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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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MAT: metaphase anaphase transition
MAT: microscopic agglutination test
MAT: MII meiotic apparatus transfer
MAT: Moving Annual Total
MB: methylene blue
Mb: million bp
Mb: Mege base
MB: mushroom body
MB: minimum breaks
MB: medial branch
MB: middle band
MBC: maximum binding capacity
MBC: myeloid blast crisis
MBC: male breast carcinomas
MBC: minimum bactericidal concentration
MBC: minimal bactericidal concentrations
MBC: minimal bactericidal concentration
Mbcr: major breakpoint cluster region
mBCR: minor breakpoint cluster region
mBCR: minor breakpoint cluster
MBCs: minimum bactericidal concentrations
MBCs: mononuclear blood cells
MBCs: monoclonal B cells
MBCs: Minimal borreliacidal concentrations
MBCs: MICs and minimal bactericidal concentrations
MBD: minimal binding domain
mBESs: mouse BAC end sequences
MBL: mannan binding lectin
MBL: mannose binding lectin
MBP: myelin basic protein
Mbp: million base pairs
MBP: maltose binding protein
Mbp: million base pair
MBP: mouse myelin basic protein
MBP: major basic protein
MBP: myrosinase binding protein
MBP: mannose binding protein
MBPs: myelin basic proteins
Mbr: major breakpoint region
MBR: major breakpoint regions
MBS: modified barium swallow
MBS: Martin Bell syndrome
mBSP: mouse brain serine proteinase
MBT: mid blastula transition
MBUs: Mendelian breeding units
MC: Medullary carcinoma
MC: mucinous cystadenoma
MC: minute chromosomes
MC: major coiling
MC: mutagens mitomycin C
MC: methyl cellulose
MC: mixed chimera
MC: mast cells
MC: mesangial cells
MC: manifesting carriers
MC: mixed cellularity
MC: mixed cryoglobulinaemia
MC: Monte Carlo
MC: mixed chimerism
MC: Mesangial cell
MC: methyl carbamate
MC: marker chromosome
MC: mononuclear cells
MC: mosquito coil
MC: myotonia congenita
MC: mitotic count
MC: mesenchymal core
MC: markers and myotonia congenita
MC: mercuric chloride
MC: metaphase chromosomes
MC: Microtubule Center
MC: medium containing
MCA: multiple congenital anomalies
MCA: middle cerebral artery
MCA: multiple congenital anomaly
MCA: multiple congenital abnormalities
MCA: multiple congenital abnormality
MCAO: middle cerebral artery
MCAo: middle cerebral artery occlusion
MCAs: major congenital anomalies
MCAs: mitotic chromosomal autoantigens
MCAs: mitotic chromosomal antigens
MCB: Multicolor chromosome banding
MCB: multiple chromosomal breakage
MCB: macro chromatin body
MCBB: Milano Cord Blood Bank
mCBF: mouse CCAAT binding factor
MCBN: malignant cellular blue nevi
MCC: maternal cell contamination
MCC: Merkel cell carcinomas
MCC: Merkel cell carcinoma
MCC: metastasizing Merkel cell carcinomas
MCC: moth cytochrome C
MCC: multicopy cloning
MCC: mitotic checkpoint complex
MCC: Myoepithelial cell carcinoma
MCCA: myeloid cell chromosomal aberration
mCCDA: modified cefoperazone charcoal deoxycholate agar
MCD: Macular corneal dystrophy
MCD: Multiple Complete Digest
MCD: medullary cystic disease
MCD: maize chloroplast DNA
MCDA: multiple congenital developmental abnormalities
MCDD: multiple congenital developmental defects
MCDV: maize chlorotic dwarf virus
MCE: mitotic clonal expansion
MCF: mitochondrial carrier family
MCF: mink cell focus
mCFI: mouse complement factor I
MCG: mycelial compatibility group
mCGH: metaphase comparative genomic hybridization
mCGH: modified comparative genomic hybridization
MCGs: major clonal groups
mCGs: minor clonal groups
MCHC: mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
MCHC: mean corpuscular hemoglobin content
MCI: metacarpal cortical index
MCI: mild cognitive impairment
MCIT: massive congenital intracranial teratoma
MCK: Muscle creatine kinase
MCKD: Medullary cystic kidney disease
MCL: Mantle cell lymphoma
MCL: maximum contamination level
MCL: multiple cutaneous leiomyomatosis
MCLs: mantle cell lymphomas
MCLs: marker of mantle cell lymphomas
MCM: mouse caecal mucin
MCM: Methylmalonyl CoA mutase
MCM: multiple congenital malformations
MCM: Multiple Cross Mapping
MCM: mini chromosome maintenance
MCMC: Monte Carlo Markov chain
MCMC: Markov chain Monte Carlo
MCMC: Markov Carlo
MCN: melanocytic congenital naevus
MCN: Mendelian Cytogenetics Network
MCNdb: Mendelian Cytogenetics Network database
MCNS: minimal change nephrotic syndrome
MCP: membrane cofactor protein
MCP: macrophage chemoattractant proteins
MCP: major capsid protein
MCP: mean centromere position
MCPs: Monocyte chemotactic proteins
MCR: mutation cluster region
mcr: minor cluster region
MCR: minimum critical region
MCR: major cytogenetic response
MCR: minimal critical region
MCR: major cytogenetic responses
mCR: morphologic complete remission
MCR: major cytogenetic remission
MCR: minimum candidate region
Mcr: modified cytosine restriction
MCR: majority and major cytogenetic response
MCR: mitomycin C resistance
mcrB: modified cytosine restriction
MCRs: minimal common regions
MCRs: Multiple chromosome rearrangements
MCS: Monte Carlo simulations
MCS: multiple cloning site
MCS: mitochondrial capsule selenoprotein
MCS: minor cluster sequence
MCS: master cell stocks
Mcs: mammary carcinoma susceptibility
MCS: mammary carcinoma suppressor
MCT: mature cystic teratoma
MCT: mucinous cystic tumor
MCTD: mixed connective tissue disease
MCV: mean corpuscle volume
MCV: mean corpuscular volume
MCV: Molluscum contagiosum virus
MCV: mean cell volume
MCV: marked macrocytosis corpuscular volume
MD: meningococcal disease
MD: Muscular dystrophies
MD: myoclonus dystonia
MD: Mexicali dust
MD: Myotonic dystrophy
MD: muscular dystrophy
MD: mixture discrimination
MD: multiple dendritic
MD: Meniere disease
MD: mitochondrial diseases
MD: mild dysplasia
MD: moderately differentiated
md: Myelin deficiency
MD: manic depression
mda: melanoma differentiation associated
MDA: multiple displacement amplification
MDA: Medical Devices Agency
MDAs: minimal deviation adenocarcinomas
MDBL: mammographically detected breast lesions
MDCA: microinvasive ductal carcinoma
MDD: minimal disseminated disease
MDD: major depressive disorder
MDD: manic depressive disorder
mDD: mRNA differential display
MDD: major depression
MDE: mutation detection enhancement
MDG: mobile dispersed genes
mdg: mobile dispersed genetics
MDHIS: McDonnell Douglas Health Information System
MDI: manic depressive illness
MDI: Mutation Database Initiative
MDLD: minimal detectable labeled DNA
MDM: Mal de Meleda
MDM: monolocus diallele model
MDMD: Miyoshi distal muscular dystrophy
MDN: melanocytic dysplastic nevi
MDR: minimal deleted region
MDR: multiple drug resistance
MDR: multiple drug resistant
MDR: minimally deleted region
MDRs: minimal deleted regions
MDRS: muscular disability rating scale
MDS: macronuclear destined sequences
MDS: mesonephric duct system
ME: middle ear
ME: malic enzyme
ME: modified exponential
ME: maternal effect
ME: methanolic extract
ME: mobile element
ME: mitochondrial encephalomyopathies
ME: micronucleated erythrocytes
MEA: male enhanced antigen
MEA: multiple endocrine adenomatosis
MEC: mean exclusion chance
MEC: mammary epithelial cells
MEC: mouse embryo cells
MECD: multiple exostosis chondrodysplasia
MECs: mammary epithelial cells
MECs: MICs and minimal effective concentrations
MED: minimal erythemal doses
MED: multiple epiphyseal dysplasia
med: motor endplate disease
MED: macrocephaly multiple epiphyseal dysplasia
MEE: multilocus enzyme electrophoresis
MEE: medial edge epithelium
MEF: mouse embryonic fibroblast
MEF: murine embryo fibroblast
MEF: macrorestriction endonuclease fingerprint
MEFs: Mouse embryonic fibroblasts
MEFs: murine embryo fibroblasts
MEFs: mutant mouse embryonic fibroblasts
MEFs: mouse embryo fibroblasts
MEFs: murine embryonic fibroblasts
mega: macrolide efflux genetic assembly
mEGF: mouse epidermal growth factor
Megs: maternally expressed genes
mEH: Microsomal expoxide hydrolase
mEH: Microsomal epoxide hydrolase
MEK: methyl ethyl ketone
MEKP: Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide
MEM: minimum essential medium
MEM: minimal essential medium
MEN: multiple endocrine neoplasia
MEN: most commonly multiple endocrine neoplasia
MEN: multiple endocrine neoplasias
MEN: mitotic exit network
MEN: multiple endocrine neoplasms
Menl: Multiple endocrine neoplasia
MENs: multiple endocrine neoplasias
MEOS: microsomal ethanol oxidizing system
MEP: motorcycle exhaust particles
MEPE: matrix extracellular phosphoglycoprotein
MEPs: motor evoked potentials
MERT: malignant extrarenal rhabdoid tumor
mES: murine embryonic stem
mES: mouse embryonic stem
MESA: microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration
mESA: mouse epididymal sperm aneuploidy
MESA: microscopic epididymal sperm aspiration
MESA: mature erythrocyte surface antigen
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