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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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LGII: linkage group II
LGIV: Linkage Group IV
LGL: large granular lymphocytes
LGL: large granular lymphocyte
LGL: lines from large granular lymphocytes
Lgl: Lethal giant larvae
LGL: large vacuolated granular lymphocytes
LGLL: large granular lymphocyte leukemia
LGLs: large granular lymphocytes
LGM: last glacial maximum
LGMD: limb girdle muscular dystrophy
LGMD: limb girdle muscular dystrophies
LGMDs: limb girdle muscular dystrophies
LGN: Leishmania Genome Network
LGN: lateral geniculate nucleus
LGO: light gas oil
LGV: locus of Linkage Group V
LGV: loci of linkage group V
LGVR: linkage group V
LH: learned helplessness
LH: luteinizing hormone
LH: luteinizeng hormone
LH: levels of luteinizing hormone
LH: Lyon hypertensive
LH: linker histone
LH: liquid holding
LH: luteotropic hormone
LHGRs: long homogeneous genome regions
LHON: Leber hereditary optic neuroretinopathy
LHON: Leber hereditary optic neuropathy
LHR: luteinizeng hormone receptor
LHR: Lyon hypertensive rats
LHR: luteinizing hormone receptor
LHR: lymphocytes for liquid holding recovery
LHRH: luteinizing hormone releasing hormone
LHRH: luteotropic hormone releasing hormone
LHRs: long homologous repeats
LHTs: life history traits
LHV: leukocyte hepatitis virus
LI: labeling index
LI: Labeling indices
LI: low labeling index
LI: labelling index
Li: linear index
LI: lowest labeling index
LI: lamellar ichthyosis
LI: lower labeling index
LI: Label Index
LI: language impairment
LI: labelling indices
LI: locus for lamellar ichthyosis
LI: lymphatic infiltration
LIC: linkage information content
LIDP: large intestine diffuse polyposis
LIF: leukemia inhibitory factor
LIF: leukemia inhibitor factor
Lif: lysostaphin immunity factor
LIF: leukaemia inhibitory factor
LIF: leukemia inhibition factor
LIFR: leukemia inhibitory factor receptor
LIL: low infiltrate leukemia
LILI: low intensity laser irradiation
LIMP: large intestine malignant polyposis
LIN: laryngeal intraepithelial neoplasia
LINCL: late infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
LINE: long interspersed nucleotide element
LINEs: long interspersed nuclear elements
LINES: long interspersed nucleotide sequences
LIRs: leukocyte immunoglobulin receptors
LIRs: long inverted repeats
LIS: laboratory information system
LJ: Lowenstein Jensen
LJE: long junctional epithelium
LJP: localized juvenile periodontitis
LL: lateral lamina
LL: leukemic lymphoma
LL: lepromatous leprosy
LL: leg length
Ll: Lactococcus lactis
LL: large lymphocytes
LL: lumpy loops
LL: lymphoblastic lymphoma
LL: Lewis lung
LLA: LacZ localization assay
LLC: Lewis lung carcinoma
LLNL: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLO: listeriolysin O
LLO: Listeria monocytogenes requires listeriolysin O
LLP: late lactation protein
LLSCC: lower lip squamous cell carcinoma
LM: Light microscopy
LM: lymphoid malignancies
LM: Lasso Micromix
lm: lethal milk
LM: light microscope
LM: light microscopic
Lm: Listeria monocytogenes
lm: linked mutation lethal milk
LM: low metastatic
LM: lung metastatic
LM: longus muscles
LMA: loin muscle area
LMA: late maturation arrest
LMA: longissimus muscle area
Lmc: Leuconostoc mesenteroides cremoris
LMC: Large mononuclear cells
LMD: light microscopic diagnosis
LMF: leaf mass fraction
LMG: low mobility group
LMM: lentigo malignant melanoma
LMM: leptomeningeal metastasis
LMM: laser is laser microbeam microdissection
LMM: light meromyosin
LMND: lower motor neurone disease
LMP: last menstrual period
LMP: low malignant potential
LMP: last menstration period
LMP: latent membrane protein
LMP: low melting point
LMP: large multifunctional protease
LMPS: Lethal Multiple Pterygium Syndrome
Lmr: Leishmania major response
LMRS: long mosaic repetitive sequence
LMS: limb mammary syndrome
LMU: Ludwig Maximillians University
LMW: low molecular weight
LMWG: low molecular weight glutenins
LN: lupus nephritis
LN: lymphoid neoplasms
LN: lymph nodes
LN: lymph node
LN: lethal necrosis
LN: Lyon normotensive
LN: large NOR
LNA: latent nuclear antigen
LNAs: Locked nucleic acids
LNC: lymph node cells
lnd: lumbosacral neuroaxonal dystrophy
LNM: lymph node metastasis
LNMs: lymph node metastases
LNR: Lyon normotensive rats
LNT: linear no threshold
LO: lysyl oxidase
LOAD: late onset AD
LOAD: late onset Alzheimer disease
LOCH: loss of constitutional heterozygosity
lod: limit of detection
LOD: logarithm of differences
lod: linkage of disorder
LOE: loss of expression
LOEC: lowest observed effect concentration
LOH: loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss or loss of heterozygosity
LOH: linkage and loss of heterozygosity
LOH: lesions loss of heterozygosity
LOH: leading to loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss of heterocigosity
LOH: linked to loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss of heterozygostity
LOH: leads to loss of heterozygosity
LOH: liver Loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loci exhibiting loss of heterozygosity
LOH: lesions loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss of heterozygositiy
LOH: loss of heterzygosity
LOH: loss of heterozigosity
LOH: locus showing loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loci and loss of heterozygosity
LOH: locus Loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss of heterozygozity
LOH: lower Loss of heterozygosity
LOH: less of heterozygosity
LOH: locus of loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss of heterogygosity
LOH: least one loss of heterozygosity
LOH: low Loss of heterozygosity
LOH: long Loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loci showing loss of heterozygosity
LOH: lipomas and loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss of heterogeneity
LOH: lesions for loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss of hterozygosity
LOH: loss of heterozygocity
LOH: link between loss of heterozygosity
LOH: LOI and loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss of heterozygotes
LOH: level of loss of heterozygosity
LOH: looking for loss of heterozygosity
LOH: lysosomal Loss of heterozygosity
LOH: Loss of heterozyosity
LOH: lines and loss of heterozygosity
LOH: loss of heterozygostiy
LOH: line Loss of heterozygosity
LOH: level by loss of heterozygosity
LOHs: loss of heterozygosities
LOHs: losses of heterozygosity
LOI: loss of imprinting
LOM: loss of methylation
LOP: ligated oligonucleotide probe
LORR: loss of righting reflex
LORRE: Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering
Low: Lightener of white
LP: long polar
LP: lymphocyte predominant
LP: linear programming
LP: Lipoid proteinosis
LP: Lichen planus
LP: Link protein
LP: long latency period
LP: latency period
LP: lymphomatoid papulosis
LP: lymphomatous polyposis
LP: lymphoma and lymphomatoid papulosis
LP: lignin peroxidase
LP: lateral pyloric
LP: lymphocytic predominance
LP: length polymorphism
LP: lipid peroxidation
lpa: low phytic acid
LPAP: lysophosphatidic acid phosphatase
LPC: laser pressure catapulting
LPCs: lamina precursor cells
LPD: luteal phase defect
LPF: long polar fimbriae
LPF: lymphocyte promotor factors
LPG: liquefied petroleum gas
LPGNs: lobula plate giant neurons
LPHD: lymphocyte predominance Hodgkin disease
LPI: Lysinuric protein intolerance
LPI: linear protection index
LPL: lamina propria lymphocytes
LPM: lateral plate mesoderm
LPM: low potential malignancy
LPN: large partical number
LPP: lipoma preferred partner
LPRE: low pH responsive element
LPTS: liver putative tumor suppressor
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