitis
NM: nodular melanoma
NM: nude mice
Nm: new mutant
NM: nitrogen mustard
NM: nuclear matrix
NM: nuclear membrane
NM: nodal metastasis
Nm: Neisseria meningitidis
NM: nitrogen mustards
NMBAs: Nuclear matrix binding assays
NMCs: neocentric marker chromosomes
NMD: nuclear membrane dissolution
NMDP: National Marrow Donor Program
NMDs: neuroblast migration disorders
NMDs: nuclear morphometric descriptors
NME: Nystatin methyl ester
NML: National Microbiology Laboratory
NMP: nuclear matrix protein
NMPs: Nuclear matrix proteins
NMR: nuclear magnetic resonance
NMR: novel 1H nuclear magnetic resonance
NMS: Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
NN: nuclear number
NN: neural networks
NN: neural network
NN: node number
NN: namely Rhizobium nodule number
NN: nevocytic nevi
NNDF: normal nuclear division fraction
NNFF: Neurofibromatosis Foundation
NNIS: National Nosocomial Infections Surveillance
NNM: normal nasopharyngeal mucosa
nNOS: neuronal nitric oxide synthase
NNP: neonatal nurse practitioners
NNP: nonhistone nuclear proteins
NNRTI: nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor
NNRTIs: Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors
NO: Nitric oxide
NO: nucleolus organizer
NO: nucleoid occlusion
NO: noted that nitric oxide
NO: nucleolar organizers
NO: nor nitric oxide
NO: Nucleolus organizers
NO: Neuronal nitric oxide
NO: nucleolar organizer
NOA: nucleolar organizer activity
NOA: naturally occurring antibodies
NOCs: nucleolus organizer chromosomes
NOE: nuclear Overhauser effect
NOE: nmr nuclear Overhauser effect
NOEL: observed effect level
NOELs: observed effect levels
NOEs: nuclear Overhauser effects
NOESY: nuclear Overhauser effect spectroscopy
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