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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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LPW: Low Pentobarbital Withdrawal
LR: likelihood ratio
LR: low risk
LR: low resistance
LR: laminin receptor
LR: logistic regression
LR: late relapse
LR: local recurrence
LRAT: lecithin retinol acyltransferase
LRC: leukocyte receptor complex
LRC: leukocyte receptor cluster
LRD: limb reduction deficiencies
LRD: Limb reduction defects
LRF: large restriction fragment
LRNs: large regenerative nodules
LRP: lung resistance protein
LRS: likelihood ratio statistic
LRS: likelihood ratio statistics
LRS: late replicated segments
LRT: likelihood ratio test
LRTI: lower respiratory tract infections
LS: lichen sclerosus
LS: lanosterol synthase
LS: light spots
LS: large light spots
LS: least square
LS: Leigh syndrome
LS: Larsen syndrome
ls: lateral suppressor
ls: lethal spotting
LS: leader sequence
LS: large subunit
LS: Lowe syndrome
LSC: laser scanning cytometry
LSC: laser scanning cytometer
LSC: large submetacentric chromosome
LSC: large single copy
LSCC: laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma
LSCCs: laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas
LSCM: Laser scanning confocal microscopy
LSD: lipid storage droplet
Lsd: lymphocyte stimulating determinant
LSDs: lysosomal storage diseases
LSF: late SV40 factor
LSG: labial salivary glands
LSG: Labial salivary gland
LSILs: low grade squamous intraepithelial lesions
LSM: laser scanning microscopy
LSN: low score normal
LSP: larval serum protein
lspA: lipoprotein signal peptidase
LSPCR: low stringency polymerase chain reaction
LSPs: large sequence polymorphisms
LSS: Life Span Study
LSs: lipophilic structures
LSU: Louisiana State University
LSV: linear sweep voltammetry
LT: large T
LT: labile toxin
LT: leukemic transformation
LT: lethal toxin
LT: lymphocytic thyroiditis
LT: liver transplantation
Lt: Leishmania tarentolae
LTAg: large T antigen
LTBMC: long term bone marrow cultures
LTD: largest tumor dimension
LTFISH: low temperature fluorescence in situ hybridization
LTIRs: long terminal inverted repeats
LTK: leukocyte tyrosine kinase
LTN: leaf tip necrosis
LTP: lipid transfer protein
LTPs: Lipid transfer proteins
LTR: long terminal repeat
LTR: large terminal repeat
LTR: lone long terminal repeat
LTR: labeled long terminal repeats
LTR: long term repeat
LTR: long tandem repeat
LTRs: long terminal repeats
LTRs: lack long terminal repeats
LTRs: lentiviral long terminal repeats
LTRs: long terminal repeat sequences
LTS: Lung tumor susceptibility
LTT: lymphocyte transformation test
LTU: long terminal unit
LU: laboratory units
LUMC: Leiden University Medical Center
LUMO: lowest unoccupied molecular orbital
LUP: linear unbiased prediction
LUR: long unique region
LUTS: lower urinary tract symptoms
LV: left ventricular
LV: left ventricle
LV: liquid ventilation
LVF: left ventricular failure
LVH: left ventricular hypertrophy
LVHT: left ventricular hypertrabeculation
LVM: left ventricular mass
LVNC: Left ventricular noncompaction
LVOTO: left ventricular outflow tract obstruction
LVRS: lung volume reduction surgery
LVS: live vaccine strain
LVSEM: low vacuum scanning electron microscopes
LVWH: left ventricle wall hypertrophy
LW: Large White
LWBL: lymphocytosis with binucleated lymphocytes
LWSV: leek white stripe virus
LXR: liver X receptor
LXRs: Liver X receptors
LZ: leucine zipper
MA: mitotic aberrations
MA: mongolism is maternal age
MA: metanephric adenomas
Ma: Mycoplasma agalactiae
MA: microsatellite alteration
MA: Multiple aberrations
MA: mandelic acid
MA: metabolic activation
MA: Monoclonal antibodies
MA: Mullerian aplasia
MA: morphology maturation arrests
MA: Morus alba
MA: muscle area
MA: Mexican American
MA: mutation accumulation
MA: Megaloblastic anemia
MA: mugineic acid
MA: mercapturic acids
MA: mean area
MA: mitotic apparatus
MA: Menarcheal age
MA: metaphase assay
MA: miscellaneous abnormalities
MA: maternal age
MA: mitotic activity
MA: meglumine antimoniate
MAA: Maackia amurensis
MAA: methoxyacetaldehyde and methoxyacetic acid
MAALs: Monosomic alien addition lines
MABLUP: marker assisted best linear unbiased prediction
MAC: mammalian artificial chromosome
MAC: morphology antibody chromosomes
MAC: multiprotein membrane attack complex
MAC: membrane attack complex
MAC: Mycobacterium avium complex
MAC: mitochondrial active chromosome
MAC: microcystic adnexal carcinoma
MAC: malignancy associated changes
MACDP: Metropolitan Atlanta Congenital Defects Program
MACS: magnetic activated cell sorting
MACs: Mammalian artificial chromosomes
MACS: Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study
MACS: mini magnetic activated cell sorting
MACS: Magnetic Activated Cell Sorter
Mad: Mothers against dpp
MAD: mitotic arrest defective
MAD: mean angular displacement
MAD: multiwavelength anomalous diffraction
MADGE: microplate array diagonal gel electrophoresis
MAE: myoclonic absence epilepsy
MAECs: mouse artificial episomal chromosomes
MAG: Metal Active Gas
MAG: Myelin associated glycoprotein
MAGE: melanoma antigen genes
MAGE: melanoma antigen gene
MAI: mitotic activity index
MAI: mean annual increment
MAI: multiple anomalies index
MAIDS: Murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
MAIDS: mouse acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
MAKA: major karyotypic abnormalities
MAKA: major karyotype aberrations
MAKA: major karyotype abnormalities
MAKA: major karyotypic abnormality
MALl: MAL locus
MALT: mucosa associated lymphoid tissue
MAMA: mismatch amplification mutation assay
MAMA: Monoallelic mutation analysis
MANs: maximally activated nuclei
MAOA: monoamine oxidase A
MAP: mean arterial pressure
MAP: mass Mean arterial pressure
MAP: Microtubule associated protein
MAPH: multiplex amplifiable probe hybridisation
MAPH: multiplex amplifiable probe hybridization
MAPK: mitogen activated protein kinase
MAPs: microtubule associated polypeptides
MAPs: motors and microtubule associated proteins
MAPT: microtubule associated protein tau
mar: multiple antibiotic resistance
MAR: matrix attachment region
MAR: matrix association regions
MAR: matrix association region
MAR: matrix associated region
MAR: minimal amplified region
MAR: megabase multiple aberration region
MAR: matrix attached regions
MAR: matrix attached region
MARC: Meat Animal Research Center
MARs: matrix attachment regions
MARs: matrix associated regions
MARs: matrix anchorage regions
MAS: Meconium aspiration syndrome
MAS: marker assisted selection
MAS: mays Marker assisted selection
MAS: Multicenter Allergy Study
MAS: myoclonic absence seizures
MAS: mean AgNOR score
MASA: Minisatellite associated sequence amplification
MASC: Marker Association Segregation
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