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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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HORDE: Human Olfactory Receptor Data
HOS: human osteogenic sarcoma
HOSE: human ovarian surface epithelial
HOSE: human ovarian surface epithelium
Hp: Helicobacter pylori
HP: hydrophobic protein
HP: healthy parents
HP: histone polypeptide
HP: hereditary pancreatitis
Hp: human Helicobacter pylori
HP: Hsp70 after heat pretreatment
hp: high passage
HP: highest producing
HPA: hybridization protection assay
HPA: human platelet alloantigen
HPA: hypothalamic pituitary axis
HPA: Helix pomatia agglutinin
hpa: h post activation
hpa: hr post activation
HPB: hand human peripheral blood
HPBL: human peripheral blood lymphocytes
HPBL: human peripheral blood lymphocyte
HPBLs: human peripheral blood lymphocytes
HPC: hereditary prostate cancer
HPC: high pressure cooker
HPC: human protein C
HPCA: hereditary paroxysmal cerebellar ataxia
HPCM: human placental conditioned medium
HPCs: hematopoietic progenitor cells
HPCs: Hybrid polar compounds
HPE: human prostate epithelial
HPECs: human pharyngeal epithelial cells
HPECs: human prostate epithelial cells
hpf: h post fertilization
HPF: human prostate fibroblast
HPFs: high power fields
HPG: Hereditary Pancreatitis Gene
hPGH: human placental growth hormone
HPH: Helix pommatia haemocyanin
hpi: h post insemination
hpi: hours post injection
HPK: histidine protein kinase
hpl: human placental lactogen
HPL: human peripheral lymphocytes
HPLC: high performance liquid chromatography
HPLC: High pressure liquid chromatography
HPLE: Hereditary polymorphic light eruption
HPM: haplotype pattern mining
HPNS: high pressure neurologic syndrome
HPP: hereditary pyropoikilocytosis
HPP: Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis
hPPAR: human peroxisome proliferator activated receptor
hPPARA: human peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha
HPR: hematological partial remission
hPR: human progesterone receptor
HPR: hypothalamic preoptic region
HPRC: hereditary papillary renal carcinoma
HPRC: hereditary papillary renal cancer
HPS: Hermansky Pudlak syndrome
HPS: hematoxylin phloxine saffron
HPT: high hydrostatic pressure treatment
hPTTG: human pituitary tumor transforming gene
HPV: habit and human papilloma virus
HPV: human papilloma virus
HPV: high production volume
HPVs: human papilloma viruses
HR: homologous recombination
HR: hazard ratios
HR: homologous recombinational
HR: hypersensitive reaction
HR: hypersensitive response
HR: high risk
HR: highly conserved homologous recombination
HR: heart rate
HR: highly resistant
HR: heterochromatic region
HR: hazard ratio
HR: higher hematologic response
HR: hypersensitive reactions
HR: a hazard ratio
HR: highly repetitive
HR: hypersensitive resistance
HR: homology region
HR: highly repeated
HR: hematologic remission
HR: used homologous recombination
HR: Hybrid resistance
HR: high resolution
hr: host range
HR: heterochromatic regions
HRA: hereditary renal adysplasia
HRB: High Resolution Banding
hRCC: hereditary renal cell carcinoma
HRE: hypoxia responsive element
HRE: hormone response element
HRE: hypoxia responsive elements
HRE: hormone responsive element
HRE: hormones responsive elements
HRE: hormone regulatory element
HREs: Hox response elements
HREs: hormone response elements
HREs: hormone responsive elements
HRF: human histamine releasing factor
HRH: Human RNA helicases
hrHPV: high risk human papillomavirus
hRPA: heterotrimeric human replication protein A
HRQOL: health related quality of life
HRR: homologous recombinational repair
HRR: homologous Homologous recombinational repair
HRR: homolog recognition region
HRR: haplotype relative risk
HRR: homologous recombination repair
HRR: homolog recognition regions
HRR: Hardy Richter Rand
HRR: hormone regulatory region
HRR: hormone responsive region
HRRE: haematopoietin receptor response element
HRS: Haw River Syndrome
HRT: hormone replacement therapy
HRT: hormonal replacement therapy
hrtp: humoral response to parasitoid
HRTs: homoeologous reciprocal transpositions
HRV: heart rate variability
HS: hereditary spherocytosis
HS: heat shock
HS: haemophagocytic syndrome
HS: hypersensitive site
HS: Hirosaki sarcoma
HS: high sulfur
hs: heat stress
HS: heterogeneous stocks
HS: heparan sulphate
HS: heparan sulfate
HS: heterogeneous stock
HS: Hemophagocytic syndrome
HS: hypertrophic scar
HS: hypereosinophilic syndrome
HSA: human serum albumin
HSA: haplotype sharing analysis
HSA: hereditary spastic ataxias
HSA: hybrid specific amplification
HSA: hereditary sacral agenesis
HSA: habitual spontaneous abortion
HSA: hereditary sideroblastic anaemias
HSAA: human sperm activation assay
HSAM: human serum albumin microspheres
hsAmP: Human soluble aminopeptidase P
HSC: hematopoietic stem cells
HSC: hematopoietic stem cell
HSC: hepatic stellate cells
HSC: hematopoetic stem cells
HSC: hepatocytes with hepatic stellate cells
HSC: human male hematopoietic stem cells
HSC: haemopoietic stem cells
HSC: heat shock consensus
HSCAS: hydrated sodium calcium aluminsilicate
HSCD: hematopoietic stem cell disorders
HSCs: hematopoietic stem cells
HSCs: human hematopoietic stem cells
HSCs: Haematopoietic stem cells
HSCs: human supernumerary chromosomes
HSCs: hemopoietic stem cells
HSCs: hematopoiesis hematopoietic stem cells
HSCT: hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
HSCT: hemopoietic stem cell transplantation
HSCT: hematopoietic stem cell transplant
HSE: heat shock element
HSE: human spongiform encephalopathy
HSEs: heat shock elements
HSF: heat shock factor
HSF: hepatocyte stimulating factor
HSG: human salivary gland
HSH: hypomagnesemia with secondary hypocalcemia
hSHH: human Sonic Hedgehog
hSI: human sterol isomerase
HSIII: human satellite III DNA
HSILs: high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions
HSK: Herpes simplex keratitis
HSK: herpetic stromal keratitis
HSN: hereditary sensory neuropathy
HSN: hereditary sensory neuropathies
Hsp: heat shock protein
HSP: Hereditary spastic paraplegia
HSP: hereditary spastic paraparesis
HSP: heavy strand promoter
hSP: human spasmolytic protein
hSP: human spasmolytic polypeptide
HSP: human heat shock protein
HspA: heat shock protein
HspA: heat shock protein A
HSPG: Heparan sulphate proteoglycans
HSPG: heparan sulfate proteoglycans
HSPG: heparan sulfate proteoglycan
HSPM: human sperm preservation medium
HSPs: heat shock proteins
HSPs: hereditary spastic paraplegias
HSR: homogeneously staining region
hsr: homogeneous staining region
HSR: homogenously staining region
HSR: homogenous staining region
HSR: long homogeneously staining regions
HSR: heat shock response
hSR: human secretin receptor
HSR: heterochromatic homogeneously staining region
hsr: a homogeneously staining region
hsr: homogenous staining regions
hsr: large homogeneously staining regions
HSR: homogeneously staining resion
HSR: homogeneously straining region
HSR: homogeneously stained region
HSRRB: Human Science Research Resources Bank
HSRs: homogenously staining regions
HSRs: homogeneously stained regions
HSRs: homogeneous staining regions
HSRs: homogeneously staining regions
hsrs: disclosed homogeneously staining regions
HSs: hypersensitive sites
HSs: healthy subjects
HSS: haplotype sharing statistic
HSS: Hallervorden Spatz syndrome
HSS: haplotype sharing statistics
HSS: hyperphagic short stature
HSS: hypersensitivity site
HSS: Homolog specificity scanning
HSSs: hypersensitive sites
HST: Hobson Sperm Tracker
HSTF: heat shock transcription factor
HSTFs: heat shock transcription factors
HSV: herpes simplex virus
HSV: Harvey sarcoma virus
HSV: homologous to herpes simplex virus
HSV: herpes simplex viruses
HSVTK: herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase
HT: human transcripts
HT: hereditary tyrosinemia
ht: haplotype tagging
HT: Hashimoto thyroiditis
HT: hereditary thrombocythemia
HT: hereditary thrombocytopenia
HT: hemorrhagic thrombocythemia
HT: hemorrhagic thrombocytopenia
HTA: health technology assessment
HTA: half tetrad analysis
HTA: Heritable Translocation Assay
HTC: High toxicity clastogens
HTC: human homozygous typing cells
HTC: homozygous typing cell
HTC: hepatoma tissue culture
HTCs: homozygous typing cells
HTD: highest tested dose
HTD: hypokalemic tubular disorders
HTE: hamster tracheal epithelial
HTF: HpaII tiny fragment
HTF: human tissue factor
HTFs: HpaII tiny fragments
HTG: high throughput genome
HTGS: High Throughput Genome Sequence
HTGS: High Throughout Genomic Sequences
htgs: high throughput genomic sequences
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