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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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MPNT: malignant peripheral neuroectodermal tumors
MPNT: malignant primary neuroectodermal tumours
MPNTs: malignant peripheral neuroectodermal tumors
MPO: maximal power output
MPP: mitochondrial processing peptidase
MPP: multiscale product
MPPE: multifocal posterior pigment epitheliopathy
MPPs: M phase phosphoproteins
MPR: Mucor pusillus rennin
MPS: monocyte phagocytic system
MPS: mononuclear phagocyte system
MPS: marker pair selection
MPSS: Massively parallel signature sequencing
MPT: multiple primary tumors
mPT: mitochondrial permeability transition
MPT: muscle provocation test
MPTP: mitochondrial permeability transition pore
MPVI: mating population VI
Mpz: myelin protein zero
MQTL: marked quantitative trait loci
MR: mild mental retardation
MR: mental retardation
MR: mitotic recombination
MR: molecular remission
MR: magnetic resonance
MR: Middle repetitive
MR: mentally retarded
MR: microcephaly mental retardation
MR: mineralocorticoid receptor
MR: multiple regression
MR: moderately repetitive
MR: moderate mental retardation
MR: molecular relapse
MR: movement related
MR: mitotic regimen
MR: MC receptor
MR: molar refractivity
MR: meiotic resumption
MR: Mitotic rate
MR: male recombination
MR: meridional row
MRAF: Medical Record Abstraction Form
MRC: Medical Research Council
MRC: minimal residual clones
MRCA: most recent common ancestor
MRD: measure minimal residual disease
MRD: minimal residual disease
MRD: monitoring of minimal residual disease
MRD: monitor the minimal residual disease
MRD: monitor minimal residual disease
MRD: modified Robbins device
MRD: minimal residual diseases
MRD: monitoring minimal residual disease
MRD: mismatch repair detection
MRD: minimum residual disease
MRD: molecular Minimal residual disease
MRD: measurement of minimal residual disease
MRD: monitored for minimal residual disease
MRD: measurements of minimal residual disease
MRD: Methods of minimal residual disease
MRD: marker of minimal residual disease
MRD: multicystic renal dysplasia
MRDT: mortality rate doubling time
MRE: metal response element
mRE: myb recognition element
MREs: metal regulatory elements
MREs: metal responsive elements
MRFIT: Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial
MRFs: myogenic regulatory factors
MRG: MORF4 related gene
MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: macrocephaly magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: muscle magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: members and magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: magnetic resonance image
MRI: manifestations and magnetic resonance imaging
MRI: months coronal magnetic resonance imaging
MRIII: minimal region III
MRIs: multiple resistance integrons
MRIs: magnetic resonance images
MRL: measured in maximum root length
MRL: Maximum Root Length
MRN: multiacinar regenerative nodules
MROUE: Mental Retardation Of Unknown Etiology
MRP: multidrug resistance protein
Mrp: methionine related protein
MRP: mt ribosomal protein
MRP: mitochondrial ribosomal protein
MRP: mitochondrial RNA processing
MRPs: mitochondrial ribosomal proteins
MRRF: mitochondrial ribosome recycling factor
MRS: Major Repeat Sequence
mrs: multimer resolution system
MRS: magnetic resonance spectroscopy
MRS: mismatch repair system
MRSA: methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
MRSA: multiple resistant Staphylococcus aureus
MRSPs: mapped restriction site polymorphisms
MRT: malignant rhabdoid tumor
MRT: Malignant rhabdoid tumors
MRT: magnetic resonance tomography
MRT: mean residence time
MRTs: malignant rhabdoid tumors
MRTs: Malignant rhabdoid tumours
MS: multiple sclerosis
MS: mass spectrometry
MS: microsatellite shifts
MS: methionine synthase
MS: mutans streptococci
MS: mass spectroscopy
ms: male sterile
MS: mental subnormality
MS: maternal serum
MS: Mycoplasma synoviae
MS: mainstream smoke
MS: model of multiple sclerosis
MS: model for multiple sclerosis
MS: male sterility
MS: mutagen sensitivity
MS: Marfan syndrome
MS: mutational spectra
MS: Meckel syndrome
MS: mass screening
Ms: Manduca sexta
MS: multiplex sibs
MS: Mutator Strain
MS: males of Mutator strain
MS: Maternal sera
MS: multiplex multiple sclerosis
MSA: multiplication stimulating activity
MSA: mutagen sensitivity assay
MSA: multiple system atrophy
MSA: major soluble antigen
MSA: major surface antigen
MSA: mitotic spindle antibodies
MSA: mouse serum albumin
MSAFP: maternal serum alpha fetoprotein
MSAP: Methylation sensitive amplified polymorphism
MSAs: mutagen sensitivity assays
MSAs: multiple system atrophies
MSC: marrow mesenchymal stem cells
MSC: marrow stromal cells
MSC: mesenchymal stem cells
MSCCC: mitotic spindle cell cycle checkpoint
MSCI: meiotic sex chromosome inactivation
MSCI: male meiotic sex chromosome inactivation
MSCs: mechanically stretched chromosomes
MSCs: Multipotential mesenchymal stem cells
MSCs: murine mesenchymal stem cells
MSCV: murine stem cell virus
MSD: multiple sulfatase deficiency
MSD: major splice donor
MSD: multiple sulphatase deficiency
MSE: measured with mean squared error
MSE: mean squared error
MSF: master strain F
MSF: megakaryocyte stimulating factor
MSG: major surface glycoprotein
MSG: middle silk gland
MSGs: major surface glycoproteins
MSH: melanocyte stimulating hormone
MShCG: maternal serum human chorionic gonadotropin
MShCG: maternal serum human chorionic gonadotrophin
MSI: micro satellite instability
MSI: mouse subcutaneous infection
MSL: male specific lethal
MSL: Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis
MSLT: mean sleep latency test
MSLT: Multiple Sleep Latency Test
msm: multiple sugar metabolism
MSMTs: maternal serum marker tests
MSP: methylation specific PCR
MSP: macrophage stimulating protein
MSP: mouse sperm protein
MSP: major sperm protein
msp: major surface protease
MSPs: major sperm proteins
Msr: methionine sulfoxide reductase
MSR: major sequence repeat
MSR: Macrophage scavenger receptors
MsrA: methionine sulfoxide reductase
msrB: methionine sulfoxide reductase
MSRs: multichannel surface recordings
MSS: molecular features from microsatellite stable
MSS: microsatellite stable
MSS: markers were considered microsatellite stable
MSS: maternal serum screening
MSS: Muscular subaortic stenosis
MSS: maternal serum screen
MSS: multiple sclerosis susceptibility
MSSA: MRSA and Staphylococcus aureus
MSSCC: maxillary sinus squamous cell carcinomas
MSSE: multiple squamous epithelioma
MSSE: multiple squamous epitheliomata
MSSG: multiple sclerosis susceptibility gene
MST: median survival time
MST: mean survival time
MSTP: Medical Scientist Training Program
MSTs: mean survival times
MSUD: maple syrup urine disease
MSV: Moloney Sarcoma Virus
MSV: Maize streak virus
MSV: Moloney murine sarcoma virus
MSV: murine sarcoma virus
MT: malignant tumor
MT: monosomic type
MT: maintenance therapy
MT: magnetic tweezers
Mt: microsynteny between Medicago truncatula
Mt: Medicago truncatula
MT: mathematical transformation
MT: micronucleus test
MT: middle T
MT: membrane type
MT: Myoblast transplantation
MT: metastatic tumours
MT: morphologically transformed
MT: Malpighian tubules
Mta: maternally transmitted antigen
MTB: main terminal branch
MTBP: Membrane Telomere Binding Protein
MTC: major translocation cluster
MTC: Medullary thyroid carcinoma
MTC: multiple tissue cDNA
MTC: medullary thyroid cancer
MTC: member had medullary thyroid carcinoma
MTC: metastasized medullary thyroid carcinoma
MTC: medullay thyroid carcinoma
MTCRs: molecularly tagged chromosome regions
MTCs: Medullary thyroid carcinomas
MTCs: medullary thyroid cancers
MTD: Maximum tolerated doses
MTD: maximum tolerated dose
MTD: maximally tolerated dose
MTD: maximal tolerated dose
MTD: Maximum Tolerable Dose
MTE: multiple tissue expression
mtETC: mitochondrial electron transport chain
MTL: mating type locus
mTOR: mammalian target of rapamycin
MTP: minimum tiling path
MTP: Mitochondrial trifunctional protein
mTR: mouse telomerase RNA
mTRFL: mean telomere restriction fragment length
MTS: Muir Torre syndrome
MTSCC: mucinous tubular and carcinoma
MTT: Malignant triton tumors
MTT: methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium
MTT: microculture tetrazolium
MTT: methylthiazol tetrazorium
MTT: Myoblast transfer therapy
MTT: Malignant triton tumor
MTT: methyl thiazol tetrazolium
MTT: model for myoblast transfer therapy
mtTFA: mitochondrial transcription factor A
MTTP: microsomal triglyceride transfer protein
MTTs: malignant triton tumours
Mtv: Mouse mammary tumour viruses
MTV: murine mammary tumor virus
MTV: mean testicular volume
MTV: mammary tumor virus
mu: map units
MU: Marie Unna
mu: mobility unit
MU: methotrexate uridine
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