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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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HHRR: haplotype relative risk
HHRR: haplotype based haplotype relative risk
HHS: horse serum
HHS: hereditary hypotrichosis simplex
HHS: the hyperhistaminemic syndrome
hHSC: human hematopoietic stem cell
HHSP: hyperthermophilic heat shock protein
hHSS: human hepatic stimulator substance
HHT: Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia
HHT: hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
HHT: heart to heart transplantation
HHT: Hereditary hemmorrhagic telangiectasia
HHT: Hereditary hemorrhagic teleangiectasia
HI: hearing impairment
HI: healthy individuals
HI: hematologic improvements
HI: Harlequin ichthyosis
HI: host independent
HI: hemagglutination inhibition
HI: heterochromatic index
HI: highly invasive
HI: Hypomelanosis Ito
HI: heavy ions
HI: haemagglutination inhibition
hIAPP: human islet amyloid polypeptide
HIBM: Hereditary inclusion body myopathy
HICI: hypermethylated in cancer I
HICT: highest ineffective concentration tested
hid: head involution defective
HIE: Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy
HIFs: Hypoxia inducible factors
HIM: hemopoietic inductive microenvironments
HIR: human insulin receptor
HIRc: human insulin receptor
HIS: hybridization in situ
hITF: human intestinal trefoil factor
HIV: human immunodeficiency virus
HIV: How does human immunodeficiency virus
HIVAN: human immunodeficiency virus nephropathy
HIVs: human immunodeficiency viruses
HJ: Holliday junction
HJEB: Herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa
HJRs: Holliday junction resolvases
HK: homoserine kinase
HK: Hong Kong
hk: human kallikrein
HK: horseshoe kidney
hKIS: human kinase interacting stathmin
HKRs: heterochromatic knob regions
HL: hyaluronate lyase
HL: Hodgkin lymphoma
HL: hearing loss
HL: human lymphocytes
HL: hybrid lines
HL: hepatic lipase
HL: hearing level
HL: hand length
HL: human hepatic lipase
HL: heavy light
HLA: human leukocyte antigen
HLA: human leucocyte antigen
HLA: human leukocyte antigens
HLA: heteromorphisms human lymphocyte antigen
HLA: histocompatibility leukocyte antigen
HLA: human leucocyte antigens
HLA: human histocompatibility leukocyte antigen
HLA: histocompatibility leucocyte antigen
HLA: highly polymorphic human leukocyte antigens
HLA: histocompatibility locus antigen
HLA: human lymphocyte antigen
HLA: having specific human leukocyte antigen
HLA: histocompatibility linked antigen
HLA: histocompatibility leucocyte antigens
HLA: human lymphocyte antigens
HLA: homologous leucocytic antibodies
HLA: identical human lymphocyte antigen
HLADR: human leukocyte antigen DR
HLAs: histocompatibility locus antigens
HLAs: histocompatibility leukocyte antigens
HLC: human lymphocyte cultures
HLE: human leucocyte elastase
HLE: human lens epithelial
HLF: hepatic leukemia factor
HLF: hepatic leukaemia factor
HLH: hypoplastic left heart
HLH: helix loop helix
hLH: h to human luteinizing hormone
hLHR: human luteinizing hormone receptor
HLHS: hypoplastic left heart syndrome
HLL: Hodgkin like lesions
HLMNA: human lymphocyte micronucleus assay
HLNRAs: high level natural radiation areas
HM: hydatidiform moles
HM: Hydatidiform mole
HM: heavy metals
HM: hemiplegic migraine
HM: high metastatic
HMA: heteroduplex mobility assay
HMC: human mesothelial cells
HMC: hand mirror cell
HMCL: human myeloma cell lines
HMCLs: human myeloma cell lines
HMCs: hand mirror cells
HMDD: hepatic methyl donor deficiency
HMDE: hanging mercury drop electrode
HMDS: hepatic methyl donor sufficient
HME: Hereditary multiple exostoses
HME: human mammary epithelial
HME: history of hereditary multiple exostosis
HME: Hereditary multiple exostosis
HMEC: human mammary epithelial cells
HMEC: human mammary epithelial cell
HMECs: human mammary epithelial cells
HMG: high mobility group
HMG: human high mobility group
HMG: H1 and high mobility group
hMG: human menopausal gonadotropin
HMG: histones and high mobility group
HMG: histones high mobility group
hMG: human menopausal gonadotropins
HMG: highly conserved high mobility group
HMG: H3 high mobility group
HMGA: high mobility group A
HMGB: high mobility group B
HMGB: high mobility group box
HMGM: Human Muscle Gene Map
HMGN: High mobility group
HMGN: high mobility group N
HMIS: high mitotic index seminoma
hMIWC: human mercurial insensitive water channel
HMM: hidden Markov model
HMM: human malignant melanoma
HMM: heavy meromyosin
HMM: human malignant mesothelioma
HMM: hidden Markov method
HMME: Henderson mixed model equations
HMMs: hidden Markov models
HMMs: human malignant mesotheliomas
HMO: health maintenance organization
HMPR: hypervariable multiple promoter region
HMPS: hereditary mixed polyposis syndrome
HMR: homologous mitotic recombination
hMR: human mineralocorticoid receptor
Hmr: Hybrid male rescue
HMS: Hybrid male sterility
hMSCs: human mesenchymal stem cells
hMSCs: human marrow stromal cells
HMSN: hereditary motor sensory neuropathies
HMSNIII: hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy type III
HMT: histone methyl transferase
HMW: high molecular weight
HMWG: high molecular weight glutenin
hn: heterogeneous nuclear
HN: Halo nevus
HN: Hypertensive nephropathy
HN: hereditary nephritis
hn: human Heterogeneous nuclear
HN: human neural
HNA: hereditary neuralgic amyotrophy
hnc: human heterogeneous nuclear complementary
HNCPs: head and neck cancer patients
HNE: human neutrophil elastase
HNF: hepatocyte nuclear factor
hng: human neurogranin gene
HNI: high negative interference
HNL: histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis
hNMPs: human nuclear matrix proteins
HNPCC: hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer
HNPCC: Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal carcinoma
HNPCC: Hereditary Non Polyposis Colon Cancer
HNPCC: hereditary nonpolyposis coli cancer
HNPCC: hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer
HNPCC: human nonpolyposis colorectal carcinoma
HNPCC: hereditary nonpolypous colorectal cancer
HNPCC: humans hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer
HNPCC: hereditary nonpolypnosis colon cancer
hnRNA: heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleic acid
HNRP: Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein
HNSCC: head and neck squamous carcinoma
HNSCCs: head and neck squamous cell carcinomas
HNSCCs: head and neck squamous cell tumors
HNSCCs: head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
hNSCs: Human Neural Stem Cells
HNT: Hairy nose tip
HOC: Hereditary ovarian cancer
HOCD: higher order chromatin degradation
HOCM: Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy
HOI: Hypomelanosis of Ito
HOK: human oral keratinocyte
HOME: Highly Optimized Microscope Environment
HOMO: highest occupied molecular orbital
HOMOD: homozygosity mapping of deletion
HOMOD: homozygosity mapping of deletions
HOPA: hamster oocyte penetration assay
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