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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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MLEC: mouse lung endothelial cells
MLEs: maximum likelihood estimates
MLG: mapping to molecular linkage group
MLG: molecular linkage group
MLH: micronuclear linker histone
Mll: Mixed lineage leukemia
MLL: member of mixed lineage leukemia
MLL: mixed lineage leukaemia
MLL: mixed lymphoid leukemia
MLL: myeloid lymphoid leukemia
MLN: mesenteric lymph nodes
MLP: Multiple lymphomatous polyposis
MLP: muscle LIM protein
MLP: major late promoter
Mlp: muscle LIM proteins
MLP: multi locus probe
MLP: major late promoters
MLPK: M locus protein kinase
MLR: mixed lymphocyte response
MLR: mixed lymphocyte reaction
MLR: minimally lost region
MLR: mixed leukocyte reaction
MLR: mixed lymphocyte reactions
MLR: murine mixed lymphocyte reaction
MLR: mixed leucocyte reaction
MLRs: minimally lost regions
MLS: multipoint maximum LOD score
MLS: Multipoint maximum LOD scores
MLS: maximum parametric multipoint LOD score
MLS: maximum multipoint lod score
MLS: multipoint maximum likelihood score
MLS: maximum likelihood score
MLS: maximum lod score
MLS: maximum likelihood scores
MLS: MMU1 LOD score
MLS: multipoint lod score
MLS: made using maximum lod score
Mls: minor lymphocyte stimulatory
Mls: minor lymphocyte stimulation
Mls: mixed lymphocyte stimulation
Mlsc: minor lymphocyte stimulating
MLSs: maximum lod scores
MLSs: multipoint maximum likelihood scores
MLTs: myxoid liposarcoma tumors
MLTU: major late transcription unit
MLV: murine leukemia virus
MLV: Moloney leukemogenic virus
MLV: multilamellar lipid vesicles
MLVs: murine leukemia viruses
MM: multiple myeloma
MM: malignant melanoma
MM: manifestation in multiple myeloma
MM: malignant multiple myeloma
MM: malignant mesothelioma
MM: mice and multiple myeloma
MM: multiple miscarriages
MM: malignant mesotheliomas
MM: model of malignant melanoma
MM: multiple myelomas
MM: most multiple myeloma
MM: multiple myleoma
MM: marrow in multiple myeloma
MM: Miyoshi myopathy
MM: malignant mastocytosis
MM: malignancy multiple myeloma
MM: Mailhes Methylmercury
MM: metacentric marker
MM: myeloid metaplasia
MM: Miyoshi distal myopathy
MM: maternal microchimerism
MM: Model Maker
MM: malignant melanomas
MM: muscular Miyoshi myopathy
MM: man with multiple myeloma
MM: mutations in malignant mesothelioma
MM: malignancies except multiple myeloma
MM: Mathematical morphology
Mm: micronucleus frequency in males
MM: mitochondrial myopathy
MM: malignant meningioma
MM: malignant mesotelioma
MMA: monomethylarsonic acid
MMA: Manual metal arc
MMA: methylarsonic acid
MMA: Methylmalonic aciduria
MMA: male mating ability
MMA: methylmalonic acidemia
mMAb: mouse monoclonal antibodies
mMBP: murine eosinophil major basic protein
MMC: mitomycin C
MMC: molar and mitomycin C
MMC: mytomycin C
MMC: mitomicin C
MMC: more sensitive to mitomycin C
MMC: methyl mercury chloride
MMC: mice treated with mitomycin C
MMC: micrograms mitomycin C
MMC: microM Mitomycin C
MMC: mg methylmercury chloride
MMC: mechanisms of mitomycin C
MMC: Massive myocardial calcification
MMC: mouse mesangial cell
MMC: methanesulfonate mitomycin C
MMC: MN induced by mitomycin C
MMC: mutagens C
MMC: Methylmercury chloride
MMC: mucosa mast cells
MMC: mutagen such as mitomycin C
MMC: micronuclei by mitomycin C
MMC: methylmercuric chloride
MMC: micronuclei induced by mitomycin C
MMC: methanesulfonate and mitomycin C
MMCA: Multiple microgel comet assay
mMCB: Multitude multicolor chromosome banding
MMCl: methyl mercuric chloride
MMCl: M or methyl mercuric chloride
MMCLC: mixed lymphocyte cultures
MMCMs: metastases of malignant cutaneous melanomas
mMCP: mast cell protease
mMCP: mouse mast cell protease
MMCP: monomethylamine corrinoid protein
MMCT: microcell mediated chromosome transfer
MmD: Multiminicore disease
MMDB: Molecular Modeling Database
MME: murine macrophage elastase
MMG: mouse malignant monoclonal gammopathies
MML: myeloid leukemias
MML: monomyelocytic leukemia
MML: myelomonocytic leukemia
MMLS: maximized maximum lod score
MMLs: Molecular marker loci
MMLV: Moloney murine leukemia virus
MMM: Myelofibrosis with myeloid metaplasia
MMM: myelosclerosis with myeloid metaplasia
MMM: myelofibrosis with meloid metaplasia
MMM: mimicking myelofibrosis with myelocytic metaplasia
MMM: myelofibrosis with splenic myeloid metaplasia
MMM: myeloid metaplasia with myelofibrosis
MmmLC: Mycoplasma mycoides mycoides LC
MMMT: malignant mixed mesodermal tumor
MMMT: malignant mixed mullerian tumor
MMMT: malignant mixed Mullerian tumors
MMMT: mixed mullerian tumor
MMMT: malignant mixed mesodermal tumors
MMMT: malignant mixed mullerian tumour
MMMTs: malignant mixed Mullerian tumours
MMN: Mismatch negativity
MMN: method we used mismatch negativity
MMP: monomethyl phthalate
MMP: mitochondrial membrane potential
MMP: microsatellite mutator phenotype
MMP: melanosomal matrix protein
MMPSG: Midwest Multicenter Pancreatic Study Group
MMR: mismatch repair
MMR: mutated mismatch repair
MMR: mutation mismatch repair
MMR: MSI and mismatch repair
MMR: Mutations in mismatch repair
MMR: Msh3 mismatch repair
MMR: mitotic mismatch repair
MMR: Mutation of the mismatch repair
MMR: mutations in the mismatch repair
MMR: mutations in two mismatch repair
MMR: mutant in mismatch repair
MMS: multiple metabolic syndrome
MMS: methyl methane sulfonate
MMS: methylmethane sulfonate
MMS: multiple marker strains
MMS: methyl methane sulfate
MMS: methylmethane sulphonate
MMS: macromolecular synthesis
MMS: multiple marker screening
MMS: methylating agent methyl methane sulfonate
MMS: methyl methane sulphonate
MMS: male mating speed
MMS: mercury Methyl methane sulfonate
mMSCs: mouse bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
MMSE: Mini Mental Status Exam
MMT: macromolecular transport
MMT: manual muscle testing
MMTV: mouse mammary tumor virus
MMTV: mouse mammary tumour virus
MMTV: mouse mammary tumor viruses
MMTV: mammary tumour virus
MMV: Muntiacus muntjak vaginalis
MMW: millimeter waves
MN: melanocytic nevus
MN: micrococcal nuclease
MN: Mesoblastic nephroma
MN: modal number
MN: mammillary nucleus
MN: motor neurons
MN: melanocytic nevi
MNA: mean nuclear area
MNCV: median motor nerve conduction velocity
MNCV: Motor nerve conduction velocity
MNCV: Maximum motor nerve conduction velocity
MNCVs: Motor nerve conduction velocities
MND: motor neuron disease
mnd: motor neuron degeneration
MND: multiple nuclear dot
MNDA: myeloid nuclear differentiation antigen
MNDID: motor neurone disease inclusion dementia
MNF: myocyte nuclear factor
MNS: morphologically normal spermatozoa
MNS: Milan normotensive strain
MNSV: Melon necrotic spot virus
MNT: mouse neutropenic thigh
MO: multicentric occurrence
MOA: mode of action
MoAs: mechanisms of action
MOC: Multiple ocular coloboma
MOD: measurement of mean optical density
MOD: Malate oxidoreductase decarboxylating
MOG: Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein
MOGCTs: malignant ovarian germ cell tumors
MOI: multiplicity of infection
MOI: multiplicities of infection
MOI: mode of inheritance
MoM: multiple of median
MoM: Multiples of median
MOM: modifier of Min
MOMP: major outer membrane protein
MOMPs: major outer membrane proteins
MOO: multiobjective optimization
MOP: meiotic outer plaque
MOPD: Microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism
MOR: mouse micro opioid receptor
MOS: mirror orientation selection
MOSEC: Mouse ovarian surface epithelial cells
MOSF: Multiple organ system failure
MOUSE: Mitochondrial and Other Useful SEquences
mp: male pseudohermaphroditism
MP: mating population
MP: methyl parathion
MP: meridian plane
MP: melanin pigment
MP: Maltose phosphorylase
MP: mosaic virus movement protein
MP: mean perimeter
MP: Mycoplasma pulmonis
MP: movement protein
MP: mottled pigmentation
MP: manganese peroxidase
mp: map position
MPB: mobilized peripheral blood
MPBB: maximum permissible body burdens
mPBP: mouse platelet basic protein
MPC: myeloma plasma cell
MPC: multiple primary cancer
MPC: meiotic pairing centers
MPC: mean platelet count
MPC: mutant prevention concentration
mPCCs: mouse PRC core complexes
mPCR: multiplex polymerase chain reaction
MPCR: multiple polymerase chain reaction
MPD: minimum positive dose
MPDs: mean population doublings
MPE: micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes
MPF: maturation promoting factor
MPF: mitotic kinase maturation promoting factor
Mpf: mating pair formation
MPF: micronucleus positive frequency
MPF: mitosis promoting factor
MPF: MAPK and maturation promoting factor
MPF: maturation or mitosis promoting factor
MPF: muturation promoting factor
MPF: mammalian maturation promoting factor
MPF: mitosis requires maturation promoting factor
mPH: multicomponent phenol hydroxylase
MPI: Myocardial performance index
MPI: mannose phosphate isomerase
MPI: megakaryocyte proliferation index
MPI: mean PCNA index
MPI: markers mannose phosphate isomerase
MPIC: multipoint polymorphism information content
MPIC: multilocus polymorphic information content
MPM: multiple primary malignancies
MPM: Malignant pleural mesothelioma
MPM: mouse peritoneal macrophages
MPME: mononuclear phagocyte microbicidal efficiency
MPMT: multiple primary malignant tumors
MPNST: malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors
MPNST: Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor
MPNST: malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour
MPNSTs: malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours
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