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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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KU: Kobe University
KWD: keratosis without dysplasia
KWE: keratolytic winter erythema
KZC: Komeda Zucker creeping
LA: low analgesia
LA: localized adherence
LA: lupus anticoagulant
LA: Long Accurate
LA: linear amplification
LA: locomotor activity
LA: levator ani
LA: latter Los Angeles
LA: leuprolide acetate
LA: lived low activity
LA: Lateral asymmetry
LAA: left aortic arch
LAA: laboratory animal allergy
LAB: lactic acid bacteria
LABC: locally advanced breast cancer
LAC: large acrocentric chromosome
LAD: leukocyte adhesion deficiency
LAD: leukocyte adherence deficiency
LAD: lowest active dose
LAH: laser assisted hatching
LAL: long attack latency
LAL: line having Long Attack Latencies
LAL: lysosomal acid lipase
LANA: latent nuclear antigen
LANL: Los Alamos National Laboratory
LAP: leukocyte alkaline phosphatase
LAP: latency associated peptide
LAP: low leukocyte alkaline phosphatase
LAPA: leucocyte alkaline phosphatase activity
LAR: leaf area ratio
LAR: locus activation region
LARS: late airway responses
LAT: Limbal allograft transplantation
LAT: latency associated transcript
LAT: latency associated transcripts
LAVV: left atrioventricular valve
LAW: Low Alcohol Withdrawal
LB: late blight
LB: lamellar body
LB: Luria broth
Lb: live birth
LB: Lewy bodies
LB: Lyme borreliosis
LB: lamin B
LB: light band
LB: low breakage
LBC: lymphoid blast crisis
LBD: ligand binding domain
LBD: ligand binding domains
LBD: Lewy body disease
LBI: leaf bronzing index
LBNL: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LBP: lipopolysaccharide binding protein
LBR: lamin B receptor
LBR: live birth rates
LBT: lymphocyte blast transformation
LBT: lupus band test
LBV: Lewy body variant
LBW: low birth weight
LBWI: low birth weight infants
LC: liver cirrhosis
LC: Langerhans cells
LC: light chain
LC: lobular carcinoma
lc: limited cutaneous
LC: leukemia cutis
LC: lampbrush chromosomes
LC: locus coeruleus
LC: Laryngeal carcinoma
LC: lean cuts
LC: low copy
LC: liquid chromatography
LC: lectin of Langerhans cells
LC: laryngeal cancer
LC: large cell
LC: low concordant
LC: Langerhans cell
LC: large controls
LC: large cleaved
LCA: Leber congenital amaurosis
LCA: liver cell adenomas
LCA: leukocyte common antigen
LCA: leads to leber congenital amaurosis
LCA: leucocyte common antigen
LCAL: large cell anaplastic lymphomas
LCAs: Liver cell adenomas
LCAT: lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase
LCC: large cell changes
LCC: lung large cell carcinoma
LCC: leukemic cell counts
LCC: local compositional complexity
LCCA: late cortical cerebellar atrophy
LCCS: Lethal congenital contracture syndrome
LCCs: large cell carcinomas
LCD: liver cell dysplasia
LCD: lattice corneal dystrophy
LCDs: lattice corneal dystrophies
LCDs: LATS conserved domains
LCF: largest conjugated fragment
LCFAs: long chain fatty acids
LCG: Langerhans cell granulomatosis
LCH: Langerhans cell histiocytosis
LCH: Leydig cell hyperplasia
LCIs: large chromosomal inversions
LCIS: lobular carcinoma in situ
LCIS: lobular carcinomas in situ
LCL: large cell lymphoma
LCL: lymphoblastoid cell line
LCL: large cell lymphomas
LCL: lymphoid cell lines
LCL: lymphoma and lymphoblastoid cell lines
LCLC: large cell lung carcinoma
LCLs: Lymphoblastoid cell lines
LCLs: lesions in lymphoblastoid cell lines
LCLs: lymphocytes into lymphoblastoid cell lines
LCM: lethal congenital malformations
LCM: laser capture microdissection
LCMDCs: large cell minimally differentiated carcinomas
LCN: low copy number
LCNE: Large cell neuroendocrine
LCNEC: large cell neuroendocrine carcinomas
LCNEC: large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma
Lcp: larval cuticle protein
LCP: late chronic phase
LCPs: larval cuticle proteins
LCPs: lamellar chromatin projections
LCR: locus control region
LCR: low copy repeat
LCR: LOH critical regions
LCR: long control region
LCR: ligase chain reaction
LCR: lacking the locus control region
LCR: linked locus control region
LCR: LOH cluster region
LCR: latency control region
LCRs: Locus control regions
LCRs: low copy repeats
LCRs: long control regions
LCRU: localised long complex repeat unit
LCRU: localized long complex repeat unit
LCRUs: long complex repeat units
lcs: linear chromosome stability
LCS: largest contour segmentation
LCS: loose chromatin structures
lcSSc: limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis
LCT: large cell transformation
LCTs: large clostridial toxins
LD: linkage disequilibrium
LD: learning disability
LD: linkage and linkage disequilibrium
LD: level of linkage disequilibrium
LD: Long distance
LD: linkage or linkage disequilibrium
Ld: Leishmania donovani
ld: limb deformity
LD: Lyme disease
LD: Laron dwarfism
LD: learning disabilities
LD: Lafora disease
LD: long range linkage disequilibrium
LD: linkage disequilbrium
LD: lichenoid dysplasia
LD: locus and linkage disequilibrium
LD: Lipoatropic diabetes
LD: light duty
LD: long day
LD: linear dichroism
LD: lipoamide dehydrogenase
LD: Large deletion
LD: learning disabled
LD: Lyme diseases
LDCC: lectin dependent cellular cytotoxicity
LDL: low density lipoprotein
LDL: levels of low density lipoprotein
LDLR: low density lipoprotein
LDLR: low density lipid receptor
LDLR: low density lipoprotein receptor
LDLR: low density lipoprotein receptors
LDLs: low density lipoproteins
LdMNPV: Lymantria dispar M nuclear polyhedrosis virus
LDR: low dose rate
LDS: lithium dodecyl sulfate
Ldt: leukocyte doubling time
LDU: linkage disequilibrium unit
LDU: linkage disequilibrium units
LE: Long Evan
LE: lateral element
LE: lupus erythematosus
LE: Long Evans
LE: Leukocyte elastase
LE: leukemic evolution
LE: landomycin E
LE: left eye
LE: liver epithelial
LE: leading edge
LE: lateral elements
LEA: late embryogenesis abundant
LEC: Long Evans Cinnamon
LEC: lens epithelial cells
LEC: lowest effective concentration
LEC: lung epithelial cells
LECA: Laboratoire et Cognition Animale
LECs: length of lens epithelial cells
LECT: lowest effective concentration tested
LEDs: lowest effective doses
LEDT: lowest effective dose tested
LEE: large extrachromosomal element
LEL: late embryonic lethality
LET: linear energy transfer
LET: low linear energy transfer
LET: low energy transfer
LET: linear energy transfers
LF: lethal factor
LFA: lymphocyte functional activity
LFABP: liver fatty acid binding protein
LFH: long flanking homology
LFM: light fibrous material
LFS: Li Fraumeni Syndrome
LFSNHI: low frequency sensorineural hearing impairment
LFSNHL: low frequency sensorineural hearing loss
LG: linkage group
LG: locus on linkage group
LG: localized on linkage group
LG: linkage groups
LGD: low grade dysplasia
LGDNs: low grade dysplastic nodules
LGFMS: low grade fibromyxoid sarcoma
LGH: leptomeningeal glioneuronal heterotopia
LGI: linkage group I
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