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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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HCK: Hemopoetic Cell Kinase
HCL: hairy cell leukemia
HCL: hairy cell leukaemia
HCL: high copy lethal
HCLs: hairy cell leukaemias
HCM: Hurthle Cell Metaplasia
hcMDH: human cytosolic malate dehydrogenase
HCMM: hereditary cutaneous malignant melanoma
HCP: heavy charged particles
HCP: haematopoietic cell phosphatase
Hcph: hematopoietic cell phosphatase
HCR: host cell reactivation
HCR: hematological complete remission
HCR: human chromosome regions
HCR: hepatic control region
HCR: homogeneously colored region
hCRH: human corticotropin releasing hormone
HCRs: highly conserved regions
hCS: human chorionic somatomammotropin
HCSMA: Hereditary canine spinal muscular atrophy
HCT: hematopoietic cell transplantation
HCT: haematopoietic cell transplants
HCT: Hurthle cell tumours
HCV: hepatitis C virus
HCV: human chromosome vector
HCV: hepatocarcinogenesis in hepatitis C virus
HCV: human chromosomal vector
HCV: Hog cholera virus
HCV: implicated hepatitis C virus
HCV: HBV hepatitis C virus
HCW: hot carcass weight
HCWT: hot carcass weight
HD: haplotype diversity
HD: Hodgkin disease
HD: Hirschsprung disease
HD: Huntington disease
HD: human defensin
HD: homozygous deletion
HD: heading date
HD: healthy donors
HD: Hodgkin diseases
HD: host dependent
HD: homozygous deletions
HD: Hodgkins disease
HD: histone deacetylase
HD: hydropic degeneration
HD: heavy duty
HD: homoserine dehydrogenase
HD: heterogeneity of Huntington disease
HD: hybrid dysgenesis
HDAC: histone deacetyltransferase activity
HDAg: Hepatitis delta antigen
HDC: heavily damaged cells
HDD: horizontal disk diameter
HDD: hereditary desmoid disease
HDDD: hereditary dysphasic disinhibition dementia
HDF: Human diploid fibroblasts
hDFs: human dermal fibroblasts
HDHB: human DNA helicase B
HDL: High density lipoprotein
HDL: high density lipoproteins
HDLs: high density lipoproteins
HDM: house dust mite
HDMEC: human dermal microvascular endothelial cells
HDMEC: hTERT in human dermal microvascular EC
HDMN: hereditary distal motor neuropathy
HDR: high dose rate
HDR: homology directed repair
HDS: high DNA stainability
HDS: high DNA stainable
HDS: highly DNA stainable
HDS: hypnotic dose sensitivity
HDV: Hepatitis delta virus
HE: hereditary elliptocytosis
HE: human embryo
HE: hamster embryo
hea: hereditary erythroblastic anemia
HEA: human epithelial antigen
HECs: Human engineered chromosomes
HED: hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
HED: hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
HEF: hamster embryonic fibroblasts
HEF: human embryonic fibroblasts
hEGF: human epidermal growth factor
HEGs: Homing endonuclease genes
HEGS: High Efficiency Genome Scanning
HEI: Human elastase inhibitor
HEK: human epidermal keratinocytes
HEK: human embryonic kidney
HEKn: human epidermal keratinocytes
HEL: human embryo lung
HEL: human erythroblastic leukemia
HEL: Human embryonic lung
HEL: hen egg lysozyme
HEL: human erythroleukemia line
HELF: human embryo lung fibroblasts
HELF: human embryo lung fibroblast
HENE: human embryonic nasopharyngeal epithelial
HEP: Human Epigenome Project
HEPM: human embryonic palatal mesenchymal
HEPM: Human embryonic palatal mesenchyme
HEPT: hamster egg penetration test
hER: human estrogen receptor
HERV: human endogenous retrovirus
HERV: Human endogenous retroviruses
HERV: homologous to human endogenous retroviruses
HERVII: human endogenous retrovirus type II
HERVs: Human endogenous retrovirus sequences
hES: Human embryonic stem
hESC: human embryonic stem cells
hESC: human embryonic stem cell
HESCs: human endometrial stromal cells
HEV: high endothelial venules
HEVs: high endothelial venules
HF: Hydrops fetalis
HF: human fibroblast
HF: H ferritin
Hf: henny feathering
HF: human fibroblasts
HF: hypoxic fraction
hFABP: Heart fatty acid binding protein
HFAS: hereditary flat adenoma syndrome
HFC: high frequency cells
HFCs: high frequency cells
HFD: histone fold domain
HFD: histone fold domains
HFF: human foreskin fibroblasts
HFF: human foreskin fibroblast
HFI: Hereditary fructose intolerance
HFK: human foetal kidney
HFKs: human foreskin keratinocytes
HFL: human fetal lungs
HFL: human foetal lung
HFP: heterochromatic flicker photometric
Hfr: high frequency recombinant
HFS: helper factor supernates
HFT: High frequency transducing
HFV: human foamy virus
HG: high glucose
HG: high growth
HG: homologous genes
HG: Harderian gland
HG: heteroduplex generator
HG: Herpes gestationis
Hg: Horned gena
HGC: Human Genome Center
HGD: high grade dysplasia
HGF: hepatocyte growth factor
HGF: human gingival fibroblasts
HGF: Hereditary gingival fibromatosis
HGF: hematopoietic growth factor
HGF: hematopoietic growth factors
HGF: hybridoma growth factor
HGFA: hepatocyte growth factor activator
hGH: human growth hormone
hGH: hPL and growth hormone
hGH: hybrid human growth hormone
hGH: human genes for growth hormone
hGHR: human growth hormone receptor
hGIII: human group III
HGMP: Human Genome Mapping Project
HGNC: HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee
HGP: Human Genome Project
HGPRT: hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase
HGR: high genetic risk
hGR: human glucocorticoid receptor
hGR: human glucocorticosteroid receptor
hGR: hybridization with human glucocorticoid receptor
HGS: human genome sequence
HGSC: Human Genome Sequencing Consortium
HGT: horizontal gene transfer
HGVS: Human Genome Variation Society
hGX: human group X
HH: Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
Hh: haemopoietic histocompatibility
HH: Hereditary hemochromatosis
HH: hereditary haemochromatosis
Hh: hemopoietic histocompatibility
Hh: hemopoietic or hybrid histocompatibility
Hh: hybrid histocompatibility
HHC: human hepatocellular carcinoma
HHC: human hematopoietic cell
HHI: Hereditary hearing impairment
HHL: Hereditary hearing loss
HHMI: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
HHP: high hydrostatic pressure
HHR: hydrophobic heptad repeat
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